In addition to a $15k/month consulting fee, Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth Martin pays herself a $272k/year salary while only spending 5% of total donations received directly on candidates.

VIRGINIA, June 11, 2014- It’s been 24 hours since the polls closed in Virginia, and the political establishment was rocked in what is being called the most earth-shattering defeat in decades.

National Tea Party groups have been fast to speak out and congratulate Brat on defeating Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the GOP’s second most powerful Republican. As is often the case, when a big win is scored, those with large megaphones are always ready to speak up.

“Congratulations to Dave Brat on his huge upset. The statement from the grassroots could not be any clearer. It doesn’t matter what office you hold or how powerful you are. If you lose touch with activists on the ground, then your seat is in danger,” wrote Freedom Works’ Matthew Kibbe. “The grassroots are taking their seat back at the table and returning accountability to Washington. Votes on Capitol Hill will be heard back in the district,” he added. “We are proud to stand with Dave Brat in his election and look forward to working with him to reform Washington, D.C.”

Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest Tea Party groups in the nation, said in a statement: “Dave Brat won tonight in Virginia because he effectively harnessed the outrage at Washington over policies that have not been repetitive of the people …” She added on Twitter: Eric Cantor “lost his election – is the establishment dead? Way to go #teaparty activists in VA. You the grassroots won. #noamnesty won.”

You are proud to stand with Brat? But wait– You didn’t!

They all champion Brat, as if they had been cheering him all along, and yet not one of them gave him a dime. Club for Growth, Madison Project, Tea Party Network (not to be confused with Tea Party News Network), Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express— not a single dime. In natural political fashion, never let a tragedy– or victory go to waste. Now, they will all continue to send out newsletters to their massive email lists claiming “See what we did in Virginia! We can take the country back! –Oh, P.S. please donate $10.” In fact, they’ve already started sending them– touting Brat’s victory as a reason to donate more to their respective groups. Why? Again, you all did nothing.

In fact, all of these groups have been collecting millions in donations, and they have not put a single dime into many winnable races.

According to a Washington Post report, the six largest national Tea Party groups have spent more than $37.5 million on the mid-terms so far. However, only $7 million of the spent donations have actually gone directly to candidates. Where did the other $30.5 million go? Well, it goes directly into their family members’ pockets for ‘consulting fees’, giving themselves lucrative benefit packages, paying themselves $272k/year salaries, and even spending $52k in interior decorating fees for one of their fancy Capitol Hill town-homes. How fiscally conservative of them.

Of course, there are fixed and variable costs, and the best talent should be paid what the market demands.

However, three of the largest groups — the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party Express and the Madison Project — have spent only 5 percent (some even less) of their money directly on election-related activity during this mid-term election cycle. Two other prominent tea party groups, the Senate Conservatives Fund and FreedomWorks, have devoted about 40 percent. In contrast, the average Super-PAC devotes more than 60% of their funds directly to candidates.

Dear Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin,

If you’re paying yourself $272k/year (plus a $15k/month ‘consulting fee’) and are devoting 5% of total resources to candidates, then what in the hell are you doing to deserve $272k/year + $15k/month? What are you doing with the other 95% of your time and money?

National Tea Party groups are becoming the very monsters they tell you all to fear and hate in their fundraising emails. Their most recent emails and statements should reflect shame and sorrow. They should be apologizing to Brat and countless other candidates they are completely ignoring while convincing millions of people to fund their luxury lifestyles. However, they won’t apologize. Instead, they will simply send more fallicious fundraising emails to capitalize off of Brat’s victory.

These groups did absolutely nothing to help Brat beat Cantor. The local tea party and grassroots activists are 100% responsible for the win.

Donors Beware: Do not be fooled by their emails. Do not let them score millions of your dollars off of Brat’s victory. Give your money directly to a candidate (never to the party) and give to local groups only.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • pateriot

    Congrats to Brat on his victory! You know that your on the right path when you are targeted by the Left and the Leftists light (RHINOs), This is not only a victory for the Tea Party, it is a step in the direction of saving this once great nation from ruin!!

