War Hawks are getting so desperate that they are using fear tactics in order to motivate constituents to support the war in Syria. Syria and Iran maybe allies, but Sen. Lindsay Graham’s analysis of their connection is simplistic and misguided.  According to the senator, if the US does not intervene in Syria, Iran will not take the US seriously and will have a nuclear weapon by the end of 2014.  If Iran gets nuclear weapons, such weapons will end up in the hands of terrorists.  He ended his analysis by describing the fear-inducing-if-unrealistic situation of a nuclear bomb dropping on Charleston Harbor.

Charleston Nuke Strike

The graphic above is from nuclearsecrecy.com which projects a rough estimate of how devastating a nuclear attack would be in Charleston harbor.

At an invitation-only breakfast at Mount Pleasant this week, Graham offered his assessment of the Syria situation, saying that it will destabilize the entire Middle East, and that “if we get Syria wrong, within six months – and you can quote me on this – there will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program.”

He also said that any terrorist nuclear device “won’t come to America on top of a missile, it’ll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor.”  The prospect of Iran acquiring a nuclear device is a legitimate threat, not a fear-mongering talking point to justify hasty foreign policy decisions.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are the two main powers in what could be seen as a regional Cold War (and indeed Russia and the US come down on opposite sides of the conflict).  Both countries’ regimes are brutal, oppressive and fundamentalist, and both wish to become the dominant regional power.  Syria is merely the current battleground.  Iran supports Assad, while Saudi Arabia supports the rebel forces, which include Al Qaida and Chechen extremists.

As for Graham’s statement that Syria will destabilize the Middle East, that happened two years ago with the Arab Spring, which again was US-backed.  Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, and even Pakistan, which had admittedly been ruled by brutal governments in the past, were plunged into revolution followed by extremist Islamic governments, though the majority of the populations haven’t supported them.

Indeed the best way to oppose Iranian acquisition of nuclear devices would have been to support the Iranian Green Revolution in 2009.  Iran’s fundamentalist government is immensely unpopular amongst its younger generation, and is itself the product of a revolution which overthrew the more secular Shaw in the 1970s.  Obama, however, failed to do that.

In a statement responding to Graham’s analysis, a high ranking military officer told blogger Joshua Cook, “Graham is going off the deep end with this rhetoric about nuke strikes in Charleston.  What a crock.”  He continued, “He has a deep insecurity complex due to many personal issues and that causes his attachment to John McCain and the attempts to appear like ‘Mr. Tough Guy.’  He really needs to go.”

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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and a political activist. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at joshua@truthinmedia.com. Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • GetGoneGraham

    Get gone, Graham…

  • jac

    Informative article. However, Iran’s Green Revolution had no where near the numbers western journalists claimed, and therefore had little chance of attaining power even with western support. Despite reports, they were a tiny minority in Iran’s urban centers, about the equivalent number of students in the US’s Georgetown, whereas the overwhelming majority of Iranians live in rural areas, and had little if any knowledge of the Green Revolution. Travel outside of those western-friendly urban centers and you’ll see just what the anti-western propaganda-saturated Iranian citizens really feel toward the US. It’s a western journalist’s fantasy that Iran’s people overwhelmingly support a western-style democracy. Journalists fall for it b/c they dwell in urban centers and converse with English-speaking Iranians and think that constitutes the thinking of the whole country. It doesn’t. Given history’s patterns in warfare, I suspect the reason Senators Graham & McCain and Pres. Obama want to strike Syria is they are controlled by the industries that want to see Iran’s power checked at Syria. And then there’s the natural gas pipeline dispute reported in the Guardian.


  • david

    I hope to see the big follow up and if there is a verify on the other topic of the utube video posted by info wars. Its topic is serious enough to be fully engaged on to get to the bottom of facts. thanks for all that you do.

  • Adrian

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the government used a nuke on u.s. citizens just to get us to fall in line.

