Many parents, fed up with the government “Common Core” standards for public schools, are now turning to homeschooling.

Ron Paul has been a longtime supporter of homeschooling. In fact, he created a his own curriculum to help parents effectively homeschool.

Dr. Paul recently wrote a book called The School Revolution, which gives parents tip on how to best teach their children about American liberty. Paul recently went on MSNBC to discuss the new book, when he was attacked by a BBC reporter.

This reporter accused Paul of wanting all women to quit their jobs to homeschool their children.

Paul acknowledged that the burden of homeschooling often falls on women, and argued that the current economy deprives women of the choice to either stay at home with kids or work.

In the past week, the mainstream media has had a field day bashing Paul for his views on homeschooling.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran the headline “Ron Paul: more women should sacrifice career to homeschool kids.”

Part of the article reads, “America needs more home-schoolers, ladies. Yeah, you probably have a day job and can’t afford to take the time off to properly educate your offspring at home. But that’s just an excuse, you wimp. Even a woman working two jobs and living at a homeless shelter could find time to teach her child. Well, according to a twist of reality espoused by former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) anyway.”

It seems that Paul’s point has been taken out of context by the “mainstream” media.

Your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Lee Ann Stedman

    I am a reasonably successful small business owner. I started my business in 2001. Since 2005 it has grossed about 1.5 million a year. Lots of expenses and regulation – but I manage to support my daughter and keep up with mortgage and bills. In 2002, I took my daughter out of school and began homeschooling her. I had a lot of reasons for doing this but the biggest one was that I felt like the odds are against a child raised in a single parent home and I wanted to do everything I could to give her a solid foundation. We took this course from 2nd-8th grade. Then she went into the public high school and graduated last year. How did I do it? Grace of God, good friends and a couple of loyal and hardworking employees. So, let’s sum up: single parent, small business owner, homeschool family. Guess it depends on your priorities. And if a “Career” is more important that your child, maybe you should rethink having kids. Sorry – but parenting requires sacrifice. I don’t regret it for one minute. And I have a great kid who is highly motivated and very well adjusted.

    • sandy

      Love your thoughts Lee Ann and good for you – your daughter will be forever grateful for the future you have given her. You have truly chosen what is best…

    • Tim Brown

      Excellent. God bless your efforts!

    • leslie green

      I applaud you for your tenacity but, you are the exception to the unfortunate rule. Many, many women can not afford to “stay home” and educate their children. Especially if they are minimum wage earners. How much do you earn a year so that you are able to do this?

      • Lee Ann Stedman

        Leslie – I obviously did not “stay home.” But I created a situation that allowed me to make my daughter’s education a priority. I actually “made” no money for the first three years. I started my business with a loan against my property and paid my bills from the loan. From other’s perspective, it probably seemed like a foolish thing to do but I felt like I needed to step it in faith for the sake of my kid. I’m not saying everyone “can” do it, but the vast majority of people who say they “can’t” actually won’t. Did I mention that I am a single parent, without a college education? How much I earn per year at this point is completely irrelevant.

        • leslie green

          Lee Ann, again I think you are very fortunate to have had a property to get a loan from so you could start a business. You have been blessed, I do hope you realize this. What I’m saying is not many women have your ability to do what you have done. While I agree that there are many women who just don’t care, there are many that do and it’s these women I am referring to. You are obviously an exception to the norm and I am glad for you but, not every woman who would like to home school is able to and as a matter of fact, most can not do what you have done…unfortunately. I’m absolutely in favor of home schooling, I just find it a shame that this option is not available to all those who would want to embrace it for their own children.

          • Lee Ann Stedman

            Leslie – of course I realize that I am blessed. But I am not more blessed than anyone else. Are you one of the women you are referring to as not being able to do this? I’d be willing to help you look for alternatives. This option IS available to most everyone. And if it is not NOW available, what steps could they take to put themselves in the position to do it? I know that I am an exception to the NORM. I have no desire to submit to the world’s idea of what single women can and can not do. Please send all of the women you know who desperately want options and I’d be glad to coach them through getting outside of the four walls of their thinking. I serve an awesome God – you’d be suprised what He’s equipped people to do and achieve when they place their trust in Him. I take NO credit for homeschooling my daughter or having a successful business. ALL the glory goes to God. I’m simply stating that the first prison we must break out of is the one in our heads.

          • leslie green

            Actually Lee Ann, I am a grandmother who was exceptionally blessed and did not have to face what so many women today face. I was very lucky. I speak with hundreds of women each month who are not as resourceful as you are but, who have great love for their kids which is basically why I commented on your post in the first place. You give the impression that every woman can do what you have done, which I doubt but, I believe you are in a position where you could offer advice and encourage those who would like to follow what you’ve accomplished. You write so well, have you ever considered writing a column or a book, a blog or a web site about just how you were able to achieve the balance needed to do this? I encourage you to share with others what you have learned, pros and cons, along the way. Being a single Mom, has given you a unique perspective and would be very well received by those women who desire to do the same but perhaps are too fearful to try such an endeavor without help or encouragement.

          • Lee Ann Stedman

            Thank you Leslie. Yes, I’ve considered it and I do encourage as many women as I come into contact with. And a book is definitely in mind from time to time. I know that things are different than when I was younger, but I just think we give too many excuses and reasons for people not to try. I hate the kind of thinking that so many “can’t”. Yes – they can. They may have more to overcome than most people, but we have to stop accepting so many excuses for mediocrity. I think we are capable of far more than we want to believe. What is that saying – the trouble with opportunity is that it always arrives looking a lot like work!

