Navy Shooting Gunman

The story is a long way from coming into focus. The little we do know about Monday’s tragic mass shooting at a Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. is stirring a national debate.

First, here’s the back-story. It was September 16th, around 8:20 A.M. when 34 year-old Aaron Alexis opened fire inside a Navy facility. According to the FBI, he was a contract employee who had legitimate access to the Navy Yard and used a valid pass.

Alexis reportedly killed 12 people ranging in age from 46 to 73. Alexis was killed by police in a gun battle. He reportedly entered the facility with a shotgun purchased legally at a local gun shop.

This shooting is the worst at a U.S. military installation since the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas in which Major Nadal Hasan opened fire, killing 13 people and wounding 39 others. The shooting in the Ft. Hood case was religiously motivated.

Navy Shooting Gunman

Religion, however, does not seem to be a motivating factor in the Navy Yard shooting. As we are learning more about Alexis, reports indicate that he was a Buddhist and according to Bloomberg News, had been discharged from the Navy Reserves.

“Alexis was discharged from the Navy Reserves because of a ‘pattern of misconduct’ during his service years that included the 2010 Texas arrest, even though the charges were later dropped, according to a Navy official who asked not to be identified discussing personnel matters.”

Almost predictably, the national debate has turned to gun control once again. But are the media and the public missing something crucial here? Story after story being written about Aaron Alexis indicate there were mental issues.

According to the Associated Press: “(Alexis) had been suffering a host of serious mental issues, including paranoia and a sleep disorder. He also had been hearing voices in his head, the officials said.”

In addition, CBS in Washington D.C. is reporting that since August, Alexis had been treated by the Veterans Administration for his mental problems.

The question therefore must be asked… HOW was Aaron Alexis being treated for those problems? In January, when radio host Alex Jones had his blowup with CNN’s Piers Morgan after the Sandy Hook school shooting, Jones shouted about something called “mass murder suicide pills.” The next day, that term was one of the top trending terms on Google.

The reality is that the national media has their preconceived outcome of these kinds of tragic events.

On the left, politicians and media immediately turn to the narrative that stricter gun controls are the answer; that the tragedy is only possible because of the availability of so called “assault weapons”. Immediately after initial reports indicated that perhaps an AR-15 rifle was used, Sen. Dianne Feinstein released a statement saying “When will enough be enough?”

According to CNN, “The sources, who have detailed knowledge of the investigation, cautioned that initial information that an AR-15 was used in the shootings may have been incorrect. It is believed that Alexis had rented an AR-15, but returned it before Monday morning’s shootings. Authorities are still investigating precisely how many weapons Alexis had access to and when.”

On the left their narrative didn’t fit.

On the right, the usual narrative is that these shootings are the work of radical religious beliefs. The early thought from the right was that Aaron Alexis, like Major Nadal Hasan, must be a radicalized Muslim. An early warning on Drudge Report linked back to a September 13 article that Al Qaeda had “warned of small scale attacks on the U.S.”

That narrative also fell apart when we learned that Aaron Alexis was a Buddhist and not a Muslim.

But what about that “mass murder suicide pills”? The one area media avoids and politicians won’t touch is whether or not there is a correlation between “mental health treatment” in the form of medication and the psychosis that leads to these kinds of shootings. Reports indicate that Alexis had claimed at times that he suffered from PTSD. Was he being treated for that? What kind of treatment did he receive from the V.A.? Was he being medicated? If so, what kind of drug was he taking? These are questions that have not only not been answered, they aren’t even being asked.

There is a growing body of evidence that many of the drugs Americans are regularly taking have powerful mental effects. Clearly, we don’t know if that was the case here and it would be irresponsible to claim mental health treatment through drugs was the cause of this shooting. It would be equally irresponsible not question that possibility.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • RC

    I’m sure Big Pharma doesn’t like your tone, Ben.

    I think I speak for the rest of us here, that we don’t mind that all.
    Those are exactly the questions we should be asking.

    The more we inform, the better chance of changing the conversation towards truth.

  • Arend Lammertink

      Do you understand how timezones work?

      • ashleigh

        kelowana, canada is in PDT (pacific) time zone….

        • Terrormaster

          Doesn’t mean their server is located in Canada. Depending on how the backend of the newsite is configured the software might not be taking the timezone of the article’s author into account and stamping the article with a time and date that’s local to the server.

          I work in IT and have see this kinda stuff happen all the time where the server is not running with the correct time. If the tiny BIOS battery that remembers simple stuff like hardware configuration and time dies it only takes one power outage for the server to boot up with a default (and incorrect) time.

          • ashleigh

            very good info to take into consideration. thanks for that!

      • Arend Lammertink

        Duh! Of course I do. There are some very remarkable time stamps in the picture along with the article, too.

        See the discussion here:

        ” How can I get a time-stamp of a file of 2013-09-16 19:26 GMT for an image which has been created at 2013-09-17T12:53:10 GMT??”

        • settheline

          I think you’ve stumbled onto a serious conspiracy. The Kelowna Daily Courier was in on this whole operation, probably having planned and executed it from the start. That is the ONLY reasonable conclusion. Well done, Sherlock. Seriously though, I distrust my government more than most, but not everything is a conspiracy.

          • Dude

            Associated press wrote the article. there was another one on abc also it was incomplete

  • Steve
    • jason12321

      It’s strange… especially considering that Google only seems to find reports of suspected false flag attacks before they happen, I looked for hours trying to find other soft-news stories reported early, but without success. It also seems to be confined to only Google.

