It really is stranger than fiction. After Ben Swann reported yesterday with exclusive images and video of the weekend’s veteran protest in DC, the Obama administration re-barricaded the WWII memorial today. Protesters had removed the gates and placed them in front of the White House.

Charlie Spiering with the Washington Examiner tweeted the below picture of freshly placed gates surrounding the WWII memorial.


The Obama administration continues to play theatrics, which is, in fact, costing the tax-payers money. For those who have never been to Washington, these memorials have no staff or gates. They are open air memorials, which are accessible 24 hours a day- 7 days a week. The only time the memorials are not accessible is when money is spent to hire workers and rent equipment to wall them off.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Jason_L

    Really, we have the most petulant President in history. D.C. is his domain. The fact that he allowed states to fund national parks in their borders is simoly because he’s getting beaten to a pulp at the polls and had to do something to salvage his image………this little tryst with the barricades is only going to be his ruin.

    • KatieCareen

      With few exceptions, all of your comments reflect exactly what is wrong in D.C. Name calling, mud slinging, blame gaming, racist banter…, what happened to grown ups sharing ideas rather than acting like children. These comments aren’t doing anything but stroking the egos of the comment makers, just like Congress…, then nothing gets done.

      As for the “religious” comments, the Bible says that God places the leader of our nation in the White House. Have any of you considered praying for him with the pressure that he is under and/or simply that he will make wise choices? If you will recall, when he became President the 1st time, we were in the middle of the 1st war that America ever started in a part of the world that is/was already a powder keg; we were already so far in debt that there was no hope of a quick return to a balanced budget; and there have been workplace/school/college/ marathon attacks every two months, on average, during President Obama’s administration.

      Don’t tell me that 9/11 started the war, because all of the men that took over the planes were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. We lost fewer men in battle during the Iraqi portion of the war than we did on 9/11, if we don’t include friendly fire and suicides. Now these vets are coming back with PTSD, probably because we killed well over 500,000 Iraqi’s, including women and children. Now we’ve moved on to Afghanistan.

      As regards the WWII Memorial, as wonderful as those individuals were, I doubt that very many of them were at the Memorial, since that war started 72 years ago and you had to be at least 17, with parental permission, to fight. That was a war with honor, until you discuss the interment of over 100,000 Japanese-American citizens, a significant portion of which had been citizens for more than 2 generations. As far as changing the history books, I never read about that until the fictional love story of “Snow Falling on Cedars” brought it up.

      So, things have been a mess for a long time and will continue to be until we stop fighting amongst ourselves, bond together like we did in the 1940’s, and start acting like grown-ups on the web and in Washington. By the way, we now have kids killing themselves because of bullies writing nasty things on the internet, I wonder where the bullies are learning this abysmal behavior?

  • Mark Michigan

    So tomorrow, let’s remove them again.

    • merlin38092

      this time, lets use them to corral the cops.

    • anooneemous

      And to muder Obama too

      • Conrad Senior

        Not an appropriate thing to say. Vote him and his cronies out. And be sure to vote in someone better. Rand Paul is my choice.

        • Mark Michigan

          If voting changed anything it would be banned.

      • Herbert Napp

        Desperate shill trying to murk the message. Nice try though. Nowhere on this page does it advocate violence and since you can’t really do the usual liberal thing and comment on Ben’s character rather than the message of the site… this is what you resort to? Fail.

      • Mark Michigan

        Please stop giving Anon a bad name.

      • FastED

        That’s A Felony, Just So You Know…

      • Kyle Reese

        You really need to learn the law bud. You can criticize the president all day long, I know he’s a globalist, but you can’t directly threaten him like that. Now your probably going to get your door kicked in a few hours by swat and the SS. These are good forums, lets don’t be stupid and bring the secret service to these forums analyzing everything that’s said on here..

  • Jammie Bradford

    My god this President has NO F”ing Clue… And spending more money, having another temper tantrum , acting like a spoiled child with all the entitlement’s of the world! Seriously this man is out of control..

  • doodls

    An ego like this is very dangerous in such a powerful position.

  • anoneeemuss

    He said get your conspiracy ass back to your house and keep saying you’ll start a “revolution” haha you guys are idiots only guns and blood will get your freedom back

  • Gregg Braddoch

    I guess the white house and the federal park service didn’t get the memo: Don’t shut down the memorial for no reason. Hell, don’t shut anything down for no reason.

