Obamacare Navigators Won’t Have To Pass Background Checks

It is called the Federal Data Hub.  Massive amounts of information gathered on every American and shared between government agencies.  Agencies ranging from the the IRS to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services.  The best part there is no opting out.

So who all has access to this information and the bigger question does private information even exist anymore?

The step toward truth is to inform.

There is as we speak an army of new federal government employees being hired by the department of Health and Human Services.  Why does HHS need all these new employees? The answer is simple, the massive new healthcare law,  The Affordable Care Act is behind schedule and the Feds need to start signing Americans up for the health care exchanges as quickly as possible.

So what kind of information is going to be collected?

When individuals sign up for federal insurance exchanges, they are required to enter their personal information into a new Federal Data Hub. We are talking about information like medical records, Social Security numbers, tax information, and bank account information.  This is done by allowing seven government agencies, including the IRS, Department of Justice, Social Security Administration and others, to share and verify information in order to determine eligibility for an insurance subsidy.

In short, basically everything about you will be shared among multiple agencies.  Remember, no actually agency can see or access any information, people working in those agencies do.  So who, specifically, will be able to access this information?

They are called Navigators.  Men and women who are being hired to work for between $20 and $48 dollars an hour.  Sounds like specialized work that will required highly trained individuals, but, not so much.  The requirements to become one of these navigators do not even include a high school diploma.  And even though these navigators will have access to just about every piece of personal information on Americans enrolled in this exchange, they are not even required to pass a background check.

That is what the house committee on oversight and government reform has been told by HHS.

Navigators will only have to take a 20 to 30 hour online course about how the 1,200 page ACA works.

Interestingly, there is another role of these navigators that deserves a mention.  There is more to the role of the Navigators than just signing Americans up for the healthcare exchange.

These Navigators will also be responsible for registering Americans to vote. According to People’s World Magazine in California,

“California’s Secretary of State Debra Bowen is designating the state’s new Health Benefit Exchange, Covered California, as a voter registration agency under the National Voter Registration Act. That means Covered California will be incorporating voter registration into every transaction – online, in-person and by phone – it has with consumers.”

So, to be clear these Navigators will have access to every bit of your personal and financial information, federal employees who haven’t even been given so much as a background check.

Of course, HHS says you have nothing to worry about.  Marilyn Tavenner the head of HHS’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services testified before Congress saying,

“I want to assure you and all Americans that, when they fill out their [health-insurance] marketplace applications, they can trust the information they’re providing is protected,”

But how would any American know that?  Even with background checks how can Americans trust that a Federal Data Hub that involves the gathering and consolidation of so much information not be attacked by hackers or compromised by those inside the departments?

We don’t know what will happen but we do have evidence of how some other expansive government agencies with even less intrusion into your life are functioning.  An audit by the Government Accountability Office of the Transportation Security Administration points out major problems in that agency. That includes TSA agents accused of taking bribes from drug traffickers in Los Angeles or 56 cases alleging theft since 2010 including a 2011 incident involving a screener at Orlando International Airport who pleaded guilty to stealing more than 80 laptops and other electronic devices valued at $80,000.

In all, there were 426 cases of neglect of duty and 384 cases of ethical violations like bribery or credit-card abuse.  Then there are the agents who are caught sleeping on the job but the biggest problem here isn’t even the behavior of the agents.  According to the GAO Half of workers accused of sleeping on the job received less than the lowest penalty called for by agency policies. In all, the GAO found over 9,600 cases of misconduct in an agency that only has the power to allow you to get on an airplane.

What you need to know is that when it comes to the National Data Hub, there is a bigger question here than just one of whether or not HHS navigators might be overstepping their role by  registering voters with this personal information.  A bigger question than whether or not the information compiled in this data hub is susceptible to fraud, or corrupt workers.

The most important question, does personal or private information exist anymore?  Chances are the feds would say no.  After all, we know the NSA believes they have the right to read your emails and listen to your phone calls.  So why wouldn’t they have the right to any and all of your private information? Even your banking information.  The federal apparatus that is nearly complete is telling you that you don’t have the right to withhold anything about yourself and your life from government.

But that is simply not true.

The rights to privacy are all but gone in America today.  Consider this, you do not belong to the state.  Your money, your business, your private correspondence and conversations, your identity belongs to you and you alone.  Those in power know it but the population has forgotten it.  It is time that we remember.

And that is full disclosure.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at cbs46.com.

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  • g.johnon

    ok, I give up. time to stop fighting and join up with the scum. go ahead and amass all possible data on everyone, no exceptions.
    then post a public link to all data that anyone can pull up to check out anyone. lawyers, cops, politicians, civil servants, elected officials, editors, publishers, cabinet members, pentagon personel,….anyone we may have dealings with and anyone who is dealing with us.
    let us all know who we are dealing with at al times.
    yeah, sure, that’ll fly.