    • Awake, Sadly

      That wouldn’t really make sense, though. Why destroy capital, land and
      labor on a scheme that would quickly reveal a deceptive design? Then
      they would suffer the admittedly marginal risk of mass revolt.

      would be much more logical – although equally morally bankrupt – for
      the US to nuke Iran and blame China or Russia. I have a feeling this is
      what we’re headed towards with war in Syria (and yes, I admit, this probably will mean planned attacks on US soil to motivate a higher response, but nukes? A 9/11 like event would still be enough for most people). The Warhawks will either
      kill multiple birds with one stone this way, or the US will fall and
      someone else will take over the global economic system, and thus the

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    DHS Police State
    Lindsey Graham
    Minot Barksdale

  • Kevin Merck

    This has been the topic on Infowars.com for the past couple days. They received a tip from what Alex Jones referred to as a “reliable source” and I think it’s credible. Jones has been proven correct time and again on many issues.

    It’s not just about Graham’s threats of a “terrorist nuclear attack”. It’s about this reliable military source saying that nukes have gone missing in west Texas and are reportedly enroute to Charleston S.C.

    The people who orchestrated 9/11 are capable of anything. I don’t think it’s a matter of if they’ll use nukes on American cities to blame on terrorists, I think it’s just a matter of when.

    • BackToTheConstitutio

      Kevin, I was a DOE Transportation Officer in 1985 & 86; we moved all 170 primaries out of Dyess back then — the last group of 6 weapons were loaded on June 21, 1986. They were all transferred to other bases. Jones is not credible at all.

      • LimeyCanuck

        keep singing us that song about what you did 27 years ago!

    • DesertRatPunkMetaller

      Alex Jones is a NWO controlled opposition disinfo agent, never trust that clown.

      • g.johnon

        alex jones has put his personal ass on the line to help wake up America.
        it is clowns like yourself that cannot be trusted.

        • DesertRatPunkMetaller

          Looks like you’ve drank the Jonestown Kool-aid, watch the documentary The Secret Right volume #2 by Josh Reeves Jonesy gets exposed 3 ways to Sunday bud. Don’t get butthurt get educated I won’t hold it against ya, Jonesy has fooled millions of people you’re not the only one.

          • g.johnon

            well son, It’s pretty obvious that I have drunk no Jonestown koolaid,. because I am not dead.
            so, I found the “documentary” that you did not provide a link to and wasted about an hour massaging my aching temples as I struggled to endure the profound inanities that spewed forth on my screen.
            this is not a documentary, this is the lamest progressive leftist hit piece I have ever bore witness to.
            allegation after allegation with some dots thrown down here and there that mr. reeves himself gave up trying to connect as his “film” quickly deteriorated from absurd to a totally insane collage of little film snippets repeated over and over for no apparent reason, ineptly executed secret masonic handshakes inserted to paint a picture that only a hopeless tool would buy into and not a shred of actual evidence provided to “document” a single allegation.
            I did get educated though. I learned about some guy named josh reeves and that he is a dick.
            so, mr. punkmetaller, forgive your parents for refusing to buy you the Porsche on your 16th birthday, or whatever childhood trauma your were forced to suffer through that is keeping you pissed off at the world and start searching for a clue.
            you can respond to this If you want, but as far as I am concerned, until you can bring something of actual value to the table.
            you are dismissed

          • DesertRatPunkMetaller

            “Progressive leftist hit piece” bwahahahaha far from it.

  • BackToTheConstitutio

    of all, Jones’ so-called “high level source” is feeding him a line of
    B-S. In 1985 & 1986, I worked for the DOE as a transport officer —
    we removed and transferred all 170 “B43/ MK-43” primaries from Dyess
    AFB and transported them to several other bases (still classified).
    There have been ZERO nuclear weapons at Dyess since June 21, 1986 when
    we removed the last load.

    Jones has taken Lindsey Graham’s statement completely out of context.
    Senator Graham was making the comparison that if the US failed to punish
    Syria for the supposed use of WMD’s, this would embolden the Iranian
    regime and would convince the Iranians that we would not do anything if
    they refused to stop seeking a nuke of their own — which could
    THEORETICALLY result in Iranian nukes ending up in the US. At no time
    did he claim that Charleston or South Carolina was a target of any type.

