Edward Snowden Ask Me Anything

This past Sunday evening former NSA contractor Edward Snowden sat down for an interview with German television network ARD. The interview has been intentionally blocked from the US public, with virtually no major broadcast news outlets covering this story. In addition, the video has been taken down almost immediately every time it’s posted on YouTube.

In contrast, this was treated as a major political event in both print and broadcast media, in Germany, and across much of the world. In the interview, Mr. Snowden lays out a succinct case as to how these domestic surveillance programs undermine and erode human rights and democratic freedom.

He states that his “breaking point” was “seeing Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress” denying the existence of a domestic spying programs while under questioning in March of last year. Mr. Snowden goes on to state that, “The public had a right to know about these programs. The public had a right to know that which the government is doing in its name, and that which the government is doing against the public.”

It seems clear that the virtual blackout of this insightful interview is yet another deliberate attempt to obfuscate the truth from the view of the American public. The media has continually attempted to shill the official government lies about mass domestic surveillance programs, justifying them as necessary to fight the “War on Terror”, while attempting to painting Mr. Snowden as a traitor.

In regards to accusations that he is a traitor or a foreign agent, he states, “ If I am traitor, who did I betray? I gave all my information to the American public, to American journalists who are reporting on American issues. If they see that as treason, I think people really need to consider who they think they’re working for. The public is supposed to be their boss, not their enemy. Beyond that as far as my personal safety, Ill never be fully safe until these systems have changed.”

The attempt to bury this interview by the government/corporate symbiosis has extremely dark implications. Additionally, the fact that government officials have openly talked about assassinating Mr. Snowden cannot be taken lightly, and Mr. Snowden obviously takes these threats to his life very seriously. Sadly, the reality of the US government assassinating an American citizen is not beyond the realm of possibility in the age we live in.

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Jay Syrmopoulos

Jay Syrmopoulos is a journalist and political analyst living in Winona, Minnesota. He received his Bachelors in Political Science from Winona State University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Affairs from the University of Denver. Jay is a liberty activist dedicated to exposing the facade of reality by shattering the left right paradigm.

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  • MrLawless Antipc

    God Bless you Ben Swann, I have not seen this video yet. Which amazes me, because I usually see everything. Keep up the good fight, You are America’s number 1 journalist in my book.

  • MrLawless Antipc

    … Sorry Jay… didnt see you there at the bottom of the page. Thank you as well sir :)

  • doodls

    I searched (and downloaded) this video the minute I found it on Youtube. And I know of at least one website where its still up… but I don’t post the link out of concern of having that site taken down. But it is out there.

    • Jono

      I must be missing something… this video was posted by the NYTimes on youtube… still up…


      • David P Mayton

        That is only 3 minutes of a 30 minute interview.

  • Dean


  • Brandon Bowers

    Wow, he is extremely well spoken. And what he reveals is disturbing as hell.

    • Kyle Reese

      He is very well spoken, and this is why they don’t want you too see the interview or any other interview from Mr. Snowden. You see, Obama is the one that is supposed to be well spoken, but snowden puts him to shame and tells the truth too boot. Anyone that can pull attention away from the one cult leader of the globalists corporations depend on and wake everyday people up from the MSNBC stupor thy are in is a dangerous person. Once people realize that we all can take back our privacy and rights given to us at the birth of this nation, it’s kind of game over for them. It’s really game over for them anyways as their actions and game plan is unsustainable. The Government will either be forced to reform itself or collapse under the weight of their own deception, or the American people will reform them. Whatever come first. I thought I knew a lot about the tactics and the capabilities of all the 3 letter agency’s but I learned a few things from watching this, and yes he deserves the Peace Prize.

  • Alberto

    “Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress”

    Why am I having Ollie North flashbacks?

    Contempt of Congress is a transgression that could result in having ones library card suspended for up a week.

  • Jeffrey Lors

    and now we have a president who thinks he is a king…

    • http://toscanapotrebbe.tumblr.com Mark A. Duckworth

      If you can find a king, any king, throughout european history who had the power that US president has today, could you let me know?

    • Ian

      the lyin king

  • Alberto

    ARD Germany full 30 minutes …


    • blackwidow

      This vimeo link has also been taken down?

  • flubber jordan

    The whole Snowden/USA/NSA sounds like a national version of an insecure girlfriend/boyfriend hacking facebook to check for cheating messages and finding nothing but continuing to do it until they find the dumbest thing possible and saying SEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Jacquie


  • M. Elsaesser

    I’m sorry to interrupt… But this time the US hasn’t done anything “wrong”. The following links (german) show that the German public broadcaster NDR (which is part of the ARD-Network) missed to clear the international broadcasting rights with its affiliate production company.



    It has been short sighted and somewhat absurd that they weren’t aware of this. But it was our German TV that messed it up. On the other hand it’s amazing that people all over the world fight for getting the truth to the people.

  • Layla Godey

    It might have spoiled the incredibly fascinating SOTU. (Yeah, I think I’m full of s**t for typing that, too…).

  • Randy

    The link above about Clapper lying doesn’t work (conveniently), so I found it in the NY Times archives. —-> http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/13/us/nsa-chief-says-phone-record-logs-halted-terror-threats.html?pagewanted=all

  • blackwidow

    The Vimeo Link has been removed too…creepy


    snowden is a double agent being used to get the public condition to government spying what has he done we all knew they where spying and snooping going back to the 50s

    • Weston Moss

      You could hardly be more wrong.

      • Ian

        snowden and greenwald are not trustworthy. releasing only 1% of the data they have obtained. everyone should be skeptical of them.

        • Weston Moss

          If the members of the intelligence community have enough time to be running interference on blogs, maybe taxpayers ought to be getting a refund to include their salaries as well?

          • Ian

            im not saying what they did wasnt good, im saying we shouldn’t trust people like snowden and greenwald just because they release some information.

          • Weston Moss

            Trust is earned: not given. I distrust our leaders for what they have demonstrably lied about, and I trust Snowden at least somewhat, because the truths he has released are shining a light in a dark corner.

  • Brandon McNaughton

    Someone snag the video and upload it as a torrent

  • Alberto

    I watched the 30 minute video and took away two things …

    1. National Defense work is being contracted out.

    2. Snowdon had been a CIA officer.

  • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson The Maryland Myth

    I get the feeling he will grow old in Russia. I don’t see the 2016 puppet granting him clemency.

  • Andre Leonard

    Well of course the American propaganda machine does not want anyone to see or hear the man who showed concrete examples of the erosion of liberty and privacy.

    It’s not very hard. Take away your mainstream corporate owned media outlets and mission accomplished. I was able to view it on the internet directly.

    I too vote for Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Enema Of The State

      I think you have to kill an awful lot of people to be eligible for a nobel.

  • Jean-Francois Dube
  • SocraticGadfly

    Ahh, maybe it’s being taken down for copyright issues, as another commenter, I see, has noted. As for not being originally shown in the US, big deal. The BBC has a lot of stuff shown in Britain that it doesn’t license for US broadcast for various reasons. Some US media stuff isn’t licensed for international broadcast.

    As for Snowden, his revelations have been of some value. OTOH, revelations about details of our spying on, say, Russia, probably didn’t need to be revealed. And, related to that, all countries’ intelligence agencies conduct industrial espionage. We’re the worst because we’ve got the biggest ears and buckets, but not necessarily worst in intent in this area.

  • Sharon Sullivan

    When they said “poison,” they weren’t kidding. The Jesuit fascits (SS, in Hitler’s time) have been poisoning its enemies since its founding, in the 16th century.

    The papacy is, was and will be the font of fascism until/unless it is exposed. http://www.amazon.com/Secret-History-Jesuits-Edmund-Paris/dp/0937958107

  • Zer

    For the person who wrote his/her comment before mines and stated about copyright infringement, etc., there are a ton of videos on Youtube that is copyrighted but they’re not being taken down IMMEDIATELY. I’m thinking that with the Snowden interview, our US government probably filtered through and searched out all of those interviews and deleted them. Also, if Snowden’s interview wasn’t broadcast here but elsewhere in the world, it’s probably because the US government wants to hide the truth from the American public and it has mostly done so by not having this interview broadcast on major TV media companies, etc. I’m sure rights can be acquired to broadcast it here in the US anyway if they went and got it.

    • Kent

      I went directly to the source. The interview is available in its entirety in both English and German. However it will not load. Also there is a special note that says “Due to legal reasons this video is only available in Germany.” I am with you on this. I believe the US government is clearly trying to suppress this information with the help of their lap dogs(YouTube, vimeo, and the rest of the msn). If this is true and my government is censoring the information I can see then I believe it is time for trials and public hangings. There is no reason citizens cant orchestrate a court elect a judge and jury and try these traitors in absentia. Their crimes are public and well documented.

      • http://thecountyguard.org/ countyguard

        Who in the public is willing to stand to defend the constitution and against these traitors? Hangings? How about 10,000 across the republic, because there is government complicity in this at levels, even down to local, county and town levels. Let’s get this going…

      • DoubleAgent74

        Evidently, there are still some cracks in the armor; I was able to find the interview on Dailymotion (which, I believe, is a French site).

  • Michael Norton

    If anyone thinks corporate MSM is your friend, you better think again. They’re always thinking up new ways to incarcerate the American people for whatever reason. The more criminal nanny state laws they get passed, the more the taxpayer has to pay to bureaucrats and bigger government to pay for that law enforcement. Mainstream media continually tries to brainwash and socially engineer you to think a certain way that is not in your nest interest, but rater only good for corporate and state power. MSM exists for their good only and is Americans Enemy #1.

  • Alberto

    In my opinion the main point Snowdon is stating is that in addition to lying to Congress NSA is contracting out work to subcontractors with NO oversight what so ever. Who would not expect US NSA to spy on all foreign leaders? An idiot!

    What is not expected is that a private entity can sell Angela Merkel’s political enemies surveillance data on the open market for a price. That a competitor of a major corporation can buy secret confidential information. For a price.

    This is at its most basic element the end of all law.

  • TBH

    My friend in the airforce told me he would kill snowden. He isn’t even a top official, The military is spewing lies to those with top secret status.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    It is well past time to know the history of the current form of municipal corporation authority at all levels and de-authorize/defund its existence.
    In our living Man/Woman capacity we have that un-a-lien-able right from our Creator.
    It is way past time for each of us to take time to study the Constitution with a law dictionary and the Federalist/Anti-Federalist papers.
    Anyone wanting Snowden dead for his actions are themselves a Traitor to the true “Law of the Land”, and serves the interests of the muni-corp that currently masquerades as governing authority by contract.

  • waitew

    911 was an inside job,when Snowden says that,I’ll believe he’s legit.

    • Marcelo

      Also when he reveals that any standard, landline phone can be turned into a listening device remotely.

  • Eman Xavier

    BEWARE the BEAST MAN, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among
    “AHAYAH’S” creations, he kills for sport, lust and greed. Yea, he will
    murder his brother Jacob; to possess his brother’s land. Let him [not]
    breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and
    yours. Shun him; drive him back into his moutian lair, for he is the
    harbinger of DEATH. He is the Eagle of Obadiah, Esau of Malachi, of Rome,
    Idumiea, Khazaria, Amaleck and the CAUCAS. With his Star of Moloc & Flag
    of Eagle; although he knows his time is short, he still ravishes and kills
    for pleasure. He goes by many names. He is EDOM ! … BEWARE !


  • Si Simmons

    I’m with waltew — when Snowden says that the earth is square,
    I’ll believe he’s legit.

  • Opperdienaar

    right, like private companies care about money and the government cares about the public good. As long as people wear the magic hat and uniform they can initiate force without their private interests at hart. It is nonsense, Snowden himself admits that this data is being sold for commercial purpose by the public good angels.

  • ninammam

    I wouldn’t doubt that snowden is a spy for the US. I don’t trust him.

    • The1Spirit

      You are on the right track, I don’t trust him at all.

  • lorri

    Video not loading it says “Error loading stream ID not found on server”. Just wanted you to know.

  • The1Spirit

    He has released nothing that was not known already. This is a slow leak, conditioning everyone to accept 24/7 surveillance. It is called gradualism.
    Everyone carries a cell phone, which is a gps tracking device, equipped with a camera, a microphone, and a computer full of spyware….
    I can see some serious cognitive disassociation here.

    • PaulBot681

      this is not true. nobody had knowledge about the NSA is spying on the german counselor merkel for 11 years before snowden had revealed it.

      maybe you believe webster tarpley. when he says that snowden is a so called “limited hangout operation”, but this cant be true.

      if this this where true, there must be some great benefit for the US governent to show the world that they are spying on literally everybody
      BUT what are these benefits?

      is it a benefit for the gov. that a lot of us IT-companys lost many of their customers from around the world? is it a benefit for the NSA that now more people use encryption technologys? where is the benefit from assuring everybody that their private conversations are always recorded and stored so the government can spy on it whenever they want?

      there is no benefit at all whatsoever.