  • Mom

    Do not go their website. I am finding that when anyone wants to up their ratings on a search engine they use Ron Paul’s name as he is that popular! Only go to the sites that support him, up their ratings with unique visitors.

  • David_Rogers_Hunt

    I think homeschooling is great,… but it is not a realistic option for many Americans. I prefer to suggest giving parents ‘Education Vouchers’ to choose and pay for their own children’s schools, rather than simply accepting whatever mess the government public schools might be offering.

    Try to imagine that Americans would choose to get all their children’s needs through government boards. There would be a board deciding what food choices parents could make. Same for clothes, toys, books, (soon doctor and medical treatment certainly), and every other choice that affects the child’s welfare. If this thought experiment seems rather extreme, then would you care to explain to me why local school boards should be deciding for ALL the children what books they will read, and what curriculum will be taught,… AND NOT THE PARENTS NOR THE STUDENTS!!!!

    Sorry about that! I just have to vent sometimes.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “I wish men to be free, as much from mobs as kings, from you as me.”
    ~ Lord Byron, 1788-1824

    “The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own.”
    ~ Sir Richard Burton

    • Tim Brown

      Vouchers are merely a way for government to come in on the coattails of your choices. It’s best to make a clean break with the system altogether. It is realistic. Our family is proof of that.

  • kev in AB

    People forget that Paul wants to a abolish personal income tax. Add that into your budget and mom (or dad) could stay home.

  • Tim Brown

    My wife has been home since our first child was born, just a year after we were married. We will be celebrating 19 years this January and we now have 10 children. Until this year, I never made over $50K a year. We homeschool all of our children. It can be done if you are up for the challenge. Just remember, if you send your kids to a state run school, don’t be surprised if they become statists.

    • F Plang

      10 children?
      You must be Catholics 😛

      • Kevin Merck

        What does that make a female who has had ten abortions?
        Or, what does that make a female who has had ten children from ten different fathers?

        To feminists, the person who had ten children and has responsibly raised them all is the “bad model” for human behavior. They would also make a demeaning comment about the person’s possible religion.

        They don’t criticize the murderer or the serial-welfare-drawer because that’s how they make their living.

        • F Plang

          Haha. It was merely a joke. Lighten up :-)

          • Kevin Merck

            Don’t take it personally.
            I see comments like yours as an opportunity to raise awareness.
            I’ll “lighten up” when we’ve put all the authoritarians in the FEMA camps they built for us.

      • Tim Brown

        LOL, nope Protestant Reformed.

  • Debbie Grinder Gregory

    Homeschooling does not mean that a woman (or man) *must* sacrifice their career (or self for that matter) whether single, married or otherwise. It works when parent(s) and child(ren) want it to work and are committed to making it work, regardless of life’s inevitable changes and influences that can and do occur just like those occurring in regular schooling families. The problem really lies in that we as a society have been taught to believe that learning can only take place between certain hours on certain days (yet our children school all day to come home to hours of additional homework), for designated numbers of days or hours per year, and that it can only be successfully *delivered* by others, preferably those holding degree (which in no way certifies great teaching, nor great student learning capabilities). Homeschooling is not an isolating endeavor undertaken solely by sacrificing Mothers and their reluctant children which is probably why its students are often found to be independent, greatly self directed, goal oriented persons who want to be self sufficient, contributing members of their families and communities. Having said all of the above and having successfully even homeschooled my own three, now adult daughters, it should remain as accessible an option of choice as all other forms of learning. Because learning is not a one size fits all for every student, what we should be talking about is removing government’s control of it and stronghold of all teachers AND students.

  • Angela Goudman

    I applaud Dr. Paul’s recommendations. I am a former homeschooled child, as were my 5 siblings. Our father was a research scientist and our mother was a homemaker. My mother taught all of us, starting when I was in Grade 4. Some of my siblings never went to a public school at all – they, and I, were taught at an online Catholic school starting in junior high. (My youngest brother graduated from a public high school, but prior to that he was homeschooled and went to the online school.) Today, I am finishing a Master’s of Nursing degree and teach practical nursing in one of Canada’s largest practical nurse programs. My sister is a homemaker with three beautiful children. My two oldest brothers teach violin and music theory, my second-youngest brother is finishing a Bachelor’s of Music and will then begin teaching violin, and my youngest brother is a 2nd (soon to be 3rd) year heavy mechanics apprentice. My sister, my second-youngest brother, and I are happily married (to our first spouses, no less). Homeschooling never did any of us any harm, and I would go so far as to suggest it benefitted us – four of us graduated high school as valedictorian, and I have my bachelor’s degree with distinction. My husband and I plan to homeschool our future children, with him staying home and working casually as a security guard, and me continuing with my academic career.

  • Sally_Oh

    My husband homeschooled our two boys K-12 while I brought home the bacon. Yes, one person has to either work at home or not work. Which is smarter: living on less or turning your children over to the state to be raised? In our house, that was a no brainer.

    • ria

      I met homeschooling families where both parents worked. Albeit, they had some schedule juggling on their part to contend with and the ability to turn to family, friends, and the occasional paid help in order to do so. So, no, neither parent needs to be home full time, but BOTH of them need to be INVOLVED full time regardless of who brings home the bacon.

      • Sally_Oh

        Just like when the kids are publicly schooled. Although I’d say it is far more important then. Home schooled kids are more independent and better problem-solvers.

  • Matthew Harper

    Are we really going to start doing the thing CNN and MSNBC do where they give minimal facts then ask “what do you think? give us an opinion ”
    this is the reason I turned to alternative media such as “” cause that crap annoyed me.
    Sorry if I misunderstood what is happening here.