    • BambiB

      It IS shut down for a reason, albeit, not a good one.
      Obama is desperately trying to prove that the government has some relevance to your life – that without government, you would suffer. But without his histrionics, people might not notice that government was shut down. They might ask, “Why are we spending hundreds of billions of dollars for something that we don’t even notice?” So Obama’s mission is two-fold: To make you feel pain, and to blame it on the Republicans.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        Lol, so I re-iterate “no reason” – Obama getting his way doesn’t really qualify in my book.

  • CaptainUSA

    I wish Ben Swann would work for Infowars on Saturdays at least. They do so much on the weekend. And I am sure Fox news will never fill the Gap.

    • Angel

      No Alex Jones is a good news source but most sheep know him as cooky conspiracy guy. We need Ben to stay with a real news agency to wake the masses up

      • Gregg Braddoch

        Agreed, Alex has some good information, and other times he whips up ridiculous BS. Best that Ben stays on his own. Hell, I think a media made up of many different voices running their own platforms is a GOOD idea.

      • Richard Jones

        Wow, 14 upvotes and 0 down. Now I KNOW the commenters on this site are dumber than a box of rocks.

        Alex Jones is a mfing nutjob and anyone who says he’s a good news source needs to get their head on straight.

        You’re honest, intelligent Libertarians who aren’t full of crap a terrible name and making us look retarded. Stop. Just stop.

    • Conrad Senior

      I dislike all the major networks for bias and propaganda. Also, I am not very impressed with FOX. While they do present conservative viewpoints, they have their own agenda, and it is not supporting the people but programming viewpoints and war mongering attitudes. What we need is a libertarian news channel.

  • F Plang

    Guys, you realize Reagan while he was president walled off memorials eight different occasions…right? And there were 18 government shutdowns while he was president.

    • Christopher Tutt

      Excellent post… The link has some GREAT info in it. For those that check this article out should check out the link that F Plang provided.

    • US Army Infantry soldier

      who cares…? i HOPE TO GOD you aren’t defending this communist “president”

      • US Army Infantry soldier

        I guess it was also Reagan who shut down the Grand Canyon EVEN THOUGH Arizona said they would pay the tab…. oh no wait… that was failbama

      • Christopher Tutt
    • tbedard

      dear plang.. please get your facts straight.. the government never shut down under reagan.. and it CERTAINLY didn’t shut down 18 times (seeing that in the history of the nation its only shut down 17 times)

      • Christopher Tutt

        Well he did shut it down once but only for hrs. So after fact checking the 18 times is WAY off.

        • Andrea Royall

          Indeed, the 18 times was pure hyperbole. Awesome of you to take the initiative to research it. Many would not.

      • Andrea Royall

        Actually it did shut down thanks to Tip O’Neill , then speaker of the house. But, as far as I know there was no wall off of memorials- considering the WW2 memorial wasn’t open until 2004.

    • Conrad Senior

      You are talking nonsense. I was on active duty during many of the shutdowns and had difficulty paying my bills because I didn’t have a paycheck living hand to mouth on a paltry salary. I remember those days clearly, while you are making stuff up to support your point of view. Obama is being an ass. That is perfectly clear.

    • Gregg Braddoch


      F Plang “Reagan shut the government down 18 times”

      Facts: This current shutdown is the 18th time that our government was shut down, and the previous shutdown was by the veto of the budget under the Clinton Administration.

      I don’t know whether to praise his satire, or to gather that he actually believes what he said.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        After reading the blog from the attached link, I suspect satire, lol

        • F Plang


      • F Plang

        sorry for the delayed response. whoever pointed out that I have the number of shut down under Reagan wrong thanks for pointing this out.I was not trying to say Obama is better or worse than any other president; rather I was trying to say that presidents over the past 50 years have been marginally different. That’s the point I was trying to make.

  • Conrad Senior

    You realize Persia is not a country since 1935.

    • Andrea Royall

      If that is your only critique of the article, you are a pathetic excuse for a human.. And for your redneck ignorance-Persian is an ethnic group.