      This shooting was in a secure government facility with no security cameras, dates being wrong and the MSM reporting complete falsehoods will be the only “evidence” we get on this one.

  • Not Bob

    So many of the shooters in recent years have been on some kind of SSRI drugs, consdering that these drugs are also sold on the black market it could very easily be that every one of the shooters has used them.

    There have been court cases settled where a person using these drugs committed suicide or murder and the Pharma companies settled out of court.

    • Tomas Gilbert

      “so many” are you kidding, nearly ALL of them have been on one type of SSRI or the other.

      • Cynthia Wray

        Eleven percent of the US population over the age of 12 is taking an antidepressant (According to CDC statistics, 2011). I’m pretty sure that eleven percent of the US is NOT involved in mass shootings. So why not, if SSRI’s are the sole cause of mass murders, as some of these recent posts seem to indicate?

        • Tomas Gilbert

          Cynthia, I wish I had the answers. I know SSRIs work the way they should for many people, but I cannot over look the overwhelming connection to every single mass school shooting since Columbine. I don’t think these drugs should ever be prescribed to young adults or children. Apparently we don’t know enough about them yet. I do not wish to offend anyone who is taking these, but we do need to look at the correlation. There are over 300 million gun owners in the USA, and 11 percent of the population on SSRIs. We have have to look at this problem from all sides.

          • Cynthia Wray

            Don’t you think that the correlation may well have something to do with the fact that the people who are committing the mass murders have a mental illness? I’m not trying to contribute to the stigma mental illness already struggles with but this makes more sense to me than blaming the drugs. Inadequate treatment of mental health disorders may be a contributing factor. Reliance on medication as the sole therapeutic intervention may be a contributing factor. But I would prefer to see the illness itself being ruled out as a factor before assuming that side effects from the medication cause a person to become a mass murdering shooter.

          • Tomas Gilbert

            Cynthia, “Mental Illness” is what the main stream media calls it when they don’t want to talk about SSRIs. Its a 3rd of a trillion dollar industry (yearly). Yes, I agree the people on these would have a mental illness to start with, but it still does not negate the fact that every single mass school shooting has two things in common, 1. A gun was used. 2. An SSRI was being taken. I offend a lot of people when I speak my mind on this, as they cant believe a drug they have taken can have such side affects, but evidence shows it does for some people. Its a discussion our Government does not want to have, and its clear the media is not going to say a word against their main advertising contributors.

          • Cynthia Wray

            Hmmm…it just seems that you are brushing aside the fact that the shooters are mentally ill, as if that has nothing to do with the resulting mayhem when they lose it and start shooting crowds of people. I understand that SSRI’s have side effects and I understand that some people are affected by those side effects more than others. It still seems to me that the underlying condition is very much a part of the issue. And correlation does not mean causation, in either case, so I admittedly do not have the answers. I just question finger-pointing at medication as the definitive source of the problem.

  • Steve
  • Kevin Merck

    Another mass murder in a **victim disarmament zone**.

    Whoda thunk dat.

    When will enough of restricting firearms be enough? How many people have to die because of pigs like Feinstein?

  • Kim Caldwell Harper

    /rant on

    The lack of attention to this latest mentally ill man’s treatment is
    making me angry. It’s also making me lose compassion for my fellow
    citizens. IF you lack the basic awareness to recognize the utter
    disregard for common sense solutions that do NOT exceed safe levels that pervades so much of the health care system (at the behest of big insurance & big pharma!) then you deserve whatever lazy method of ‘over-kill’ that the system drowns you with!

    There is this whole mindset of “if a little is good then a LOT is BETTER” that is ruining 1)our minds! 2)our doctors! 3)our health care system!

    It’s not true!

    Think about this with a smidge of common sense – if a tap of the riding crop at the final turn of a big race makes the horse go faster….does that mean beating his skin off with the crop will make him FLY?

    That’s just silly, right?

    So is the idea of giving antibiotics for EVERY sniffle, cough or scrape! In larger & larger doses, too!

    So is the idea of treating a mental illness or imbalance whose source
    or cause is NOT yet clear with heavy doses of mind-altering chemicals!


    If a doctor doesn’t know what is CAUSING someone to hear voices (or behave aggressively), then would it make sense to prescribe massive amounts of drugs that can, as a SIDE EFFECT, cause one to hallucinate, increase anger or depression, consider suicide, or intensify one’s sense of impending doom?!?

    Please understand me, I am NOT vilifying the doctors here! They are wrapped ever-so-tightly in a silken cocoon of restrictions & demands laid on them by Big Insurance & Big Pharma. Between the malpractice fees they HAVE TO pay in order to practice, & the hoops they have to jump through in order to bill our insurance for services, it’s a miracle we have ANY doctors at all! Let’s not discuss the massive incentives laid out there by the pharmaceutical companies that offer easily-gained monetary solutions to the tsunami of fees these doctors face!

    But the doctors DO have the education & sense to stand up & be a voice of reason AGAINST all this excess “care” promoted by insurance parameters & pharma’s research needs. They face a dilemma & they have to make a choice. They can either take the lazy route & simply follow the guidelines laid out by those who are NOT health care professionals! OR…they can take a stand & raise their voices with the people for whom they seek to care!

    That means WE have to educate ourselves & make our voices HEARD! That means we have to let our doctors know that we support them, trust them & NEED them. We need them to make a choice…

    A simple choice – speak WITH us or fail to care FOR us!

    Does anyone else see what I’m seeing here? Or do I need some heavy doses of mind-altering medications, hmm?