  • ehmbee

    Can you dig a little deeper on the undocumented nuke transfer from Dyess, TX to SC? This can’t be a coincidence. If there’s a connection, there are no words to describe the evil that infests our government. I hope this is the tipping point to wake up the sleeping. I’m not asking them to buy that 9/11, et al were false flags; just this latest attempt and let them connect the dots. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • BackToTheConstitutio

      I was a DOE Transportation Officer in 1985 & 86; we moved all 170
      primaries out of Dyess back then — the last group of 6 weapons were
      loaded on June 21, 1986. There is no where to dig — Jones is not credible.

  • Bwebster

    It seems like in their minds our only defense is offense. I don’t buy the idea that we would have no way to take down a nuclear warhead coming this way.

  • Scully

    Does this have anything to do with the nuclear warheads that were moved from West Texas “supposedly” to South Carolina the same day that Lindsey Graham gave his little speech? And next week the east coast starts running terrorist drills through the east coast for a month or more shutting down the power grid and such? You could compare this to the fighter jets that were going through terrorist training exercises (regarding a plane into a building) on the day of 9/11 and the pilots didn’t know whether or not the World Trade Center was a drill.

    • Alert Citizen

      Odd that you mention all this, because it’s been in my ear too that something is being prepared for on the east coast of the nation.
      I figure if enough people start now talking about what they’ve seen, and or know of this… it may just prevent these shadow killers from staging a False Flag of some sort ? We The People need to be alert, and involved. Otherwise we stand to loose a lot more than just our liberties !

  • Dan Hess

    Not even going to read the comments. Anything can happen in this world of almost 7 billion or whatever the number is now. Not everyone will get along and internet will make sure we all know. This kind of thing has been going on since forever. A person that shouts peace is the same guy who eats well and runs everyday but gets hit by a bus and dies. A person that shouts war is the same as a person that eats a 3 pound steak every night and dies from whatever it would be that you would die from eating 3 pound steaks every night. The trick is is to be indifferent and mind your own business. Yeah yeah yeah stand for something or fall for everything… whatevs. I was in the Marine corps as well went both places been there done that. Keyword: “was,” and now I can say what I want. To the folks in service posting garbage on fb about war… lol… IT IS A VOLUNTEER SERVICE! Stop whining- and to the other extreme no one wants to hear about your “war boners.” Anyone that wants to make a rebuttal about anything go ahead. Im sure I could spout off on some history or current facts and we could make a night out of it. No conspiracy theories either. The only thing I have to say about those are to get a job with the government and see how hard it is to rent a pota potty let alone stage a moon landing or create hurricanes lol. Stop giving the gov more credit than they deserve.

    • Alert Citizen

      It’s not the government I’m concerned with. It’s those who Control it… I worry about.

  • crappinrocks

    It sounds like we need to send Lindsey Graham to Syria. Seriously though, did the guy think for one minute what al qaeda rebels will do with Syria’s nuclear plant once they control the country? If this is a damned if we do, damned if we don’t situation I’d rather be damned for not doing anything.

    • Awake, Sadly

      Very good point!

      • Awake, Sadly

        I might have jumped the gun with that last statement. Syria doesn’t seem to have a nuclear program; reports say their only potential nuclear program was bombed by Israel in 2007. Iran does have one, though. If we “won” the war – and this is assuming that fighting spills over into Iran eventually, which it probably will – we would do what we usually do: install a puppet leader there. That leader would allow the UN sanctioned inspections of Iran’s nuclear program to continue. Not saying this would all work or that it’s a good idea, just being objective.