      • Conrad Senior

        I don’t have a criticism of the article. There is nothing much to it, retreading information that is elsewhere. I hoped for more. I’d be much more interested in what he has to say about Iran with this background. I find it interesting that he plays on being both Persia and American. Pick one and go with it. Or hit on the issues effecting the two and be the credibly informed writer on the topic. There are plenty of issues relating to Iran that are more interesting than this topic. Here’s one? How many oil producing countries sell their oil in a currency other than the US Dollar? What is the real reason for the sanctions against Iran? Do the moderates have power, and do we need to be afraid of Iran? As you for you Andrea, you are welcome to kiss my ass.

        • Michael Lotfi

          Persian is an ethnicity. America- is not. Saying I should pick one and stick with it is essentially saying pick one of the following fruits: Apple, or Chicken. Thanks for reading though.

          • Conrad Senior

            Michael, You have a wonderful opportunity to speak about about world events with your background. I presume you can read newspapers written in Farsi, plus you have an American perspective. Give us something with some meat on it. You are the sort of person who can help defuse the war mongering talk about Iran. Do you realize that you as an individual and a writer can have a real impact? Writing about barricades is not significant. Be a leader.

          • Michael Lotfi

            Conrad, thank you for the kind words. Trust that I do try and diffuse situations when possible. That being said, my words and actions have to be calculated, as there are a large number of people who are immediately turned off to me because of my ethnicity. And so, everything in moderation.

          • 100% american

            Michael I am only disappointed that you think you must include your ethnicity when in fact ethnicity should not matter to any of us when you express your opinions on politics. This is the right of every American

          • Michael Lotfi

            I disclose my ethnicity because I am extremely proud of my culture. Not because of my politics.

          • Richard Jones

            American IS an ethnicity. It just happens to be a mix of other previous ethnicities, as they all are at one time. At one time there was no Persia, Spain, Costa Rica, or anything else. Those ethnicities were once not ethnicities either.

        • Andrea Royall

          I don’t associate with lowlifes such as yourself, who clearly have bare minimum a bipolar disorder. If I had not pointed out your ignorance I doubt highly you would have been so kind to Michael Lotfi. Kudos to Michael for being diplomatic, I am not. I call a spade a spade.

          • Conrad Senior

            I’m ready for our date. Wear red lipstick.

          • Andrea Royall

            You cant afford me. Besides, you’ve already made me cuss at your comments in German and Arabic. Never a good plan to upset a southern German American female.

          • Conrad Senior

            So you admit you are a prostitute. How unusual. Then, I’m not interested. A southern German American female? So you are a neo Nazi too? I bet you are popular with the toothless crowd.

          • Andrea Royall

            So you admit to being one of those cheap pricks that expects the woman to pay for the date. Good to know. And being of German heritage makes one a neo-Nazi. How utterly unoriginal. So, you’re a cheap, uncultured ignorant redneck with no scruples or class. Got it. Moving on because you have now bored me to tears.

          • Conrad Senior

            Please keep it going you are too funny. It seems that whenever a woman makes an accusation it is based what they hear about themselves…rude, uncultured, redneck–you describe yourself well–right out of the gates that was my impression. What would you know about class? You have proven you have none. Please respond again and show me more of your personality.

      • Jay

        “Redneck ignorance” Well Andrea Royall, that shows your ignorance……

        • Andrea Royall

          Actually, it doesn’t; but I don’t suspect logic and reasoning are high on your skill set.

          • Conrad Senior

            Andrea reminds me of dog shit. It is like walking in parade in dress uniform, and then you step in dog shit–it is on your shoes and now you stink too by association. I tried to interject a bit of humor and she turned nasty. Want respect Andrea? Earn it.

        • Hugo Guessit

          Leave her alone, you know you’re fighting a battle of wits with an unarmed person when she references Wikipedia to back up an argument.

  • CL

    Since the barry-cades worked so well before…..

  • countyguard

    Great.. more ammo to piss off everyone. It is obvious this is all a facade. The government planned this shutdown… here’s from a post from an unknown source…

    “This makes you rethink the whole main stream propaganda you hear on the News every day. ” In my working life I’ve never seen the government do anything fast and efficient. I have worked in the government on and off for 40 years. During that time I became quite familiar with requisitions, bidding, awarding contracts etc. It is a time consuming process with bean-counters and pencil-necked bureaucrats every step of the way. The simplest request takes months not days or hours.