  • r3VOLution is not republican

    If only naive, trusting American could understand… if it’s GOP, IT AIN’T TEA.

    REAL tea party:
    1. DECENTRALIZED. LOCAL. Example: Anytown Tea Party.
    3. Supports THIRD PARTIES.
    4. Supports State nullification.
    5. Grievances include: TARP, illegal immigration, police/surveillance-state, NOT FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION.
    6. Objective: Restore Constitutional Liberty.
    7. Financed through the grassroots

    FAKE tea party:
    1. CENTRALIZED. Example: Tea Party Patriots, Freedomworks, Tea Party Express.
    3. SMEARS AND RIDICULES third parties.
    4. REJECTS State nullification. Supports a SUICIDAL Con-Con.
    5. Grievances include: Obama, Obama, Obama and Obama.
    6. Objectives: Elect republicans.
    7. Financed through groups like Koch

    • Marc Allen

      The “Fake” Tea Party is a fiction created by the Republicrats to destroy the TRUE GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENT that threatens – NAY!!! – PROMISES to destroy the current Democrat/Republican OLIGARCHY !!!!!

    • ColdWarrior

      SMART, REAL tea party:
      1. through 7. above, plus they use their tea party as a Taxed Enough Already conservative caucus and then they also become precinct committeemen in each member’s respective precinct of the political party of their choosing thereby Taking Effective Action politically inside a political party.

      So they can elect better, more conservative officers to the the local and county political party committee officer slots, eventually also changing the state and national committees. Because precinct committeemen, and ONLY precinct committeemen, elect the officers of the political parties. And the SMART, REAL tea party does this because, for example, currently about one half of the approximately 400,000 existing precinct committeeman slots of the Republican Party are vacant (and it’s “worse” for the Democrat Party). The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman works and it’s all explained here and in Richard Viguerie’s new book “Takeover.”

      Pick a political party. Infiltrate it at the precinct level. It’s just a political tool And it happens to be the BEST political tool for winning the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections. Our goal, is it not, to elect BETTER PEOPLE? If so, then focus on HOW BEST to achieve that goal. The BEST way to do that is to get “inside” a political party so you can pass resolutions on your local committees endorsing the best conservative candidates in the primary elections and then use the party’s GOTV software to GOTV for those endorsed candidates.

      It works. But only if enough conservatives and tea partiers attend one additional “political” meeting a month — their local political party committee meeting.

      Ever been to yours? Try it. I’ll bet you’ll be shocked at what your find.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you.

  • alvin691

    Has anyone thought to ask Martin about this, instead of continual attack stories? What were her travel expenses for these appearances? Ask those questions. I also know that Freedomworks only helps when you ASK them to help. Looks to me that VA had this under control.

    • Michael Lotfi

      Expenses are written off. Come on Alvin, everyone knows that- What do you work for one of these groups or something? My God. If you are going to try and defend them, at least come up with something more creative.

    • UncleAlbert

      JennyB Martin is raking in the dough and fooling the sheeple who want to be led around by their noses. Freedomworks, Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, none of them “help” because they are ASKED, they “help” because they will make money. JennyB and Kibbe and the other phonies didn’t do squat. Good thing real grassroots had it under control and Cantor sh*t the bed. You should get out more.

      • ColdWarrior

        Yup. Conservatives are beginning to catch on that sending their money to people inside the Beltway making $500k/year for “national coordinating” (or something) doesn’t help to change the outcomes of the elections. They are beginning to figure out the real ball game of politics is played in their own precinct by becoming a precinct committeeman on their own local Republican Party committee. Because, thereby, they gain full voting rights “inside” the Party. They can elect the Party officers. By becoming voting members of the Party they also get into the BEST position to change the outcome of the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections — because by becoming a “voting member” of the Party they gain access to the Party’s GOTV software (archaic as it may be — it still does the trick for identifying the lower-information, lower-propensity conservative voters).

        Richard Viguerie explains the concept in chapters 22 and 23 of his new book, “Takeover.”

