President Obama

On Monday President Obama signed into law the so-called “fast-track” bill, setting the stage for approval of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The fast-track bill, officially known as the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), was one of two bills signed by Obama. The president also signed the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) act which is supposed to extend aid to workers who might lose their jobs as a consequence of the TPP or other so-called free trade deals.

Following the signing, Darlene Superville, White House reporter for The Associated Press, tweeted:

@POTUS at trade bill signing: ‘I thought I’d start off the week with something we should do more often, a truly bipartisan bill signing’

Despite the bipartisan nature of the bill, President Obama acknowledged the hurdles that remain for the TPP. “We still have some tough negotiations that are going to be taking place. The debate will not end with this bill signing,” Obama said.

CNET reports that an Australian parliamentary committee has released a “Blind Agreement” report warning of an impending “attack [on] internet freedoms,” and criticizing the negotiations as lacking “oversight and scrutiny.”

The joint-Parliamentary report stated that, “Parliament is faced with an all-or-nothing choice” and is being “kept in the dark.”

“Parliament should play a constructive role during negotiations and not merely rubber-stamp agreements that have been negotiated behind closed doors,” the report reads.

With the passing of the TPA and TAA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is possibly only weeks away from approval. The trade agreement has been notoriously secret, with the public only viewing chapters of the text which have been leaked by WikiLeaks.

TruthInMedia previously reported on the growing opposition to the TPP:

As the trade agreement nears completion both the Anglican and Catholic churches of New Zealand are demanding the government be more transparent about the negotiations. Radio NZ reports that bishops from the churches are concerned with the lack of openness and that corporate interests are influencing the agreement while the people are being excluded. The churches also called on the New Zealand government to make the draft text of the agreement public.

In early February,  doctors and health professional representing seven countries released a letter warning that the TPP will lead to higher medical costs for all nations. The letter, published in The Lancet medical journal, states that, “Rising medicine costs would disproportionately affect already vulnerable populations.” The doctors called on the governments involved in the trade deal to publicly release the full text of the agreement. They also demanded an independent analysis of the impacts on health and human rights for each nation involved in the deal.

Also in February, an analysis by The Washington Post revealed the US government’s numbers on expected job increases from TPP are not factually correct. The Fact Checker examined several quotes from government officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Both Kerry and Vilsack claimed the international trade agreement would create 650,000 new jobs. However, these numbers do not take into account income gains and changing wages. According to the government own sources imports and exports would increase by the same amount resulting in a net number of zero new jobs.

  • g.johnon

    move along folks, nothing to see here, just the last small bits of what was once a fine nations being crushed beneath the heel of insane power lust and greed. your lives and the lives of our children will shortly be in the hands of the craven. what happened to your balls America?

  • Steve_I_Am

    Obama signing FastTrack into law is the second-to-last straw.

    I joined the Democratic Party (after a lifetime as a GDI – God-damned Independent) in 2004, even though I knew that it had been taken over by Bill Clinton and big-business-friendly DLC, when it became clear to me that it was necessary to choose sides in the “culture wars” against the unmitigated evil that was the Bush/Cheney administration.

    I stood by, and held my nose, and supported the Dems even as they threw me, and the issues that I am passionate about, under the bus, again, and again, and again – single payer, card check, off-shore drilling, domestic surveillance, NDAA, targeted assassinations of American citizens, whistle-blower protections, Obama’s proposed “Grand Bargain,” etc., etc., etc. I have been thrown under the bus so many times I have tire marks criss-crossing my back.

    But, I have to draw the line. I can not support a Democratic Party that does not support “traditional Democratic values.”

    The TPP is antithetical to everything that the Democratic Party should support in terms of economics.

    I don’t know which is worse. The fact that a Democratic President proposed such a terrible, big-business-friendly, middle/working-class-destroying, “trade” package. Or that the Democrats in the Senate stood by, helplessly, while the President worked with the GOP to cram it down America’s throat.

    The only thing keeping me in the Democratic Party is the Bernie Sanders campaign. Bernie represents the last, slim, chance We, the People, have of rescuing our small “d” small “r” democratic republic from the corporatists in both major political party.

    I cannot, and will not, vote for another Democratic corporatist. Hillary Clinton is staffing her campaign with lobbyists from Monsanto and KXL. If Bernie is the Democratic nominee, I will remain in the Democratic Party, to help it heal, and to return to its New Deal roots. But the day Bernie loses the nomination, or withdraws from the race, is the day that I quit the Democratic Party and register as a Green.

    I know that I will still be on the losing side of most issues (the Greens don’t have the strength to push back against the GOP and win – the Democrats have the strength, but they don’t have the spine to use it), but, at least I know that the Green Party will go down fighting for “traditional Democratic values.”

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      The courage of the democrats that did not knuckle under is heartening. The hypocrisy of the Repubs that run on issues of Liberty, Freedom, states rights vs Federal is very revealing. This is treason in the highest form.

    • .

      Please come back to the Republican-Libertarian side.

      The Democratic party died before Reagan became President – which is why he switched in the first place.

      I know “Republicans” fostered this law but it was AGAINST every single conservative in the WORLD.

    • Doug

      Bernie Sanders is an avowed communist.

      • Steve_I_Am

        No he is not. He is a democratic socialist. There is a huge difference. But put meaningless labels aside. Look at the policies the man is proposing. He is the ONLY candidate, for either major party, who is committed to enacting policies that promote, and lift up, the middle and working classes.

        When you look at what he is proposing, issue by issue, Bernie’s platform is supported by a MAJORITY of Americans – including a majority of rank and file Republicans.

        Furthermore, in this day and age, when trust for all politicians is lower than dirt, you can always be assured that Bernie will tell you exactly what his position is. Unlike every other politician in the race, he will tell you exactly what he believes, not what his handlers think you want to hear.

    • Karolyn

      I don’t know of anyone running that is REALLY a good candidate but socialist/communist B. Sanders is not a good choice if you really want to turn this country around and if we get “Hitlery” kiss America goodbye w/o a doubt.

  • Hash_brown

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  • Billy Goat

    California Governor Jerry Brown signed bill on Tuesday enforcing MANDATORY vaccinations for ALL public & private school enrollments.


    Coming soon, new “Federal” “bill”:

    Mandatory consumption of Monsanto’s GMO corn in each American household, with the mandatory amount per person in each household to be decided by Michelle Obama.

  • Doug

    One world government coming soon to a town near you. Nothing like giving Nero more power. They should all be recalled, and jailed.

  • Square

    one worls

  • HenryR

    Oh, I see! We were misled about Obamacare so now we are asked to trust our Congresscritters and His Imperial Highness on this “fast track” trade bill. Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

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