    In less than 8 hours of the shutdown, miraculously, professionally printed 3X4 foot signs appeared all over the country in the tens of thousands saying- “this [park, facility, etc. with custom logos] closed due to government shutdown.”

    There has not been a government shutdown in 17 years. These signs were designed, specifications were determined, signs were then requisitioned, bids were posted and vetted, government contracts were awarded. The materials were then ordered and the signs manufactured then distributed by U.S. Mails or freight companies. IN EIGHT HOURS?!!!

    This took millions of tax dollars that had to be appropriated and normally it would take 3 to 6 months to accomplish all this [ 6 – 8 weeks in an emergency ] – so how did it get done in only 8 hours?”

    So… what do YOU think? Wake up America!!!!!

    • SickOfTheStupid

      This is the tyrannical government the founding fathers warned us about…………we know the cure

    • Ben Burke

      Countyguard, I wish they could wake up. I think they’re in a coma.

  • Hilda

    Resist tyranny and slavery. Dr. Carson got it right when he equates ObamaUNcare with slavery.

  • Denver Bob

    I think – we need to go remove them again….

  • Columba Lisa Smith

    Seems there is no limit to this president’s misguided arrogance.

    • alberto

      BHO must think that he is The Bu$hling?

  • VET

    I ASK WHY OBAMA???? I am a VET and you do this to us after you send us to WAR AGAIN I ASK WHY????????????????????????????

    • John Lennon

      Because people in the military are pawns for them in power at this point in America. Your life is dispensable in there quest for power and control. Look at Benghazi, look at Snowden, look at his request for war against Syria. They all show he does not care for your lives. Only for his goal of domination.

      • Conrad Senior

        So many veterans are questioning, why are we fighting? I am one of them. Why are we fighting? The manufactured reasons do not make sense. Right now we are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. Why?

        • rica77

          The answer to that is Fractional Reserve Banking. Muslim nations do not charge usury, the banks of the world hate them for it and that is why we target them as terrorists and continue to wage wars in the Middle East.

        • John Lennon

          So they can litter Europe and Russia with heroin! Agenda 21 is the goal. Everyone addicted and poor is how to get there.

    • Docvert

      For “VET”, I am a Vet also, 4 years on the USS Midway on the Flight Deck. To answer the “why”, you must understand who Obama’s handlers are. They are the Power Elite who Groomed Obama and put him where he is! They paid for his College, etc…. They even got him a social security number from Connecticut which wasn’t his. Anyway– he is following his orders and part of the orders is to create as much disturbance as possible while bank rupting our nation. You are correct, he doesn’t care! Why should he– he is 100% a Traitor to our Country!

      • Patriot013


  • akatom3565

    This is a shining example of what those who are in charge think of us and of themselves, mostly of themselves. Seems like the legal beagles have forgotten those words of” for the people and by the people”. This is not about anything other than a show of force to show they can touch all aspects of our lives and we are powerless against their superiority or will. This is juvenile behavior for those who have been given the ultimate responsibility of leadership of the best country in the world. Lastly this is a slap against all those who have ever served, by those who never have but enjoy those same freedoms none the less.

  • Candace Rocha

    This country needs to repent and ask God to come Back into This Country. Then and Only Then will the trash that is running this country be thrown out and taken to the dump were they belong. Ever since This country has started Kicking God out of our schools, government, courts, and everything else, Bad things have started to happen. And they are going to keep happening till we turn back to God or we end up like Israel.

    • Morino Ginrikuzuma

      Its interesting an all-powerful all-knowing all-present being is unable to be present whereever it wishes to be when the goverment says no to it lmao

      • God’s Girl

        Morino Ginrikuzuma, you are right. God is still in school. But, what is so hard for me is that many things that are really attacking truth is taught as fact, and there is no ability to counter that with the truth because we are not supposed to bring God into school. It is like my best friend getting beat up in front of me, and I have my hands tied. God gave us all the right to choose for ourselves who we will serve or believe in, and I will not try to exalt myself above God’s will to make anyone believe in God if they don’t want to. It is an atrocity that the whole truth is not taught in school, but God is so big that He can bring truth to those who are searching for it. Just like you have a bit of the truth- you have an innate ability to recognize that an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present being can’t be kicked out of anything. I know I am probably offending you, but I am rejoicing in your response to Candace Rocha because it shows that even though you don’t believe in God, you have a gift of discernment from Him. I really don’t want to offend you, but I really want God to bless you, as you have blessed me. Have a great day!