    /rant off

  • jac

    As Ben has reported in the past, psychotropic drugs are the likely culprit, as are the gun free zones, the more-than-one-shooter witness statements, and the withholding of video evidence of the crime. Unfortunately, the culprit will once again be labeled guns and mental illness, leading to another attempt to take away basic Bill or Rights freedoms from individual citizens. Whoever organized this one wanted to make damn sure it couldn’t be labeled terrorist related this time, so the govt couldn’t be sued for KIA benefits by the families. After all, the objective is for the govt to milk the taxpayers, not the other way around

  • John Smith

    Ridiculous to say he is Buddhist and then say religion was not involved. He was a Buddhist! What’s more is the Thailand Buddhists have no love of life and murder is common there. Currently, in Burma, the Buddhists are crusading against the muslims, which I’m just fine with. Remember in Buddhism, there is reincarnation and karma, and so there is nothing wrong with hastening someone to the new life.

    It isn’t surprising that it was a buddhist being violent. It is surprising it wasn’t a muslim terrorist. The Koran explicitly teaches Jihad, which means holy war.

    As for this attempt to blame psychotropic drugs or a mental illness, he was able to choose to go to a “gun free zone.” He made certain his victims were disarmed.

    • Kim Caldwell Harper

      I find it hard to make the leap from *having* a religion to the idea that this action was *based on* that religion in this case. A link to a wikipedia article (needing sources & solid citations, no less!) is hardly solid basis for this view.

      As for the suggestion that people with mental illnesses/receiving psychotropic medications being unable to make choices… that’s also tough to accept. I happen to work with folks who endure both of those burdens & they actually DO retain the ability to make choices. Some of them are even pretty sound & sensible!

      • jac

        The key word there is “some,” what about the few that lose that ability? Of course, all we’re pointing out here are the repeating patterns of mass murders being committed by the mentally ill on some type of psychotropic medication. Maybe most medications of this type are not to blame, maybe a tampered or enhanced dosage is. An analysis of the killer’s blood work would provide a clearer picture.

      • drds89

        Paranoid Schizophrenics (actively hallucinating and homocidal)? in your workplace? srsly.

        • Kim Caldwell Harper

          What….you think they exist in a vacuum? I’ll bet people work where these folks gain treatment, don’t you think? Please be careful of your assumptions…such as the only possible treatment for ANY mental illness is of course got to be chemical. Some psychologists (you know, educated folks with degrees & licenses to treat people with mental illnesses) might disagree.

    • Aniga Kaliya

      Hmm I think if the Pope went on a shooting rampage, you’d still blame Islam. And its fine to you that Buddhist monks are killing Muslims? Scratch that, forget the religion, look past it and tell me you are OK with people just getting killed. Let me guess, Muslims are not people so that’s fine.

      • A Walker

        When they deign to give the rest of us human status – as opposed to the usual declarations that infidels are apes and pigs and infidel women deserving of rape – perhaps then they will be accorded the same recognition. Until then, their behavior dictates otherwise..

  • deb

    Just trying to look at this through another lens…considering other recent news:
    Any thoughts on this shooting being racially motivated? Were the victims white? How many victims were black?

  • brazenluckjaw

    shooter had a criminal background. how and why did he get a high security clearance on a navy base?

    clinton issues law, disarming army personel on bases

  • Patriot from the nanny state

    just like lanza’s death being reported the day before sandy hook, the talk about these stories being reported before they happen are very weird but any thing to keep to pot stirred up and get people arguing is just another divide and conquer tactic!

  • dan

    ALL LONE SHOOTERS HAVE BEEN UNDER US GOVERNMENT programs…all connected….and within 2 hours of the start of all shootings a complete background of the shooter is discussed in detail on all news stations….just saying the connection besides the drugs is the US GOVERNMENT or its minions…..imho

  • Daniel

    This is entirely conjecture. You didn’t put forth any evidence that he was on any medication. Sure, you identified that the left and the right don’t have a credible story, but frankly, this isn’t credible either.

    • Simba

      What this guy said.

    • dddienst

      Yet it is a valid question to raise and one that many people would like to know the answer to, yet the question is avoided. We need hard statistics on mass shooters and what if any medications they were taking.

      • Daniel

        Maybe it is valid, but journalists need to publish news based on facts. Raise the questions, yes, but publish it to your audience when something confirms your suspicions.

        I just hate to see the credibility of a site I appreciate drop because of unsubstantiated claims (claims used loosely in this sense).

        • Gregg Braddoch

          Also, need I say that aggression, hallucination, lowered/raised inhibitions, severe depression, paranoia etc. are all listed on most psych drugs – Combine all of those symptoms at once, and I’m pretty sure it equates to a crazed shooter.

          ” journalists need to publish news based on facts” what do you consider facts? Monsanto says the “facts” say their product is safe, many independent studies say the “facts” are otherwise – all are claiming science as the source of these facts – so it is obvious someone is lying – Cui bono

          • Daniel

            I would consider a fact in this case a document showing what medications he was on or someone who participated in his treatment confirming that he was taking medications that could potentially cause this type of behavior.

            Also, a fact is truth, and truth is a constant, so even if Monsanto tells people lies and calls them facts, it doesn’t make it a fact.

          • jwclark

            So, since Columbine, why isn’t the media on this like a dog on a bone? This is a fact too, and may point to a truth–those who are compromised do not traffic in the truth, ever! JWC

        • jwclark

          Question, question, question. If there is a paucity of factual material question why? And, and, don’t ever forget that you have been stung (lied to) before! Do you get it now? JWC

  • bobdole

    He also said he was being followed and spoken to by 3 people somehow telepathically and that they were radiating his body with a radiation gun? Whats up with that!

