“We’re diverted totally from what this bill is about. Why? Because the anarchists have taken over. They’ve taken over the House and now they’ve taken over the Senate. People who don’t believe in government — and that’s what the Tea Party is all about — are winning, and that’s a shame,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the Senate floor only weeks ago. (emphasis added)

His claims of anarchy were then echoed by many in the democratic caucus. Reid cites that because the SCOTUS upheld Obamacare it is the “law of the land” now and republicans should bow down.

I would remind Harry Reid that democratic federalists also sought to ensure slavery was upheld by the SCOTUS as the “law of the land” and it was only until republicans fought tooth and nail did that change. Furthermore, the SCOTUS upheld that African Americans were property and not humans. In retrospect, perhaps we should really take what the SCOTUS says with a grain of salt seeing as how Chief Justice John Marshall singularly gave the SCOTUS powers it was never intended to have in the first place in 1803 with Marbury v. Madison. Not to mention that Justice Marshall, on more than one occasion, created cases outside of the Court so that they would eventually reach his newly created jurisdiction so he could rule in favor of more central government- thus making his hand crafted cases the “law of the land”.

Justice Marshall, a federalist who wanted a massive central government, acted above the law to create a Supreme Court, which acts above the law. Acting above the law is also known as anarchy.

Back to Harry Reid. Okay, the SCOTUS upheld Obamacare. Then why don’t Reid, Pelosi and Obama just uphold the law of the land? Democrats scream, “Well what do you think they’re trying to do!” No.

Law-of-the-land-Obamacare says nothing about the IRS having authority re-write the healthcare law, which is unconstitutional since only Congress can create and change laws. Yet, the IRS re-wrote the law anyways. Obama has bailed out his huge corporate sponsors giving them deadline exemptions. Law-of-the-land-Obamacare says nothing about the president’s corporate sponsors getting exemptions.  Law-of-the-land-Obamacare also says that members of Congress will lose their subsidy. That didn’t stop above-the-law-of-the-land-Obama from holding secret meetings to give Congress their exemption from law-of-the-land-Obamacare.  In fact, the very act of the SCOTUS declaring Obamacare a tax by rewriting the law was unconstitutional, as only Congress can make laws.

Democrats having been screaming that America will default because of the “republican shutdown”. That is simply a lie. For one, there’s plenty of money coming in to pay creditors. Second, if America did default it would simply be because above-the-law-of-the-land-Obama decided to act above the Constitution in an act of political theater. Sections 4 & 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment explicitly make default unconstitutional as detailed by Robin Koerner.

Lois-above-the-law-of-the-land-Lerner illegally targeted tea party groups under the Obama administration’s direction. She’s now quietly retired with a $50,000/year tax payer funded pension. Pretty sweet deal for an anarchist.

Hillary-above-the-law-of-the-land-Clinton simply stepped down from her position as Secretary of State and will probably win the 2016 democratic nominee for president after the Benghazi tragedy. No jail time, no fine, not even a pink-slip. Another sweet deal for an anarchist.

The list goes on.

You see, it’s really quite the contrary. The tea party, libertarian wing of the Republican party are actually the ones seeking to uphold the law-of-the-land known as the Constitution. A nation of laws is one where Americans prosper. America does not, and has not prospered in this nation of anarchist men, who consistently rule themselves above the law.


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