        • Morino Ginrikuzuma

          Its called a joke. I don’t believe in your imaginary being. I recognize god being all-powerful etc. etc. as much as I recognize superman being all-powerful as well.

          Anyways your preaching on religion has nothing to do with the state of our nation. Its corruption in government and ill-tempered people in power.

          • God’s Girl

            Ah. That is just too bad Morino Ginrikuzuma, in many different ways. God doesn’t need you to recognize Him as being who He is for Him to still be who He is. I understood you made a joke. It was the intelligent conclusion behind the joke that I commented on. You are an intelligent man. The corruption in our government is a result of a corruption in the hearts of men. It is a spiritual issue. I am sorry that you are also grumpy. I rarely read news or post on news articles because it is just a bummer situation and a waste of my time and energy. God bless you, and may you enjoy a good life. I will probably never cross paths with you again.

    • ccmgaron

      Sooo, what about Canada and Norway?

      Both doing fine, yet governments and education do not depend on the “gods of man”.

      The idea you present is as corrupt as the current U.S. Government situation.

    • dangfitz

      Buddhists no longer welcome?

    • Meatbyproducts

      So the Scientific community that is 98% non-religious is bad for America? We are not a religious country and we have a secular government. The people might be mostly X-ian but we are not a christian nation.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      and again, what God is that? You don’t worship God, you worship yourself

  • Please Leave

    I am so ashamed of Obama, he does not deserve the title as President. He and his congress are disgraceful, cruel, heartless, wicked. This memorial does not belong of you, it is the people, the real people of our beloved United States of America. You have shamed us to the world. It is all about being your color and being in control isn’t Obama, you don’t even belong here and we don’t want you here. Please, please step down and let us restore our land. You have destroyed so much, we have so much to repair. I pray for protection and peace and restoration of our country. Remove the gates, bury our glorious young servicemen. I can go on & on like everyone else. Look at the money you have wasted on luxuries you don’t deserve, trips that were not necessary…our money Obama, our hard earned money. Some of us can’t even put a meal on the table for our children, the homeless and you continue to waste. Please get out! Leave forever! We will get our country back, our way. This is God’s will.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      And what God is that? The phony self created God of “Christians” that allows them to stand in judement of everyone while remaning above judgement like sad little Pharisees of old? Jesus spat on your kind of God.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      By the way loser, are you aware the majority of farm welfare goes to republicans and the top richest ones at that? No? You partisan monkeys ARE the problem fool.

  • ForTehNguyen

    70 years later and still fighting the Nazis

  • Timothy Bucci


  • 82ABNwife

    This is just SICK!!!!! Here is a question, are the lights shining on all of the American flags at night, or have they been turned off????? Since that is a Federal Violation.

  • Crafted USA

    This post is a MUST READ for every American. How are they barricading a “open air” Monuments? #Liberty #Awake #Stand

    • Sherry Heim

      It’s all just part of Obama’s Reign of Pain that he is forcing on the people. He is having a temper tantrum. How can anybody even have one ounce of respect left for that snotty nosed, 5 year old tyrant?

      • Richard Jones

        Nice. Blame Obama for the Republican shutdown. Because THEY’RE not the ones acting like spoiled children here. Moron.

        • TM

          Richard…so how does…..pass my plan….raise the debt ceiling to everything I want…and then we will negotiate what is no longer needed. Sounds a lot like….play by my rules or I will take my ball and go home. I deal with this every day on the 4th grade playground in my school. Coming from adults….:give me everything I want before I begin to negotiate” is not reasonable. Even 4th graders are smarter than that.

          • Docvert

            Obviously RICHARD is a brain dead Liberal and wouldn’t see the facts if you pulled out his eyeballs and stuffed them in his head! He is a poor excuse for an American, and I’m sure he could NOT tell you more than the first 2 Amendments in the Bill of Rights! He is the reason for our downfall, the 25% of Americans who love Obama, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and the Government funded radio stations—because they couldn’t make it in the real market– they fall for the George Soros propaganda machine and they will fight until they can’t speak anymore for what that machine says is right! Everytime I hear ignorant people like him speak, I want to vomit!