      • The1Spirit

        The nsa has been around for over 50 years.
        I knew 20 years ago things they were doing that are worse than what has came out. I can’t even imagine how sophisticated it is now.
        To act like we don’t know we spy on every foreign leader
        is very naive, they know it too. This whole thing is a charade.
        I can’t listen or read Webster Tarply long before I feel ill.
        He is an obnoxious socialist, who despises the common man.

    • armthemasses

      Interesting that you post this, I was in a local WalMart the other day and I checked my phone for the time, when I unlocked my screen, there was a window that quickly popped up, it said something like background processes at the top, there was a list of processes, the top one said FBI Surveillance, I got only a quick peek at the screen before it went back to my home screen, it was a fraction of a second, but I KNOW what I saw, it was unnerving to say the least. I wonder if any other people have seen this?

      • The1Spirit

        Of course I don’t carry a cell phone. It is that walk what you talk thing i do. Wal mart has scanners at the door that detect your phone which has a unique id. I am hearing they are the Government playground for retinal and facial recognition
        technology. This is perfectly legal for them . The FBI screen you saw is software in your phone that can be accessed remotely.
        I have a high quality EMF meter that shows a computer scan
        several places around the doors for shoplifters, but also at least two other frequencies related to cell phones and your brain.
        We are not that far from the Minority Report scenario.
        Be well.
        Together we can figure things out
        There is always hope when your heart is full of Love.

        • Guest

          >> related to cell phones and your brain
          I strongly recommend getting back on your meds now. Your thought processes are what’s warped. Everything else you say may be true but it is not convincing when you start sliding into evil brain scanning devices land.

          • The1Spirit

            Thanks for the insult.
            I suggest to you that everything has a frequency.
            Mind control and the function of frequency is a reality.
            You don’t think they study this stuff?
            Have you ever heard of Tavistock?
            Try and tell me that the sheep are not programmed
            by staring at the TV for hours.
            If you have been paying attention,
            these devices already exist.
            You want to talk about living in altered reality.

      • BombayBuddy

        Why the hell would the FBI design spyware named “FBI Surveillance”? Sounds like you’re full of shit.

        Edit: Isn’t it more likely that your phone was alerting you to some wifi access points in the area and one of the SSIDs was “FBI Surveillance”? I’ve seen plenty of SSIDs like this. They’re a joke.

        • armthemasses

          Gee that’s funny, the first thing I did was to look for available wifi networks because I thought the same thing. I know it said background processes at the top of the screen that flashed, I am no fool and not full of shit either, just shared my experience on here to let others know, what do I have to gain by making shit up? I looked at every app and feature on my phone to duplicate the screen I saw, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The other thing I am thinking is it could be related to the Target hacking and perhaps the FBI is scanning stores areas of large retailers to catch people who might be trying to hack their wifi. Like I said it was unnerving to actually see that on my phone, it is making me think twice about using a cell phone at all in fact, or just switch to a crappy flip phone for emergencies, its what I use on hunting trips so I don’t trash my Galaxy plus the batteries last forever on those POS’s

  • brad

    He will soon reveal that Aliens exist. If they can spy on other countries i wonder how much info they have about Aliens.

  • spinworthy

    Snowden comes across as very polished, perhaps groomed for the occasion. If you listen carefully to how he uses his words, you will see that they are deliberate, measured and maintain consistent logical deniability on specific matters when subject to further analysis.
    There has been a developing schism within the CIA since the 1960’s, and I believe that Snowden is a representative of one side of that division. His overt patriotism is a give-away of the ‘good cop’ – ‘bad cop’ struggle taking place. So much theatre, truth is easily lost in this sort of scuffle.

  • BananaBread

    Youtube is obviously in bed with the government despite their denials.

    • Soupy

      Youtube is owned by Google. Google has been in bed with them for a while. Very obvious.

  • Bill Watts

    I don’t think he comes across groomed, he comes across that he is at peace with what he has done, and how he truly believes that Civilians of the World need to know that we have all been lied to and our privacy is a thing of the past.

  • beaterman

    Americans are the most surveillanced citizenship by its own govt. the history of the world has ever known! Hitler had nothing on American modern Police State! The most insane part about it all is the American citizens are paying for it with their own money called taxes….

    • miseshayekrothbard

      tbh I think theres a few countries that have it worse. North Korea being the most obvious. The UK actually Id put above the US

    • Jack

      I lived and worked in Sweden for 18 months, and in the UK for one year, and had never observed any country that monitored its citizens with an intensity that defies understanding.

      Now with the advancements in technology, privacy has just about reached zero worldwide and any government intent on keeping its position of power will use any and all technology to maintain that power no matter how loud the uproar from the masses, legal or otherwise.

      I am lost for any answer to the threat of privacy by all intrusive governments.

      • armthemasses

        Read my username, therein lay the answer and the Founding Fathers knew it, that is why the 2nd Amendment is so powerful, it is SUPPOSED to keep governments honest by fearing their citizens, unfortunately it has become the other way around. Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex 50 years ago, we should have listened.

  • Michael Cook

    Edward Snowden has just revealed what man has being doing to his fellow man for millenia. Governments especially, are paranoid about protecting their seat of power, the more powerful the government the more paranoid it is, for it has much to protect. Go back as far as one cares to go and you will find that spying, betrayal, secret agents and traitors are all well documented throughout history, as that desire to maintain their power structure is a characteristic of all those who rule. Information of the enemy is the greatest weapon in any war, whether it be political, economic, or military.

    So powerful is infomation on deciding great events, that governments have the death penalty for most acts of treason, while at the same time sending out their own spy’s, who know that they risk their lives in doing so. It is a constant war on information gathering, a war that reflects the insecurity of a world, and how far that world is divided

    Means of gaining information are limited only to one’s imagination, the Hebrews before they entered the Promised Land, sent spies out prior to their invasion of that land. Diplomats also are a prime source of information for their respective governments. Whatever way that information can be gathered and transmitted has been used by man, from coded messages, to unique signals, to the use of birds, and other creatures to transport information.

    As mankind has moved into the technological age the means to spy on others has become Godlike in its invasive power to observe, listen, and record even a world of people. This pattern of human behaviour is written in stone, and will not change, and governments will do as they have always done, and will use whatever means they have to protect and sustain their seat of power. Our present world is more insecure than ever, and governments see the need now to spy on others as never before, distrust of their fellow man of whatever country he is from, is greater now than ever, as a world in turmoil and in greater insecurity than ever bears witness to.

    The concerns of most people are many as the intrusion upon one’s privacy increases, and as Edward Snowden’s revelations about the USA’s monstrous spying machinery has just revealed. But it is just an expose’ of that which has always taken place. The exception now, is, that like man’s splitting of the atom, a nuclear monster has been created that threatens all mankind. Mankind has now developed another monster,as the nuclear one threatens all that is material, this surveillance monster threatens our very thoughts and intentions.

    The irony of all this spying is that it just fuels greater insecurity, like violence begets violence, so this now widely global exposure of governments spying on other governments has made the world much more unstable.The hypocrisy of most governments in condemning such behaviour are duplicitious in the extreme, as they all do it. Edward Snowden has just revealed that which is common knowledge to the discerning, like the little boy who cried out, ‘The Emperor has no clothes on,’ so governments have been truly exposed, their embarrasment is global, and their humiliation is great, in such a rage; they are a dangerous monster.

  • Chris

    You say: „Sadly, the reality of the US government assassinating an American citizen is not beyond the realm of possibility in the age we live in.”
    But it is not just an abstract possibility. It has already happened several times:
    Anwar al-Awlaki
    Samir Khan
    Jude Kenan Mohammad
    Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

    • Mark Burley

      Who do you think killed jack Kennedy and de railed democracy onto it’s current disastrous course?

  • matt

    mr snowden is the best thing of the twenty tens
    u right bloody scared the man with your words sir
    your in the history books young man!
    now only if our faboulous editors would release everything………

  • http://www.firebrandcentral.com/ Firebrand Central

    Thank you Mr. Snowden. Thank you for defending freedom. http://www.firebrandcentral.com

    • Joe

      Shameless plug for your crappy looking blog…

  • we are in trouble

    excellent interview, what the NSA does, is spy on everything , so if you use anything electronic, or phones, anything that people use to commuicate with the NSA knows.
    this is real scary, this is a powerful info to mankind

    • armthemasses

      Like a Gestapo wet dream in modern day times. Scary indeed.

  • George Reichel

    The traitors are the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats destroying the Constitution

  • Anne

    Very interesting interview. I noticed that Snowden’s pupils are very dilated in a brightly lit room. The interviewer’s pupils are normal size. He sure didn’t sound like he was on drugs!

  • Svein Michaelsen

    I’m not surprised that this interview is banned from the American mainstream media. Snowden is very articulated, and communicates the arguments against the NSA extremely well. Snowden = hero.

  • sparksnavy

    Re: James Clapper–if you know anything about expressions on people’s faces–I for one could tell that James Clapper was lying through his teeth–the hand on the forehead while slightly rubbing it and the shifting of the eyes and not looking directly at the person asking the question!
    Hooray for Snowden! May God bless him!
    Our government is becoming more corrupt day by day and will eventually fall with a very loud THUD! Too bad the American people will suffer for it also! So be it!

    • armthemasses

      Sicilians say there are 11 pantomimes of lying, women have 13, they are experts at detecting them too. I would have to agree 100%, he was lying and it showed, I am Sicilian so I know these things instinctually.

  • Interested Reader

    You should remove the “The Government Doesn’t Want You To See” line in the title because it really makes this article lose credibility. It seems WAY more like spam than a legitimate news story with that line included. Do it fast or you will lose a lot of potentially VERY interested readers. I almost didn’t click on the article link, even inside my Ben Swann email, just because it reeks of spam-like content.

  • Truth Seeker

    There’s something written about “suppressing truth in unrighteousness”. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Ununpentium

    When i saw him w/face cocked to the side acting as though he was reading his brife’s.I Knew that this was a fundamentally dishonest person.My guess is it comes w/the job.

  • John

    Video doesn’t seem to work. And the government must have a direct line to the owner of Google to take it off YouTube so quickly. I am beyond disappointed with our government. They are straight up treasonous bastards.

  • Heywood Jablomie

    No wonder this video is being ignored by the US media and being removed from youtube. The Emperor has no clothes and Edward Snowden exposed him for the tyrant he really is.

    • TheSkepticalCynic

      Snowden has exposed Uncle Sam as the biggest diseased Pr*ck on the planet. The disease was contracted when a diseased species Ziosauroanus Terribilis Nimis mohel circumcised Uncle Sam under the direction of Woodrow Wilson and tutelage of Louis Brandeis in 1917.

  • Mark Burley

    I used to think Alex Jones was exaggerating but now I think things could be worse and God alone knows what this scum have planned for us in years to come depopulation, false flag terrorism, fema run concentration camps, rfid chipping you name it as Eisenhower lamented they along with the monstrous mutation that the corporation has become have taken over democracy 1984 has arrived while we were sleeping.

    • Heywood Jablomie

      This surveillance has been going on for decades. It is only since 9/11 that the process been kicked into overdrive to correlate all aspects of our lives though our use of technology.

    • girdyerloins

      I agree, but I’m beginning to think Jones is an engineered distraction. Who knows, perhaps he was enticed/threatened into his present stridency???
      Besides that, though, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but a truly disturbing, albeit subtle, glimpse into warnings of things to come can be had by studying the Georgia Guidestones. Google it and read how it came to be and what it says. Try to stay away from other opinions until you read what is on the stones themselves and mull it over.

  • john

    i have seen the whole interview to its entirety on a link I subscribe to… and it was juicy stuff! Here you go… enjoy


  • Orlcok

    Question! Main stream media publicized Snowden as darling hero when the info surfaced & yet Snowden’s completing placing the decisions around releasing further info in the control & hands of journalists. Snowden seems unfazed by being USA’s public enemy numero uno & very suspiciously, strangely enough doesn’t have a lawyer present at all times when being interviewed & communicating to the media. I want to believe Snowden’s authentic & genuine but there are too many holes in his life, his story, & why he hasn’t completely released bundles more information. Afterall, many years previously actual NSA members revealed unlawful & unconstitutional surveillance of Americans & yet not one major news report was ever made & even now, not one major new report has emphasized this interview taking place is unbelievable given the attention Snowden was initially given. It doesn’t add up. Essentially Snowden’s revealing to us, officially, what has been going on & it’s going to be legitimized in American society & it seems that’s where it’s going to end as Snowden fades into the back ground & into a distant memory though I wish he was authentic but he just in not, unfortunately.