  • Zionistout

    What we need is less wars for the Jews and Israel. If Iran and Israel go to war its not our problem. Ever since Israel was created in 1948 we have done nothing but fight wars for the Jews. When we were not fighting for our own rich upper class to make them richer we fought for the Jews. WW2 was the first war for the Jews. That should have never have happened. The world would have been a better place if we had supported the Germans and crushed the Bolshevik Jews in Russia and freed the Russian people of Jewish tyranny. Instead we let them run away and make a nest in Israel like roaches.

    • goEquality!

      you realize your profile picture is not only discriminatory but is an anti-six point star graphic. The six point star represents the structure of an atom in that you can fit this infinite geometric symbol into a finite shape. You seem really smart, keep supporting genocide, maybe soon someone will wipe our your kind, you piece of dirt

      • goEquality!


      • DesertRatPunkMetaller

        That star is a hexagram used in black magic to put curses on people.

        • Zionistout

          Yeah the sheeny curse. If you piss off a Jew they will give you the sheeny curse.

          • Baja Artists

            Jews? Jew (Jewish) The only religion in the world that gets their own country, what the hell is that about? lol.

      • Zionistout

        I know what my profile picture is and frankly I don’t give a damn. It is not discriminating against anyone. It is a message and I think it quite clear. Juden Raus!
        The only idiot here is you. If you were not such a moron you would no the Holocaust is just another Jewish lie. The holocaust never happened. Go use your brain for something other then support that keeps your skull from collapsing in on itself.

        • DJ

          Your hatred is not wanted or needed.

          • GaryTruth

            He’s disgusted and he is venting. It is very much welcomed.

        • Larry New

          Obviously Zoinistout is a person who is blind and is illiterate and whose ideals are the reason my Dad went to war with the Nazis and kicked their a**es which is exactly what we need to do if anyone messes with Americas closest ally.Not just there either.Anywhere.

          • Carroll Price

            I’m quite confident that your father didn’t go into WW 2 for the purpose of protecting and freeing Jews any more than Yankees invaded the South for the purpose of protecting and freeing slaves. The truth is that most soldiers who go to war are not in the habit of asking questions about anything, let alone a war. With the result that most of them go and quite a few die while never having the vaguest idea why.

          • Larry New

            If you think that soldiers go to war blindly ,just follow orders ,and know nothing about what they are doing then you sir are a fool

          • Carroll Price

            Soldiers don’t question orders, they follow them. The only soldiers who seem to have acquired the ability to think for themselves are several retired officers like Major Gen. Smedley Butler, Wesley Clark, and colonel Lawrence Wilkerson serving as notable examples. Dwight David Eisenhower also became vocal in his later years shown by his condemnation of the military industrial complex, as well as observations he made concerning the waste and corruption associated with all wars. The main problem seems to stem from the fact that every new generation appears to assume that a war will magically solve most any problem as long as they don’t have to participate in it.

          • GaryTruth

            He doesn’t seem blind nor does he write with illiteracy. He seems genuinely disgusted by the push for another war in the Middle East. If the American people want nothing to do with attacking Syria, you tell us where the pressure is coming from?

            Especially when every single organization involved with AIPAC is writing and saying the same thing, “Attack.”

          • Larry New

            My comment had nothing to do with going to war .Just pure outright hatred for others.

      • GaryTruth

        The world’s most intelligent man boycotted an Israeli conference because of the Likud Government’s atrocious policies. Save the political correctness for your place of employment. This is another war Americans do not want but the Israel government and its powerful AIPAC is pushing. Absolutely disgusting how any American can support such evil.

    • Steve Moody

      It must be awful to be stupid.