        But the Precinct Committeeman Strategy only works if enough conservatives unite and organize where they live to create conservative majorities on their respective local Party committees. Then they can begin electing conservatives to the local committee officer slots, the county committee officer slots, the state GOP committee officer slots and, eventually, the RNC officer slots. All of these officers, ultmately, are elected directly or directly by the local precinct committeemen. There’s about 400,000 of these slots across the country’s precints, and about half of them are vacant. Do the math. The only reason the Republican Party is not “conservative enough” for some complaining conservatives is not enough of them have filled up the 200,000 vacant PC slots.

        Oh, and Jenny Beth Martin and FW and all the rest of them know about this. But they won’t breathe a word about it. Unless forced to. Why? Because if tea partiers figure out where the real political power lies — in these precinct committeeman slots on these local Republican Party committees — local tea partiers will BECOME the Republican Party because they will have taken it over. If that were to happen, why would anyone need to send any money to TPPatriots so Mrs. Martin can continue flying first class wherever she goes and pulling down her approx. $500k in annual compensation?

        Google the neighborhood precinct committeeman strategy if you want more info.

        Thank you.

        • Leo Frare

          You or on track buddy. keep up the good comments..

  • Forums4Justice

    On Immigration Reform
    first things first

  • Johnfairplay

    Thank God for this article! I have become increasingly concerned that, as Tea Party candidate victories pile up, the Left might recognize what was going on and take steps to actually do something about it, rather than just name-call. But it looks like the Left is still in major denial and so I encourage them to remember that the only metric by which to measure political support is how much money is donated directly to candidates and that “The Tea Party is dead!”

  • r3VOLution is not republican

    Ok, somethin’s up.

    WHY are MULTIPLE MS(republican)M “journalists” and personalities SUDDENLY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY repeating the narrative “National Tea Parties didn’t lift a finger…” for REPUBLICAN Brat?

    Why are “commenters” (paid REPUBLICAN meme drivers) repeating the SAME SCRIPT – word for word, in comment threads?

    Why wasn’t this a problem for the MS(republican)M during 2012, when the FAKE-TEA GOP groups “didn’t lift a finger” for Tea Partier Ron Paul?

    Why isn’t this a problem, when ZERO dollars go towards THIRD PARTY Tea Partiers?

    Why have I been called every name in the book – BY THESE SAME REPUBLICANS, for EXPLAINING YEARS AGO… what they themselves are now revealing?

    That FAKE-TEA, LEFTIST republican party is crafty… I gotta figure this out…

    • UncleAlbert

      Maybe because Ron Paul is batshit crazy?

      • onceproudamerican

        Only folks not smart enough to understand what he is saying parrot that establishment meme…

      • Layla Godey

        I know. Sound money, Peace rather than war, protection of rights…sounds off the wall to me!!

      • More Liberty

        I know. Actually following the US Constitution is just crazy…when you are a neocon I guess.

      • Jake77

        Ron Paul has a clear and consistent viewpoint. He is clear on the principles that underlie his opinions. You on the other hand are clearly willing to slander a person without any evidence whatever. If I had to chose between Ron Paul and you to lead this country I would definitely chose Ron Paul.

  • onceproudamerican

    Obviously the author doesn’t know ANYTHING about Tea Party Patriots. They work tirelessly to support TEA Party groups across the country and never charge any of them a DIME. Seems we have achieved the last stage of Gandhi’s prediction. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    • Michael Lotfi

      Why would they charge them a dime? Their purpose is to provide donations and material support. They are not paid consultants. You clearly do not understand the structuring of a PAC.

    • AJ_Olding

      The article made a pretty solid argument that this is NOT the case. What evidence do you have?

      • Michael Lotfi

        He doesn’t. He probably works for TPP.

        • AJ_Olding

          I can’t stand the Tea Party Patriots. When it started out the Tea Party was about protesting TARP and over spending. Now, thanks to the Tea Party Patriots, its basically just another Republican Party.