    • DonQuestion

      I wish you were as sceptic towards governments. As an old roman saying goes: “Cui bono?”, or the more modern version: “Follow the money trail!” Who could gain/loose more: a single man chased by the last remaining super-power or a multi-billion (maybe even trillion) military-industrial complex? … Don’t think to hard! 😉

      • Orlock

        I’m sceptic of all those who weld power including governments, the elitists that control them. Mainstream media news corps seem to be wholly in cahoots with The Government. I’m just your average everyday listener of information with a standard BA degree, educated in my homeland New Zealand, however, what concerns me is that now that copies of Snowden’s leaked info have been destroyed that that’s where it ends. Who has the genuine leaks on 9/11 or JFK, The Boston Bombings for instance? Assange for instance is useless – he’s divulged a paltry piddly amount of leaks which are predominantly on Arab countries i.e. Syria but no leaks on The U.S. or Britain. Assange seems to be a foil to temporarily side track your entire attention on. I was the kind of person that just didn’t want to know what could be the truth because I was scared of it challenging my belief system & scared to know we are on many levels being deceived. I whole heartedly believe Assange is a foil faker & can’t believe that major news corps wouldn’t want Snowden as the world hero unless they wanted to put him there for a reason other than what we already knew – that illegal spying has been going on for decades. I ask Snowden to prove he is truly authentic – give us far more deeper, more telling & profoundly disturbing leaks on America & The NSA spying machine.

    • Evone

      Wow seriously.. Isn’t the lack of media attention the real story here. Exactly why don’t you think the media isn’t reporting on this because they think it is false? The media is being paid off by the government. The government is doing everything it can to stop people from hearing any of this. The Government makes sure the sheeple believe that any media outside of mainstream is crazy conspiracy theorist. Will they did a good job of convincing you I guess. Sad very sad:(

    • Hamish The Man

      I think the way he is releasing the material is the only way the
      American public will pay attention long enough to have it sink in, that
      something is truly wrong. Had he released it all in one go, the info
      would be overwhelming and much of it would just forgotten by the
      following week. This way he is keeping it in your face and letting you
      absorb it slowly so that it may be understood and scrutinized.

  • DonQuestion

    A few days after the interview the Belgian press proves him right on the “industrial espionage” claim: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20140201_011

    Or at least as close to a prove as one can come in these clandestine operations.

    • girdyerloins

      This is precisely the role of transparency. And the American way of governance has been battling that since its inception. Only after the debacle in Viet Nam did politicians realize the true power of the media and how crucial their need to control it was.
      What we have, at this time in history and in this place, is the ne plus ultra of control freaks. America is the epitome of pathological sinkholes. The people who run the show now are the most evolved and sophisticated psychopaths the world will probably ever know. There is no reason to believe them incapable nor antipathetic to the idea of turning the country into their own fiefdom or satrapy, complete with factory cities and punishment centers for dissidents modeled after that of North Korea.
      While optimists continue to regard such exceptions as ousting Nixon for his transgressions in Watergate, Mandela’s election to leadership in South Africa and other miniscule events as proof mankind has the ability to counter martinets, these examples really amount to mouse farts in a hurricane, compared to the assiduousness with which the power-hungry pursue their wants at everyone else’s expense. A brief reading of quashings of democratic movements, long the staple raison d’etre of the American ideal, since the recent unpleasantness in Europe involving most of the world is enough to convince most rational people the gig is up.
      For those who question why I stay, when my feelings about my country are so pessimistic, I ask, why do people visit a zoo? I just can’t take my eyes from the spectacle.

  • Evone

    Wow, Poor thing. Only 30 years old and carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. It brought tears to my eyes when the reporter asked him about if his parents told him to turn off the lights and get to sleep because he was on his computer. I saw a young man for just a moment allowing himself to look back to his childhood, when his life was his own and not really a care in the world. In the protection of his parents love. They must have done something very right to have raised such a good boy. He was born with a purpose and has done his duty above and beyond to us all. Thank you soooo much for your bravery and love:)

    • guest 1

      That’s what I was thinking. He is also bright enough to have known that he might never in his life get to go home again. I hope he stays alive and safe!

      • Evone

        I wish I could think of something to help him or us. Seriously we are in some deep doo doo.

  • JK H

    I’m not sure if this story is factual. The interview was largely overlooked in Germany, where I live. I think this was mainly to do with copyright issues: see http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/tv/ndr-veroeffentlicht-snowden-interview-mit-originalton-a-945822.html. The entire interview is also available on the German public broadcasting website, but people living outside of Germany won’t be able to watch it, just as people outside of the US can’t see many tv programs on US networks’ websites.

  • Benjamin Rush

    Never ascribe to malice, that which may be better described as incompetence. The US media, apart from being one party’s mouthpiece and defender of a corrupt and incompetent regime, would much rather talk about useful things like the superbowl, or Woody Allen’s latest drama, than substantive things which require freedom from internal biases and deep analytical thought. I personally believe that the inability to provide meaningful analysis and commentary is in part directly linked to their biases for and against particular groups. Note how they ignore real honest to goodness scandals throughout this government in order to overtly defend their chosen savior. The Snowden matter is just the latest in a long string of failures of the current administration, and after the media had its day with him, they realized that Snowden was actually hurting their man. So they did what they did with Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and so on. Really, it should surprise no one that this regime, which is the most corrupt and dangerous to law abiding citizens everywhere, has managed to get their lap dogs to heel.

    • girdyerloins

      I’m glad someone has pointed this out. I don’t recall when it was, nor who it was that clued me in to the notion of incompetence as an explanation for much of what transpires in, say, Washington, DC, but I’ve come to see much of what we humans do as normally teetering on the edge of chaos/dissolution due mainly to incompetence AND negligence. News of the lackadaisical attitudes among nuclear missile officers recently is a case in point, where the culture essential to the maintenance of a constant state of terror based on nuclear weapons has every indication of having reached a cruising altitude and, in a manner of speaking, been placed on autopilot.
      I’m reminded of the joke about the jet flying across the ocean in which the pilot comes on the intercom and announces to all aboard, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve developed a few problems. A few moments ago, we had a short-circuit that shut down two engines. At the same time, our flight engineer had a heart attack and, when he fell to the floor, hit the switch that dumped most of our fuel. Our navigation system is down and we don’t know where we are, now.
      But I have good news! We’re making excellent time!”

  • daanlo

    With regards to the video not appearing on youtube and many other places.
    The recording TV station that holds the rights to the interview (ARD /NRD) purposefully blocked international visitors from seeing the video through geo blocking, as they only hold distribution rights in Germany. I assume they would also force youtube to remove the video if it is uploaded to protect their copyright.

    The details as to why and how are explained in the second half of this article (unfortunately in German):

    In short it is a copyright fck-up on behalf of the German TV channel that made a mistake when transferring the copyright from its subsidiary to itself. The international distribution right is now stuck somewhere in Nirvana in between the companies, which is why they aren’t able to give/sell the video to other international TV stations like CNN, for them to show it.

    At least this is my legal understanding of the situation. You can use a proxy like zenmate and see the video here:

    • BillyBob

      Media doesn’t need copyright to discuss a topic, let alone German copyright protection. It’s called Fair Use.

  • Boring

    Here’s a wild theory – maybe this story didn’t make news in america because nobody cares. Americans don’t care if the government sees what they do on the internet, what they text, or who they call. I know I don’t and if helps catch any terrorists I’m all for it. If you had half a brain you would have already known when you use these things someone unintended could see them. And yes, snowden is a traitor because part of his job was to keep top secret info to himself. He single handedly made it easier for terrorists to plot against americans. At best he’s an attention starved traitor, at worst he’s conspiring with our enemies.

    • Bah

      Are you delusional or just a sock puppet? Have you been on the Internet? American people are constantly trying to hide what they are doing. They are either technically illiterate and don’t understand just how much data they are giving out or they compromise that they will be aware, but do things that may hurt themselves later anyway. The American gov’t knows that if they put this up for a vote, the people would overwhelmingly say “no.”

      • boring

        You are the one who is clearly delusional -polls show the american public doesn’t care about this. The internet has never been a private place and if you thought otherwise you are the technically illiterate one. You really think people are trying to hide what they do on the internet?????? Have u ever heard of Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Where have u been the last decade? The benefits they get from these things far outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people and that is why they overwhelmingly click ok with every sign-up and update to these things.

        • Chris

          Benefits of twitter? Accurate american polls? How much do you think you know? This site is not a place for such a shallow discussion, repost your original entry on twitter and you will receive the replies you are looking for.

          • boring

            If you know better than the polls genius then surely you’re aware of the number of users these social media sites have and how much money they take in. Sorry if I offended your highness by mentioning a site so beneath you but clearly you missed the whole point. People join these sites in masses all around the world to be public, not private. This is the same thing you do by posting here. To turn around and wine about privacy is hypocritical.

    • Fred

      That’s exactly why we’ve been having discussions over what was revealed by Snowden because Americans DO care. You don’t care, leave it at that, millions of us clearly do. And you’re not a traitor if what you are doing is for the good of the country, which he firmly believed and many millions of us also believe he was doing. Especially when what the government is doing is illegal.

      • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

        A few Americans care. The rest are oblivious…lost in Facebook-Land.

        • boring

          The few that care are the same nutty conspiracy theorists that think man never landed on the moon and that 9-11 was staged in Hollywood. The rest are people who were never dumb enough in the first place to think their Facebook posts were private.

      • boring

        Apparently you haven’t looked at the polls, because no, americans DON’T care. Who is Mr. Snowden to decide what’s good for the country? Most of us happen to believe that if the government can intercept a message between terrorists that helps stop people being killed then that’s a good thing. And it wasn’t illegal, it was all ok’d by the courts.

    • ansciath

      People can’t be expected to care about things of which they are unaware.

      • boring

        We are aware, we always have been aware that what we do on the internet isn’t private. That is why we don’t care.

        • ansciath

          One’s privacy on the Internet is hardly the core issue. Regardless, suggesting that awareness of information precedes dissemination of information is putting the cart before the horse. In any case, I agree that people *wouldn’t* care, though for different reasons. At this point it seems like a broken record. “The US conducts dragnet spying using such-and-such technique that includes so-and-so.” Um, okay. There’s just not enough of a differentiator in an otherwise busy news week that a profit-driven media outlet would risk driving down its ad views, when the Justin Bieber petition has so much more pizzazz.

          • FartAtTheMoon

            Exactly, Mr. Boring here keeps harping on the one fraction of a sound bite he heard a while ago and is now lying to me about how “informed” he is.

        • FartAtTheMoon

          And, again, I say all your responses thus far prove you are unaware since you make absolutely zero mention of anything other than “privacy.” When you pull your head out of the sand and actually learn about the Snowden story, you may speak to the adults. Until then, go back to playing on 4chan.

    • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

      I’d venture to say that “we” Americans have been dumbed down to the point that if you asked on the street, many wouldn’t know who he is, or anything about the NSA spying. “Sheep” doesn’t even begin to describe what has happened here.

      • boring

        “We” americans have been hearing about this non-story for months and are tired of it, that doesn’t make anyone a sheep.

    • dirtside

      With the “nobody cares” approach, you have to explain why the full interview keeps getting pulled off Youtube. If nobody cares, why would it get taken down repeatedly?

      • boring

        I don’t know… Let me take a wild guess…copyrights maybe? Saturday night live skits get taken down too, it doesn’t mean the government is shielding the people from Wayne’s world.

    • SherpaDoug

      Mr Boring, your reply is the scariest one, that Americans don’t care that their country is being destroyed. The US government is doing the terrorists work for them.

      • boring

        The country is not being destroyed in any way. If you honestly believe that the government seeing a text about what you ate for dinner is the equivlent of a terrorist plotting to blow people up then you need adult supervision.

        • FartAtTheMoon

          Watch the video, you moron. It’s only 30 minutes of your life. At least be informed about what your blabbering on about. It’s embarrassing to watch you sputter on like this.

          • boring

            My god, if I watch the video the government will know!!!! Then I’ll be associated with a traitor!!! My god fartatthemoon, from what you’re saying the government is monitoring this very conversation!!!!! Well if the NSA knocks on your door tonight I guess you were right all along…

          • NoahFect

            You certainly seem “concerned,” for someone who supposedly doesn’t care.