  • Hoppin’ Holly

    I think they have a hard time believing that there are women out there that want to be home and raise their family instead of having strangers do it. When I had my first child, I was working full-time and bringing home more than my husband. When I had to go back to work after maternity leave, I was devastated that strangers (daycare) would be raising my children. Fortunately, in 2009, during the financial bust, the bank I worked for eliminated our platform and I was left unemployed with a great package. I was elated because I could be home with my children. After 4 years, my husband has a better job, and I can stay home, albeit, on a very tight budget. Since then I have, also, broken free from the herd and learned how/why the public school system was created and what it can do to our children and the everlasting marks it leaves on us as adults. So, this year, I started homeschooling my 2 children. Best decision ever. I control what they learn and build a wonderful relationship with them at the same time. What could be better?

    • ria

      Nothing could be better. Keep rocking and enjoy that ride. They grow up far too fast. I have many, many wonderful memories of the homeschooling adventure our family had. Along the way I met many other homeschooling families in all kinds of situations having just as much fun as we were. Homeschooling is a viable option for all parents.

  • TcomJ

    Listen to this liar in the video….

  • Charlotte Juett

    With what our children are being taught today, it seems a very good idea to homeschool.

  • Chlover

    I have no idea why they would turn Dr. Paul’s argument around and make it about sexism. It’s about having the option..having a good alternative it public school system. That’s it. There is nothing sexist about it. The reality is, if you want to home school, well, somebody’s got to do it…and that decision is a personal one between you and your partner.

  • Andy

    It didn’t seem to me like she was accusing Ron of any thing. She was just bring up a point.

  • Teri Mount McCall

    At the risk of making an unpopular comment, I am a home school Mom who believes my children ARE my work (job). They require parenting and care as they are children. I would prefer that I do this job than a stranger. Children do not ask to come into this world and generally are a product of two adults decision to have sex. They do not ruin my life but I do have the power to ruin theirs. I am acutely aware that as my children’s Mother, I have a duty and responsibility to give them the best chances possible to thrive and live in this world. If that means our family has to live a bit more modestly and sensibly then so be it. I realize that it is grossly unpopular and not everyone believes it but as my children’s parent, I will one day stand before God Almighty and answer for the way I brought them up. Now you may not believe that but it does not change the fact that one day each and every parent WILL have to do the same for their offspring.

    • MB-Y

      It’s alright with me, as long as it comes from your free will. Only one thing:
      my childrem came to this world as a product of their parents’ decision TO HAVE CHILDREN – not TO HAVE SEX!!! Everybody can have SEX without having children and it’s not good if they gave life to children just because they wanted to have sex… cheers, MB-Y

      • Kevin Merck

        Getting pregnant is a risk you take when you have sex, and unless you plan on murdering the child in case of an unwanted pregnancy, you better be ready to deal with the possibility of children.
        Any pig can have sex and murder the child out of convenience, it take a member of the human race to take responsibility for your actions.

    • Kevin Merck

      If that’s an unpopular point of view it’s only because the majority of females out there are Godless creatures who have no moral character.
      There isn’t a child alive, or yet to be born, who would choose a mother with a job or an excuse not to homeschool, over a stay at home mother like you.
      People like you are the salt of the earth and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  • SAD

    YOU GO RON!!!!!!!

  • Paulie

    Leaving the education of our offspring to gov indoctrination education is laze-fair and irresponsible. Choosing either a private edu or homeschooling is verifying the outcome of information taught, NOT allowed via State Schools.
    Why anyone would have children just to become Statist Clones is beyond me. Can their be any less respect for one’s progeny?

  • Jed Taylor

    Media exposing themselves for what they are, mindless puppets, Go Ron…. 😀

  • Robert Duda

    I would gladly stay home and educate my child. It’s far better than the Core education we’re supposed to let our kids swallow. I think I would spend an equal amount of time un-brainwashing them from what the government feels they should know.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    They’ve used this tactic on Ron Paul forever. Take his valid argument for something, and find a way to turn it into him being a racist, or sexist, or some other ridiculous claim. Despite all their attempts, looks who’s still making waves. Go Dr. Paul!

  • Elizabeth Sacks

    He is right, it will take a sacrifice. She is just repeating the mantra of feminists everywhere. I quit my job to homeschool our children, and we live off of my husband’s job, which is less than $15 an hour, and we have 4 children. We get along fine. Yes, we make plenty of sacrifices, but we manage! :) What a bunch of useless Ron Paul bashing. Sadly, there are few folks willing to think outside the box. RP is right though, when it comes to our children, the sacrifice is worth it.

    • Tim

      Correct. The government-brainwashed dupes on that show just stared at Ron Paul like he was the devil in a church. LOL! That British woman only cares about “women in the workplace”, when we have an epidemic of women not being at home for kids in their early years and men not being in the home to give an honest/positive male role-model.

      There was NOTHING wrong with the classic family setup and society was more apt to turn out positive, educated, ethically-sound and career-capable men who didn’t run in packs and develop corrupt tendencies in government positions. Today it seems like men and women are ethically damaged souls these days. Unable to understand that it’s bad to sleep with other people’s spouses, etc. Ethics in young people today are just missing and I believe it’s due to the destruction of the family.

  • Kevin Merck

    People need to be given tax breaks for homeschooling their children also. They are not using the system so they should be given tax relief.