      • onceproudamerican

        I chair a local TEA Party and benefit from the work of TPP. We have never had to give them a dime for all of the resources they provide. That includes nationwide conferences, printed materials, as weekly leadership conference call, the list is really endless….

        • More Liberty

          Of course they should not charge you. However, the TPP should give their donations and support to candidates. Why would you have to give them a dime? That’s not what the author is saying. He is saying that these groups pay themselves huge fees off the donations of citizens in the expectations that TPP would support actually candidates.

          • onceproudamerican

            Since you are not involved you don’t know they provide phone banks and organize all kinds of non-direct support to candidate. Giving $$ to parties and candidates just feeds the consultant class that have destroyed the republic… Dozens of folks from Texas and other States are in Mississippi today to support Chris McDaniel right now with phone banks and block-walkers. Obviously some of the folks here have their own agenda. See you at the polls!

        • AJ_Olding

          The article was about the campaigns, not the chapters.

    • More Liberty

      Charging them? That is not how it works – but good try. These organizations receive donations from individuals in the belief that organizations – such as TPP – would directly support liberty minded candidates.

    • Sheri Edwards

      The “help” you are discussing has just started in the last year. Prior to that our TEA party, ATPP, asked for help on some issues several times. Crickets. Now they are reaching out but want us to provide THEM information on our contacts. We are hesitant to provide that as we feel they will use the list to ask for further donations. Giving directly to your local TEA party and to candidates is really the best way. I don’t give to national or state groups. Keep it local and direct – that way you KNOW how your money is being spent. No one on our board takes a dime.

    • Aubryn

      Jenny Beth……is that you……..again?

  • Umnope

    This is the same trash that happened with Ron Paul and CFL. A bunch of people looking to make careers for themselves undermined the movement and some even sold out.

  • AJ_Olding

    I’ve been saying for a while that the only Tea Party group I trust is Freedom Works.

    • r3VOLution is not republican

      Freedomworks is FAKE-TEA GOP, same as TTP and TPX. That’s why FAKE-libertarian FRAUD, REPUBLICAN Glenn Beck manipulates his naive listeners to finance them – even using his LAUGHABLY TRANSPARENT DECEPTION: “don’t give the the GOP, give to Freedomworks.” THEY’RE BOTH ONE AND THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ghendric

    The national tea party groups are more than likely fronts for the neocons… i never give to any of those guys.

    • AJ_Olding

      I think FreedomWorks is okay, but the rest are absolutely Neo-Con shills.

      • Abe

        Isn’t Freedom Works G. edward Griffins started group??

  • Leigh Hawes

    It would be nice to get donations to my campaign, even to be acknowledged as a candidate would be a decent start, but write in candidates are not worthy enough for any attention from national tea party organizations. I wrote this comment in hopes that someone will see this and say…. this guy is as close to a grass roots candidate as we can get, we need to support him as well. Well, one can wait and see what happens next. If you at least curious, you can see my website and find out if my views are consistent with other candidates and maybe show me to others. You can find me at

  • supremedinosaur

    I predicted the tea partiers would get corrupt leaders, just as the rino repubs before them.

    • ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢

      Maybe that’s because both MSNBC and FOX News spend an inordinate amount of time trying to de-legitimize any authentic tea party candidates who question the GOP status quo. The media has been running interference, and giving special attention to many a sheep-dipped NEOCON who thought they could rebrand themselves by simply waving the flag and talking about the constitution. The teaparty in many ways has become a joke, because of these astroturf jokers… who I simply refer to as career criminals.

  • Joe Cranston

    I appreciate that article. Thanks for the insight

  • guest

    thanks for the info, will definitely do that.

  • Conservatarian

    And never, ever, donate to the GOP because when the money is doled out none goes to conservative candidates.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I support local candidates with my actions and my own self funded political activism. I make certain that I’m never reimbursed for expenses or anything of the sort. I want to make certain that there is absolutely no way that I could be accused of working for liberty because it pays. Many friends work for liberty and are paid, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I prefer to make a very clear distinction. Liberty always costs me. It never pays.