          • TheVision

            Watch the video through a private VPN or proxy. VPN is better by the way because it encrypts source to destination. The only way to make an informed decision is to review both sides of the argument. I wasn’t sure about Mr. Snowden at first due to the propaganda from the news organizations and government, but he seems sincerely concerned for our well being. I didn’t detect any deception in his body language or answers. I felt it was a good interview. Try it, you’ll like it. :)

    • arandomgermanguy

      @Boring: as a european I am not interested in american citizens like you being brainwashed by their government with so called “defense against terrorism” – and to be honest – I am totally not surprised about you saying such things. It appears to be literally normal to hear shallow trash like this from US citizens these days. What I actually do care is if your government spy on things that are my privacy, in my country. You have absolutely no right to do so. So thanks to MR Snowden for uncovering those files.

      • boring

        Who’s brainwashed? If you think what you do on the internet, what you literally broadcast to the world is somehow private, then who is the one brainwashed? If you are texting your buddy about the local soccer game so what if some IT guys sees it? If you want to keep it private go see him in person. In america we actually care about saving lives, I wouldn’t expect a German to understand that. Talk about brainwashing – do u actually believe your country doesn’t do the same?

        • FartAtTheMoon

          The NSA can wiretap a FEDERAL JUDGE, decide he is a terrorist without any sort of trial and imprison him indefinitely. Think about that, you nincompoop.

          • boring

            You’re any idiot. The NSA CAN do a lot of things, it doesn’t mean they do. What you are saying is so far from reality I worry about your mental health. Unicorns can stab you with their magical horns – think about that jackass.

          • FartAtTheMoon

            There are over a thousand violations every year. You idiot. How many have you heard about? Jackass.

            You’ve chosen the correct name, I’ll give you that. You’re quite boring indeed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, farting at the moon is a more worthwhile use of my time than speaking any longer to the likes of you.

          • boring

            If you actually knew what you were talking about the number would be in the millions, trillions worldwide. What you can’t seem to grasp is that none of these were actually violations because the information was never private to begin with.

          • Draken

            No they can’t, don’t be so paranoid. Only the DOJ can do something like this. If a Federal Judge were to go into a black bag, people would know. The Judiciary is good about protecting its own. If a Federal Judge was arrested without charges the rest of the bench will throw the collective bookshelf at whatever agency was involved.

            I agree that the NSA has the theoretical capabilities to do this, but they also have the theoretical capabilities to nuke the entire world – I don’t see it actually happening.

          • FartAtTheMoon

            They can, you dimskull. That’s the point, they theoretically can do this legally. So what chance does a non-important schmuck like yourself have?

          • Draken

            No, Federal Judges at the District, Appellate and SCOTUS levels are appointed for life, or “during good behavior.” Even if they are arrested for terrorism, they are still Federal Judges until that title is revoked by impeachment. Yes there are also Federal Magistrates and Federal Bankruptcy Judges that don’t enjoy the same protections, but I guarantee that the Judiciary looks out for its own.

            I’m not a fan of the NDAA provisions that are sparking this conversation. You’re right in that there isn’t much hope for non-important schmuck like me. Well other then the ACLU, Amnesty International, Ron Paul, a couple of of Federal Judges who have ruled on the issue, and a host of other organizations working to overturn that particular section of the law.

            The point is, worry about real problems, not theoretical ones.

        • arandomgermanguy

          @boring: its not just the internet – the US government is spying on every data and communicational channel available (i.e. see interview above). Thats totally unacceptable. Also I’m wondering which lives you are trying to save? Are you talking about the 200000 civilians that got killed by US troops in the last decade? OOps sorry of course not you mean your self. But thats another story right. The bottom line is: US americans shouldn’t give up their own freedom and endanger the freedom of others for government and above all political interests – thats what I mean when I say brainwashed.

          • boring

            Again, I couldn’t care less what data the government is collecting – they can’t collect what you don’t put out there. Stop broadcasting what you want to keep private, its that simple. And yes, those lives could have been saved if communications between the 9/11 terrorists had been picked up a decade ago. 9/11 could have been averted and so would the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But no, you need your privacy. You texting your buddy about where you’re gonna meet up for beers is far more important. By the way, if u want to talk about civilian lives lost, how many Jews did u guys wipe out again? What was the death toll of those 2 world wars your country started? How do you even have the nerve to talk about your rights?

          • inconvenienttruth

            Sorry but you are very naive and ignorant. Glad you trust your government and Obama, but nobody with any sense believes that 9/11 could’ve been prevented by better intelligence. The intelligence was there, and it was good. American intelligence and American military is the best in the world, and they (FBI & CIA) put the reports in your Mr. Bushes lap, he merely had to put down his children’s story books like My Pet Goat and ACT upon it. The best intel in the world wouldn’t have helped an incompetent WHite House. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink.

          • arandomgermanguy


            “How do you even have the nerve to talk about your rights?” – He really just said this.

            again – its not just about broadcasting and internet! And also: what a smart argument comparing me with nazis that did terrible things 5 generations ago – but at least you learned something about history in school. Maybe your kids or grandchildren will learn whats been done by YOUR generation as well one day – who knows right? Anyways: You’re a hopeless, narrow minded and ignorant individual – I am sorry for you. I am lucky enough to have enough US americans friends that are different.

          • boring

            Don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t have the delusions you do about privacy. What snowden exposed was the government looking at data that you yourself put out there. No one forces you to use the internet, or your cellphone, or whatever bank you choose, etc, etc. You put info out there with all these things and if you weren’t an idiot you’d know they were never private. Some technician somewhere always had access to all these things. It makes no difference to me and to most Americans if the government is looking at this stuff for the purpose of catching criminals.

          • nygrump

            Of course you have the delusions. You’re posting here under a fake name. par for the course for a 4 yuaner.

          • armstrong1969

            Yaaaaa…… wow man. Did you know Hitler imprisoned and killed EVERYONE who opposed him. Even non jews ya ignorant pile of second hand douchebags. Anyone who opposed him politically. He killed more non jews than jews. Germany was blamed for starting ww1 and had to pay. Hence crushing their economy and starving families. So it was easy for hitler to gain popularity. After he started rampaging he lost support from the people quickly, so he threw em in the camps and killed em. In germany today you can pretty much beat on skinheads without reprecussion from the law. The obvious fact you blame todays german society for ww2 atrocities shows your ignorance and stupidity quite blatantly. Your the poster child of american stupidity.

      • Jim

        arandomgermanguy, I cannot believe the amount of replies that think it is just fine that the government is spying on them and violating their right to privacy. I was not surprised that this has been going on. Being native American, my grandfather taught me growing up that the government was constantly listening to the phone calls of the Indians and spying on them because they were afraid of them. I remember being little, and back then we had party lines, but he always knew he difference, because he would have me listen and tell me what made certain noises and sounds from normal party line noises, and he told me they did it because they were afraid of us, much like now. I was brought up free, and could almost live and roam as free as my ancestors, and even though I am close to 60 now, I still want that same freedom, I don’t want someone constantly watching my every move. I want my grandkids to be able to grow up at least close to as free as I was at one time, so I am glad Mr. Snowden did what he thought was right, at least people can’t call me a conspiracy theorist nut now.

    • FartAtTheMoon

      You don’t care because you’re uninformed. It is very obvious by the choice of things you have said here. No mention of the really alarming stuff at all… because you have no clue. And I’m sure you call yourself a “patriot.” Sickening idiocy.

      • boring

        I’m very well informed – go on, tell us what u consider so alarming. I don’t consider it alarming because I know I’m not doing anything wrong. I have nothing to hide. Now why do u think so highly of yourself that you believe the government is sifting through countless amounts of info to find out what “fartatthemoon” is doing???

        • FartAtTheMoon

          Fun trick you pulled there: “I’m informed, go on and tell me what I’m not informed about.” LOL, if you knew, you’d stop repeating nonsense about internet privacy as if that’s the whole issue.

          • boring

            Sorry, I can’t even begin to imagine the paranoid delusions you have rambling through your head.

          • FartAtTheMoon

            Nor the things Snowden stated in this interview, obviously.

          • boring

            What snowden exposed was government internet surveillance programs and gathering of telephone metadata. To date, that’s all.And also to date, its been deemed legal by the courts. I didn’t watch the interview because I’m not a mindless dolt like you, but more importantly, because I don’t care. When they hang the loser, that I might watch.

          • cunno

            If it’s so innocuous, then tell us why is the surveillance state is so upset. It is not because the spying has been successful; rather, the NSA finally had to admit its data vacuuming has garnered MAYBE ONE disruption of a threat to national security.

          • boring

            Stopping “maybe one” threat can mean saving thousands of lives. If a text between the 9-11 terrorists had been picked up, 9-11 wouldn’t have happened and neither would the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. So yeah, its kinda worth it.

          • J.

            We have enough pseudo-humanitarians with guillotines in the world as is. It’s THAT cycle that leads to “9-11 terrorists”, “wars in Afghanistan and Iraq”. Stop adding to that number boring.

            So yeah, it’s kind of not worth it and it’s kind of not your place [or business to begin with] to make that decision for me or rest of the country.

          • armstrong1969

            LOL. You think terrorists text….. wow. “Hey man about to jump in the airliner captain seat! Fvck ya bud time to crash this mofo, stoked to meet my pile of virgins :)” like really man wtf… if they had to resort to a cell phone they would buy one at a gas station, use it and smash it after. It was well known before the nsa release that the Taliban used notes and courier kids to send msg’s. Even radios and code names. But hey keep taking the spoon from your govt ya baby.

          • donlw

            “”I didn’t watch the interview because I’m not a mindless dolt like you”.
            The interview is what the comments are supposed to be about. You troll onto this site, lacking any knowledge about Snowden, other than anecdotal, dated information that seems gleaned from Fox News. “boring”, you are a bore and a buffoon.

          • boring

            Oh really? I guess I thought the comments were about the article above claiming a government cover-up and defending snowden. Fox news would side with you idiots, they praise anything that makes Obama look bad. Get a clue.

          • citizencane

            you think that’s all? man, what rock have you been hiding out under. your metadata is tracked, your ralphs card, your cvs card, your airline tickets, your credit cards, everything can be data mined. If I want to build a case against you for anything, they can.

          • large

            And you are supposed to be “informed one”?

            The NSA has been collecting ALL the ELINT generated by man ever since about 1971. They then turned it over to the CIA (or the Navy) because they were just the collection point and cryptology agency. Then they got new computers with algorithms that would find the words and phrases that the CIA had been sorting out.

            Once that was accomplished, the CIA became an active arm of the DoD and the NSA became the “Spy Agency” . .

            Better go back and get far more informed . .

        • TheVision

          I’m sure the people planning harm to our country assume they were under surveillance. They’re not as stupid as you think. They know when satellites will be able to capture their movements and make adjustments, they’ve hacked into drone feeds to watch what the predators see, and they do a lot of their communications via personal messages, USB transfers, and notes which can’t be surveilled by the NSA.

          What Snowden revealed was that data was being captured on average Americans, and that is the issue here. I’m as patriotic as the next guy and I lead a pretty boring life of work and family, but I don’t want my communications monitored so they can find something they think is wrong. There are 23,000 pages of federal laws on the books. Are you absolutely sure you are not breaking ANY of them? I’m not because I don’t have time or patience to read all those laws. I don’t want them to have all of my communications and match a violation to one of those laws I most likely have broken. Food for thought my friend.

        • large

          Can you explain why they need 20 years worth of data about the American Citizens who use electronic communications, and why they need to “Keep IT” in a 10 yottabyte external harddrive in Bluffdale, Utah?

          Add to that, so far, what “Acts of Terror” has the NSA/CIA prevented in the last 20 years?

          I can fully understand the completion of the NSA mission before about 1985, but since then, it has become a spying agency to look in on the average American by the Government and all of it’s overlapping agencies . . In other words, if the IRS wants to know what “Fartatthemoon” is doing this year or did do, last year . . Just like the Sauce, “It’s in there!” . . . and they can go look at it . .

    • Paul

      Boring, you say you have nothing to hide, but that’s your opinion. What if they say you do have something to hide. What if they find dirt on you, you didn’t even know you had? You seriously think all this metadata can’t be used to incriminate you, track you, that it can’t be abused in so many ways?

      You are deluded sir.

    • Colin Olmstead

      How did he make it easier for terrorists to plot against Americans? Your speculation carries little weight.

    • reality

      Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Ben Franklin

  • Muhammad Abbass

    The US government was NEVER above assassinating a US citizen you numpty!

  • Muhammad Abbass

    The US government was NEVER above assassinating a US citizen you numpty!

  • http://dirtmcg.svbtle.com/ Dirk

    I uploaded it here > it’s the full interview in english. http://cl.ly/ThOf

    • mazi

      thank you!!

