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When a reporter asked a paid protester what this protest was for- he told the reporter, "It's a day to ban guns, I think." -The Event was actually for a new movement called "Purge Day".

So, no one supports your cause? No problem. You can hire supporters- even protesters. A company started last October by 22-year-old Adam Swart provides just this service.  In a telephone interview I spoke with Swart about his new found success. “I came up with the idea on a visit to Estonia,” says Swart. At the airport, Swart says he saw a man who was being swarmed by a crowd of excited onlookers. He tells me, “I thought- Why can’t I have that kind of attention?” And so, Swart’s company, Crowds on Demand, was born.

Swart says that business is doing extremely well. According to their website, their office is located in a swanky downtown LA office suite. He says his biggest client so far was a $10k contract, but he would not disclose the client. Not bad for a 22-year-old kid. “We do most of our business through word of mouth. We are able to provide our customers with top-notch service, so they spread the word to other potential clients,” says Swart.

When a reporter asked  a paid protester what this protest was for- he told the reporter, "It's a day to ban guns, I think." -The Event was actually for a new movement called "Purge Day".
When a reporter asked a paid protester in the above image what this protest was for- he told the reporter, “It’s a day to ban guns, I think.”
-The Event was actually for a new movement called “Purge Day” dealing with mental illness.

Swart says the company does a lot of work in the political realm. He continues to say that they also do work for non-profits and private industries. He cites one recent client, an online marketing group named Virurl, that his company was hired for. According to Swart, having protesters at a convention where Virurl was present increased the company’s revenues by 500%. Apparently the protesters had been hired by Virurl to act against a form of marketing,  and Virurl provided a solution to this avenue of marketing. Multiple VIPs were at the convention, and Virurl stuck out when its employees began to show the solution to the protesters concerns to VIPs in the marketing industry.

Swart says that he pays his employees around $15/hour and has a solid staff. He continues, “We are operational in 5 major cities. However, if a big event is proposed then we have been known to travel in order to fulfill our customers demands. We’ve done business in New York, Washington D.C. and Vegas.”

He says that there are many critics, but he enjoys what he does and feels that he is contributing to society. When asked if he ever turns an organization away because of an ideological difference he says that clients are almost never turned away unless they are requesting his company breaks the law.

When I asked Swart whether his company was catering to more liberal, or conservative clients he was unwilling to give a clear answer. Swart seemed to me like a shining star of free market capitalism, so I asked him where he stood on it.

Swarts responded:

“I’m a huge fan of free market capitalism! I believe that the government must foster business and encourage innovation. Government needs to encourage people to innovate… Our government plays a vital role in job production and innovation of technology.”

Although Swart’s understanding of the free market is off-base, I feel perhaps he will develop a greater understanding of it as he matures. Whether you agree with his tactics or not- it is clear that there was a demand, and this young man supplied it.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Eric K

    He’s doing a service for a fee. Good for him.

    His understanding of free-market economics, however, is – as you said – slightly off-base.

    • Mithridates Eupator

      Yeah, protests-for-hire. That sounds like a wise choice. I’m sure that this will never be used for nefarious purposes.

  • Joshua Lloyd

    I think it’s hilarious. Screwed up, but hilarious. lol

    • Tom223

      It could be used for good or bad. Such a tool could be easily used to give a false impression of public opinion about an issue or perhaps a candidate. A group of people could be hired to hold up signs stating any manner of lie about a person or politician. Pay for a slander campaign against your enemy. Not Cool.

      • Jamison Heistand

        The government / liberals have probably been relying on this sort of thing for years.

        • Rhett Jones

          they have just google crisis actors

      • Oclupak

        It is my understanding that the “huge crowds” that took part in the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad in 2003 were actually the drivers and security guards hired by foreigners to drive them around town.

  • Huh

    Swart. Is that jewish??

    • Mithridates Eupator

      No. Try again, Herr Huh.

      • kris

        Huh may sound irrelevant but it’s a valid question. Why not look up NAACP to find out who exactly founded that group. It’s not anti semitic to research how talmudists have an agenda.