    Believe it or not, everyone, there are a lot of folks out here who choose not to have children and are stuck paying for the education (or lack of it) of the people who decide to have them. The tax burden should be on those people who choose to have children and the tax relief should be given to those parents who take personal responsibility for the educational needs of their own children.

    I’m sick and tired of paying the salaries of the feminist criminals who want to brainwash our children and am not happy with the millions of morons cranked out by the public school system who want to destroy the constitution and our way of life.

    School your own damn children or don’t have them to begin with.

  • Lynn

    It was never supposed to be anyone else’s responsibility to raise their children save for the parents who brought them into this world, or adopted them or in whatever fashion took on the role of parent/protector/provider. Why would your child’s education be any different? If you choose to send your kids to public school (for what ever reasons) it is still your responsibility as a parent to oversee that education and ensure that if what is being taught isn’t up to your standards or is against your moral or ethical beliefs that you need to do something about it…go to the teacher, the principal, the school board, etc. Make your voice heard. And make sure that your children know that YOU are the parent and that the school officials are NOT! Teach them to question things….and not just accept, as fact, the sometimes propaganda thrown at them in the classroom.

    • setting_the_record_straight

      Except now that NCLB paved the homogenized path to Common Core, there is no “sometimes propaganda” — it’s overtly ALL propagandized now. Yes question EVERYTHING. Yearn to learn. Thinking, not conditioned response. Education, not training.

    • Ray

      But it takes a village to raise a child!!!!

  • Russ L. Smith

    How does RP stay so cool and collected while surround by demon creatures.

    • Derek

      Maybe because he was surrounded by the same creatures in congress for 30 years. 😉

      • Ray

        Yeah lol, he’s got to be used to it by now!

    • setting_the_record_straight

      Class and superior intelligence.

  • GG Johnson

    The female reporter made it an issue, it is her perspective that woman would do the home schooling. Not once did Dr. Paul stress it the woman’s job. Who is to say a schooling collective couldn’t be created with neighbors and friends? The media chooses the sound bite, yet loses the core of the matter. Typical!

    • Rob

      That whole point really ticked me off, especially as a working father who does the majority of teaching for our homeschooled children (my wife stays at home and operates a small business, but I have the better educational background and I enjoy teaching, so I take the lead).

  • Olvar

    Reporter Jennifer Wadsworth, who thinks she is scoring hypocrisy points by saying Ron Paul did not home school his own children, is showing her own ignorance. For one, homeschooling was banned in Texas when his kids were school age. The Leaper Case that began to change things was filed in 1985. A series of hearings and appeals ensued. It was not until 1994 that Texans had true freedom to homeschool their own children.
    Women are smart enough to balance work and child rearing. We can make decisions in our children’s best interests without government regulation.

  • tangozulu

    I home schooled my 2 children through high school AND worked the whole time. One of the 2 best kept secrets of home schooling is that kids will teach themselves if given the time, space, and access to appropriate materials. The other secret is that it forever changes your relationship with your kid–for the better, compared to the relationship you have with an institutionalized kid. That’s what I call kids who spend their formative years in an institution such as a “school.” Schools mostly condition kids to accept arbitrary rules, obey arbitrary authority, and to look outside themselves and their families for validation of their worth. As a child psychiatrist, it is clear to me that institutionalizing kids stunts their emotional and mental growth–unless you come from a severely dysfunctional family. There are some cases where a “school” is a step-up from a family. But most families are healthier for kids than schools. Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

    • Kevin Merck

      “There are some cases where a “school” is a step-up from a family.”

      Those families are the product of the same people who run our schools. It started with the “no man in the house” policies of the LBJ administration and the “war on poverty”.

      Most children raised in single-mother-homes (not all) don’t stand a chance and are almost 100% raised by the public school system and this is what the results of those policies are.

      • 15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
      • 4.6 times more likely to commit suicide
      • 6.6 times more likely to become teenaged mothers
      • 24.3 times more likely to run away
      • 15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
      • 6.3 times more likely to be in a state-operated institutions
      • 10.8 times more likely to commit rape
      • 6.6 times more likely to drop out of school
      • 15.3 times more likely to end up in prison while a teenage
      • 73% of adolescent murderers come from mother only homes

    • Rob

      Absolutely right. I am a working father, and I have been homeschooling my older daughter since she was in third grade (she is now in eighth). I tutuor her in the morning and give her assignments before I go to work (my wife stays at home, but she operates a small business, and she prefers that I take the lead on education). My daughter manages her own time during the day and works independently. My younger daughter, who is eight, is now at the point where she can do the same. No need for the rigid rules of a classroom and the hovering of a teacher. My girls work hard on their own to get their work done, and then we review together in the evening.

      Also, I have told my older daughter that the more mature she gets, the more I will entrust her with her own education. My plan is simply to provide general oversight and advice. I have great confidence that she is going to be a very successful young woman. She is already much more mature than other children her age.

      • Kevin Merck

        That’s a great comment and you are a very good father.
        Most of the school curriculum is set up to fit the teacher’s schedule and agenda. It hinders most kids, it doesn’t help them.
        There is no doubt in my mind that your children will be far better off without the public school system.

      • smacca

        That is awesome Rob!

  • TrollStomper9000

    The SFC is a prime example of why we can’t have nice things. The failed logic and utter demagogic bullcrap is beyond words. Let alone the vitriol and nonsense spewed in their comments section. The subtle hint in this whole argument, is that our corporate/government run economy has stolen so much value from our currency and requires us to pay so much in taxes, two and three person incomes are required to survive in a single home or even an apartment.