  • MARC

    Please, It’s not banned from anywhere in the US. It may not have widespread media coverage, but the story and video are on the websites of all major news outlets including CNN, NY Times, Daily News, Fox news, etc.

    • Paul

      They aren’t anymore. Can’t find it on youtube either. Even a google search shows barely any pages discussing it. It’s obviously extreme censorship.

    • Colin Olmstead

      Post a mainstream link and make your point. So far you have not made any point.

  • Brian Baldwin

    I understand that much of this snooping comes
    from information in corporation’s files. In other words, the government
    assembles information corporations have gathered on us. Why did the
    corporations assemble the info in the first place? What do they do with
    the information? They assemble, use and distribute the information for
    their benefit. On the other hand, the government assembles, uses and
    distributes the information to protect us. Thanks to the government —
    but let’s put tighter controls on what businesses can do with information about
    us. Let’s stop its use by businesses for badgering us to buy their
    products, for selling it to others so they can badger us, for profiling us, and
    for making money off us through their knowledge of us. Instead, let’s
    make businesses responsible for securing that data, for protecting our
    Identities and holding us harmless when outside parties steal that information
    from us. That would empower consumers.

    • George Wagner

      On the other hand, the government assembles, uses and
      distributes the information to protect us. Thanks to the government —

      Good Lord, what are you smoking?!

  • UncommonStats™

    SNOWDEN IS A HERO.. YouTube/Google censorship is going too far.

  • l’enfant

    Can Snowden point to how this information is being misused? Of course not. The data is being used in the national interest, not to prosecute thought crimes like the East Germans and other communist countries used to do. I can certainly understand the sensitivity, since other governments have misused this kind of thing, but the difference here is that the US is not misusing it. If the fear is that the data will be misused, why not stand up for stronger restrictions against it being used to prosecute crimes?

    Instead, we get his miserable arguments about how our national security professionals shouldn’t have access to the same data any Verizon tech can casually look at.

    • MichaelLohr

      How do you know once the entire system is set in place it will not be misused in the future?
      Who is in charge of the oversight?
      Where are the checks and balances?

    • Lenny Valentin

      Can he point to how info is being misused? Most certainly he could, since he worked in a position with direct access to said information. As he states, the US abused this information THOUSANDS OF TIMES EACH YEAR. And that’s just what we know – since there is no real oversight, any abuses reported is because of self-reporting. Abuses which nobody reports obviously go unreported. So you are obviously extremely wrong when you say the US is not misusing this information, question is, WHY are you wrong? Is it just because you’re ignorant – willfully by simply not learning about these things, because you don’t want to know (politically affiliated or loyalty-based blinders), or because you DO know but for whatever reason choose to spread FUD? The centerpoint of it all however is that old saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. And when you look at the total lack of success of these programs; the US has spent 100+ BILLION dollars, and audits have shown that in return, stopped MAYBE ONE terrorist attack. Maybe! That’s AWFUL value for money in anyone’s book, simply awful. Well, of course, unless you’re one of the corporations in bed with the NSA, with thousands of contractors suckling off of the gov’t teat and growing fat because of it. So please, in the future, think of who exactly is working FOR you, and who is working AGAINST you. Make up your own damn mind for once, and don’t just listen to what the powers-that-be say.

    • boring

      Thank you, you are absolutely right.

      • Colin Olmstead

        Incorrect. Google “NSA abuse of power”. If you respect the truth you will then change your mind.

    • armstrong1969

      You forget already how they were abusing it? Stalking exs, potential gf’s, retrieving industry secrets from private companies, accessing video and sound on phones without warrants, collecting everything even the fbook comments ya deleted before posting. Its sick.

    • Colin Olmstead

      Google “NSA abuse of power” and you will become more informed. The basis of your argument is false.

    • basho

      well you sure do live up to your handle – l’enfant

  • TheVision

    It should bother every American that the government used their force and authority to block this video. Nothing was given away in this video that is a danger to national security.

    I am of the firm belief that to make a decision on the guilt or innocence of a person that you need to hear both sides of the story. Could you imagine a trial where only the government prosecutors were able to make a case and the defendant was banned from telling their side of the story? No matter what you think of Mr. Snowden or whether you think he betrayed our country, he has the RIGHT to make his case.

    I scares me that they will not let the American people see another point of view because that’s a trip down a very dark path. I don’t think Hitler allowed much public debate or allowed the Jews to make their case that they were not against the German people and look how that turned out. This precedent means that ANY of us could run afoul of the so called authority of the government and not be able to represent our case.

    Luckily we have the Internet and that is the great equalizer to combat the corporate run news organizations that do whatever their masters tell them to report. Cut the cable people and get your news from reputable online sources because the major news stations are feeding you what the corporations and government want you to believe. Be vigilant!

  • Edward Hero
    • Joseph Slabaugh


  • Tom Lacovara


    • Joe

      Do you feel you get a better response when you comment in all caps like a 4th grader?

    • Chris

      I kind of hope the NSA is keeping tabs on morons like you.

      • Tom Lacovara

        Well that was a nice opinion by a really wonderful sounding fascist. What do you have to support your apparent disregard of facts. I have 20 years of Constitutional and historical document research and have it all online for you to review, which Im sure with full diligence you have done before coming to your eloquent opinion. Questions……and if you can not answer them……then it only PROVES your ignorance
        1- Who vetoed the 14th Amendment?
        2- Who signed the “Presidential Proclamation” that supported it?
        3- What section of the Constitution supports the creation of another form of government the 14th created?
        4- Why was only Involuntary servitude mentioned?
        5- what i VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE and from where does it originate……hint…..ENGLAND…..further hint…..serfs
        6- What states were forced out of the ratification process of the 14th thus making the 14th unlawful as the Constitution makes it clear that 2/3rds are required to ratify, which we all now know that 2/3s were NOT represented…….
        7- Under what Constitutional principle is it EVER ok to eject 11 States delegates from the ratification process? Please cite specific section and clause
        8- Why was the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment removed from the Constitution ? This is also now a proven fact. Sticking your fingers in your ears and crying does not make it go back to the other way. Please see,, exact ORGANIC DUPLICATE of the ORIGINAL Constitution in the New Hampshire State Archives, the ones that were not privy to the infiltrators or the British in the War of 1812, when they burnt down the Library of Congress and the White House?
        Im willing to bet you have no answer but one which is VOID of fact checking anything that I am relaying.

      • Tom Lacovara


        And stop disrespecting Mr. Swann by using his avatar. Anyone that would support the NSA “keeping tabs” on anyone for their opinion needs to have their citizenship revoked and be sent adrift at sea with an oar and a fishing rod!!!

  • Grammarian

    grammar: “undermine and erode”

  • Marty Susman

    This man needs to come back to America, be sentenced to say 90 days house arrest, then hired by the NSA to find spy’s… This man is NOT a criminal, he did not SELL information, he did NOT make one dine out of this, he did NOT do this to hurt America, he did it to help America.

    • Joseph Slabaugh

      If it was not a crime, then he should not be “sentenced” to do anything.

      • Marty Susman


        • Joseph Slabaugh

          That does not matter, a man who did no crime, should not be required to do anything, and the bitches can go rot in prison for all I care.

          • Morrison Braddock

            Theft is actually a crime.

          • dan

            the first time the data was purloined or the secound ?

          • FreedomFray

            True enough. Crimes were committed. However, if (and I realize this is a big “if’) Snowden was truly tried by a jury of his peers, as intended by the founding fathers, then they would be the ultimate judges of his deeds and would (do) have the authority to nullify the law and set him free.

            But, that of course, is only assuming that our Constituiton would be followed. Fat chance of that…

        • RedScourge

          Ah yes, court of public opinion, the finest basis of a legal system ever devised. To hell with that.

      • Morrison Braddock

        Stealing secrets and handing them over to Russia and China is indeed a crime, regardless of the content of the secrets.

        • Joseph Slabaugh

          Ahh, but America is not China and Russia.

          • Morrison Braddock

            There are a number of American organizations fighting the against what the NSA is doing, including the EFF, that he could have securely given his stolen information to. He chose not to do that, and instead give those secrets to the Communists. For this reason alone is a traitor. Whether or not you like the contents of the secrets isn’t relevent.

    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      He needs to stay away, he’ll be either put in a super max jail or cloned and the original killed

      • noelle20102

        No our tyrannical fed govt wants this man dead for leaking what they’ve been doing

        • http://backseatpolitics.com/ Riley Peper

          I doubt they’ll kill him. The damage is all ready done, he can’t do much more, from their perspective. Plus, if they kill him he’ll be martyred.

          • kf

            Riley, Snowden will either die of natural causes or in a trumped up accident. Take a long, hard look at the body count in Obama’s and the Clinton’s wake. It is chilling and by no means by mere chance.

    • basho

      ‘This man needs to come back to America,’
      you’re joking, right? he wouldn’t last an hour in that police state of yours.

    • guest 1

      Others have been killed for seemingly less reason. He much smarter than to come back.

  • Brodie Costigan

    What video? talking ain’t linking.

  • BillyBob

    When was the last time you heard audio from someone the govt said was a criminal? It’s been over 10 years. There are many more stories it would have been nice to stop that train with over the last decade plus.

  • ************************

    I’m sure the KGB have his back covered 😉

  • luchia

    The video works fine for me.

  • principacia

    Every single reporter who is responsible should be fired. The future of our country is at stake. We cannot trust our leaders.

  • noelle20102

    ED SHOULD NOT SPEND A DAY IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mario

    I haven’t seen this interview in Canada either… hmmmm…. do you think that means our media is controlled here too?

    • Kyle

      Unless they poked out one of their 5 eyes, yes… They’re under the same thumb as the US…

  • J Martin Ward

    The interview is at http://mediathek.daserste.de/sendungen_a-z/3304234_ard-sondersendung/19295624_edward-snowden-interview-in-english?buchstabe=A, but it says on the Das Erste site that it cannot be served to you outside Germany for legal reasons – it is blocked to the UK also, and ARD seems to have issued a copyright takedown notice to Google. So there is no need in this case for you to be paranoid about the NSA/FBI/CIA or MSM.

    The video is available in full at http://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/edward-snowden-interview-blacked-out-by-msm/, or you could use a VPN with the tunnel coming up in Germany.

  • Kebmo57

    Tried to watch….no sound.

  • Joseph Slabaugh

    You can not watch it here via a US IP-address http://www.ardmediathek.de/das-erste/ard-sondersendung/edward-snowden-exklusiv-das-interview?documentId=19287388 – you can use Hola.org to get a German IP.

    • guest 1

      I tried watching it in German when the English translation wouldn’t load. It’s not available–must have been taken down.

      • Joseph Slabaugh

        Just download Hola.org on your Chrome, and you should be able to see the video above, on the Ben Swann site.

      • Joseph Slabaugh

        I never said it would translate.

  • Ken


  • Stephanie Snyder Staker

    Thank you for uploading this video. At least some Americans are being able to view it. the MSM is too afraid to let the truth out there. After all, on six (that is SIX) corporations own all media (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) and what that tells me is they are either the ones pulling the strings or part of the puppets. I don’t know enough to say.

  • snoopdaddy

    Let’s put the face on the truth , would it be safe to say that we as american expect the united states to do what they can to save lives ,let’s face it if people
    are doing things that are putting lives in danger well let’s find out before your
    love ones maybe killed,

    I trust the united states , we can’t be right all the time when it come to doing
    what we think is right , but let’s not have the GOVERNMENT take a chance on american lives because we are afraid because we are talking about what we are
    eating for dinner.

    • Greg sees

      You obedient little serf, how dare you preach the trading of liberty for safety. Americans have awakened and are demanding their liberty. Freedom is not synonymous with safety. Who can guarantee anyone’s safety, except God?

      • Highlander

        If he exists… Which he doesn’t… In that case, the only one capable of guaranteeing our own safety is ourselves and that is why we have the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

      • ThomasThePaine

        In my AR I trust. . .

    • Jorge Recarey

      @snoopdaddy:disqus “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security”. Benjamin Franklyn

      @greg_sees:disqus has it right, America is waking up!

    • FreedomFray

      Here’s a face on the truth…

      I fear the government, at all levels, far, far more than ANY terrorist, thug, crook, thief, rapist and/or murderer. At least with them I know my enemy and know how to defend myself and family. With the government, I have no way to protect myself so long as my fellow citizens continue to believe in “rule of man” vs “rule of law”.

      All we need to do is pull our Constitution back out of the crapper and let it do it’s thing.

      Snoopdaddy, it’s time for YOU to put on a truthful face and admit that either you need a refresher course on history and liberty – or that you’re a socialist/communist/statist/marxist/etc, etc.