    • HypeandFail

      Well, speaking as a retired shrink, I’d say it’s Paranoid Schizophrenia until proven otherwise. The best current treatments we have for that are less than stellar (imho), and NO amount of gun control will ever fix this guy’s broken brain (if my suspicions are correct). Here’s another kicker: keeping Schizophrenics on their meds is a constant struggle; the patients don’t like them (they have horrible side effects), and part of the disease is severely impaired insight into just how sick you are. He may have been PRESCRIBED meds, but whether or not he was actually TAKING them (and even then, the disease often “breaks through”) is another issue altogether.

      It’s always annoying to me when somebody says “that whack job was on those damn meds, and they made him go off”. Maybe, maybe not. BUT, did you ever think that some doctor put the whack job on meds in the first place BECAUSE he was a whack job, and the doc was trying to UNWHACK him? Somehow, that never gets considered.

      BTW, “Whack Job” is a technical term. I forget the billing code for it.

      • drds89

        Please see my attempts to explain a few posts above. Yours was more succinct. I’m in FP, not Psychiatry. If Peter Breggand (sp) is right, he should be trekking all over the country to get his nonRx model implemented while he is often the lead plaintiff in all the lawsuits against psychotropics. I agree that sometimes antidepressants, etc are tried because we don’t have a ‘blood test’ for depression and people can experience side effects.

        I’m waiting for some viable solutions to active paranoid schizophrenia with homocidal ideation patients from all these armchair experts.

        • Kim Caldwell Harper

          I hadn’t seen it reported that this shooter’s diagnosis was “paranoid schizophrenia with homocidal(sic) ideation” …but I’d have to accept your diagnosis, since clearly you must KNOW, personally & specifically, from direct work with said patient. I’m also just as sure that your assessment of there being no other viable treatments is correct too. I’m almost ready to accept that you must personally KNOW every single human being EVER diagnosed with any mental illness that could result in a psychiatric prescription of chemicals that would, of course, be in PERFECT harmony with the specific issues presenting for each of them……well….I did say “almost”…

          C’mon, what’s with all this absolutist talk? Surely in all your years of practice you’ve encountered people who had relatives who’ve dealt with the effects of the illness as well as the side effects of the medications? Surely you would, in your extensive experience, not completely discount all of their anecdotal evidence of various conflicts, interactions & medication failures?

          SURELY, as an obviously compassionate, empathetic & caring professional you can see where SOME of your colleagues, & the industries wielding heavy influence upon them, might yield ever so slightly to the pressures & prescribe a medication that may not be absolutely the best, but may be the “pill du jour” from the supplier Doc met at the last convention?

          You’ve surely encountered colleagues who sometimes worry more about the exorbitant fees insurance demands of them than they do of a specific problematic patient….at least on occasional moments? I mean….surely you can admit that doctors are ALSO human & thus capable of errors, of bad choices, of being corrupted?

          Or am I too much of an “armchair expert” since I lack a PhD? That’s the sort of condescension that makes trust so difficult, ya know…

          • jwclark

            Good set of questions. JWC

          • Kim Caldwell Harper

            drds89 – Are my questions not worthy of response? Do you dislike the tone of condescension returned to you by someone you’ve already dismissed as an “armchair expert”? YOU are a doctor – why will you not address these questions? Dialogue with YOU is what the people, & the country, NEEDS. Is the fact that some of that dialogue is a bit belligerent shutting you down? Well, maybe you should brace yourself, because it’s going to become more so as people realize what’s been done. Corporations are NOT “people too” & they do NOT have the same “rights” that you & I have as individual citizens. WE are protected, not the monster corporations, by the Constitution….& WE need our doctors from ALL specialties to step up & have a serious, open & revelatory conversation with us!

            Also, since you seem reluctant to engage with me, here’s some bonafides:

            1) I have more than 12 years experience in the mental health field.

            2) Some of the people I support daily DO hear voices on a daily basis & because of that, are prescribed heavy medications.
            3)On behalf of my clients, I regularly interact with both psychologists & psychiatrists, some of whom enjoy the spirited discussions we share while expressing our disparate views of what precisely will best benefit these folks.

            As has been mentioned by another commenter above, using stock sources that merely tout the status quo will not impress those of us who have some experience & understanding of the reality of medicine.

            It is an ART, as well as a science, because we are ignorant of far MORE than we know. This is most especially true when it comes to the brain & it’s workings.

            I DO hope to hear from you, because this is a conversation the country desperately needs to have….SOON!

          • Kim Caldwell Harper
  • NoahFence,but…

    And if he “rented” an AR-15 earlier, BUT took it back “before the Monday morning’s shooting,” how did the media find out he’d had one in the first place and “assumed” it was being used??

    Have you ever noticed how details come out immediately after any event, whether with nature or people, and then get changed within 24 to 48 hours–they get “changed” or “corrected”…1 shooter, 3 shooters, now 2 shooters…don’t worry, it’s just a drill, keep on running–oh wait, it’s not a drill…no terrorists, just right-wingers or vets–oh wait, we found the terrorist–oh wait, he’s being visited in the hospital by our president and his wife–oh, now we have the real terrorists, oh wait, they’re not really terrorist, oh wait, yes they are…fires or floods from “nature” suddenly appear “man-made”–oh wait, you were evacuated, you can’t go back to your home, we’re not done there yet….and on and on and on…

    And what’s with the Orwellian oxymoron terms, “shelter in place” while you’re wide open with no shelter?