    I’ve given a small amount of money to some good candidates in other states, and I’m always very disappointed when they spend most of that money trying to get more money from me. I guess their political consultants do this because it works, on average. It doesn’t work with me.

    I’ve given a small amount to the Senate Conservatives Fund (promised to 100% fund the candidates) and FreedomWorks. I think they’re good organizations, but these advocacy groups are as subject to corruption as our congresscritters when they get to Washington. Like government, it becomes all about the money. The NRA is a good example. They’ve done a lot of good for gun rights over the years, but it seems like a sideline for them now. First and foremost, they’re in the business of soliciting donations. They seem in many ways to have crawled into bed with anti-gun advocates and formed a symbiotic relationship with them, with each side using the other to gin up more donations. I don’t even think they know they’re doing it. They evolve patterns of behavior that maximize revenue.

    • terry1956

      The NRA membership needs to dump its leaders and get more like Gun Owners of America and Jews For the Preservation of Firearm Ownership.

      • Melody Warbington

        The GOA recently endorsed a candidate in Alabama’s 6th district candidate who was horrible. He ran a nasty, dishonest campaign and ended up 4th out of 7 despite endorsements and lots of money, burning a lot of bridges along the way with residents of the district. The candidate admitted he made donations to some of the groups in exchange for their donation, but it was clear he wasn’t vetted properly.

      • LetsTryLibertyAgain

        I agree that the NRA leadership should be more like the GOA leadership, but unfortunately, that’s like saying the establishment Republican party should be more like Ron Paul, and follow their small government fiscally conservative individual rights bylaws. The process corrupts. There is little pushing the leadership away from corruption and self serving behavior.

  • BerlinVeteran

    Dick Armey was one of the NeoCons that jumped on the Tea Party Bandwagon right away. All you had to do is google some of the statements he made prior to the 2008 campaign and you would know him by his deeds. I’m not surprised by any of this. If you are going to donate, donate directly to those that you support. Politicians, Statisticians and Lawyers all work for the side that will pay the most to persuade others that they are right in their interpretations. They all use the same data just with a different spin. Common Sense is the best way to determine who to support and don’t let the media tell you who is electable.

    • terry1956

      Is Dick Armey an actual Neo Conservative like the Krystols and Bill Bennet or just a

  • Patriot

    Michael Lofti regularly produces some of the best pieces on benswann. Keep up the good work, your writing is a big part of what makes benswann such a great and informative resource.

    • r3VOLution is not republican

      So… did you follow the damage-control script 100%, or did you embellish anything? “Great and informative” sounds like improv.

  • DrKeteDC

    This article is like all the rest that try to persuade. Some truth, some finessing the truth. All geared to make you think a certain way. Take from it what you will, but this guy has an agenda, too.

    • R Tumenggung

      Of course it’s trying to persuade. This isn’t simple reporting of facts, nor does it pretend to be. It’s analysis and advocacy based on a certain set of values. Your own comment attempts to persuade, seeking an outcome compatible with your agenda. Should it be ignored on those grounds alone?

    • Debbie G

      On my own, I realized pretty quickly that I would not allow myself to be sucked into national groups. In my mind, the real Tea Party is a collective name for the thousands of small local groups who share the same ideals. I don’t need (or want) my name attached to large conglomerates that claim to represent me as they line their pockets. (I do agree the NSC can be trusted.)
      Think locally. Give locally. Build from the ground up; this is true meaning of grassroots.

  • ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢

    The tea party has been paying for this victory… With more than money, for almost 8 years… Rome wasn’t built in a day. The two-party dictatorship won’t be destroyed in one or two election cycles… But make no mistake… it has been targeted for termination.

