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Article submitted by guest contributor Ezra Van Auken.

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency (NSA) information dump, the only possible result coming from his leak, for civil libertarians, is NSA reform – but looking to rain down on the parade is former CIA acting director Michael Morell. The NSA review board member opposed any dream of NSA reform but went on to advocate for more domestic surveillance while he claimed current spying works.

Morell explained that e-mail data absorbed by the NSA is most likely more valuable than telephony data. And, the former Obama administration official made sure to add that practices by the NSA are only saving American interests from another 9/11-styled attack. Openly admitting that the effectiveness of NSA spying isn’t relevant to what the future brings, Morell then said that the 2001 attacks could’ve been stopped, with the help of NSA spying.

Trying to move around the influence of civil libertarian advocates, Morell also told press simply that NSA officials were not spying on Americans. He said, “[the agency] is not reading the content of your phone calls or [his] phone calls or anybody else’s phone calls. It is focused on this metadata for one purpose only, and that is to make sure that foreign terrorists aren’t in contact with anybody in the United States.”

Confidently, Morell noted that since the NSA’s spying overhaul, not one terrorist plot has been executed in the US. However, the media constantly pushed the Boston bombing, which occurred in April of this year and led to the injury of over 200 people, as being a terrorist attack. Not only did an attack occur in the US, but also many NSA analysts said that the acclaimed number of attacks that the NSA thwarted is a farce.

Overall, the five-member panel weighed to reform provisional spying, but it was Morell who wouldn’t accept the idea. Morell argued that reformation would only slow down the data collection and sifting process, and got the review board to at least agree that an emergency situation scenario needed to be added in order for NSA officials to collect and sift without waiting for third party companies and providers to adhere to court orders.

Of course, the other problematic area for change and openness is the court, which has been neither; hence, why pundits and policymakers have stuck to calling the FISA courts “secret courtrooms”. In the end though, the five-member review board offered little clean-ups here and there, while continued to praise the very programs over which whistleblower Snowden got so many people upset.

Also, last week around the time of the review board’s diagnosis and cure was President Obama’s NSA fumble. Reuters’s Mark Felsenthal asked Obama if “[he was] able to identify any specific examples when it did so? [If he was] convinced that the collection of that data is useful to national security to continue as it is?” Completely throwing away any attempt to answer, Obama resorted to emotional appeal by bringing up the 9/11 attacks.

In the mix of back and forth debate over NSA spying lies the mastermind behind it all, the one who even fueled the debate: Edward Snowden. Epically, Snowden declared a victory last week. He said, “[He] already won. As soon as the journalists were able to work, everything that [he] had been trying to do was validated. Because, remember, [he] didn’t want to change society. [He] wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.” 

Indeed, Snowden has changed the outlook on governments in everyday society, enrolling the common individual in the idea of questioning the unquestioned, through the thick and thin.

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  • Lucas

    Snowden is a hero for what he did!

  • Son Of A Patriot

    The biggest single improvement to our security happened as the heroes on Flight 93 thwarted the plans of the hijacker on their airplane. Instead of waiting for authorities to figure out what to do, they rushed the cockpit and stopped the plot to keep the plane from hitting its target. Had they learned earlier, they would have stopped the terrorists before they got to the cockpit as they did with the shoestring bomber, the underwear bomber, and all other bombers that were caught not by the TSA or NSA but by citizens who stopped being naive about being protected by some magical government agency.

    The biggest threat now are opportunists who like those who took advantage of the Reichstag Fire would use it as an excuse to strip their homeland of all freedoms and transform it. Our fathers put their lives on the line to defeat that overseas. Let’s not let it happen here. Please.

    • http://thecountyguard.org/ countyguard

      Please guys, don’t propagate 911 government propaganda… get the fact on 911, and realize how you have been lied to and used… don’t fall for the lies… ae911truth.org

  • rivahmitch

    People stupid enough to trust a “President” who lies to them about their most basic personal interests are likely stupid enough to trust a flunky who says “[the agency] is not reading the content of your phone calls or
    [his] phone calls or anybody else’s phone calls. It is focused on this
    metadata for one purpose only, and that is to make sure that foreign
    terrorists aren’t in contact with anybody in the United States.” They’re also too stupid to understand that Big Brother is watching NOT to insure their security but to insure it’s (Big Brother’s) security which is definitely NOT the same thing. Semper Fi!

  • Karolyn

    This POTUS lies so much he wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the head. There is no was with the intelligence we have that the government didn’t know about the planes coming in on 9/11. And they have admitted they knew, talked to and were aware of the Boston bombers. They haven’t stopped anything but what they set up themselves then stopped to make themselves look like they are doing something. We are not free people; we are living under a dictator whether that’s what people call him or not. Even Quanell X who usually supports everything Obama does is not happy about the phone and email being captured by the NSA.

  • http://thecountyguard.org/ countyguard

    OK, Michael… thank you for your confession as to being a domestic terrorist chief, and traitor to the people of the United States of America… THANK YOU, so now we know who to imprison when you guys lose…

  • Herbert Napp

    What the hell are these people supposedly “seeing” that’s SUCH a good motivator for spying on everyone? It’s time for more transparency or to admit that you’re being extorted or bought, lawmakers.