  • Mark Robert

    Please call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to stand with, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Justin Amash and Rand Paul, In DE-FUNDING OBAMACARE

    Tell them. “We don’t want, Mass immigration, NSA spying on us, UN Small Arms Treaty Gun Grubbing Schemes, SOPA, CISPA, PIPA or any other anti-Constitutional anti-American crap shove down our throats.”


    Please sign the petition @: Don’t fund it .com

    Or call in your petition@: 1-(800) 506-2118

    • Diana Stokes

      Mark, I pound them with everything almost everyday, Just to let you know, their not listening. Our gov’t. needs a physical lesson, it’s time for America to take a role in the mud, by getting in that pig pin called Washington D.C. and grabbing each one by the ears and pulling as hard as we can, until they say uncle, and obey the constitution.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Another great episode, Ben. You’re making me proud to help crowd source fund this journalism. You keep making them, and we’ll keep contributing.

  • Tom Schneider

    Wonder what will happen when I move to a foreign country and pay no attention to Obamacare. And if I’m not mistaken I won’t make enough to have a US tax bill. Maybe they will take a “fine” out of my SS. Thing is I’ll be able to afford medical service where I’m going. There will be plenty of enraged citizens when it all finally goes down.

    • Diana Stokes

      What you wrote is funny! LOL! These colors don’t run so stand your ground, and let’s just unplug their electricity, and show them who own’s what, and we decide who keeps what.

  • Duane Boyle

    We are becoming more like China everyday

  • paxf

    DemCare “databases” even more data than you’ve reported.

    To your list, for example, add: household members and household income (subsidy calculations use household composition and income), military service, employer, employment, and employment history; Medicare, Medicaid, and VA records; any benefits you receive; medical records (obviously), and so much more.

  • insergent.com

    Ben Swann is such a killer journalist. It’s a shame that the people who deserve wide recognition and positions of influence are pushed back and forced to swim upstream against a raging current. Keep up the great work Ben!

    • AJ_Olding

      The problem is that if he was hired by a Network and given that exposure, people would just start calling him a liar.

  • Patzee

    Past time for all to take responsibility for their personal health. There is a book still available that actually explains all this, the “Holy Bible” ..Anyone read it lately?

  • Fruben


  • Mark Robert


    We need to kick the War Mongering Zionist out of OUR Country.

    These AIPAC loving Zionist have declared WAR on US citizens.

    These Zionist want OUR GUNS, are using Chemical Weapons against us.

    Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer, Ron Wyden, Ben Cardin, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Michael Bennet, Brian Schatz, Richard Blumenthal and Chuck Schumer.

    Please Google: Chemical Weapons, In Syria Also Added To Our Water Supply by Government

  • rogerfgay

    They did do all this already back in the 1990s; except people didn’t generally get that “welfare reform” put everybody in the system, not just the “bad guys” used in propaganda to promote it. HHS (state and federal components) hired about 100,000 new unchecked bureaucrats back then to man the new $5+ billion national database system. It was in that wave that all the changes were made regarding the amount of personal information government could collect and how it would be shared. They took it to the max. Somebody needs to put what’s going on now in this accurate historical perspective. The first real step in problem solving is understanding the problem. People just aren’t getting the breadth of this thing, without realizing how long it’s been going on and that both parties have worked together on it in a variety of ways.

  • @WisdomsGrave

    Unfortunately we have our freedoms sold from birth to a private entity known as the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. We need to learn this and get our freedom back…

  • Judie

    Great info, Ben – keep up the good work!

  • Kevin Merck

    Rogerfgay is exactly right, this didn’t just start yesterday, this has ben going on for decades.
    Understanding the problem by knowing when it started and who was pushing for it is key to putting a stop to it.
    Tyranny is almost always ushered in by people who claim to be working in the purported “best interests of children”.

    • Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas

      “My Struggle” actually ghost-written for Hitler by Bernhardt Staempfle. Do your own research to confirm. Hitler was a tool, like most front-men are. An educated architect, but had the “gift of gab.” Miserable statesman and military strategist. Himmler got his orders via his uncle. His uncle a chief lieutenant of the “Real Boss.” “All Roads lead to Rome.”

  • LibertyChick

    Maybe this will bring back the post office – it’s harder to track/read the non-electronic correspondence….

  • Andrew Thulin

    I’m having a hard time finding the sources of this information. Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction?

    For me, one of the most compelling parts about Ben Swann’s videos is his emphasis on references. If I can’t find them, I’ll be very concerned.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

  • CaptainUSA

    Odd this hasn’t made any of my news feeds. Great report Thanks

  • GPD12292

    Thanks for the report. You’re one of very few that strives to keep us abreast of what is going on. In reference to the navigators not being subjected to background checks, if it is the kind of security and background checks the Navy Yard shooter had as Hillary says WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE.Well in my opinion it should make a lot of diference. It is truly unbelievable that the governement would let just anyone have access to our private info, but WAIT, we’re talking about the Obama Administration, I guess nothing should surprise us.