          • Troy Hendrickson

            so like the republicans, libertarians hope to advance by simply blaming Obama for everything.
            And the Kochs smile…

        • Ken

          Another low information voter troll. Or are you one of the thousands of paid Obamites on social media sent to harass Americans? Either way, you have sold your soul to the devil.

        • Jadedknight

          You really are a VERY SPECIAL kind of STUPID aren’t you…Freaking moron.

        • oldskoolsoldier

          Richard is right, guys. The GOP are really being babies about this one. Obamacare has already passed and deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court. I’m very skeptical of Obamacare being beneficial to America, but if that’s the only topic that’s keeping our country from running, then just give it up.
          This website is becoming an outlet for right-wing propagandists, instead of a think-tank for true independents, like myself. Spewing out hatred for a political side, left or right, makes you look irrational.

          • Patriot013

            The 2nd Amendment is Law also, for over 200 years now.
            Now what was that you were saying about Obamacare being deemed constitutional?
            I believe the word propagandist is being used on the wrong side of the fence. The Obama Regime is using Tactics right from the teachings of Saul Ailinsky.
            Are you blind to what is happening right in front of you?

          • Patriot013

            I find it so amazing that if anyone speaks up against Obama they are considered a Right Wing Propagandist. Therefore, we are not allowed to speak negatively of him at all in order to be an American in your view.
            BULLSHIT! Way to TWIST things.

          • Descendant of Col. Boynton

            No kidding, since when does opposing one black man automatically make you a racist, especially when I can name other blacks I have voted for in elections.
            I even voted for a black man in 2008, except it wasn’t Obummer, it was Torion Bridges for Wayne State University Board of Governors.

          • oldskoolsoldier

            No, what I have been seeing more and more of on here is irrational demoralizing statements toward political parties. Ben Swan is supposed to be about truth. Put your political affiliations aside and focus on truth.

          • oldskoolsoldier

            What is happening right in front of me (comments on this website) is right-wing propaganda. That’s not to say that I haven’t seen some liberal propaganda on, but it’s much MUCH less. It all makes me sick.

          • dangfitz

            That doesn’t mean it can’t be de-funded, or repealed.

          • Sherry Heim

            Just because Obamacare is considered constitutional, does not mean that we have the money to fund it.

          • oldskoolsoldier

            I agree, but fair is fair. Sometimes you just have to let the political process run its course. The fact that the GOP is not even giving Obama a chance to look bad or fail is not helping (and making them look worse!). You have to give the general voters more credit. Don’t give Obama any room to pass the blame if it’s going to fail.

          • Sherry Heim

            I agree with you on that point, also. Obama has not been willing to compromise one bit, he is acting like a child and not doing his job which is to sit down with both sides and propose a compromise that will represent all of the citizens and those involved in the budget process. The GOP has not proposed KILLING the ACA, simply defunding it. When the senate is proposing that we go 1 trillion more in debt to fund all of the things on their list, I, for one, say NO WAY. If you want the ACA, then come to the congress with a balanced budget that includes it, not a budget that already is pushing us deeper in debt and then tacking the ACA on to it. As much as the media continues to try to make congress look like the bad guys, I see them trying to maintain a reasonable budget without pushing us, speedily, into a financial collapse. The truth is, if they (congress) continue to hold out, past the deadline, there is no reason to default on our loans. There is already money allotted by congress to pay the interest on our loans and believe me, even if the government were shutdown, the IRS isn’t and they are collecting 24/7, and today is the day that business taxes must be mailed in. No matter how this all looks to the American people who have been lead by the nose by the media, if we default, the rest of the world will blame Obama because when you are the leader of the country, the buck stops there. I believe that in order to save face, Obama will make sure that the interest on our loans gets paid but he really wants that to happen AND get absolutely everything he asked for in the budget. I don’t know about you, but I am not personally in a position to have my taxes going up even higher to fund a government that has out of control spending. Taxation and tyranny are not freedom.

