GMO Labeling

A national lobbying firm, the GMA, has already been fighting GMO labeling in the state of Washington but now they are pushing for a federal ban on GMO labeling across the nation.

  • JGlaze

    I don’t get it…what reasoning is “No on 522” using to promote the idea that we should outlaw GMO labeling? What are the benefits of GMO’s? Why shouldn’t it be labeled thus allowing the consumer to decide what they want to put in their body?

    • leslie green

      because allowing the public to know that they are eating poison will without a doubt influence their sales…ah, too bad.

      • Big Oil Conspiracy Theory

        Why would GMO be poison? We already eat food that has been genetically modified. More like the anti gmo propaganda would have negative influence over their product.

        • Stacey Nicole Doan

          GMO and hybrid breeding are two completely different processes.

          • leslie green

            When GMO crops cross pollinate with organic crops, oophs, there go the organics! Then the audacity of Monsanto is to claim they the organic guy is stealing their GMOs and they sue the poor organic farmer and win. Crazy!

          • LoneWiseMan

            Separate issue, but important, yes.

            You might want to get your information from more than one documentary though.

          • WHY

            I steer clear of foods labelled ‘organic’. They are pricey and there is no guarantee that they are not laden with deadly e.coli. from what is used (if truly organically grown) as fertilizer.

          • Svein Michaelsen

            Yes! GMOs would never, ever happen naturally in the nature. GMOs are a huge threat, especially because of contamination into regular wildlife areas. GMOs are a terrifying creation, and the media largely ignores it (I wonder why… big money and big corporations…you know the rest).

        • leslie green

          Come on, are you serious? Troll?

        • I am not anonymous blog.

          You obviously don’t believe that. How sad.

        • Svein Michaelsen

          You are a very uninformed individual.

        • RedEyeJedi

          You also miss a point, where this also about a consumer’s right to know what he/she is eating vs a corporations right to not tell you. “Soilent Green” anyone?

      • LoneWiseMan

        It’s not poison until proven so.

        • g.johnon
          • LoneWiseMan

            “1. ) The health consequences of eating genetically modified organisms are largely unknown.”

          • g.johnon

            really, is that where you stopped reading? first sentence of reason #1? you could have at least finished the paragraph as it may have lead you to understand that even that sentence does not favor your “argument”.
            but I am beginning to understand how it could be so lonely to be your kind of “wise”.

          • LoneWiseMan

            I actually wasted time reading all of the conjecture, but I was hoping your simple mind would grasp the concept that even your own website doesn’t list it as poison because “they simply don’t know.”

          • g.johnon

            first off, that is obviously not “my own” website. just the most objective I could find in a myriad of sites dealing with the subject.
            you must have missed the part where most studies are still ongoing and are already leaning in the direction of poison .
            but what matters here is: how did this crap get approved if we do not know if it is not poison?
            take that from my simple mind wise man.

          • LoneWiseMan

            How do we know it isn’t poison?

            There are countless things that we don’t do 10-20 year tests on (thank god) before being “pretty sure” that it isn’t poisonous.

          • g.johnon

            alright, here is a site that you may not consider objective, but it contains well documented and very in depth material regarding both gmo and Monsanto.

            one thing we can certainly be positive about is Monsanto’s extreme high degree of corruption and corrupting influence.

            this will probably be the last time that I waste with you as you seem to be shilling here. but I am posting this to give you an opportunity to educate yourself at least to the point where you will stop blithering.

            but mostly I post it as a resource for anyone who would like to arm themselves with some very pertinent facts.

            “pretty sure” that it is not poison my ass.


          • LoneWiseMan

            I don’t need a biased website to tell me how much of a powerhouse/machine of destruction Monsanto is. I’m well aware.

            I’m just also quite aware of the fact that they are that powerful due to large government.

            A company can take your money if you give it to them. A government can take your money and freedom against your will.

            As for GMO, show me a peer-reviewed article that isn’t completely discredited that proves GMO is harmful. I’m waiting still…

            p.s. If you’re an intelligent person, you’d know that any website that has insane bias one way or the other and isn’t being objective isn’t worth reading.

          • g.johnon

            i see that we do have some grounds for agreement as far as corrupt governance is concerned. but I would submit that this large government of ours is more under the control of corporate influence than visa versa.

            as for your request for peer reviewed studies not debunked:




            now, how about in return, you show me one peer reviewed study unflattering to gmo which has been completely discredited, or show me one peer reviewed study which proves gmos to be safe.

        • Svein Michaelsen

          It’s already proven to be poisonous to a lot of animals (cows, rats, insects etc.), but Monsanto are responsible for doing the testing and pulls a lot of weight in the American science community with big money, threats and corruption. Inform yourself. A friendly tip: Stay away from GMOs!

          • LoneWiseMan

            Link to scientific study.

          • Svein Michaelsen
          • LoneWiseMan

            One of the dumbest “scientific” studies I’ve ever read.

            A total of 10 males/females in each group, not nearly enough for any real statistically significance.

            The control group ate “rat chow” and non-GMO corn, but neither of the two other groups had rat chow, just corn, or corn with herbicide-laced water. No mention of the corn being cleaned or amounts.