  • Kevin Merck

    People who let the TSA stick their hands down their pants will put up with literally anything.

  • Ben

    They are going to give these people EVERYTHING they need to steal our identity and NONE of them have to pass a background check? Do you understand what this means?

    • Kenneth Lou

      “Trust Me”

  • Dr. T

    Clearly the national data hub is a threat to our national security. Moreover, anyone who made an oath to protect the constitution should read the 4th.

  • Kenneth Lou

    Okay, all right already!
    we can stop saying that “only if the Jews of the Polish Ghetto would have resisted the Gestapo, none of the horrors would then have taken place.”
    What did just happen in Boston, MA? What would YOU PERSONALLY Do if a SWAT Team came to YOUR home, or even, the home next door?
    These go uncontested, and become the repetition of History.
    From “there” (1930’s to 40’s) to “here” (2001 – 2013) is such a short distance. Only a very few decades apart.
    And how much “resistance” are we giving them?

  • datadisk24

    At the end of each video it says that it will show the sources used for the story, but I have searched and searched, and I have seen no links to any sources anywhere.

    • PaxMentis

      I never saw where it said that, but a simple google search gave me plenty of verifying source material.

      • datadisk24

        As nice as Google search is to verify sources, the video advertising the source material for alternative news reporters to report on their blogs, should actually lead to those said sources.

        That is a huge primary part of this truth in media project – (engage) – is it not?

        • kev in AB

          Quit nit-picking

          • datadisk24

            Dude, you don’t blog this stuff. I do.

  • Seeking_Truth

    You may wonder where the Constitution went. Each of us signed away our rights to be protected by the Constitution when we applied for any government benefit or program. Understand this; United States citizens are not protected by the Constitution. That’s how the NSA, HHS, and all the other alphabet soup agencies can impose their will on us. We made ourselves subject to every whim of Congress.
    Here’s the evidence.
    There is an article posted at the link below. I have ask some people to read it and tell me if it’s wrong. I have gotten some nasty replies, but no one has taken the time to go point-for-point and tell me where it’s in error. Almost daily I see more of how this information applies, and makes sense.


  • Walter Shipley

    You can trust the government. No one will see this information that is not supposed too! (wink wink)

  • AJ_Olding

    Does Obama plan on allowing me to look up his info if I become a Navigator?

    • Chad Funckes

      He wouldn’t be part of an exchange, hence not fill out the application, hence not have his information there to begin with :)

  • jhon

    Ben Swann Made Round 2 @ Intuit’s Super Bowl Commercial Contest!: http://www.dailypaul.com/300320/ben-swann-made-round-2-intuits-super-bowl-commercial-contest

  • jkinabru
  • jkinabru
  • jkinabru
  • Chad Funckes

    Good story, a few questions..

    1.) does the data collected by this network only apply to those who go to an exchange for health care? Like they fill out the application with their information and then the govt agencies check the information provided to ensure it is accurate? Because it sounds like the same “type” of information you may provide if you were requesting health care from an insurance company directly. only in the case of obamacare these “navigators” are finding the health plan that is best based upon your general application, like an insurance agent that services many different companies, and these private agents already exist with your information, should you choose to use them…and they didn’t have a background check either.

    2.) I don’t understand the emphasis on voter registration? You can register your information to vote with a guy standing outside of a supermarket…but you don’t trust a govt agency to do so? The DMV already does this, every time you go there?

    3.) Does private data exist today? It does to the extent you allow it to. Everybody is so concerned with what the NSA has as far as the ad hoc info on the people you call with your cell phone or the emails you send…but you notice they get the info from google and facebook etc….I have a friend of my old man who is retired from a security position similar to what is in question….the thing to worry about according to him is not the govt information, but the private sector. There are laws in place for govt agencies to legally seize your data…but there are NO SUCH LAWS for private sector collection. Visa, Mastercard, facebook, google, clickstream, google metrics, etc. etc. etc…all collect and SELL your data to each other every day! Where is the outrage about that? Why when I look for a flight to greece on tripadvisor today..does a targeted ad from an airline about flights to athens pop up on my facebook tomorrow? The government does not have to track your every move…you allow private companies to do it. All they have to do is get a warrant to ask about you and those companies serve all your info up on a platter…how about legislation limiting this collection in the private sector? Talk about people with your info that do not need to pass a “background” check…. You do not even have to register a cell phone in your name in the USA..go pre paid and call yourself booby sprinkles and pay your bill in cash if you don’t want them to track you…my AT&T go phone is not in my real name and it is a galaxy S3…it can track where I am and what I do all it wants…booby sprinkles goes to some cool places…..

  • fbrier

    Ben, when you say “access”, does that mean these Navigators have access to anyone’s information, or just the person’s data they entered?

  • stylinjewels
  • Sam
  • Andi
  • Aaron

    Maybe I’m not seeing it, but where can I check out the source information for this video???