According to Fox 25, a State Senator has filed legislation that he says would ‘reaffirm Oklahomans’ Second Amendment rights’ by not requiring law-abiding citizens to obtain a gun license.

In 2012, Oklahoma passed an “open carry” law that allowed permit-holders to openly carry firearms. Senate Bill 1473 goes beyond that. It restores 2nd Amendment rights by not requiring gun owners to obtain a gun permit.

State Sen. Nathan Dahm states, “The Second Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and yet when we require our citizens to jump through hoops, pay fees and undergo a process that presumes they’re guilty of something until proven otherwise, their rights are being infringed upon,” Dahm said in a press release.  “Senate Bill 1473 simply says Oklahomans can carry firearms in all the places currently allowed by law, but they will no longer be required to obtain a license to do so.”

The bill is named after Piers Morgan, one of the most vocal gun rights opponents on cable news. Morgan responded to the bill tweeting, “UNBELIEVABLE.”



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Joshua Cook is a writer and a political activist. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • Urban Armed

    Suck on it Piers! :)

  • Alex

    Hah, Shouldve been names the Fienstien and Friends Act

  • EvilWoodchuck

    Hahaha make sure you swallow all of that Piers!

  • ghendric

    HA HAAAAAA! (pointing finger at Piers Morgan)

  • Lisa

    I love it!!! GO OK!!!!

  • Frank_in_Spokane

    Piers: Pack sand or pack your bags. GO HOME, SNIVELLING BRIT HANDWRINGER!

    • Kevin Lair

      If he goes home, he’ll probably get arrested. He got chased to this country. The brits don’t want him either.

      • juanitarojas

        Send him to Mexico then, so he can stand with all his beloved criminals in receiving guns from the and then murdering innocents with them.

  • Fred

    Can anyone imagine a bigger buffoon than British Piers Morgan shrilly screaming at Americans what to do?! ROFLOL ROFLOL like bashing yer head into that ol’ brick wall, and those little brick fragments in your forehead look so CHARMING piers!

  • Fred

    Whose bright idea was it that this unbalanced individual deserved to have a microphone in front of him on network TV? He is not one of us

  • Krissy

    The really sad thing about it is that so many American citizens are AGREEING with jack-asses like Piers. Go back to Britain if you don’t like how things work here!

    • Jay

      Dont send him back here – we dont want him!!!

  • Travis Decker

    Seems like the 2nd amendment of the Constitution already trumps all gun
    laws. I always found it odd that we have to ask the govt for permission
    to “Permit” us to exercise a Constitutionally Guaranteed right. I
    couldn’t imagine these same steps being required before exercise any of
    the others listed in the Bill of Rights.

    • Tannim

      Yet you need a permit to have a public demonstration, gathering, or protest these days…

      • Travis Decker

        True but the 1st amendment does not read the same. Also to get a permit for an event you are not required to be fingerprinted, take a class, pay an instructor, be photographed and licensed, etc. The permit is just a piece of paper stating where the event will be held so they can coordinate traffic. It’s not a license that you are required to carry on you at all times. A permit and a license are two different things.

        • Tannim

          You obviously haven’t done one of those lately. You are incorrect about permits and “traffic coordination.”

          • Travis Decker

            I know when I got a permit for a gathering I was not fingerprinted, my picture was not taken, it did not cost me nearly as much as a gun permit, It only took one trip, and it did not take as long to get.

            There is also no worries about the govt coming to my door to take my words away after they have me on file.

          • Pluck

            Traffic concerns do not trump the 1st Amendment, and dumbass thinking like yours is what got us where we are today.
            Nice going .

          • Travis Decker

            No. the Constitution got us where we are today. You should respect all of it, not just the parts you like. The founding father’s wanted no standing army and wanted the people to be more armed than their govt. You might not like that that fact but it is a fact.

  • casterofpeals

    oklahoma is basically north texas with less progressives, it should be the most believable thing morgan has heard in the last 2 years 😛

  • Willy Wilcox

    I may leave Texas some day yet. Way to go OK!!!

  • RedScourge

    BELIEVE IT MORGAN, you pretentious cocksucker!