  • Mark Robert

    Gun Grabbers are running drills.

    These AIPAC loving Zionist have declared WAR on US citizens.

    These are a few Zionist who want to control OUR GUNS, INTERNET and SPEECH.

    Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer, Ron Wyden, Ben Cardin, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Michael Bennet, Brian Schatz, Richard Blumenthal and Chuck Schumer.

    Any News Story aired by the Main Stream Media is FAKE until PROVEN otherwise.

    Please Google: FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st

  • Mark Robert

    Please call your Congressman and Senators

    Tell Them. “Americans are tired of Manufactured Terrorism”

    Tell Them. “We are tired of Zionist Gun Grabbing Schemes.”

    Tell them. “We are tired of Zionist Staged Events.”

    Tell Them. “We reject Homeland Security.”

    Tell Them. “We reject the Patriots Act, NDAA Act and NSA spying on us.”

    Tell Them. “We don’t want SOPA, CISPA, PIPA or any other anti-Constitutional crap.”

    Please Copy and paste to your browser:

    • hotgrandma

      I did that and was told “that video does not exist”.

  • RoberoElGrapeo

    From a recent report, Alexis obained the AR-15 there at the NAVSYSCOM and a 9mm pistol was taken from a guard that he had killed. He did not enter the facility with an AR-15. D.C. has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S., D.C. is a basically gun free zone. Which begs the question, with these tough gun laws how did this happen? Mentally unbalanced and scofflaw thugs don’t give a sh*t about no stinkin’ gun laws, that’s the answer. The next question to ask Senator Fiendstein is, why is it O.K. for you to have a concealed carry permit and carry a pistol and it isn’t O.K. for us peons? Are you more precious than we the peons? Senator Fiendstein go suck an egg!

  • RoberoElGrapeo

    Get a copy of: GLADIO, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe by Richard Cottrell. Once you read that this will all make sick sense, yes sick; not sixth. Read the book!

  • Kevin Merck

    This has false flag written all over it.
    The guy was definitely on psychotropic drugs and I don’t need the media to tell me that. It’s been the common denominator in all of the recent mass shootings in victim disarmament zones.

    • Our Gamehenge

      LOL …. yeah I’m white and am probably looked at as a racist by the 13% in America, because of my skin colour. My heart shows a different narrative thankfully.

      I used a pharmaceutical drug called “Wellbutrin” about 15 years ago to help me stop smoking. I took it as prescribed for only 4 days, at which point my brother looked at me and said he didn’t recognize me. It was far from a compliment, my wife had called him because she was concerned that the pill was making me very irritable and angry. I’ve tried quitting cigarettes many times before, and admit there is an uncomfortable edgy feeling for a week or so while detoxing from cigarettes … but the feeling from that RX was something much different and potentially dangerous. I stopped the pill that day and continued to smoke cigs until 2008, used ole fashioned chewing gum for a few weeks to help stop smoking the cigarettes. Been five years without and am a happy non-smoker.

      That experience showed me how dangerous some drugs can be, even if taken as prescribed by a Dr.

      I wouldn’t doubt that if the alleged shooter was taking an RX that was having an adverse effect, he might have found himself in a dangerous situation to say the least.

      22 vets a day commit suicide, 67,000 have done the same since 2003.

      • Kevin Merck

        I had to work with a guy about ten years ago who was taking that drug. That was a challenge to say the least. I don’t know how much was him, and how much was the drug, but when you mentioned the name of that drug, this guy came to mind.

        I quite smoking in 2000. Hardest thing I ever did. All I used was one box of nicotine gum and cold turkey.

        I knew those statistics on vets. The way I see it, very little is done because they are almost all men (expendable) and are seen as a threat to the criminals who want to destroy America. They would like to kill all the vets as soon as they leave the military so they wouldn’t have to pay their benefits. That sounds like a radical statement, but when you look at the way these guys are treated it’s a conclusion that any reasonable person would have to reach.

        Thanks for the comment.

        • Our Gamehenge

          Congrats on the cig removal …. definitely one of the hardest things to do. Yeah that drug was worse, as they say, “than a bad trip”.


      • Paul Osborn


      • jwclark

        Doctors are fed the same propaganda. It is a mistake to imagine that they are wise men. There are no classes in med school on become wise. Many are not only unwise, they are ethical morons as well. Now how can an ethical moron cure you of anything? JWC

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    There has been a persistent attempt for the media to focus on the guns in these mass shootings, and it’s easy to do. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to people who have been conditioned all of their lives to being led around by their noses by the media and believing that they’re well informed. But as Ben points out in this article, controlling the message leads to some very irrational perspectives about gun control.

    How about a thought experiment? If someone owns guns and takes mind altering substances that are sold with folded paper inserts with a lot of fine print warnings about the known side effects that include depression, suicidal thoughts and homicidal rage, and then they go on a mass shooting spree, would it be more accurate to blame the guns, or the drugs?

    So, why does the media fall all over itself to shout about the guns while we are actively prevented from hearing about the psychoactive drugs they were taking or suddenly stopped taking?

    It’s also very telling that the media usually assumes assault weapons when people are paying attention to the breaking news story and then they later retract that falsehood after people are no longer paying attention, leaving a false impression that supports the current gun ban emphasis.

