TUCSON – News 4 is reporting that a Mexican military chopper crossed the United States border and opened fire on US Border Patrol agents.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning, west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’Odham Nation. There are no reports of injuries or deaths at this time.

Two statements have been released:

Art del Cueto, Border Patrol Tucson Sector union president:

The incident occurred after midnight and before 6 a.m. Helicopter flew into the U.S. and fired on two U.S. Border Patrol agents. The incident occurred west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation. The agents were unharmed. The helicopter went back into Mexico. Mexico then contacted U.S. authorities and apologized for the incident.

Andy Adame, U.S. Border Patrol Spokesperson:

Early this morning, a Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed approximately 100 yards north into Arizona nearly 8 miles southwest of the Village of San Miguel on the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation while on a drug interdiction operation near the border. Two shots were fired from the helicopter but no injuries or damage to US property were reported. The incident is currently under investigation.

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  • eric

    One does not simply apologize for firing on the US. (Unless you’re Israel)

    Lets see how this works out.

    • Miguel Martinez

      They where fire upon by the weapon the U.S purposely gave the Mexican Cartel without the Mexican government approval or knowledge. AKA Fast and Furious.

    • livefree1200cc

      Israhell never apologized for the USS LIberty

  • SovereignMary

    Mexico delivered an apology … so, what’s their excuse and explanation????

  • LibertarianTexan

    Do we ever apologize to them for doing the same?

    • J.I. Keller


      Back in 2006 a border patrol officer from your country shot and killed a teenager boy from mine, across the river, on duty and apparently just for shits and giggles. The aftermath? No apology from the officer or the U.S. government, no prosecution, no mass media coverage, no nothing. Your whitetrash piece of shit officer simply walked away, and a mexican family lost their teenage son.

      I’m glad that the incident related to this news didn’t produce any casualties though, even if it involved white trash getting fired upon; I don’t consider the military in my country to be that well prepared and a ‘mistake’ like this is certainly possible, but that’s opinion based. I don’t dislike Americans either, and it would be stupid for both our countries to stop shooting at each other. But I can already see America’s reaction to this and it’s nothing short of hypocrisy; I don’t condone the killing of either of us, mexicans or americans, but don’t cry wolf when you yourselves act like wolves.

      • LibertarianTexan

        “even if it involved white trash getting fired upon”

        Um, care to back up that description with some evidence?

        “but don’t cry wolf when you yourselves act like wolves”

        You are literally responding to a post critical of our own government. Get some awareness and redirect your ire to deserving parties.

        • Waylon Campbell

          Just keep all the Mexican trash crossing the border in Mexico then no problems.

          • LibertarianTexan

            Wow, that’s so libertarian of you.

      • Jared

        I think you could’ve said that all the same without the “white trash” comments. For all you know the border patrol agents were Indonesian Americans or something; we’re quite the diverse society.

        • J.I. Keller

          You are right. I apologize for my misguided generalization.

        • livefree1200cc

          that and just because one is white doesn’t make him trash

      • Brian Nighswonger

        You are a racist

      • lepooner38

        wasn’t this innocent child (and several dozen others) attacking the agents with rocks and other materials for doing their jobs?

  • Engineered Reality

    Now there’s a war that the US needs to get involved in. We’ve spent years getting involved in unneeded Mideast wars when the one we should be fighting in is at our doorstep.

    • Martin_Alexander

      hahaha you funny man!
      you funny!


  • Jeffrey Scouler

    time to violently close and protect our borders
    i am al for people wanting a better life but we need to protect ourselves against a domestic war

    • LibertarianTexan

      Nothing says “free market” like violently closed borders!

      • orgelkraft

        Closed borders can be used to keep people IN, not just out… I used to eat lunch in Windsor Canada all the time years ago, you just drove across the bridge. Nothing has changed with our relationship with Canada. Needing a passport just to cross a bridge and eat lunch is insane. Those blasted terrorist have stolen our freedom and WE did it to ourselves! THEY WON!

  • Danny Collins

    its a pity we do not patrol the same way,if we are lucky
    maybe Nancy P will cross over when she greets illegals
    at the border

  • Rufus

    I’ll say it….Ron Paul was right

  • billpayor

    Smoke and mirrors, what was happening on the ground that the Mexicans didn’t want the Border Patrol to see??

  • tmagk

    Hmmm isn’t that considered an act of war?

    • http://swiftfoxmark2.blogspot.com/ Mark Fox

      Yes. But since Congress doesn’t declare war anymore, it’s swept under the rug.