      I sincerely hope it’s the former and not the latter…

      Come join the FreedomFray

    • basho

      you can’t be serious.

    • ThomasThePaine

      Precisely, in what alternate universe do your live? In ours, there no bigger enemy of the American People than Washington DC!

      May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . be there!

  • skywryter

    For me the most interesting statement he made involved the influence of profit driven companies, their lobbyists and their surrogates exerting undue influence over the government in their own interests, not for the public good. By saying this, however subtlety , he called America a corporate fascist state.

    • ThomasThePaine

      Duh: No law was ever passed in Washington DC that someone didn’t pay good money for it. . .

    • Morrison Braddock

      *that* was a revelation to you? Man. A little bit late to the party aren’t you?

  • iliad007

    People, wake up to the realization that the cabal runs this country and always will. Don’t buy into these lying ascended masters who have lied to us from day 1 and continue to be lying bastards.

  • Joe

    I show my kids a picture of Edward Snowden and explain to them “That’s what an American Hero looks like!”

    • Jorge Recarey

      Joe, I was orignally against what Snowden did, but I think I am starting to agree with you…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeany-Rush/1556700063 Jeany Rush

      Bull SHIT That is what a Traitor looks like – There are avenues but to but in harms way all of our folks in the fields and enable our enemies with stupidity is plain Wrong! THis was done with help of some spies too. Not one man alone. When your kids futures are in harms way, maybe you all wake up! He was and IS WRONG! Gammy Sparkles

      • ThomasThePaine

        I see you like to live in Police State. . . I bet you enjoy the gloved TSA hand up your @$$. . .
        I know, I know. . . We don’t need no steenkin’ rights, we just wannabe safe!

        • Jelks

          I’d say it’s more likely there’s no bigger enemy of the American people than the American people.

      • jake

        you obviously have no idea what the NSA or the CIA does do you? they are the traitors, not snowden.

      • white hat

        How sadly misinformed you are….there are thousands of us paid to do what he did as our living. By Uncle Sam….It takes little effort, and little time. Ever hear of Cyber Warfare?

      • Cecelia Smith

        what Americans did he harm? is he a threat to US or a threat to a corrupt Gov’t who doesn’t want brought to light things Snowden has? you are a good sheeple and im sure when that FEMA bus pulls up to deliver you to camp you’ll be singing with joy as you hop onboard

        • James Brown

          what Americans did he harm?
          As I’ve said previously, his spilling of the domestic spying beans was well and good, anyone working in the IC should have the guts to let us know when illegal operations against the people of the US are taking place.
          On the other hand, and one must consider this to comprehend the entire Snowden saga, he also harmed all Americans by revealing the sources and methods we use against foreign countries. Because of that we cannot keep tabs on them anymore until we develop new sources and methods and that might take years, and that harms all Americans because it takes away our ability to see when and how foreign countries are trying to do harm to US interests.
          Please don’t be self-righteous and claim that we should not be spying on all foreign governments, all governments spy on each other that is the way the game has always been played and some of Snowden’s revelations have handcuffed our ability to do that. And that is why no matter how much good he did, he is still a traitor in the eyes of the law.
          And please remember, in the intelligence world there are no coincidences, and thus, it is no coincidence that Snowden is now Putin’s “guest”.

          • TimAZ

            Snowden must have been speaking above your comprehension level. He told you and everyone that the govt’s. of the world are spying on each others citizens and exchanging that information with each other. The exception is that our govt. spies on its citizens because we lack laws that would sink teeth into the flesh of those that dared violate them. I mean to say that there are no consequences for violating the privacy and trust of American citizens as of yet. When the govt’s. of the world work in collusion to spy on their citizens instead of spying on each other for the purpose of guaranteeing safety from military threats from each other there is a serious evil at work here that is a danger to human kind.

      • Marcus

        Jeany (Rush-ed responses), it wouldn’t surprise me if you were NSA yourself, you skank. I assume you’re probably saying ‘I’m no skank’, I call you a skank because you call Edward Snowden an ‘IDIOT’ (which my dear, he is not)- a guy that was so smart he moved from special forces, to CIA, up to the NSA, all before he was 30… So if you can label him an idiot without taking that into account, I can label you a skank without taking anything into account (if we go by your logic, you must admit you are a total skank). The only idiotic thing he did (which he now sees) was believe the shit your country/government feed you by the bucket load (I bet you’re the kind that still think that men in caves flew an airliner into the twin towers too?!). Your kids are in harms way with your government (check the spraying of a whole town of American citizens, for 3 whole months with toxic chemicals in Minneapolis, focused on an elementary school in particular- that’s how safe your kids are with your own government). I think it’s time that YOU wake up and see what the rest of the world sees, do your own research and stop eating the crap spewing from the arse of your government. It’s you against the world Jeany, because your governments (over decades) have made most of the world hate America (which also endangers your fellow citizens worldwide, as they are tarnished with the same evil brush as your government operations- that’s before a single operative comes into the equation), and you are the only country in the world that doesn’t know that most of the world hate the American government and government mouthpieces like yourself (an IDIOT). Your government put your people in harms way, NOT Edward Snowden. Come back when you have a stronger argument, you SKANK!

      • plumplum

        I’ll make this short..
        You are ignorant of the facts around and philosophies of this amazingly brave man.

  • christoph

    Very sad but now americans see how little freedom they really have

  • dericali

    ‘Intentionally blocked’ yeah, because of copyright, not some sort of conspiratorial, political machination. Germany has very particular copyright laws. You can’t watch a Rihanna video in Germany on youtube even. Drop the persecutory vibe and focus on the facts.

    • Sherman Tork

      just watch lives of others, east germans lived with this for years.its just improved with technology.

    • C.S.Herrman

      This kind of comment straddles the line between simplistic and deceptive. Neocons should know better, but apparently choose not to. Here in particular is what is objectionable: Copyright is intended to nourish protectable interests, not quash elements of the public domain. News is public domain and in a democracy is intended to be sacrosanct for being the public’s means of holding power accountable.

      Germany’s print copyright, e.g. is the EU form, which is quite liberal even by traditional American standards. I know because I’ve been published by a German firm (though it turns out to be an author mill and their staff didn’t even know their own copyright law). The standard sources of constraint upon freedom of expression are from the government in claiming privilege via security, and various professions, claimimng a ‘little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ (and which is why Americans are abysmally ignorant of law, medicine, culture and more).

      The issue with governments, as all but the naively Polannish are well aware, is that power always tends to be overprotective, overcareful, over-thorough, over-driven, all of which results in — overkill. In short, secrecy well beyond what is reasonable, safe or intelligent. This is where whistleblowers step in, and where societies (public or private) hell-bent on power get touchy and disposed to retaliate, again with compensatory overkill. Snowden took more probably than he needed to make his case but left it to democratic journalists to asssess the legitimacy and suitability for dissemination (which as a profession they are in theory supposed to be able to do on our behalf — not saying they do so perfectly, of course).

      Government, in its position as a minder for public morals, likewise regulates non-news content. The U.S. government regulates dress codes and prurient language, for example, and the German government apparently regulates similar matters by their own interpretations and standards.

      These, dericali, are facts, not persecutory vibe. You act/speak as if neoconnish enough to hold capitalist doctrines (as enshrined in copyright law) as sacrosanct but not studied or astute enough to hold anything in proper context, another favorite ambit serving to deter truth and intelligence on the neocon radar and beyond.

      • guest 1

        Thanks for clarifying that so well.

      • dericali

        I was talking specifically about copyright for a video, which is very different to print… (duh) It would be fine to print a transcript of the video, or use some of the footage for media reporting. It is not however okay to show a video in the US if the media organisation that owns it doesn’t want it to be shown on (e.g.) non-German websites. If you’ve ever used youtube in Germany you’ll know what I mean – you can’t see a single video from the US because US companies refuse to let it be seen there, because (I think) Germany hasn’t ratified the payment scheme etc. So that’s my point about why the video has been taken down off youtube etc. Any video filmed by a german media organisation would be taken down, whether it’s a cooking show or a interview with Snowden. Hence, ‘persecutory’.

        • C.S.Herrman

          Ok, let’s get back to basics since you are talking way above your pay grade. First, no one was stupid enough to suggest that print is the same as video. You were, however, self-absorbed enough to assume that only you could state a truism. Well, here’s a truism for copyright law. ALL such laws, regardless the media (print, video, etc) have one thing in common that makes it all a matter of copyright: all are protectable legal interests. That is the gravamen, not whether you wish to make debate points by comparing media. The point is copyright, not the medium itself. Most all of the basis for a protectable copyright interest is economic: I have the right to protect what money I can make using print, video, etc. I mentioned the print medium because I have direct experience with it and to suggest that if print media in Germany be governed by EU legal standards, doubtless all other copyright law (video, etc) is likewise, and ergo, as with the print media, is likely fairly liberal. All of which is supposed to be fairly basic. Except to those talking above their pay grade.

          Now one thing you did mention which is very possibly correct, at least in part. Copyrighted material, to be used by others, requires permission, which usually comes with a price tag. Remember, this is economics. Thus either German or American firms might require conditions the other is not willing to abide, and so no communication is made. Note: that is not persecutory, it is just economics. I don’t say it’s especially liberal economics, but it assuredly is not “persecutory” as in what governments do when trampling rights, for instance.

          But again, the rub is the fact that the Snowden interview is hard to categorize as other than public domain, and it is difficult to believe that access by foreigners to that would be oppressively difficult or expensive. Those who manage, store and retrieve materials can charge for their services, of course. Thus for the interview to be banned means either that no attempt was made to make it otherwise available, or there was influence from higher-ups. If it was the former, it suggests the political leanings of corporate America or the influence of the government on their otherwise normal desire to obtain public domain material for dissemination (law aside, you can be sure Snowden intended his words to be common domain in principle, and without restrictions, and that normal corporations acting for audiences and profit would take reasonable measures to obtain such). If the latter, well, here we broach the persecutory territory.

          Now while I study legal theory, I am not versed in the arcana of EU law, nor of the intricacies of corporatations dealing with communicable material subject to copyright. But law, when not influenced otherwise from corporations via intimidation, money – or by governments wishing to twist law to serve their own agendas – has tended to follow custom, tradition and common sense. The bottom line remains as before. Most public fair is not copyrightable for content or viewing simply because common domain, though those expending resources to make such communications available may have a usufruct that, costing money, looks like copyright but is NOT properly so, rather is a norm of economics that can take the same effect as if it were copyright. And that would be validly considered both unethical and immoral – but hardly rising to the level of persecution.

          In sum, given the world-wide interest in Snowden’s remarks, it requires perfidy either on the part of corporate entities not favoring his message, or interference from one or more governments – perfidy and persecution both – to quash common domain communications.

          My personal leaning is that it was strictly a matter of the German and American governments acting concertedly and under guise of what could be taken as if copyright law as applied to truly protectable proprietary interests certain writing, music, etc). The German links were initially available, as with link via the Hew York Times, indicating that corporate policy was not likely to prevent dissemination, and thus the likely culprit was governmental.

          But in any case, saying that public debate is copyrightable, ergo not common domain, is quite a leap. If governments have allowed law to view matters as such, we are in worse trouble than even I imagined.

          • dericali

            You say: “Copyrighted material, to be used by others, requires permission, which usually comes with a price tag. Remember, this is economics” … but… fair use guidelines which dictate media reporting, mean that any media organisation can use sections of the interview if they wish to report on it as news. Or for the purposes of satire etc. They don’t need permission for this. Copyright is usually not a factor in media reporting, because of the public interest defence. What a media organisation can’t do is show the interview on their website in full.

          • dericali

            I think I replied to this a while ago but it got deleted. Summary: it’s called fair use, relevant for reporting and satire. reportage can make use of the video footage. they just can’t reproduce in full, or similarly

          • dericali

            “The German links were initially available, as with link via the Hew York Times, indicating that corporate policy was not likely to prevent dissemination, and thus the likely culprit was governmental.” Or, it just took some time for the owners to see the links, and ask google to remove them. There is nothing mysterious about how copyright works, in the case of media companies who produce videos and then license them (while of course media companies can still reproduce sections under fair usage).

    • scottstreets


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeany-Rush/1556700063 Jeany Rush

    BULL BULL BULL CRAP THis man is a traitor and criminal. Even if he had any cases, he did not NOT do this alone, without spy help. And he has put into harms way operatives worldwide – who give up their lives to protect us and our freedom every day. This IS just So Wrong to keep making heroes of IDIOTS! THere are other ways, but this was dangerous, and wrong for many nations. I am against him and believe it is in need of Prosecution!!!!!! Gammy Sparkles

    • Mike Stachewicz

      It seems you may be more comfortable living in North Korea

    • InfowarsSheeple

      I bet you’ll cry the day Obama leaves office just like when the North Koreans cried with Kim Jung IL died.