    And finally, as is almost always the case, this mass shooting occurred in DC, a city where guns are all but outlawed. Mass shootings almost always occur in gun free zones. If DC’s draconian gun control laws didn’t prevent this tragedy, why should anyone believe that these laws will prevent such tragedies elsewhere? Fortunately, despite the loud shrill media amplification of this nonsense, most Americans have a bit more sense and aren’t buying what Feinstein, Schumer & Associates are selling.

    • jwclark

      Good essay. JWC

  • Fritz Edmunds


    This is a well-reason analysis, raising important questions in a thoughtful manner. Why don’t we look at the root of the problem instead of the instrumentalities? I went to sign up for notifications when you post again, but it said that feature is disabled. I’m a fellow blogger ( and would like to receive notice so I can read more of your stuff.

    Thank you, Fritz.

  • hotgrandma

    I have been on psychotrophic drugs most of my adult life for depression and anxiety. I’ve never experienced any kind of side effects that would be considered dangerous. Instead of horrible anxiety, and milder depression, I feel normal when I take these medications. If I don’t take medication, I feel horrible emotionally. I’ve tried not taking them and that isn’t even a choice for me because the anxiety is so severe that I can’t function. I make lots of mistakes when I don’t take them and can’t stay focused enough to get anything done. When I don’t take my drugs, suicide seems logical; whereas, when I take the drugs, suicide seems ridiculous. I have never had any kind of homicidal ideation, on drugs or not. I feel guilty if I kill a bug. I can’t even imagine any way I could harm another person. I’m not sure if I could shoot someone in self defense. I hope I never have to make that decision. I don’t buy the drugs causing someone to do this. I believe they have a severe mental illness. My mental illness is comparatively mild.

    • Joshua Allen Donini

      ” I’ve tried not taking them and that isn’t even a choice for me because
      the anxiety is so severe that I can’t function. I make lots of
      mistakes when I don’t take them and can’t stay focused enough to get
      anything done. When I don’t take my drugs, suicide seems logical;”

      That’s the crux of it all. The withdrawal one goes through when one comes off the meds.

      • Hotgrandma

        That is NOT correct. The anxiety is caused by hormonal shifts in menopause. One does not get “addicted” to these drugs. I thought that was a bunch of rubbish. For some women, it is NOT, including me. I felt like I was in constant terror when nothing happened. The events of these days doesn’t help but I started with the horrible anxiety BEFORE I was on anything. My point was, unless these guys are getting some drug I’ve never heard of, the drugs are not causing them to kill people. I feel bad when I kill a bug. There is no way I could kill a person. I don’t know if I could even do it if I had to.

        • Joshua Allen Donini

          The MALES I know who are or have been on SSRI’s are depressed before use, numb during use, and very unstable when doses are missed. Sometimes violently so.

        • jwclark

          It is one of the characteristics of those who are emotionally unstable to think they are the measure of human life. Sure. Why not? JWC

  • Tom223

    10 or 11 of the 13 most recent school shootings was conducted by students who were on psychotropic drugs. The remaining 2 or 3 may have also been on such drugs but it is not known as they were minors and the parents did not want to release such records. One thing these drugs can do is raise dopamine levels artificially, in the same way that cocaine or meth can. Paranoia can be one of the effects among others. One only need read the chemical content of these drugs and they will often contain some sort of amphetamine molecule – kind of like taking buffered aspirin. They are called “anti-depressants” and the opposite of a depressant is a stimulant or “speed”. Naturally coming off these drugs is very difficult for a person. Unfortunately the cause of the depression, psychosis etc. is the cause of the drug and not necessarily the natural condition of the person. One only need read the fine print on these drugs. A person can be diagnosed with depression and then be prescribed a drug with far worse side effects than what is being “treated”. Just read the label from the manufacturer. The pharmaceutical companies spend over $5 billion dollars annually across the world to promote the use of their drugs. Do you think for a minute that with that kind of revenue at stake any TV network would risk speaking out against psychotropic drugs? Any chance whatever that they would tell any of us the truth about the harm these drugs cause?

    • drds89

      anti-depressants are not stimulants. if you are in a hole, anti-depressants try to help you gain traction to get up towards ground level. They do not take people who are at ground level (not depressed) and make them go higher (or happier). That is what stimulants do. Two totally different mechanisms of action chemically and at the macro level. The analogy is not perfect (none is) but you get the idea.

      • Tom223

        I understand the analogy. A drug is either moving one up or down – pretty simple. The high-school kids in my area steal Prozac from their parents and sell them to fellow students for $20 a pill – to get high. When this became too expensive for a lot of students they switched over to heroin.

        • drds89

          I’m a physician, and in 20+ years, about as long as Prozac has been around, NEVER had a patient drug-seek for any anti-depressants, including Prozac or try to divert same. Adderal and Ritalin (which I rarely prescribe and can monitor vigilantly because of solo practice), Stimulants/Uppers? Yes, they have tried– not as much as narcotic pain killers, but occasionally.

          If your brain synapses aren’t deficient in serotonin,or possibly the number of postsynaptic serotonin receptors, Prozac is NOT going to move you up–if you don’t understand that, then you don’t get the analogy about being in a hole vs. being at ground level at baseline. Prozac and SSRIs are not ‘uppers’ or stimulants, they are ANTI-depressants.