      • livefree1200cc

        true but I hardly think two shots that missed is worth going to war over and spending a Trillion dollars in the process

        • http://swiftfoxmark2.blogspot.com/ Mark Fox

          Well, Mexico doesn’t really have anything that any major corporation wants or doesn’t already have, so there will be no war.

    • livefree1200cc

      maybe if it had been happening all the time and we already had a rotten relationship with Mexico. American companies have many factories in Mexico and the economies are very intertwined. Its going to take more than a few warning shots from a couple idiots in a helicopter to provoke a war with Mexico

  • Candice Harris

    Obama’s buddies. Shooting at the US.

  • Kim

    Nice response to Obama’s restriction on use of force by BP. I say have our military blow their asses away and we will show up with the bulldozers to clean up the mess. Enough is enough.

    • RobertB

      sign up and go 1st

      • John

        Show me where to sign up asshat…

        • anon

          and it’s people like kim and john that explain why we are so easily able to go in and blow up families in other countries

          • Firecat

            Yes Anon.

            If America declares on Mexico, other countries will join in. I’m hoping that Canada will NOT be on Americas side – otherwise we’ll be having a civil-war next after America.

          • livefree1200cc

            The last thing that will ever happen is the US declaring war on Mexico – the elite doesn’t want the border sealed and a war would screw that up

          • CromCrom

            Strange how people are always quick to suggest war when they themselves haven’t served a day in their lives, huh? Welcome to Imperial America.

          • mrmolotov1

            Been there done that. Wait till your own government declares martial law and then we will see who suggest war! I hope you have at least a knife (since you dont seem very bright cromcrom) to protect yourself. No you cant borrow my gun(s)!

          • Americantrek09

            eat shiiiit and die you fukkkin bleeding heart liberal,brain dead minion.

        • RobertB

          If you need someone to show you I don’t think you will do us much good

    • Americantrek09

      i love you kim !

      • Americantrek09

        I would volunteer 2 weeks at a time every year to guard a section of the border since our fukkkked up gov’t won’t do their job protecting the border….Lock and load…..you will not see me coming !

  • glockstr

    But they said they were sorry, lol.

  • olbiketech

    States in he article it was a night ops drug interdiction mission. Could have simply been a friendly fire mistake as those do happen.

  • raythemixer

    Is this not an act of war?

  • der dur

    people who are commenting about this being an act of war clearly havent read the article
    two shots were fired 100 ft north of the border with no injuries and a high likelihood of it being related to a drug operation they were performing
    does sound like an act of war

    • larrybud

      So what? They crossed the border and fired rounds. They have no jurisdiction here.

    • Howard Treesong

      It is hostilities against a sovereign nation without provocation. You darn tootin’ that’s an act of war. Suppose the Mexicans got lucky and hit and killed those two police officers. Now you have dead people.

      Wars start that way. The first world war got started by the assassination of one man.

      You darn right it’s an act of war. The US should call the Mexican ambassador and tell him that if Mexico wants to start a shooting war it can get one real fast.

      • Just me

        do you believe that Mexico did that for no reason. It was clear a move of a drug cartel to move attention. really think about it, why attack the most powerful country in the world for no reason.

        • Martin_Alexander

          Most powerful country in the world?
          China had no part in this whatsoever….

          • Brian C

            Good thing China’s military power in no way compares to the United State’s, right? Having a lot of people doesn’t win you a war these days. Technology and the ability to destroy territory and people at a fast rate does. The USA has all of that. We are, without a doubt, the most powerful military force in the world. If anyone would ever come close, it would be Japan with their kawaii bullshit invading our country. 😛

      • orgelkraft

        Remember 911… 15 Saudi Arabians, lead by Saudi Arabian Osama Bin Laden, flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon… then we invaded Iraq… If recent history is any indication, we may declare war on Egypt over this!

      • KEVIN PAGE

        If we flew into Mexican air space and fired on them it would be an international incident!! As Hilary would say WHATS THE DIFFERANCE? We should have shot it down!!!!!!!

    • TrendyT

      They know Obama nor the Congress would ever commit to a war even if a hundred Border Patrol Agents were murdered. Heck, Holder murdered a Border Patrol Agent by giving the cartel guns and he is still Attorney General.

    • Americantrek09

      you are a fukkkkin idiot…….let me pop off a couple of rounds in your general direction and see if you like it, even if they don’t pierce your skull, you fukkktard !