            I could go on for ten minutes about how stupid that was to waste that much time on a faulty study, but I’m sure it’d fall on deaf ears.

            And even if it were true, it’s their entire diet. No human is going to eat 100% corn for years on end. Anything in excess is bad.

          • Draken

            I love how the ‘researchers’ used a breed of rats known to develop tumors, to show that GMO caused tumors.


          • LoneWiseMan

            rofl, thank you for that link.

          • Draken

            I do what I can against bad science, and the ‘French Report’ mentioned in the article, WOW that is bad science…

            Look, I don’t deny that some of the science in favor of GMO’s is bad science as well. Like tobacco science it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. However, even after filtering out all biased reports, the general conciseness is we can’t prove harm.

            As popular as the anti GMO movement is, you would think that they would be able to afford a few independent reviewer/researchers to look into it for them, versus rely on pseudo-science.

          • WHY

            How can one possibly stay away from GMO’s? They’ve been around for centuries…ever since man learned how to breed crops for more bountiful harvests and cattle for greater production of milk.

          • leslie green

            I think that you are confusing cross pollination or breeding with GMO s, They’re very different… research it.

        • eyesandears

          FDA Policy: It’s not a proven poison until enough of us die from it.

          • LoneWiseMan

            Still waiting on the first person to die…

          • g.johnon

            ummmm no sir. you are just waiting for yourself to start paying attention.


          • LoneWiseMan

            Well, there’s 1.3 BILLION of them. 300k isn’t that large of a hit.

            What I said before still stands.

          • g.johnon

            what you said before was: “still waiting for the first person to die” no matter how many Indians exist, 300,000 goes fairly well beyond one….or are you working with the new math?
            as for your racial hubris, i’ll let someone else take you to task. you have disqualified your own credibility in my opinion

  • James Randall

    Banning GMO labeling is like banning free speech. I don’t see how such free speech labeling could be legally banned. Such a ban would be unconstitutional.

  • Svein Michaelsen

    GMA should be outlawed, not GMO labelling. What a joke this is. Corruption and greed at the worst level.

  • Karolyn

    I don’t know if any of you have seen the video(s) where in other countries Monsanto/Roundup have caused the people to lose their crops and 100’s have committed suicide because they can no longer raise their crops. I may be wrong but I think it was India where it was really bad but has happened in other countries as well. Roundup is a poisonous product that I used before I learned what it does and refuse to buy any of their products or Dow’s.

  • Pete Braun

    Just one more attempt to silence the opposition. That’s all this is.

  • Wayne D.

    If corporations are people, they sure are some wealthy and very cunning people.
    This should be a no brainer but, will Congress continue to usurp the will of the people in favor of corporatism and globalization? With the kind of money these corporations have the answer is probably, yes. Here in Washington they sent large , colorful propoganda to every house, every day for a month before the vote which they won. Even though statistics showed that over 90% of people wanted to know what was in their food. They did this by scaring everyone with threats of higher cost food. Shame on them! Higher cost because people will stop buying it and they know it. The evidense is becoming more clear, they can’t put the genie back in the bottle, people don’t trust GMO food. With 1 in 3 people getting cancer these days we must start looking at the causes. 100 years ago it was 1 in 20. In 1970, 1 in 10. It’s the GMO, poison sprayed, mineral deficient food. Spare your children, grow your own heirloom strains or buy organic. The market will adapt.

    • LoneWiseMan

      Nonsensical correlations.

      “Increase cancer rates!!!”

      I think the fact that 100 years ago, vegetables were eaten far more often probably has a much more significant impact on increased cancer rates than the vegetables that are barely eaten today by comparison.

  • John Yowan

    The government has no right to force or outlaw labeling.

    • g.johnon

      and no one has the power to stop non gmo producers from labeling their products “gmo free”.

  • John Yowan

    Congress has no right to overthrow the will of the voter and the voters has no right to overthrow the will of other individuals

  • henrymart81

    You don’t mess with a man’s food.

  • dozr

    If GMOs are so great they should label them as GMO so people who want GMOs can buy them, and if Non-GMOs are so bad they should label them so people can stay away…. but they won’t not even Monsanto will eat their own crap.

  • Steve

    This is just another reason for the government to stay out of our lives. We must wear seat belts but do not question what we eat. We have to have the calories stated on our food but not the poison used on them. Hmm, I do not understand! Washington DC is constipated and needs an anemia.

  • John Galt

    GMO labeling is necessary. We don’t want Corporate food companies shoving crap down our throat that we don’t know ingredients. Monsanto already controls the food and drug and Pepsi, Cadbury, Nestle, Kraft and more are using aborted fetus in the manufacturing of their products! This is insanity!

  • g.johnon

    talk about your much ado about nothing! who cares if gmo products are not labeled? nobody can stop non gmo products from boldly printing “gmo free” on their packaging. start doing that and proper attention is drawn to the issue , in a matter of time, gmo poison begins to die on the shelve. so, stop whining about not being able to label the bad stuff and start labeling the good stuff, problem solved, game over.