  • 405Wrecks

    * It’s spelled ‘cites’, not ‘sites’. 😉

  • Russ L. Smith

    “Our government plays a VIRAL role in job production and innovation of technology.” A couldn’t agree more.

  • Rhett Jones

    this isnt new the govt has been employing crisis actors for a long time just google it

  • Just Sayin

    I want to hire him to protest him! 😉

  • Arian Smith

    This guys just taking an age old idea from the left and making money off it. Give people free shit and they will do your bidding like the zombeez they are. Very smart and very immoral. He must be a Democrat!

    • steve

      Goes back to the Roman’s People were hired by individuals to Proclaim them walking through the streets – many of the people hired used the money earned to pay other’s to Proclaim THEM (it was top down – the Richer one was – the more people in better time slots – then in off hours the others went) it was called Patronage

  • Mithridates Eupator

    Someone should beat this punk’s ass. He messes with power he scarcely understands, and supplies his services to the highest bidder. There is little to no chance of good coming from his organization – not good for those who do not belong to the extremely wealthy class.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Westboro Baptist Church is likewise a paid-for group.

    • kris

      There’s a youtube of the pastor of Westboro meeting up with some rabbi at a seedy hotel, now I can’t find the thing. Wish I had downloaded and saved it. But yes, I am sure Westboro is fake through and through.

  • Neil Turner

    Deep-pockets politics. Swart is exposing the Liberal Left’s tactics of paying zombies to do nothing for something.

    It should eventually collapse under its own self-corruptedness.

  • jackBnimble

    nothing a BB gun won’t fix

  • CAWS

    Look up Propaganda by Edward Bernays. He did this back in the 20s;including co-oping the women’s movement convincing suffragettes to smoke and helping to engineer a US backed coup in Guatemala. Most of the crap we are fed by MSM today is based on this method created by the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

  • Jill Stone Pyeatt

    I think this is ingenius. Clearly, there’s a market for it, and if it’s providing jobs, why should anyone object? Congrats to the young owner!

  • Jill Stone Pyeatt

    Why is this any different from the company that provides actors for the false-flag–err, I mean “crisis”–actors that the government uses?

  • Ezra Pound

    “it is clear that there was a demand, and this young man supplied it.” – that’s the problem with “free markets”, Michael. They are inconsistent with healthy nationalism. Absolute “Free markets” only work in two hypothetical scenarios: (1) the existence of a nation totally isolated from all others so as to form a hermetic political-economy and (2) a one-world cosmopolite commercial system. Friedrich List rightly observed that all commercial union is precede by political union, even if just defacto (think NAFTA, TPP, etc.) – i.e., world government (which ought not necessarily to be opposed as such.) Classical liberalism (“libertarianism”) is based on a false conception of Man and “capitalism” is radically inconsistent with nationalism; just look at the deindustrialisation of the US at the hands of neo-liberalism. History will record that America was ultimately brought down by its fetish for “Free Markets” because it was unable to produce its basic necessities at home and it’s chinese credit card has been cancelled.

    • JasonAstroth

      Free markets are not inconsistent with nationalism if the market is confined to the nation. The “free market” you’re referring to is just a word hijacked by globalists to help them move their internationalist agenda forward with support from those who would normally oppose it if they call it what it is.

    • Joe Eckstein

      This is argument that free market anything is only possible in a vacuum, sucks!

      Has tons of logic holes, and overall pessimism.

      • Ezra Pound

        Could you possibly list some of these logical holes? Capitalism says “If it is profitable to sell out your country, you should sell out your country.” But the “chosen people” have never had a problem with that, have they?

        • Joe Eckstein

          Not going to bother. You’ve anthropomorphized capitialism. Anthropomorphizing a concept is allegorical, and opinion based, and thus not logic.