    Parents being responsible and free to choose for their children’s education should be a no-brainer…

    • Brent

      Having a choice is paramount.

    • read the bill of rights

      Well said trollstomper!

  • Patrick

    The majority of Americans dont research anything and media relies on that. They can basically discredit anyone they want with a few simple smears because no one will bother to look further than the soundbite.

    • Brent

      You are correct Patrick.

    • smacca

      There should be a way we could do the same to them. But theirs is orchestrated. They could have 10 idiots on ten different channels and newspapers spewing the same lies and misinformation. MSM is a complete state run racket.

  • Haley 11

    I urge everyone to follow The Libertarian Homeschooler on Facebook. She is super insightful and she and her followers through their comments do a great job of dispelling a lot of the myths that are associated with homeschooling.

    It’s been interesting to read some of the sacrifices some of these families have made in order to homeschool, even some single parents who’ve given it a go! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, despite what those snarky naysayers would have you believe.

    I’m not a homeschooler yet myself, but thanks to reading her posts it’s something I plan on doing once I have kids.

    • Ray

      Absolutely! A wonderful page full of inspiration and good, solid ideas.

  • jd

    Nothing wrong with home schooling….most are unable to do this….

  • Robert

    Why does education have to be confined to 8am to 3pm? Why can’t it be 4pm to 9pm or what ever fits you and your family?

    • Ray

      Or all day every day…life is school as far as I’m concerned. Whoever picks a specific time to “do school” is giving children the wrong impression, specifically the impression that learning ends when school is done for the day/year/semester…

  • dawgfan97

    The MSM is ridiculous. They way they lie and twist words is just stupid. I actually prefer my wife to stay home and raise our kids and teach them at home. I am willing to sacrifice the extra money and live accordingly so that she can do just that. That’s not a sexist statement at all. That is the reality of a dad who wants his kids to learn directly from their mother and not from the ridiculous curriculum full of of govt agenda and lies that is taught in our public schools.

  • Carlucci

    Of course Dr. Paul is being bashed by the “media”. The lame stream media ass clowns are the shills for Fedzilla. Fedzilla owns the public fool systems, which are generally nothing but babysitters as kids certainly aren’t learning anything in public school. But they are for sure being indoctrinated. As we all know, Fedzilla hates anything that takes power away from them.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Ron Paul is antithesis to the Illuminati, which control the MSM through the CFR and its executive membership, which includes ALL the major networks and many of the news anchors. The STATE OF COLORADO municipal corporation, masquerading as governing authority over the land-mass, is proposing “Amendment 66”, which amends the Corporation constitution to include “Common-Core” and a tax raise to pay for it. Those in favor of it cry “It’s for the children”. Help the children?!? Shut down public “education”!!

  • Evil Betty

    I wish I knew then, what I know now. I would’ve found a way to homeschool my son. I’m amazed at how Socialist some of his ideas are.

  • LocalHero

    Really, does anyone care what the media says? They are irrelevant and those that know have left them in the past.

  • Damien

    This is funny only because of the joke that public education has become. I teach 9-12 grade electives and we still learn the same math the Greeks did (2000 yrs ago), the same physics that Newton made laws about (500 yrs ago), and even writing an essay hasn’t changed from when my grandparents were in school. There are a few exceptions (technology based) of information that has actually changed (is Pluto a planet again?). A simple review showed me that over half of my students cannot add and sub fractions w/o a calculator. The current system is a joke and common core is even more so. I’m proud of Dr. Paul and only wish there were more ppl in DC with morals and common sense.

  • Stanley Wasserman

    Let’s see Germany is socialist, Free excellent health care, 32 holiday days a year, a living wage, no idiotic left right games while fighting wars and taking better care of Israel than our own cits, better schools, more rights, and their beating us in technology and well….in every way. maybe we should try it.Oh yeah they don’t have 3 million people in prison for smoking a joint at 55,000 a year each either.

    • GaryTruth

      “…taking care of Israel…?” WTF?

      • gadsdengurl

        Yeah like taking care of Israel is any priority of ours? Who cares.. They cause many of our problems. We need to take care of OURSELVES, let alone some foreign country that loves to attack others.

    • CT

      Yes, and if you want to homeschool your children in Germany they’re taken away from you. You have no parental rights.

    • gadsdengurl

      WHAT? You’re advocating socialism and forcing kids to public schools under force of of government????

    • gadsdengurl

      No healthcare is ‘free’… good lord you were born yesterday I assume?

    • johnny4nuthin

      Sorry…you are only partially right. Healthcare is not “free”. My wife and I pay 600€ a month, so about 800$, and the doctors are more like drug pushers than “health care” advisors. Germany is also beholden to the bankers (try to survive without a bank account= impossible), corporations (research “Codex Alimentarius”), and Israel (they supply billions in weapons…and, oh, just try to question anything at all about the holocaust and you can land in prison). There is no minimum wage and some people indeed work for well below what is considered a “living wage”.The left and right play as many disinformation games as those in the US, homeschooling will bring a SWAT team to your door, and war propaganda is alive and well even tho they don’t “officially” participate in wars of conquest. No, you won’t go to prison for smoking weed, but you may lose your right to drive (and can only get it back if a certified psychiatrist arbitrarily decides you are “fit”, by whichever dubious definition they use) and cast into a very tedious and costly system if “they” decide you have a problem. Chemtrails are sprayed liberally across the country, the € is a fiat currency, and food, and energy cost increases are far and above any income increases. Yes, the schools may be considered better, even with the amount of false history and biased take on current events that are taught. Yes, we have more vacation time and holidays. Some things here are better, some are not. Oh…and in the end, “entitlements” outweigh tax revenue so taxes are ever increasing while the system ever more strained. I could go on, but I think you get my point. The German/EU “socialism” also has lots of problems. In the end we are slaves to the system every bit as much as the US with very little recourse.