    • TakeItUpYourRear

      Jeany Rush to the Airport for a good TSA Raping! You apparently enjoy Gagging on Government Kok!

    • Grant Pearson

      Dude’s a hero so far as I’m concerned…. I’ve been to Afghanistan twice, worked with Secret networks, government agencies, and seen how this stuff works (I even worked with a couple folks from Booze Allen) – given all of that experience, Snowden’s story and revelations COMPLETELY stack up.

    • inspiredbyloveforhumanity

      spare us from giving up your lives to protect us and our freedom every day. They`ve programmed you well…congratulation ! But now is a perfect time to wake up from the slumber, dear Jeany Rush.Stop being an idiot puppet. Follow the brave and courageous example of Edward Snowden ! Expose the wrongdoings of those who we supposed to trust.

    • plumplum

      Who has been identified?? Shrill shilling troll.

    • KenLayIsAlive.org

      “spy help!”

    • mackelby

      Then you are a worse traitor and crinimal. You are definelty an anti freedom freak of nature.

  • ThomasThePaine

    Snowden 2016

    May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . Be there!

  • ThomasThePaine

    This is a very enlightening Blog: I learned that the neocons are just as delusional as the libtards. . .

  • typodrive

    Just as I suspected, he says that these people are collecting economic data. They are monitoring corporate secrets that can be valuable. Do you not think they are watching Wall Street too? Who is watching the watchers? What would
    Gordon Gecko do with this data? Think about it. This may be what all of this is really about.

  • James Brown

    If he had kept his revelations to, and only to those things that are unconstitutional and/or against American law, such as the domestic spying on all citizens, then he would have remained a whistle blower and a hero. But the problem is that he blew the cover on international spying and gave away sources and methods that allowed the US to keep tabs on foreigners and foreign governments which is exactly what the NSA is supposed to do. In one respect he is a hero for disclosing the domestic spying but on the other hand he is a traitor for exposing our sources and methods against other countries.

    • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

      Wow, you’re such a man of conviction.

      • James Brown

        I suspect you’re being sarcastic. But yes I am a man of conviction. My conviction is with the Constitution. So long as any of our security agencies stay within the bounds of the law and the Constitution. Had Snowden’s revelations stuck to those things done that are illegal and Unconstitutional then I would be hailing him as a whistleblower and a hero unconditionally. Unfortunately he overstepped the bounds of what a whistleblower is. I don’t see where you have a problem with what I said.

        • williamdiamon

          You are right, the NSA has engaged in both Constitutional and un-Constitutional operations.
          I’m going to consider Snowden a Hero though as all intelligence agencies operate in similar ways an do the same things. Other nations expect this as they do it too. Even I know they do it, and I’ve never been a spy.
          It is the NSA’s illegal actions Snowden exposed that are the issue.
          Snowden’s revelations of NSA’s legal operations should be common knowledge anyway, to a educated and informed public, after all it is their only legitimate purpose for being.

          • James Brown

            If you want an effective NSA/IC then you simply cannot make all the legal things they do public knowledge. If you do you’re giving up sources and methods which allows the enemy to counter those things. While all sides know they all spy on each other the various sides don’t always know the exact methods or whom are the moles. If we make these things public because they’re legal it allows the other side to either feed false info or to end our ability to spy on them. Some things have to be kept secret; how or by whom we get our intel info must be kept secret, if it is not then there is no reason to even have an IC to keep tabs on our enemies, adversaries and yes even our allies. With all due respect williamdiamon, your view on intelligence operations seems naïve and way to idealistic in terms of how the real world operates.

          • williamdiamon

            Do you think my view “naïve”? I have known of the NSA’s legal operations for decades. I’ve known that my overseas phone calls have been recorded and checked for flag words. All you have to do is read and connect the dots. This operation is as you’ve mentioned, their legal mission to review overseas communication, so I’ve never thought it an issue.
            But I wouldn’t have known of their illegal spying on domestic calls had it not been for Snowden and his willingness to sacrifice his career to get us this knowledge.
            Snowden has not revealed names or other information that could bring harm to others.
            So, other spies know of our methods, but the common man is safer if we don’t?
            Sorry, I refuse to play stupid. Spies are spies, big deal. Your invisible cloak of secrecy does not impress me. The emperor has no clothes.
            Neither does it make us safer, show ONE instance of the NSA contributing to the defeating of a terrorist attack, you can start with September 11th 2001.

          • James Brown

            Your post proves my point about your naiveté. You ask for one instance of the NSA helping to defeat terrorists. This is what I’m saying about your naiveté. We rarely hear about the intelligence victories because to trumpet those would allow the enemy to figure out how they were defeated. I will give you two historical examples from WWII about how SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), which is what the NSA does, helped us win against Germany and Japan.
            One; D-Day was successful because of Operation Bodyguard. Operation Bodyguard’s main component was called Double Cross and it’s main function was to send false and misleading info to the Germans. Then, because the German enigma codes had been broken, the Allies could listen in near real time as to whether their deception operations were working and it also allowed the Allies to be able to influence German troop movements in such a way that Hitler would not allow his Panzer Divisions to leave the Pas-de-Calais area where Double Cross had convinced him the real D-Day attack was going to come.
            Two; Because the Navy had broken the Japanese JN-25 code it was possible to read Japanese radio traffic. The Navy SIGINT people intercepted a signal that let us know that Adm. Yamamoto was going to make an inspection tour of front line Japanese bases. This information allowed the Navy to mount an attack and kill him thus eliminating the Japanese’s most effective naval strategist.
            You claimed earlier that you had no experience with Intel operations and spy operations and yet you then go on to claim you’ve know about all of this for decades, right. I worked as a contractor for the Navy for many years and part of the time I worked with the NSGA (Google them) they call themselves the “spooks of the electromagnetic spectrum”. I was working with them aboard the USS Kitty Hawk when the NYTimes broke the story that we were tracking bin-Laden and other terrorists by their satellite phone signatures and guess what? Within hours of that story being published, no more satellite phones came up to track and bin-Laden and others escaped. SIGINT played a huge role in tracking and capturing Khalid sheik Muhammad just for one example of a 9-11 terrorist, in fact the master mind of 9-11 being captured. You know nothing about these? Did you know that the NSA and CIA tracked two of the 9-11 hijackers into NY just weeks before the actual attack, one was Atta, can’t remember the other. But because of the “Wall Memo” written by Jamie Gorelick and approved by Janet Reno the CIA and NSA were not allowed to tell the FBI about them to keep up the tracking within the US? This was known as not connecting the dots. If you had read the 9-11 Commission Report you would know this. It was the best chance we had to stop 9-11 and it was wasted because of a memo written and approved by the Clinton Administration.
            Because you have no real knowledge or experience with this kind of stuff, and have only read newspaper articles and novels about it, you know nothing real about what goes on. You have no idea what has not yet been reported about Snowden’s leaks thus you have no idea if he leaked anything that has, or might get some people killed or give away a good method of intel collection. None of us on the outside know anything about that so to make claims that you know what Snowden leaked is naïve at best, all any of us on the outside know is what has been reported, and as the old saying goes, you can print volumes about what isn’t reported.

          • williamdiamon

            And your post proves mine. You claim the agency is extremely useful and effective, that the only reason it fails is because people know of it’s existence. My point is that it did not stop 9/11. Did it. Not much there to defend, is there.
            I read, I think about what I read, I talk to people. We knew. Big deal.
            Anyone could have figured it out by reading science and technology industry periodicals. Combined with curiosity and a healthy distrust of authority.
            The WW2 history is common knowledge.

    • ChangeNow4aa

      Oh don’t tell the truth my brother… they can’t handle that!

  • InfowarsSheeple

    The title to this article is VERY inaccurate. The NEW YORK TIMES, have three minutes of the interview and share the link to watch the full interview. Total fail on your end Benswann. Nice try with your exclusiveness.

    • Laura from SC

      Have you tried watching the full interview at that link? It doesn’t work. If you translate some of the comments at that link (in German) you will read where others have also commented that the link doesn’t work.

  • dan

    just say ‘no’ to kangaroo courts from lawless administrations and governments

  • Monsieur D’Artagnan

    What is most revealing is that the US has not denied any of the released intel. They have only tried to threaten,defame,boycott,blackball,ignore the source (s). Notice the conspiratorial media blackout on almost everything Snowden. They obviously cannot hide the fact that they control the major media worldwide. They know the data is the truth and what they really want to do is stop the criminal ugly facts from being revealed. They know they are guilty of constitutional, international and numerous crimes against humanity. The only ones that are endangered by the leaks are the political and agency criminals who are trying to hide behind the flag. Eventually more big name individuals will be outed publicly when the time is right. Clapper is already guilty of lying to Congress on video.

    • battlepriest

      The “released intel” is hardly worth losing sleep over. The only people who should be fearful are those who intend harm to the United States – including most of the people posting to this board, apparently.

      • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

        Bite me.

  • Nomad1982

    Democracy? Freedom of speech? Bullshit! The US government is acting very China like here. The fact that information is getting blocked or taken off the web is ludicrous. All information should be available for the public to make informed decisions and act as sheep.

    • Nomad1982

      *not act as sheep

  • plumplum

    There is no threat to the security of the US or anybody, except those, brave souls such as Assange, Snowden and Manning, who upset and embarrass the elites presently in power, shining a light on their breathtaking duplicity, greed and evil.

  • Santa Cruz

    Nowhere to hide NSA or corrupt gov. officials!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • ChangeNow4aa

    Snowden will be assassinated. Personally, I don’t trust his motives because I’m very much aware of the hatred exhibited towards our President and the reasons behind the hatred. I know also that my comments will be resented for the same reason but I speak anyway. In my opinion, Snowden is quite stupid and naive. If he had something to tell us that we didn’t know already, there are ways to go about it without looking like a complete idiot and hiding like a common thief. Which is what he is. He’s not embarrassing the president of the united states. He’s a puppet before the world portraying a brainwashed clueless citizen who thinks the government is behind the surveillance schemes. He needs to pull back the curtains and see the REAL “OZ!”

    • pnoldguy

      I believe you’re a racist!

      • Rob Genaa

        I believe water is wet but that would be stated as an opinion when the FACT is that water is wet and ChangeNow4aa IS a racist.

    • guest 1

      Who is brainwashed, stupid and naive?

    • mackelby

      Move to China where you belong you freedom hating nazi freak.

    • Huey Freeman

      Please go back to sleep. You have nothing of value to say.

    • TruthBeTold

      So you think Snowden is a complete idiot who is forced into hiding because he’s a common thief. And you think that President Obama and the current administration are honest, righteous, and brave? Really? Have you ever done even the slightest amount of research into how many ways the government has designed to keep the vast majority of us in financial shackles for the duration of our lives. Maybe before you praise Obama as your personal savior and messiah, you should investigate exactly why he was uncontested as a Chicago Senator in the first place, and why his opponent suddenly withdrew for no apparent reason. Very interesting, but I’m sure someone as highly educated as yourself has already researched this information. And what about the Federal Reserve or the IRS? Do you have any idea how unconstitutional either of the corrupt organizations are? Did you know that the Federal Reserve allows you to borrow more money than it prints? Do you have any idea what the implications of that are? Have you ever wondered why banks, and the people behind them now own most of our wealth? If you had have a brain you would have voted for Ron Paul. Oh wait, that’s right, he’s just another old white guy keeping the man down. What could he possibly know. (UNLESS OF COURSE YOU DID YOUR OWN RESEARCH)
      You’re a complete idiot. Why don’t you do some research before you post your opinion. Oh wait a second, I already know the answer to that. You’re the same group of folk who voted a one term uncontested senator with a shady background and communist and racist affiliations in Chicago into the highest office in our country, just because you were so desperate to see the first black president. Before you call somebody a terrorist and and idiot, why don’t you take an honest look in the mirror and examine your own intentions. Wait, you can’t do that because you have too much “attitude” to dig that deep.

    • bobby


    • Scott Sourile

      Not sure I agree… at all… but I like the outside thinking… Its certainly different.

    • raveur

      An idiot is someone who thinks this is all about Snowden vs. Obama.

      • ChangeNow4aa

        An idiot is someone like YOU who can’t handle any thinking that does not go along with your dumb groups way of thinking. Just look at the replies to my comments…bunch of cry babies. You people want to talk about Dennis Rodman for going to N.Korea but this G.D. Snowden, who’s a traitor you want to hold up as some kind of freaking hero…you people all need lobotomies!