    • Jonathan Schreiber

      You’re sick and seriously misinformed…

      • bassman

        How is that misinformed. Have you studied history, other than the Hollywood version. It is documented that Hitler was not anti-Jewish or Anti-Semitic (anti-Arab). He has 60,000 Muslims in the SS Waffen. These are elite forces. He Driver and body guard was Jewish and many of his officers were Jewish or half Jewish. Many Jews supported Hitler’s effort because it was more about fighting the Bolshevik Jewish movement, not just Jews in general. He was trying to protect Europe from the Communists. The West threw in with Stalin (who spoke pretty good Yiddish) and the rest is history. There is recent documentary that lays it out with the facts… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzdqRY3zNIY

        • Jonathan Schreiber

          I am a history major you lout, and to believe that Hitler didn’t hate all Jews you would have to be either crazy or extremely naive to believe whatever crap you’ve been reading or watching. I mean seriously, you say oh his driver was Jewish, his body guard was Jewish, officers, I don’t know about I haven’t specifically studied his officers or their religious backrounds. I know Hitler himself was actually of Jewish decent. At any rate that argument doesn’t hold much weight, its like saying plantation owners employed African Americans so they weren’t racist, or that the US military let African Americans join the military during the Civil War so they must not have looked down on them. I believe the Nazi’s were Jew haters because I have watched Nazi propaganda videos and they weren’t singling out Bolshevik Jews, I’ve heard speeches given by Hitler saying the Jews were like vermin and never once did he specifically say he was only speaking about Bolshevik Jews, also I have seen photographs of piles upon piles of dead bodies or bones in concentration camps. It may be possible that the number of Jews that died in the holocaust may not be 100% accurate, but to deny that the holocaust didn’t even occur is messed up. Also to blame Jews for the worlds problems is also completely stupid, yes while Zionist’s have helped to cause a lot of problems in the middle east, it is the elite bankers behind most of them, and yes I’m aware that Rothschild was a Zionist Jew, even though he really wasn’t, his family are all occultists, Zionism was just a front to establish a foreign presence within the Middle East that was allied to Western nations, the US and GB in particular, in order to destabilize the region in order to slow the growth of Arab nations and keep them inferior economically and technologically to ensure continued Western dominance of the region. The Jews are not the problem, its elite occultists that are the problem, and they wear many masks and claim many different faiths in order to hide their true faces.

  • Alert Citizen

    I’d say we citizens need to be at def-com 5, in these days to come, being that the warmongers in DC are having a time of it, selling us their lame ass reasons for attacking Syria. Which of course will then lead to war with Iran.
    Gen. Wesley Clark some years ago told us of this grand scam, so their should be no questioning this game that’s been in play.
    Write, call… just let your state representatives know that your on to this, and tell them how the voters will be watching what they will be doing !
    A grass-roots movement as such, may just make the difference here ?
    Something I will be confirming for myself with how things develop regarding Syria in the days to come.

    • Jon

      DefCon 5 is actually the lowest threat level. DefCon 1 is DANGER.

    • paradigmshft

      I did write my Representative, Pete Visclosky about the top brass that were fired and about South Carolina and a possible nuke 600 miles off the coast. He referred me to Snopes.com and told me not to believe everything that comes to me from friends and family in emails.

  • PaulBraveheart

    We are governed by a bunch of power hungry, greedy, psychopaths! Who will bring us nothing but death, destruction and poverty! You can trust these proven habitual lies, as for me I NEVER will!

  • BlackInRedWhiteBlue

    There has been reports of nuclear warheads “gone missing” in transit from TX to SC the same day that Lindsey Graham said this. Possible false flag being set up. Look it up.

  • Mike Knox

    Make no mistake, this is ultimately about taking out Iran. But the Russians will not stand down. Attacking Syria will be the genesis of WW3 and the scary thing is, I don’t think these psychopaths really care. Our economy is in the tank and most experts agree that it’s not a matter if IF but WHEN it will come crashing down. I believe they see this (war) as their ONLY way out.

    • Tom223

      If we take out Syria it removes one element of Putin’s virtual monopoly on energy supply to Europe. This politically will weaken Russia and in turn strengthen the wests control of energy and power.

  • Bill Bledsoe

    The Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate is our true enemy in the middle east. They’re running out of oil and must overthrow countries to claim the oil wells as “Spoils of War” under Sharia Law.