      • livefree1200cc

        God you are a pathetic idiot troll

  • david garcia

    at least they had the balls to apoligize not like the military killing friendly and stating they died in war or giving no explination to what happened.

    • livefree1200cc

      not like the time Israhell opened fire on the USS Liberty and never apologized or even owned up to it – the media covered it up as much as possible

  • eddie

    Mexico would never declare war on USA or really any country in the foreseeable future. Their economy cannot afford a war outside the domestic drug war which this incident was clearly a result of. Seeing as how 2 border patrol agents were shot at it is also quite possible this was a helicopter controlled by the cartel.

    • Americantrek09

      obama had them do this……..commie fukkkker needs more chaos to declare marshal law!

    • http://www.pixelgeddon.com/ Shane Stevens

      America’s economy is shot and yet the President continues to engage us in endless conflicts, so don’t be so sure.

    • orgelkraft

      Mexico should apply for US statehood, That would take care of our illegal alien problems once and for all. Just think of all the beach property we would gain down there. Maybe we could offer free re-location to Detroit! LOL Mexico the 51st state… has a ring to it…

      • Daniel Schultz

        Detroit should be the 51st state…

        And please don’t add any more idiots to Detroit. It’s full. If you don’t believe me, visit it sometime.

  • Buck Torre

    f**k that country up one giant parking lot coming up oh and hey no more immigrant problem either win win

  • Terry

    Mexico is who we should declare war on. They have been invading us for many years and we are off trying to protect terrorist and their borders and they could care less about us.

    • livefree1200cc

      except for the fact that government policies are practically inviting them all here

    • Carlos

      I’m sorry, but that is extremely ignorant to declare war on a country that is not a threat to yours. Old men declare war, but it is the youth who must pay in blood. We certainly aren’t invading you with bad intentions either. We aid you in operations as well. Next time before you make an ignorant statement. Please be more informed.

      • mrmolotov1

        Yeah, good thing they didnt think that way back at the Alamo. One by one with the illegal border crossings, you ARE a threat to this nation! Of course your intentions arent bad, you want the American dream. Too bad the more of you that cross into this country illegally, the more the gold paved roads begin to disappear!

  • Americantrek09

    Turn that shithole into a giant sheet of glass ! Fukkkk those barbaric pieces of shittt !

    • livefree1200cc

      seems a bit extreme when all you would have to do is decriminalize drugs and the cartels would die off overnight – the only reason Mexico is so lawless is that US drug prohibition makes the drug business so extremely profitable

      • orgelkraft

        Yep that’s right… we didn’t learn a thing from prohibition. When something is desired and illegal it’s an invitation to organized crime. If we want to stop drug use we need to eliminate the desire. If your life is so terrible you need drugs to survive, something is wrong!

    • Chris Hofert

      You sound like a level headed guy that is never prone to genocide!

  • John W Tobin

    They’re just testing the waters to see what our response will be. Next time it might be an actual gunship.


      Absolutely correct. with today’s modern Technology….GPS, etc., I find it laughable that people still want to color their BS with an excuse for what could only have been a deliberate act. Glenn spencer of American Patrol has been flying the entire length of the Border for years and he will tell you that any intrusion, by either side, is deliberate. Ironically, they overflew the Border using one of the Military Choppers that we the American people gave them, via the generosity of our Open Borders government. Notice also that there “Humvee’s” closely resemble ours. Oh yes, they also get “excess” DoD equipment at no cost. wise up fools. When the time comes for the real invasion, be sure to have your white flag ready to display. It’s time that we put Mexico in its place and ended this Border War.

  • tigers67and69er .

    Poor fools,It was on tv Therefore it has to be true…just like the missing Ghost plane and the Boy in the Basemen for 11 days…LOL

    • mrmolotov1

      No, its only true if its on the internet.

  • livefree1200cc

    well as long as they apologized…………..

    • John W Tobin

      Like the Israelis apologized for the attack on the USS Liberty. Opps! Sorry about that! It was an accident!

      • livefree1200cc

        I actually didn’t think Israhell ever did own up to that. I know the Jewish owned media swept it under the rug as much as they could

  • Dr. Common Sense

    Wow, a lot of people wanting to jump on the war bandwagon. If you’ve never flown along a border region I can tell you that those colorful lines and markers you see on the map don’t exist. I’ve personally overflown border lines before by a couple hundred yards. It’s easy to do since there’s no visual reference from the air. I’m willing to bet they were performing their operation thinking they were still on their side and thought those agents were part if what they were doing. Fired some warning shots and then realized shit we’re to far North. It’s an easy mistake to make. I flew in Pakistan for miles along the border once before realizing that the line had been crossed before.