    • johnny4nuthin

      Oh….and the MSM is every bit as full of mind-numbing, brain-washing, soul-sucking, sheeple-conditioning crap as any. In the end, Germany ( meaning the gubmint and the “elite rulers”) is as much with the communist/globalist/NWO program as any country anywhere…

  • Wayne Herrod

    The mainstream media is a joke and is only an infomercial for the socialist elite. Real people are smarter than to buy their line. That would be evidenced by its falling market share.

  • tom

    Homeschooling would have saved me from 7 years of abuse by the catholic system. As it was I went home for lunch every day but one day I’ll never forget I “ate” lunch at school. There was a woman with a stick smacking the tables warning kids not to talk. Its was horrible. I was not allowed to have a friend on school grounds. They call this the “treatment”. I would listen to kids talking and chime in… a nun would come up real fast and nasty. The kids got too scared to talk to me. Being smacked real hard and terrorized was normal. Being made into an example was easy once they found out my father had a stroke. No father = gloves off. They would drag me by the ear into the middle of an entire school assembly. Once there I would be humiliated in front of everybody. Let no mistake occur. Anybody who stepped out of line – THIS will happen to you. My crime: not going to church. Every monday those who did not go to church would be called up to the front & smacked and made to kneel on a wood floor. I had to stop going to school mondays which really sent them into a rage because I was successfully avoiding them. Two hours of kneeling for stations of the cross. etc.
    the abuse did things to you. 1. destroyed your self esteem. 2. made you abusive to others. 3. destroyed your trust. I had 1 & 3. I could never have a friend and could not allow anybody to have control over me. My brother had 1 & 2. He is extremely judgmental and verbally abusive. You don’t get out of the catholic system unchanged. you are going to be a worse person if not a total failure.

  • Concerned Parent

    I’m a first year homeschool mom. Sounds mundane to some but when you think about your daughter in public school for 3 years, being told she can’t vote for Gary Johnson in a mock presidential election because according to one student teacher, “There is no Gary Johnson” & when corrected by another teacher, is still told she has only 2 choices for president…sorry,……or 4 + 4 = “about 9”, a parent tends to become concerned…or finding out the new “Core Curriculum” doesn’t even begin to teach American history until after 3rd grade (of course the first 7 years of life are the formative ones) or that classic literature is being eliminated (are we afraid the kids will learn how to think?), I’m beginning to realize that my daughter is going to receive a far finer education from me.

  • Pat R

    MSM is no longer believable. It would be better to be specific about who exactly is doing the attacking, because you can’t fight back on a generality. Be specific and stop saying Media is attacking. Say who.

  • xXSoldier_of_ChristXx

    There is nothing wrong with what Dr. Ron Paul said about homeschooling being an open or alternative option for parents who would rather teach their kids instead of the this nationwide standard of education. I’m not surprised the media and so many other people are bashing him on this subject since they are all putting their own prides first before considering about what he’s really trying to say. I know some people who do homeschooling for their children and yes, most the ones homeschooling are the women of the home BUT they don’t find this a problem at all! They enjoy teaching their kids and to be honest, their kids seem so much smarter and more alert to the things that they can learn from home than at public school, etc. I mean, if the government changed for the better and all these unnecessary federal programs were diminished, I think it’d be easier for everyone to afford the cost of living in this country and help us get out of debt. Therefore, allowing women or men to homeschool their children instead. So really, unless government changes and gets back to its root for what it was built for, we’re really not going to see anything change for the better.

  • gadsdengurl

    No one cares what these bankster lapdogs think anymore. Ron Paul’s ideas are blossoming — just look at the 90% who saw Syria as the false flag from the Fed.. and just said NO! (even though they said they could not vote for RP due to this)

    Oh and BTW a tip for you Ben, did you know the Fed is NOW training teachers in the Common Core Curriculum for ‘social justice’? Don’t tell me that they don’t use schools to indoctrinate!!!! I can send particulars if you want.

  • gadsdengurl

    And WHY do women need to work? BECAUSE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE breaking up the family and destroying the economy! End the Fed…. and you end a lot of problems..

    • Palmer Eldrich

      Gads you have good points , don’t be distracted by the “free healthcare issue ” .

      if the Fed wasn’t the parasite it was “free” healthcare could be derived from small taxable components , so just as you were correct on the wage purchase power disparities it is also there problem here .

      so many US I notice are “brainwashed” re “socialism” it’s a word and it never means communist sure people that call themselves “socialist” are oft confused and believe thats what it may mean , forget these dullards , by definition markets are social , the freer the market the more social .

  • independencemp3

    that female inquisitor had litte to do with Mr Paul’s presentation. He was polite, being taken a little off guard, in an otherwise surprisingly MSNBC interview!

  • Carroll Price

    Have you ever observed a Gerbil running on an exercise wheel? It’s a rather sad sight because like the female interviewer questioning Ron Paul on this video, the gerbil thinks he is making tremendous progress while going absolutely nowhere.

  • berky

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but bottom line is that even if you send your kid to public/private school, it’s STILL the parents responsibility to educate their child. Homeschooling is just an extension to that idea.

    • Guest

      Yes, but if you homeschool you don’t have to teach Evolution as a fact. You can teach them the truth that it is a leftist fable and nothing more. You can warn them about pervert sex such as homosexuality while not letting homos get there hands on them. You can teach them that there isn’t a nickels worth of difference between a progressive and a communist. You can teach them to be pro-gunners and not gun control crack pots.