          • Descendant of Col. Boynton

            The Supreme Court does not have the legal authority to decide what is constitutional, their authority is to make sure the constitution and laws are being obeyed, Obamacare is unconstitutional and the judges who ruled it constitutional are arch criminals whom should be disbarred and incarcerated.
            The 1st amendment says freedom of religion, is that null and void if the Supreme Court rules that Islam is the only constitutional religion and if the Supreme Court ruled it that way, does it mean Islam would be the only constitutional religion.
            Those damn judges who ruled Obamacare to be constitutional, broke the law and should be disbarred immediately.

        • Patriot013

          LOL! You are so Deceived by the Obama Regime.

        • Sherry Heim

          If you check the congressional record, MORON, you will see that the only thing that congress did not approve in the budget was ACA. All the rest of the shut this down, don’t deliver those checks, is not the doing of congress. Let the government remain shutdown as far as I am concerned. The IRS collects $$ 24/7 shutdown or not, and if we default on our loans, it is Obama’s decision because the money is there to make the interest payments. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, I am and have been for years a member of the Libertarian Party, the real one, not the Paul, Cruz one. Running up the debt is a horrible idea because our current situation is already not sustainable. The senate needs to present a balanced budget and if they don’t they are not doing their jobs. Congress refusing to add to the debt is really not such a bad idea.

  • Sherry Heim

    Time to go move the gates, again. When is Obama going to learn that he cannot control the people?

    • Troy Hendrickson

      about the same time the religious right realizes it doesn’t own the government

      • DB.Coupe

        Left or right it does matter. Each are the head of the same beast.

  • proton

    You are witnessing the end of the racist, creationist half-wit branch of the once proud GOP. America will survive but you will be crushed in 2114 and say hello to Pres. H. Clinton. 2116.

    • Ken

      Are you planning on living another 100 years? Looking into your crystal ball to the year 2114? That may be the year that the GOP ends but the Democrat party will end much sooner – a slow death beginning in 2014.

      • Conrad Senior

        I don’t think the GOP will win another Presidential election. They drove out the Libertarians in the last election. The poor are getting poorer and voting Democratic. The vast majority of sheepeople want to be told what to do and believe the nonsense in the main stream news which is all misdirection from the real issues. If the GOP was actually conservative and was interested in cutting spending and stopped the non-stop wars, then perhaps they would have a chance. I don’t see that happening.

    • Froi Vincenton

      This guy is the most BRAIN DAMAGED liberal I’ve ever seen online…

    • Patriot013

      Huh? Are you not paying attention here?

    • Conrad Senior

      The GOP has lost its way, as have the liberals. We are witnessing the rise of the libertarian party. People who have never been politically active have become so, because we are tired of the crazy government spending, the needless wars, the insane number of laws that are constantly passed so that we have no freedom and every one is guilty of some law, simply because there are TOO MANY LAWS!

      • Troy Hendrickson

        The problem with libertarians is you want to close the foor after the horses are gone, you need to get the horses back before you shut the door, otherwise all the power is in the hands of those who usurped it. Then again, there hasn’t been a political party out there that isn’t revealed as a corporate dupe.

    • dangfitz

      All depends on who the GOP nominates. If it’s a culture warrior, then it’s likely that Hillary wins. If it’s someone who genuinely believes in limiting government to keep it out of our paychecks, bedrooms, bathrooms, wedding chapels, and how to define and raise our families, then Hillary will attend the inaugural back in row 2 as Bill’s plus one.

  • rainbowdash

    Shall we make this an every weekend throw the gates back on the White House lawn thing? 😀

  • Joseph P

    I undersrand how fustrating and lame this whole situation is, but people Do work at these Memorials. Feel free to be upset about it being shut down, but please make sure your facts are in place. People mow the grass, clean the grounds, maintain the infrastructure. They probably have a secuirty guard or two who patrol the grounds at least once in awhile to scout for vandalism or discourage damaging of the property. By putting up the barricades, they can be reasonably assured the place isnt vandalized or damaged while the regular maintenance staff is on furlough. It takes maybe a few hours and a few people to set up the barricades,chances are it takes way more time and money to have the maintenance staff on at all times.