    • Daniel Schultz

      The last time Mexico and the U.S. went to war, a firing had happened along the border.

      I understand what you are saying, but maybe you should read a history book as well. Seems to be a common symptom among liberals and military and LE personnel these days…

      • Dr. Common Sense

        Ok, I get what you’re saying but not everything is always malicious against the US. This could have been an instance of poor navigation and poor judgement though from that aircrew.

        As far as reading history books, I’m very well read, that’s why I try to look from more than one perspective. Jumping to conclusions without all the facts can be worse in a case like this. I would rather not have anymore conflict that we cannot afford. It’s bad for us.

        I’m far from liberal. Don’t judge so quickly please. And my bookshelves have more than 11,000 books on them. I got tired if counting at that point. But I do have them catalogued though if you would like to peruse some reading material for yourself. I also have an additional 20,000 or so in digital format if you would like. Seriously if you’re ever in the mood send me your email and I’ll zip ya over some. Not all of it’s history but I like to read for enjoyment as well.

        • Daniel Schultz

          I said, “I understand what you are saying.”

          Not sure why you repeated yourself.

          This isn’t the first violation either. The Mexican army has performed foot patrol incursions that have shot at people. Once is an accident…
          After that, things need to be considered at face value.

          What sort of books do have on Zip?

          • Dr. Common Sense

            Sorry about that I was frustrated, rebuilding my porch roof. Disqus also hates my phone, it wouldn’t let me go back and change anything to fix the typos.

            As far as the books to zip just let me know what you want and I’ll see if I have it. Some of the stuff I have I got in bulk deals to get one gem but it’s still nice to have them. I let people barrow them from me all the time. I believe reading opens the mind up to creative thought. Which in turn gets people thinking.

            Didn’t mean to come off sounding sassy or anything. Rereading my last reply it kinda sounds snotty but wasn’t meant to be. I was busy on the roof and frustrated.

          • Daniel Schultz

            Look me up on Facebook.

    • Vinson Parkhill

      Warning shots?

      I heard of such a concept on TV.

      Rounds impact somewhere once they are fired. They don’t disappear off into another dimension. The very idea of launching projectiles to NOT hit something is a very bad one, because they will hit something.

      • Dr. Common Sense

        I’m just hypothesizing. My main point was we don’t know the full story. And it easy not to see the imaginary border lines from the air. So it could very well be an honest mistake if some kind. I’m definitely not ruling out anything else, I’m not naive just trying to throw out some constructive input from another perspective.

        • mrmolotov1

          I believe that most of the border is this little thing called the Rio Grande? How do you not know where you are. More lies.

          • GrimmTale

            One little fact….The Rio Grande River is not present in or around Arizona’s Mexican border.

          • Dr. Common Sense

            I wasn’t going to say anything.

      • pinksmoke21

        I doubt very seriously that the helicopter(s) did not have GPS on them, so the line denoting US vs Mexican boarder was more than likely known. Next question, did we return fire???

        Mexico is holding a Marine. We should go get him and at the same time start the annexation process till the boarder is controllable. Probably around Belize (they speak English there)…

        • mrmolotov1


    • mrmolotov1

      As I stated before, this is NOT the first or only time this has happened. Its becoming more frequent as of late. Research it. If you flew for miles before realizing you had crossed the border, you perhaps should have been in a different MOS. In ALL my flights into Lebanon, (and yes those covert flights into Egypt from Israel) etc, not ONCE EVER did we NOT know what side of the border we were on.

      • Dr. Common Sense

        I never said for miles and I know of several air crews that have had it happen before performing insertions under NVG along the border. But hey at least there’s one perfect pilot out there. Thumbs up there Tiger. Anyway I was only trying to add a different perspective in this.

        As for the amount or frequency of these events as of late, I’m not familiar with. I will research it more.

    • carl

      That’s way to important not too know!!im surprised your still alive.the important part is you still are thanks for your service.

      • Dr. Common Sense

        No need for thanks. I appreciate it though.

    • juan767

      so it O.K. to open fire in your opinion no matter what side of the border you are on?

    • juan767

      that must have been before GPS. there is no excuse now. to say nothing about opening fire.

  • mrmolotov1

    Research this people. It has happened quite a lot lately.

  • USCitizen

    Return all the Mexicans back to Mexico

  • GrandmaWI

    Should have shot the Chopper out of the sky.