      • Chad

        wow you just showed all the ignorance in this country in that one post – you’re either an idiot who shouldn’t homeschool or just an idiot who has no idea what homeschooling is really about

        • Guest

          You must be a homo and a gun grabber.
          Keep away from my children you filthy progressive.

        • Guest

          Why do you use the word ignorance. You pinkos don’t know what the word means.

      • rhondajo3

        And you can teach your children about 9-11, that those were terrorists who murdered 3,000 people, rather than have Common Core teach your children that they were “freedom fights”. Your children won’t be forced to take field trips to mosques where qurans are handed out. You can teach them about the Real God instead.

        • Guest

          Damn rights pinko.

        • Guest

          Sorry Rhonda, My pinko comment was meant for Chad.

      • berky

        I’m not sure what your point is here… every parent teaches their child through their own beliefs…. welcome to the entire history of the world.

  • aliasbsmith

    Gee, I always thought home schooling my kids was my career. Is it only a “career” if you work for some other man besides your own husband?

  • Terusa Farms

    If parents really want what’s best for their kids they will find a way. Meanwhile how about the representatives we elect start getting to alleviating the core of the problem as to why you must have two incomes in every family to survive. It wasn’t that long ago that the rule of thumb was to never rent a place to live that is more than one week of your rate of pay. Because of inflation, because of the Federal Reserve manipulating, printing, manipulating and printing money, the dollar has plummeted to practically zero value. That is your real problem why “parents” choose not to stay home and raise their children the way they see fit. Oh no, have baby sitters, or the federal government raise your children, force vaccines on them, dumb them down and turn them into slaves – go ahead America. If you are not invested in your children or their future they why do you have them? Is it just so someone else can raise and teach them their values and not yours?? Wake up – use your voice – the US Government is your enemy and is doing everything in its power to own you and your children.

  • SamIAm

    Wow, I’m sorry I bought Ron Paul’s book two days ago before MSNBC told me it was a dumb idea. Kidding…now I’m more excited about it.

  • DrT

    Apparently the SF Chronicle wants more women to sacrifice their kids to pursue a career.

    What about valuing the most important job of all, the future?

  • ralphie44

    “jewish media” (that is what it is) attacks ron paul over home schooling.

    google joel stein hollywood cmon
    google times israel jews media control
    will be the very first results listed, mainstream, from them.

    Here is the last bit of the Joel Stein article; “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    • Klapton

      Who cares if “they” are Jewish? It is what they do, not their religion or ethnicity that matters.

      • ralphie44

        That IS their religion which is more like a political plan than a religion.
        In actuality, it is organized crime masquerading as religion.

        This is what no one realizes, except a lot of them of course. Thats why so many of them are atheists. But since it isn’t about God, being an atheist doesn’t matter. 50% who go to synagogue are atheist. Even many rabbis.
        It isnt about God.
        Its not the impression you have been led to believe.
        It is about rebuilding (but first destroying) the world order.

        It is a culture of wolves which exists within cultures of sheep (christianity). This is why all western nations have this same problem.

        This is “the jewish question” that you have never heard defined.
        This is the real war being waged on us… for generations.

        • Klapton

          I’m sure you have a “final solution” to that “jewish question.” STATISM is organized crime masquerading as religion. Our entire culture is brainwashed with it, and it is NOT just some Jewish conspiracy. Sociopaths of every ethnicity are involved with subjugating and exploiting the rest of us.

          • ralphie44

            every ethnicity has those who are found to be useful for the cause of the jew world order. its generally lucrative selling out your own.

            the aggregate effort is still jewish in nature.

            these people, like the bushs, the obamas, the romneys.. they know the reality of the situation and they work for lucre and the power and prestige of being on that side.

            and down below are the deluded millions, many of them working for what they think is “good” due to living and “learning” in this jew world order…

          • Klapton

            You really should be ironing your hood and robe and polishing your swastika for the next meeting. I will save you from this distraction by not responding to you further.

          • ralphie44

            “robes and swastikas”…
            this is how you have been conditioned to respond.

            mostly by the media…

            google joel stein hollywood cmon
            google times israel jews media control
            will be the very first results listed, mainstream, from them.

            Here is the last bit of the Joel Stein article; “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

            do you not ever wonder why you have NEVER seen judaism or jews depicted in a bad light on any tv show or movie you have ever seen?… while you have seen many depictions of others as evil.

            thats no coincidence.
            thats Real brainwashing, the real thing.

          • Discorset

            You need to look deeper, as you have become brainwashed and conditioned to believe a red herring. It’s also used to drive away people on the fence who view these comments. Yes, Jewish men run most of Hollywood…they are not the top of the food chain.
            Have you really never considered that the Joel Stein article (and the similar Ben Stein article several years prior) were intended to manipulate people just like you? There are plenty of interests that support Israel in the mid-east, not the least of which are the military, energy, and financial cartels. All of which would love for you to continue to focus on Jews, and to spread your Jew-baiting crap around the internet. Especially on articles dealing with Ron Paul….by the way, how did you go from an article on homeschooling to ranting about Jews? Think about that one.

          • ralphie44

            It is the same as we were told by men much greater than I for over 2000 years… by the people who built what we call civilization.