    The Muslim Brotherhood and the Al Qaeda are simply paid mercenaries who are currently under contract to the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate. They are paid to False Flag countries and cause wars, be the ground troops, and guard the natural resources for the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    The Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate has infiltrated the American Government and the US Military by paying off politicians like Graham, McCain, Kerry, SoS Clinton and Obama. Obama’s speech writer was a Muslim Brotherhood Mercenary from Egypt. SoS Clinton’s aid was a Muslim Brotherhood Mercenary and SoS Clinton admitted that she took her order directly from the Saudi Controlled CFR.

    When they paid off Obama, they immediately gained control of the US Military’s Commander and Chief, took control of all US Federal spending without a US Budget since 2007, and gained the ability to appoint the heads of the CIA, CyberSecurity, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Secretary of State, the FBI and all government employees.

    Once they had control of presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton, they overthrow more countries, provide false flags, and cause an economic collapse in the United States so they can declare Martial Law and own the oil wells in the US.

    The US economic collapse will be caused by annually counterfeiting over $1 Trillion Dollars through the Federal Reserve Bank and unsustainable legislative overspending on ObamaCare, Grahamnesty and endless wars.

    • Richard81

      I agree with everything you say but TPTB in America run the show, not the Saudi’s. We use them for oil/resources and in exchange we back them militarily and through the CIA. It is our fault (the people) for allowing all if this and doing nothing.

  • Carlos Hathcock

    Lindsey Graham is the epitome of what the Constitution refers to as a “domestic enemy.” He is a self-serving reprobate who receives millions in campaign funding from the military industrial complex. It’s a bit disconcerting that he mentions specific details regarding this nuclear attack. Perhaps he was involved in the planning of this potential false flag operation. In any event, the people of South Carolina would do all liberty loving Americans a great service by dragging this parasite down to Charleston Bay for a public hanging until his cowardly neck snaps. Get your shit together South Carolina!

  • Linda Zarra

    Graham is a crackheaded moron. Typical RINO Zionist he is always on the side of the elitists and never on the side of his constituents. If they don’t vote him OUT- they get exactly what they deserve.

  • LibertyMama

    War Hawks are not *getting* so desperate they’re using fear tactics. Fear is all the government has ever had in its arsenal — that is the fuel it uses to grow: Fear of poverty, fear of immigrants, fear of terrorists, fear of getting sick and no one helping, etc. Government takes advantage of the fact that humans, alone among the animals, are able to fear in the future tense. Stop buying the fear they sell, and government will stop growing, its as simple as that.

  • hvaiallverden

    The war is lost, and the prospects of doing it is beginning to slipp away, and right now the ONLY thing that is in the horizon, is a Fals flagg event, preferable with an dirty bomb.

    A dirty bomb is equally easy to make as Sarin is.

    Thats what some of us are expecting, anytime soon, or else they will loose the initative/momentum to war witch they have been pimping for weeks now, still now evidence of anything, but the senario of WW3 isnt over yett.

    I gess that within a week or two, somewhere in this world a nuke will go off, lockations is irrelevant, its the propaganda effect that is vitale, and when the FF have happened, they have the initiative/motive and cause to attac, and as now, evidence and investigations will not be conducted at all.

    I think this may go of inside Israel for maximum effect.
    Thats why the ZioNazis have filled their land to the brim with stupid ex eastern block morons and pesants (azkhenNazis), all expendable for a “good cause”.

    Be aware.
    I have warned the people of Israel about the Sampson option, and I am afraid this is the zioturds final move.
    I dont like this, calm, its like the eye of the storm passing.


  • Vapemans

    and yet there are reports coming out of Texas on Saturday of Nuclear Devises that are not supposed to Exist, have been move out of Texas to North Carolina Via Military Truck with Proper Orders.

  • Mark Robert


    Please call your Congressman and Senators.

    Tell them. “NO WARS for Israel.”

    Tell them. “We are tired of Zionist Propaganda.”

    Tell them. “We want the Zionist out of our Country.”

    Tell them. “We know Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA.”

    Tell them. “We are tired of Manufactured Terrorism.”

    Tell them. “We don’t want your phony WARS.”