          • Ezra Pound

            So you’re saying that capitalism doesn’t prescribe specific courses of action? When I say “Capitalism says…” all I am saying is that capitalism gives certain prescriptions for behavior. You deny that? That’s pretty revolutionary. What is capitalism then if not a guide for economic behavior? That aside, what are these logical holes you talk about? Can you describe them? If you won’t describe them, that only means you can’t or else you are not arguing honestly, but rather ideologically.

  • John Leo

    Funny, I think Romney hired this guy!

    • Jay Jefferson

      If Romney hired that crony-capitalist prick, it was the worst investment Bain could’ve bought. I saw the inner workings of the campaign firsthand; the whole thing was a complete Potemkin village top to bottom. Any illusion of a “Romney surge” was just that – an illusion created by the consultant class I worked for. Romney had no ground game, period. That’s why he couldn’t have hired fake protesters.

      • David Foster

        Actually, Romney DID hire fake supporters, ironically though when I do a search on YouTube to find the videos that were there during the campaign, they are gone. Damn it must be nice to have lots of money!

        • Jay Jefferson

          Wow, how pathetic of Willard. Got any links to any of it?

          • Joe Eckstein

            On Daily Paul there are stories and photos of the guy handing out fake slates in Maine.

          • Jay Jefferson

            Oh, I believe that. But that’s totally different from hiring protesters to rally for Mitt. That’s what he didn’t do.

  • Jay Jefferson

    Didn’t the Working Families Party of CT do the same thing when they paid people to go to Occupy Wall Street?

    • Joe Eckstein

      You have that worthless branch of Acorn down there, too? They need a good lawsuit too, for defrauding people of money.

  • intrepid demise

    How is this not fraud?

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I was part of a group of liberty activists at a Rand Paul for US Senate event outside the local public TV station. There were a few local supporters for the Democratic candidate. The mood was festive and cordial… until the Teamsters bus showed up with the paid agitators bussed in from out of state. Lots of vicious slurs and chants with megaphones and loud banging on 5 gallon plastic bucket drums. The local Democrats seemed embarrassed by the national organization. Another paid MoveOn operative, Lauren Valle (her crimes are documented online) presented a clear and violent threat to Rand, repeatedly rushing him. At one point, her long blond wig and hoodie came off and from her stocky build and short dark hair, in the confusion she caused, she looked like a crazy guy. After her third insane rush at Rand, a local TEA Party activist friend (a retiree with a bad back) put his foot on her back to prevent her from once again jumping up and completing the last 15 foot dash to the candidate. The media described this as a “head stomp” and presented the video over and over in slow motion with a narrative of “TEA Party goon attacks defenseless girl because she was holding a sign.”

    Our response to the tea bagger (and worse) taunts from the paid leftists was, “Inspired, not hired!”

    Nothing good will come from these paid fake activists.

    The Daily Show did a story about a union that hired protesters to picket a company for using non-union labor. The funny part of the story was, the union hired non-union workers because they were cheaper than union workers and their union members preferred to pay union dues that would be used to pay fake protesters rather than protest themselves.

  • Exlied_off_the_Path
  • Sonia Jargon


  • Gabriel Alan King

    Protesters for hire? You couldn’t make this stuff up ! Only in Amerika could one stoop so low into the cesspool of conscienceless profiteering…. our once great nation has now become a global embarrassment.

  • Defiant

    Big deal. Democrats have been doing this for years. No story here…

  • Joe Eckstein

    That Purge Day is about as useful as Scientology. What a shame that they even advertise “Write a Suicide Note” on as some sort of pseudo-scientific solution. Honestly, they can protest all they want, and waste their money doing so as far as I care. They deserve to be sued for practicing medicine without a license.

  • TheRiflemanNextDoor

    yep….more proof from generation Antichrist that the whole world is held together by bullshit and illusion.

  • wheelnut53

    How much do they pay and is it under the table income ?

  • ashme

    This is a nightmare, anyone can just pay to make a louder statement than another. I see this only skewing societal views of priorities (in no ways better than the media already does) and taking away from what democracy is all about, along with human dignity and truth…less funded, but more significant issues will get hurt even harder than they already, are as they will be drown out even further..I feel strongly that this is all a massive contradiction.