            Its the jews, stupid

            its in plain site
            ..Im over it, I’m not going to do the white-guy dance and pussaround about it, its way past time…and Im ready to rock.

            have a good day,

          • Dana Brown

            Right on the money. Divide and conquer still works to a large degree.
            They take advantage of the natural inclination of many people who refuse or are intellectually feeble and unable to take responsibility for their individual actions and tend to blame everyone else for their sorrows.
            Jews, Blacks, Muslims, etc. are thrown into the fray as fodder to keep those folks from considering the more devious machinations of the power brokers.
            Racism is a trick-bag and those who succumb are, in my opinion, not only cowards but unwilling agents of the criminals in power.

          • Augur Mayson

            The Western countries’ respective medias like to point the finger at each other, with the U.S. as the most popular fall guy. This is by design and to be expected since the U.S. is the Jews’s largest franchise currently and cracks the most skulls for them. Still when you look at each individual media in Canada, the U.S., look at the BBC, news in France, Germany, they may point the finger at each other but they are ALL heavily pro-Israel.

          • ralphie44

            “It is a culture of wolves which exists within cultures of sheep. How can we have this in our midst? How can we survive this?” <—– THAT is "The Jewish Question".

  • Name

    They wouldn’t be crucifying him if he wasn’t right…government regulated school is a joke. Only turning out obedient workers who don’t ask questions, that’s what they want. They will always twist the words that were said to create a story…unless its CNN, they will say whatever their Payor tells them too. Homeschooling will become a trend and my guess is that our government will push hard to keep kids in their school system. Keep at it Ron, the truth shines through the lies, especially when the media tries to turn against you.

  • doodls

    Thinking is dangerous to a well-run oligarchy.

  • Redheaded Rebel

    With help from God & friends, I was able to homeschool my two children from K-9th, while working two PT jobs. They both did well in college, the older has graduated, married, working a great job, the younger chose to marry & is finishing college online and working full time. So very thankful for Dr Paul’s courage to take on these demonic-acting MSM persons! When we lie on our deathbeds, our children will mean ever so much more to us than material possessions.

  • Debbie Myers

    Common Core was created to indoctrinate children, period! If you read through some of the materials being forced into our schools (financial blackmail) you will note that the material promotes the collective rather then the individual and further dumbs down the generation. Parents that truly care about the future, of not just their child, but the future of mankind will find a way to get it done. As far as Ron Paul – one of todays great men and if “we the people” are successful at returning our nation to it’s constitutional roots, he will be credited as the hero that started the revolution.

  • carlos

    That’s Mainstream Media for you. All a lie. I am so tired of all the BS gong on in our government as well. It is all a big LIE!!! When o when will the American People wake up!!!

  • Red

    Homeschooling is a threat to the collectivist (socialist) mindset that is pervasive in mainstream media. Of course they hate the idea and Ron Paul.

  • moebears

    “What’s the correlation between education and the fed – that’s a wide gap for me”…of course it is, ass! You were obviously raised in the govt brainwashing institutes, along with the general public, which is why we’re in such trouble. Dr. Paul, kudos for marching forward in the face of such bullshit.

  • capo

    just the next common sense issue brought up by a common sense man that is twisted into something it’s not. first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they find out your right and adopt your perspective as if they had thought it all along.

  • rolyas

    At home you could pledge the allegiance worship your god of choice and not be forced to eat the GMOs for lunch

  • Lux Mentis Lux Orbis

    If I had a son or daughter, i would follow Paul’s cirriculum, and for middle school, Blacks Law dictionary class, Trust law, trivium, quadrivium

  • JD

    The reason those people who cannot afford to stay home and educate their children is most likely because they went to public school. Beside that having children means sacrificing, but those self serving liberals don’t understand that.

    • cynthia curran

      That’a the biggest BS I heard. I know several conservatives that didn’t have kids either. i think you are pushing your view on everyone else. Paul is a jerk and even the political right opposed him 4 years ago. Paul is involved with Southern Libertarian groups that want to make the US several small nations and Paul is also anti-defense. He doesn’t like spending on national defense and paying taxes for it. The biggest thing out of his mouth is against Jews and neo-conservatives who he thinks are one and the same. The New Republic did an exposure of him..

      • Patrick

        The New Republic is a hawkish magazine who’s just collapsed and would do anything to smear Ron Paul because he’s challenging mainstream views particular foreign policy.

  • sean

    This is laughable. Dr. Paul always the patsy. He never knows what he’s talking about. He was obviously wrong about the what would happen to the economy with Fannie Mea and Freddy Mac. Wrong about his foreign policies. Wrong about big government. So yeah, based off his track record according to the mainstream media, he off his rocker this time too! I believe people are starting to smell the crap buried beneath the lavender and rose pedals by the msm. Thank you Ms. Tate for joining the efforts with Mr. Swann

    • GUEST, Andeego

      WELL SEAN; Being a patsy is obviously a hell of a lot more then you’ll ever be. It’s also obvious that you think with what your sitting on, or your just saying what you were told, and payed to say. Oh, and one more thing that “CRAP” you say you, and people smell it’s your breath blowing back in your face…….guest

    • Karolyn

      You are so obviously ignorant of Dr. Ron Paul. Everything he has predicted has come true and will continue to do so. You must be a bleeding heart for Obama and a liberal. And, you must not like the idea of living freely to do as you think best for yourself since this is what Ron Paul would like to see for all of us. You should do some research or keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

    • leforteelise

      Nice sarcasm. Lol

  • Lyn

    Thanks for writing this article. Yes, I think that article you cited was taken out of context and was written from a sarcastic, ignorant, and anti-Christian slant. It was a continuation of the left’s bizarre claim that Conservatives are at was against women.