          • Tom223

            The over riding point is that these drugs are dangerous. They dispense them to military personnel in far higher quantity than ever before. War hasn’t changed but the drugs have and there is a suicide epidemic in the military. The drugs are the added factor. If I’m recalling this correctly from the late 80’s. I haven’t researched this recently, but I believe Eli Lilly plead guilty in Federal court to with holding the fact of 14 deaths by suicide during the trials of that drug. Also that the FDA pulled valium off the market because over about a 10 year period they received 3000 adverse reaction reports and at the same time in the first 3 years of Prozac the FDA received 14,000 adverse reaction reports and yet it stayed on the market. The drugs are not what they are advertised to be. They are destructive to society as a whole. The number of people psychotically going on a killing sprees has gone up with the use of these drugs. There is no medical justification for these drugs. There is no test for a chemical imbalance. There is no test to tell if a brain’s serotonin is deficient. There is no test to see if there are deficient postsynaptic serotonin receptors in a brain. It is all pure conjecture. It is all made up. They are stimulants of a different form. The synapse use serotonin to send messages. If it doesn’t re absorb into the body the most likely result is that the nerves keep firing – when they aren’t supposed to. That’s why one side effect can be permanent twitching of muscles that lasts for the remainder of a person’s life. And probably why one of the most common side effects of all this class of drug seems to be suicide.

          • drds89

            I’m cool with that. Moratorium on ALL psychotropic Rx’s. Start tapering tomorrow…give people a year to get off them. Schizophrenics, Bipolar, Major affective – especially suicidal-, etc. Then let’s see what happens the next 10 to 20 years or more.

            There are randomized, placebo controlled, double blinded prospective trials (the best we have to reduce bias and find out what works and what is placebo).

            We have no scientific proof that penicillin works for strep throat, because you could never get that study past an ethics committee in the USA (control group = no penicillin). Where is rheumatic fever today? don’t give me BS about better living conditions? Meningitis from H. flu? I personally watched that go to near zero within a few years of vaccine which was started around 1990.

            Lawsuits against EVERYTHING, not just drugs/pharm. Big pharma and insurance= big pockets that’s why you see all the lawsuits.

            A disease which causes suicide (‘depression’) has medications which get blamed for causing suicide – and black box warning is added for use in adolescents- so use in adolescents had dropped dramatically… why don’t you go look up the suicide rate since this happened?

            Better yet, just avoid the BP meds, insulin, thyroid hormone, antibiotics, immunizations, …the whole medical conspiracy.

            Be consistent and maybe start learning how to design studies and interpret the raw data, not some revisionist interpretation, and be part of the solution.

            How about offering up some solutions for these people who hear voices and other hallucinations that tell them to do things like kill people, who are NOT on medications, OK, while you’re lobbying to get these things banned?

            You don’t hear about the successes either.


        • ArtieP

          Where do you get your information? Prozac does NOT make you high! Anti-depressants don’t make you high. And, I don’t believe that anti-depressants, taken as prescribed, cause these kinds of problems. I have been on anti-depressants for over 20 years. The danger comes in when you mix different classes of anti-depressants together. I suffered Serotonin Syndrome, in 1996, because my doctor gave me Prozac, an SSRI, and Imipramine, a tricyclic. The interaction flooded my brain with serotonin and caused all kinds of erratic behavior, mainly suicide attempts. A doctor finally figured it out, took me off of everything, and the problem went away, never to return again. I never had thoughts about killing other people, but the mixture does totally screw up your thinking. If you are on an anti-depressant, be very careful about interactions with other drugs. That, I believe, is where the problem lies…not so much with the anti-depressants alone, but with interactions with other drugs, whether by prescription or illegally purchased on that streets. Oh….and don’t bother trying to sue the doctors, No lawyers would take my case because they said that the doctors will stand up for each other.
          But Prozac making you high? Afraid not!!

        • Jr Deputy Accountant

          BS, Prozac doesn’t get you high. LOLOLOLOL

        • Kevin Merck

          The CIA and our troops in Afghanistan can take credit for cheap heroin being readily available to anyone who can rub two nickels together.

          Pat Tillman was coming home to expose that when he was murdered by the CIA.

      • Flash

        I don’t think you get the “idea”. This isn’t the 60’s & 70’s when antidepressants WERE stimulants (Speed). TODAY there is a whole different “LEVEL” of drugs. The “DRUGS” being manufactured today are a lawsuit tomorrow (just look at all the TV ads for lawyers pushing a class action lawsuit for a “DRUG” that caused injury or death to someone you may know). Look at the advertisements for “NEW” drugs and ask yourself if YOU want to deal with the side effects of those drugs (sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, joint pain, depression, suicidal tendencies, lightheaded, passing out, rashes, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath and DEATH!) Seek medical help if that erection lasts more than 4 hours because that is a sign of a “SERIOUS PROBLEM”. Of course, they always have another drug to alleviate those side affects except for the prolonged erection. So…what is it you were saying?

      • jwclark

        drds: Nonsense. Look at the stats, not the chemistry. People are killing themselves and others in absolutely inexplicable ways! You can study chemistry till the cows come home and still you do not know that is going on with these chemicals in someone’s body! You don’t know. So, look at the stats. JWC

        • drds89
          • jwclark

            drds: Posting a link is not an argument, and it certainly is not a conversation. Where is your person? Put that on the line. “Look, look, until sight becomes insight,” Robert Frost said. Good advice if what you want is first hand knowledge and not the second hand variety. JWC

          • jwclark

            Center For Disease Control? Very main stream drds. Isn’t that like going to the FDA which is in bed with corporate America (i.e., Monsanto, etc.) to find out what foods to eat? Jesus! People who are on pharmaceuticals are dying, and killing others, and die by the tens of thousands every year from these drugs, and yet if you suggest, say, the various arterial drip therapies doctors will say, “Be careful, I heard of a guy who died from that!” “A guy?” Tens of thousands are dying yearly from prescription drugs and this goofball is worried about “one guy” who died who was undergoing this wonderful therapy that actually cures instead of creating a dependency upon the medical class!
            When I said “stats,” i did not mean by that go to the main stream official academic studies (my professional home) which are bought and paid for by the medical establishment in this case. Wake up my friend; it is a rigged game. They credential each other and all you have to do to get your credential is go along and not question anything. It is called, “the world.” Wake up. JWC

  • cooperbry

    Most states, including DC have existing prohibitions on selling guns to people with mental illness. This doesn’t appear to be an issue of not enough laws, so, the gun control angle is baseless.