    • Conrad Senior

      Your suggestion makes no sense. Graveyards fit that description. We have all read that once in a while kids will vandalize graveyards, but it is mighty rare. This could happen here at any time. I visited my fathers grave last week. No one was there to let me in. This time of year the grass is not growing, it is dormant. Obama was pretty silly for putting the barricades back up. What it tells everyone is he is a petulant child who has to have his way. He doesn’t care about his constituents and this is a direct slap in veterans faces. The cost to put up barricades was a needless expense. And it is pretty clear to me that Obama made the decision, not someone else. he should have backed down on this one.

    • Rob H

      You have obviously never been to these memorials so maybe you should make sure your facts are in place. I have spent over 1/2 a day there just walking around them and never once saw a worker, let alone a security guard. With the veteran’s walking around you can be reasonably assured they won’t be vandalized. The grass can grow and won’t have an impact on the concrete sidewalks. The areas are clean because the veterans & other visitors won’t walk by someone elses trash without picking it up and throwing it away. IF someone has done these things that warranted barricades being installed then I’m sure the news would have reported them. Barricades will not stop a criminal from defacing public property or doing any other criminal act but will give the privacy to do said act because they know no one else will come in and catch them.
      I agree with you that this situation is frustrating and lame. I believe every single person in the congress should be fired, but don’t misunderstand the action. The order was given by the president to make the gov’t shutdown “more painful”. He also needs to be fired. It doesn’t seem like anyone in D.C. has put the best interest of the country above their own.

      • believer

        Yes it all happens by magic, maybe we could pull all budget funding for the memorials because their is no cost associated with them, could save the money that is spent for apparently no reason by your logic of I didn’t see it, it doesn’t exist, and that is exactly what is wrong with simplistic viewpoints that run rampant on blogs like these.

        • dangfitz

          What “happens by magic”? The granite stays put? The point is that the cost of putting up barricades (repeatedly, because good Americans keep removing them) and the increased police presence to keep people off of the Mall is much higher. A guy went to the Lincoln Memorial, started cleaning up & cutting the grass, and Park Police made him stop. What the feds COULD do is not put up barricades.

    • charlie

      These are not able to keep out anyone that wants to damage the memorials. The barricades would have to be much higher. The grass will still grow and trash would be blown in. So what you are saying is not worth reading.

    • Tony Binca

      Can’t Obama hire smarter people to shill for him? Keep vandals out with a 2-1/2 foot tall barrier? You must be a crackhead.

    • ax123man

      “By putting up the barricades, they can be reasonably assured the place isnt vandalized or damaged while the regular maintenance staff is on furlough.”

      You’re joking, right? Those barricades are not going to stop vandalism. Are you so dim witted you can’t see that this, and all the other shutdown theatrics, is a symbolic appeal to emotion by the White House in order to maximize bargaining leverage on budget negotiations? (And perhaps trying to make sure the slaves, er, I mean citizens know who’s in control)

      You really think the difference between full and part time DC ground staff matters? I don’t think you know much about what makes up the federal budget, or how big a trillion is.

      • oldskoolsoldier

        Wow, you’re really going to compare citizens to slaves? That’s pretty insensitive? Slavery was a horrible thing. I am a citizen and I am in no way a slave. You really think all Americans are such idiots? Good for you. You seem like one of those people who want the government to fail so you can say “I told you so”.

        • mickey

          you’re a slave and you can’t even see it. If an American Bank is IN YOUR COUNTRY. YOU. ARE. A. SLAVE.

        • Ax123man

          “A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object”
          Given the way it was presented, and not the primary point of my post, it should be clear to the educated that my use of slave here was a metaphor.

          “A slave is one who is abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence”
          Of course our government does not treat us as slaves according to the definition of slave from the 18th & 19th century. They aren’t that dumb. They’ve figured out that they can live (very well) off of our labor while convincing us it’s for our own good. Are you free to do as you wish as long as it does not harm others? (if not, you are subservient). If you answer yes to this question, you are ignorant. If you answer “no, but that’s the way it needs to be”, you have fallen for the propaganda.

  • CaptainUSA

    The Treason is making me sick.

  • PissedMurican

    Will someone just stage a coup d’etat already?! PLEASE?! Let a REAL leader who knows the value of human life and happiness into office….like….Oh I dunno….William Swenson?!

  • L.murphy

    This scares me.. Obama scares me. I pray our country survives his rule.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    when I hear people blame one side and not the other, I know it’s written by a partisan dishonest journalist.