  • sargnickfury

    my problem with this article, it is intellectually dishonest from the
    get go. First there is no national “Tea Party”, Second there is no
    official organization that represents the tea party movement. There are a
    number of organizations using the name, and yes taking money from any
    who will donate….but none of them “speak” for all of those who used
    the name. The Tea Party is an “idea” and a grassroots movement. They
    didn’t help? Well then why did his campaign tout Brat as a Tea Party
    affiliated candidate throughout his campaign? Certainly they didn’t
    think that would hurt and felt it would encourage voters. Many of those
    that VOTED for him do consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party
    Idea….but this article ignores the most obvious point which is there
    is no official national organization, and there never has been. It is a
    movement, it’s fate is not tied with these groups that use it’s name,
    after all as the article points out, many are “less” then on the up and
    up, they are self appointed groups seeking to cash in…… The Tea
    Party Movement started with earlier groups that were protesting the
    protestors during the early part of the war on terror. Many families
    were sick of seeing marxists, religious nuts etc exploit their military
    members deaths for protests etc. So many groups rose up…I was a member
    of one of them. Protest Warrior. Often we simply would protest
    protestors at funerals, or at many of the anti war protests that were
    more anti American then anything, we would protest those that would
    compare our service people as nazi’s etc… I remember quite well when
    those groups shifted from any real named group to just a general group,
    In our case the founders of Protest Warrior started their careers and
    just shut the site down People were encouraged to keep going but not
    under any name. Basically it was just a collection of people who were
    opposed to what was perceived as a radical take over of America. It was
    made up of people who had been Republican, Democrat, and many different
    races, and LOTS of military vets and famlies of military members. The
    fact of the matter is most of us could not agree on many things, we
    argued from hard core Statist Republican, to darn near Anarachist
    Libertarians, to old school Zell Miller Democrats…..people ran the
    spectrum. Different views on many things except that something bad was
    happening with the country and leftist 60’s radicals seemed hellbent on
    destroying the nation. At some point people started to use the Tea Party
    as a name, sort of a protest party against the big two parties that
    failed us, Gadsen flags became popular. But not at any single point was
    there any unifying body that was representative of those protestors, or
    their arm chair supporters from home. So saying that these unofficial
    bodies didn’t have anything to do with his financial support doesn’t
    change as to who his base was, and the many people who support the Tea
    Party Movement…’s not centralized……it’s grass roots, and Brat
    and others sure did make a point that they wanted to represent and get
    voters from that group during his campaign. You could also find many
    examples of where most people who consider themselves chose to vote for a
    regular Republican or Democrat candidate over a “tea party” candidate,
    simply because they were seen as unscrupulous people trying to cash in
    on the name…..again it’s a party with no particular
    affiliation….anyone who studied it’s history for even 10 minutes would
    realize that. That movement and idea is growing strong despite the lies
    spread about it, and it most certainly was from that movement that Brat
    got much of his support. The Tea Party is a collection of unaffiliated
    people who beleive it’s time for a new political revolution because
    neither party has served us well….it is a group of voters, not any of
    these groups collecting donations.

    • terry1956

      no the article was not dishonest.
      He said some of the National Tea Party Groups is the problem.

  • Lloyd Miller

    It is great to publicize Tea Party or other groups that are a poor investment for donors; However, the charges must be well documented. This article disparages the Tea Party idea itself and should be rejected. Says he is Persian? Not still a Muslim?

    • Michael Lotfi

      Disparages the TP while praising the local TP? Can you even read? I’m really interested to know…

    • dannyboy

      He’s disparaging the blood sucking entities claiming identification and facilitation with Tea Party ideals. He is exposing hypocrisy and corruption, moral corruption. How many of the people donating to that example would be happy to know they donate 40 cents on every dollar? Or that they are taking credit for Brats victory when they didn’t give him one red cent.

    • Aubryn

      Oh puke! Educate yourself before you accuse

  • Hal Briggs

    Lofti may be right about the money issue. Many people simply do not have the time and etc to confirm or disprove. So, let’s say he’s right for discussion purposes.

    Is Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth Martin’s lofty and obscene total compensation package a unique situation? I know for a fact that Mike Huckabee has something like that, his relative gets a good chunk of his donations, very little goes to candidates.
    **I strongly wager this obscene money percentage is the norm on all sides.
    ****THAT said, the article was totally empty of what the REAL Tea Party did. Boots on the ground, phone calls, rallies, and all that work without money reimbursement. So, how in the heck can Lofti say the Tea Party didn’t build that? Bias article.

