Wednesday, February 25, 2015 the Truth in Media Project will release its newest episode, “The Origins of ISIS”. This episode will delve into the truth behind where ISIS came from in the first place and why the Islamic State is not a product of American “inaction” in Iraq and Syria but rather the product of “direct action”.

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  • Poppadop

    Get hyped!!!

  • Jock Doubleday

    Ben, I saw your video over on Veterans News Now.

    The ISIS situation is simpler than you make it. Here’s how:

    ISIS is composed of Rothschild day players working for a paycheck. The group has no central core or mission. The Rothschild’s CIA, Mossad, ISIS are all engaged in the same thing: destabilization, balkanization. This is how the Rothschild bankers have been doing business (loaning money to all sides of wars) for over 200 years.

    You will notice in the years to come that ISIS will never attack Israel, because the state of Israel, to the extent that it is Zionist (Zionism is a political philosophy of conquest), is fully in line with the mission of ISIS, which is to wreck everything, destabilize the world. The state of Israel and ISIS are Rothschild creations, as is the CIA. The Rothschilds own and direct the U.S. government and military and have for many years.

    The Ukraine mess is Rothschild-owned U.S. military and Rothschild-controlled E.U. getting a foothold next to Russia so the Rothschilds can put a central bank in Russia. The CIA is presently trying its best to infiltrate Iran — take it down from within, so the Rothschilds can get a central bank in there.

    Once the Rothschilds have a central bank in Russia and Iran, there will be no country strong enough to stop them from proceeding with their prison planet / eugenics / depopulation agenda.

    Humanity has to stop the Rothschilds (imprison them for life — for 2 centuries of usurious fraud). That is the only way out of this mess.

    It’s not about the U.S. / arms / or any of that petty political nonsense. It’s about psychopathic monsters who go by the name of Rothschild (“Red Shield”).

    They must be stopped.