  • Jaime Yarbrough

    What the Hell don’t people understand about the concept and movie by the same name (made twice) of The Manchurian Candidate ? ? ?

    • jwclark

      Yes, they exist. They are hypnotized, drugged, given a “trigger” word and when the time comes activated. They also have a suicide trigger. Think about it–it is the prefect crime. JWC

  • uncommoncure

    Well we may never know the truth of what happened here but here’s something that may be of interest… This guy being ex military and claiming PTSD raises a red flag to me. Having suffered the effects of an anti malarial drug commonly given to troops deployed overseas called Lariam, it is the first place my mind goes when this types of tragedy happens. Sgt Bales who recently received a life sentence for the massacre in an Afghanistan village was given Lariam. It poisoned his mind and caused long term damage. Could this be a piece of puzzle that’s missing? We will probably never have the answer to this tragedy but again we need to look at all of the facts and come up with a real solution to these terrible events. Banning guns obviously isn’t it.

  • johnny Appleseed

    Hey anyone remember after the Sandy Hook OP when Senator Feinstein said there will be more of these shootings, with a mischievous smirk on her face? Yea these shootings are happening “As advertised”. As with 9-11 the “insiders” let the cat out of the bag with one to many people that can’t help themselves and keep a secret. As if they could fool an awake American public anyways. What a circus. They will have no choice but to throw Big Pharma under the bus with this one, or risk the fallout of getting caught with their pants down in these FF’s yet again!

  • Hotgrandma

    I believe that these people are being used by our government. I believe they are given drugs we don’t know about and combined with someone helping the drug along to “force” these people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. All these people have some connection to the government and even if they don’t, it isn’t hard for the government to get to them. We don’t know what all has gone on with these shooters before they went on a rampage and you can bet the media would never tell us if they knew. I believe all of them were set ups to try to take away guns from the American people so that they cannot defend themselves. That is how tyrants work. I read a list of the things Obama has done since being elected…..only when it got to the bottom, it wasn’t Obama’s story. It was Hitler’s! They were identical.

    • Josh Beeman

      I honestly believe that if it is as you say it is then these people WOULD have been using an AR-15, not the hand guns that are so commonly used.

      • jwclark

        Josh: You are confusing the How with the What, the secondary with the primary. When these patsies receive the trigger word, the order, it is to kill–not how to kill. The whole point is to shock the untrained (and therefore malleable) sensibilities of the masses and manipulate them to a certain firm belief, the belief that guns are bad in themselves, the body is more important than the soul, and the government only can help to protect us (our bodies) from those guns.
        Look at all of these shooters/bombers starting with Oswald Josh. The whole thing stinks if looked at with care and a willingness to ask questions–which is strengthened, by the way, by realizing that the trained media are not asking any of these obvious questions, such as the medication question which was an factor at Columbine for one. JWC

    • GaryTruth

      Your comment strongly resonates.

      Example – Robert Kennedy’s killer. His family said he was so against killing that if there was a bug in the house, he would pick it up and take it outside. One of my kids is the same way.

      Then British mentalist Derren Brown hypnotized a very docile man to “assassinate” a stage actor. Sure, you can’t hypnotize someone to do something against their will. Not.

  • hwt123

    The Zionist Jews ( AIPAC) owns all the media & the politicians .
    Israel is responsible for making this nation a police state , just look at all the duel citizen Senators & congressman there are…most are AIPAC puppets.
    Wake up Folks , Mossad was caught filming & bombing during 9/11
    yet the media never informed the public .
    Do a web search for 5 dancing Israelis …
    The USS Liberty cover up…
    9/11 was an inside job & Israel did it …

  • justme

    Loved reading the discussion here, very civil.
    Years ago I read of a study in Russia on persons with Paranoid Schizophrenia. The Russians ‘fasted’ the man for four days, and all his symptoms disappeared. Little by little they reintroduced foods. When they got to ‘WHEAT’, the symptoms returned in full. Something to think about, especially nowadays wheat is GMO.

  • pff136

    I believe without a doubt that many anti-depressants cause violent behavior. I had a friend in 2000 who was taking one type (won’t mention here) for depression after a divorce. About a year later, he committed suicide. And it wasn’t a “cry for help” type of suicide either. The way he shot himself, there was no doubt he wanted to die. I talked to him for about 4 months before he did it. He was having vivid dreams and visions of floating in a calm lake inside a mountain; like a volcano. Weird. And only days before, he was going into extreme depression with crying jags. Of course this was all before people realized they were causing suicidal tendencies and violent behaviors.

  • Kevin Merck

    Swat team ordered to stand down.
    Definitely another false flag event for an excuse to take our guns.

  • Kevin Merck

    Looks like they plan to do a false flag mass shooting in a church next.

    Biden is telling them to “run, hide or fight” but he doesn’t say how people are supposed to fight a gunman if they don’t have a gun.

    These people are truly insane.