  • Hal Briggs

    I like this part too. I think Lotfi has some good ideas.
    “Donors Beware: Do not be fooled by their emails. Do not let them score
    millions of your dollars off of Brat’s victory. Give your money directly
    to a candidate (never to the party) and give to local groups only.”

  • AnointedSword

    At least the moderates cannot take the credit for this one. Keep up the good work, conservatives!

  • Melody Warbington
  • Jake77

    Local Tea Party members supported him. It very well could be that national groups like TPP are a waste of money but Lotfi fails to prove this point. Essentially he states that money was not given for this campaign. That one point does not in itself prove the TPP group is good or bad. He does not cover what they do use their funds for, besides making JBM look like a greedy person. Just stating how much she gets paid and what they don’t spend money on does not fulfill Lotfi’s apparent goal of getting people to stop donating to TPP’s and other like groups. His article is half assed at best as it paints a very incomplete picture.

    • Michael Lotfi

      Seriously lol? I’m relatively positive the article goes on to show the exact breakdown of how much each group spends on candidates. Now, get back to work. JBM is waiting for you to deliver her latte.

  • Jake77

    I have asked TPP to state what they do use the donations for specifically but they have not responded.

  • JJ042804

    If he hadn’t spoken out against Wall Street and corruption, he would not have won. But talking about it and acting on it are two different Horses. I seriously doubt that he will act on what he said. It was just a cheap ploy to defeat Cantor. Remember what his Party stands for!

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    We remember how the establishment
    neocons tried to hijack the tea parties

  • bovine46

    Cantor is a horse’s ass and it is good that he was defeated!

  • Leo Frare

    That is why the Lewis County Tea Party (Washington State) is proudly independent, although we cooperate on projects with other groups, none of those talking heads speak for us. We are confined too limited government, fiscal responsibility and the constitution. Screw the rest of the issues that are so much in vogue.

    • Melody Warbington

      This is key. I work with a local tea party that also operates independently on most projects. Occasionally, some of our members may work with a national group or the leadership may state that we agree with national groups on certain issues, but it’s always our decision. Nobody speaks for us or tells us what to do. We’re focused on changing what we can starting at the local level, and many of us are involved with our local GOP’s.

      We recently had a bunch of national groups endorse a candidate in the GOP primary here in Alabama’s 6th district. Some of them admitted they’d never met with the candidate, and the candidate admitted he made donations to groups in order to get their endorsements. None of those groups vetted the candidate properly or bothered to talk to the activists who actually live here and know the issues and the candidates. This particular candidate ran a nasty, dishonest campaign and came in 4th (out of 7) despite the outside endorsements and having spent a lot of money. My local tea party and others in the state voiced our objection in an open letter to the national groups.

    • Aubryn

      Hello from 98349!

  • terry1956

    An important issue Tea Party local groups should back is smaller US House, State House and County Commission districts.
    I’m talking about population size and as far as the US House going with the Constitutional Maximum number districts and representatives which would be over 10,000 or one for every 30,000 people.
    Its been stuck at 435 for over 90 years although the population of the US has almost tripled.
    Its worse here in Tennessee, its been stuck at no more than 100 since 1870 although it should be the number of State Senate seats that grew with the population in TN.
    The intent state House was suppose to give equal representation or near equal to the counties regardless if it was a county with 1 million or more, or one with 8000 or less.
    NH. has state House representation based on a ratio of around 1 representive for

  • Aubryn


  • MissyT111

    Agree! It is NOT THE LARGE NATIONAL GROUPS… is the small local grassroots that donate, walk the streets, drop off the flyers and make the calls. This article is right on target /darn accurate!

  • Ned Weatherby

    Finally – the vampires are being publicly outed. These groups have usurped valid Tea Party groups, and siphon funds away from those who need it.

    NRA is a good example. Never seen a fight they wanted to win. The money’s in the fight – not winning. Check out GOA and JPFO, for example.

    BTW – NRA supported Cantor. And has no problem with amnesty.