        • Hammerstrike

          Yep, those who dare questions the police states can only be dumb, racists and traitors.

          Enjoy the collapse!

        • Rob Genaa

          Obama already gave you a lobotomy, and your display it with pride.

        • Blahze

          You are an idiot… You are a troll, and I hope anyone responding to your comments aren’t foolish enough to believe to believe you are actually black and therefore are a representation of the collective opinion of blacks.

          Snowden is informing U.S. citizens of illegal activity going…. You know what? Screw it, I don’t feel like getting on my soapbox today.

    • bigmatt1976

      Youre racist for saying snowden is racist, racist.

    • bigmatt1976

      Ur a moron.

      • ChangeNow4aa

        You are dumber than a rock!

        • Rob Genaa

          You’re not intelligent enough to evaluate the intelligence of a rock, so your comment has no merit.

    • bigmatt1976

      Racists love claiming others racist to thwrart their obvious racism.

    • bigmatt1976

      Hope and change..lol . the real “OZ” lol..

    • Anne

      Why would anyone hate the president? He does so much for America and the world, doesn’t he? Whomever Snowden might be a puppet for are the same corporations taking your tax dollars by the grace of our government. Your tax dollars unless you’re on welfare and exempt from mandatory obamacare… Who do you believe is the REAL “OZ??” Why can’t the president stop the surveillance schemes? He’s either allowing them or he isn’t? You display so much devotion and loyalty to your president. I hope he never disappoints you.

      • ChangeNow4aa

        Obama has actually done more for more Americans than white people want to acknowledge. Funny though, that more of you enrolled than any other group so far. As taxes go, the IRS and the Fake A$$ Federal Reserve were ln place long before Obama was born. And if you don’t know who the “Real OZ” is, you are in more trouble than you know.

        • Rob Genaa

          Always with the “done more for America, blah, blah, blah” but no examples, EVER!

          Let’s hear some examples of the wonderful things this narcissist has done for the American people. I’ll be listening to the crickets chirp now.

    • Rob Genaa

      Do you have a mouse in your pocket when you say “our President”? He is the president of the corporation listed in USC Title 18: “UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL CORPORATION”. Irrefutable FACT! You may want that dirty puppet as your president but he isn’t the president of the American people. Does his skin color have anything to do with your blind, unquestioning obedience ?

  • battlepriest

    The reason the media didn’t cover this interview is that there is nothing worth hearing in it. He says nothing that we haven’t heard already.
    Another point – he mentions Clapper lying in answer to the question “Why did you do it? [reveal details of the NSA program] – but this event did not occur until after Snowden had already fled to the welcoming arms of Vladimir Putin. It doesn’t answer the question why he betrayed his nation.
    Actually I know why he betrayed his nation – he is a profoundly narcissistic individual whose only real interest is Edward Snowden.

    • raveur

      Wrong. Half the country considers Snowden a hero and would love to hear him talk. Compare to the interviews of Amanda Knox you hear about on CNN.

      • ChangeNow4aa

        Yeah…the same half that voted for Mitt Romney?

        • Rob Genaa

          And the same as the 10% of those that voted for Obamalini only because he is allegedly black, the definition of racism.

        • darthangel

          You seriously think Mitt Romney voters like Snowden? I must have misunderstood your post. Nobody could be that out to lunch.

    • John

      Snowden betrayed orders and that were in effect illegal, in that he was part of a government agency that was actively and willfully violating our Constitutional rights. How is that different from a soldier not following illegal orders? I’d say his actions were heroic because he lost his livelyhood and is now forced to hide out in Russia, so to call him narcissistic is silly. His life he basically sacrificed to get the truth out. What do you call that? I’d call it pretty damn heroic.

    • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

      Before there was a “U.S.” there was an “A”.

      Snowden betrayed a legal fiction we call the US Government.

      The American nation — the People, my ancestors of July 4th 1776?

      Snowden did the Lord’s work for America.

      And you sir are a damned fool for confusing the USG with the USA and America herself.

    • bigmatt1976

      Putin or obama? .. hmmmm thats a toss-up

    • Elvis of Dallas Dot Com

      incorrect, Clapper testified in March of 2013. The leaks began in June.

      Calendars are hard, huh?

    • Rob Genaa

      Betraying the corporation listed in USC Title 28, ch 6, 3002 15 a: “UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL CORPORATION” is NOT his or my “nation”, it may be your god but not mine!

      The United States is them, NOT we or us! Think for yourself!

  • battlepriest

    Snowden is nothing more nor less than a gigantic narcissistic douche, and the people who worship him are fools or traitors or both.

    • CaptainUSA

      ok. And so are those that Hate him. What part of the 4th amendment did you hate the most?

      • Robo

        If you hadn’t heard it on the news you wouldn’t even have known which of the amendments it violated. Stop being pretentious.

        • John

          So if were not aware of the crime then it didn’t occur? Nice logic there!

    • Evone

      Seriously what were you all doing when you were 30. I see battle priest below spouting his critical nonsense what have you done to help save the People of the United States Priest? Just wondering my friend. Speak Up we would all like to heat what wondrous thing you have been doing to help stop the total destruction of the world as we know it. Hello I can’t quite hear you, Hello are you still there Priest? At least Snowden gave it a shot and in my opinion which I am sure counts just as much as your you know that old saying about Opinions and A@@ H%$#s, everyone has one. So lets just leave it at that.

    • bigmatt1976

      Battle priest. .. lololol we are all laughing at yoU

    • ChangeNow4aa

      I’m not laughing at you @battlepriest. I quite agree. Best post in regards to that traitor I’ve seen yet!

    • Hammerstrike

      If he was such a giant narcissitic douche, you would have voted for him at least twice!

    • Rob Genaa

      And you’re a gigantic COPSUCKER for the totalitarian state. Proof? That you give NO proof to support your baseless claims, just sour grapes for anyone attacking your fascist government.

    • gzeena

      That’s quite the baseless and silly statement there.

      One thing I’ve noticed for years is that liberals love to go off liberal media script and overuse the word “douche” or “douche bag”. It was funny the first time I heard it in insult.

  • Scott Sourile

    I don’t see any citations of the alleged “blackout” for this news media. I could see the possibility, but to believe it blocked from YouTube… idk about that. Where is your source for that?

    • raveur

      I follow the news religiously and the only mention I saw of this very newsworthy interview were on LiveLeak and Hacker News. That’s a media blackout in my book

    • Frankazin

      Post it yourself and see what happens. Then give us a report, be it yea or nay……………..I am all thumbs and brain-dead with computers or I would do it myself……………..frankazin

    • azjen

      Scott here is a link that says that Snowden’s You Tube was blocked by the media. http://www.tweaktown.com/news/35179/edward-snowden-video-interview-removed-from-youtube/index.html

      • anastasia157

        How come the interview can be found in 100 different places on the internet. Sounds like he’s getting help getting it coverage?

    • Steve

      There is a big difference between info being searchable on the Internet and blacked out on TV.

      STILL almost everyone gets their news from the TV. If it’s not on TV, it’s a blackout.

  • treehouse

    From personal experience I can tell you with all honesty that they will try to take everything you own and are if you should try to upset the apple cart.

  • stephencarter

    The interview, the 30-minute version, is now available here:
    Plus there’s a transcript of same. The US media is utterly depraved in its sycophantic sucking up to the Dems and Obama.

  • VaBeachVa2010

    Thanks Edward Snowden… keep safe my friend!

  • http://www.stopthepirates.blogspot.com/ Jeff Anderson
  • ANNE

    Why leave this as a responsibility for journalist to distribute? Isn’t it time to stop controlling the public? Freedom Information Act should be for all the people.

  • Azsteve53

    Is Snowden a hero, a traitor, a villain or some combination of all?

    In past years I would have instantly jumped to calling him a traitor because my government and the MSM say so.

    Now with the MSM completely in bed with the fascist elements of the corporate government, crony capitalist alliance, and this administration being the most corrupt this country has ever seen, I have to give Snowden his due and the benefit of the doubt.

    • anastasia157

      He’s a minion, well paid

      • Rob Genaa

        Empty rhetoric with no substance. You just like seeing your own cynical words.

        • anastasia157

          What don’t you go and watch some more television

          • Rob Genaa

            Another typical liberal non-response response. Liberals NEVER argue with facts and support, they just make personal attacks.

            Haven’t engaged in your obviously favorite activity, TV, in many years.

            Did you get that rectal decraniotomy you desperately need yet ?

          • trannyoakley

            Leave the label “liberal” out of this. While you’re at it, do away with the “conservative” label as well. You know goddamned well that both groups are equally capable of ad hominem attacks. Redirect your righteous indignation away from such things, and put it where it belongs.

          • Rob Genaa

            Hostile much? Liberals do it much more than others but I never said anything about your conservatives. At least conservatives will usually attempt to defend their positions with some logic. Liberals never do because they don’t know what logic is, emotions are their exclusive realm.

            You can put your attack where it belongs.

          • Tom B

            Just call a liberal what they are.COMMUNIST!

  • anastasia157


  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Lets face it, Edward Snowden has changed the entire dynamic in this country, and indeed the world, on how we as an FREE country view the President, his power, and the military industrial complex as a whole, the capabilities of the nations security in spying, not just upon our no so friendly allies, and our allies, he has changed the debate on civil liberties form the way we might use our credit cards to gun control and the second amendment, for all intensive purpose, he has pulled back the curtain and revealed the great and powerful Oz, and for that, it is little wonder that the leadership of these government agencies, want a bullet in his head, or to perhaps die in the shower, these are men who’s roots are in the cold war, they are relics of the cold war, and would be happy to see the cold war come back, happy to end the internet as we now know it, the dialog of free expression, free thinking, and civil liberties, are by far the biggest threat to them, Edward Snowden is a hero for preserving for our ability to do so, make no mistake about it, without his whistleblowing this dialog would not be happening, furthermore, one just has to look at what it is happening in Russia currently, to realize that it is not just our leadership, who are “Cold War Relics” the actions of Putin have shown that he too is as much of the problem, and as much of a cold war relic as this current administration is, and now there are whispers of the missing Malaysian Airliner possibility of a missile attack from China, as I mentioned before the powers that be would be happy to see the cold war in full swing again, I think we as a species, need to watch closely at the actions of the leaderships of the worlds super powers, in order to keep that cold war in check, the button that is out there that could end all life on earth is still out there, and finger that could push it still exists, open dialog, open conversations, open minds, and a thoughtful actions of a free people may be the only way of keeping that button from being pushed, and let’s start by get Edward Snowden home not as a traitor, like our cold war relic would want, rather as a hero like he deserves.

  • Jock Doubleday

    with Lakota music – “A New Declaration of Independence”

  • dresslerus

    Thank you snowden

  • CDN

    I started out thinking of Snowden as a traitor. The more I’ve learned, the less I feel that way. I now feel that he’s driven by conscience and the belief that he’s doing the right thing.

    • http://help-matrix.ning.com/ Peter S Lopez

      #Snowden is a rare humane being, a true patriot who sacrificed much to tell us the blessed truth! @Peta_de_Aztlan

    • CCCrazyPanda

      The mere fact that the US government – a supposed bastion of freedom of speech and information, is trying to suppress this interview, is proof enough who the real bad guys are. What’s the difference between the US and North Korea? We have money.

      • Cocheta

        …and we have more light bulbs than they do.

        • Chris Bessemer

          Same amount of light bulbs, just more reliable power plants.

  • http://help-matrix.ning.com/ Peter S Lopez

    Media Blacks Out New #Snowden Interview The Government Doesn’t Want You to See @SirMetropolis http://truthinmedia.com/media-blacks-out-new-snowden-interview-the-government-doesnt-want-you-to-see/

  • Greg Straw

    NO this is an old interview, it was NOT done last Sunday….WTF

  • oregon_man

    Nothing can get page hits like a bogus headline. Snowden is a traitor and whoever wrote this article is a professional deceiver.

    • Banjo

      Traitor to who?

  • fatwillie

    I am not sure what he is, I lean towards his being a pawn of his own choice, but does not matter, what I do know is anyone that would trust anything the people in office or working for most depts.of the us govt would do or say, must be blind, deaf and dumb. From the white house through the house, the senate, the supreme court, the alphabet soup of CIA FBI NSA etc. they are all traitors and want people to believe that the real patriots of not only the Lord God almighty are evil but the people that love the Republic are as well. Piss on anyone that would call me or my kind evil and or traitors to the Lord or the Republic,

  • newsbubba

    Well, blow my dress up!! Someone else on this planet with an ego as big and overblown as Obama!