Syria War

US Presidents do not have the legal power to declare wars. Barack Obama ignored that Constitutional guarantee in Libya, and is set to begin another war while Congress is not even in session. If we continue to allow Presidents to attack small nations whenever they need a distracting headline, then they are no longer “Presidents”, and we are no longer a Republic.

The politicians who want to borrow (or print) more billions to pre-emptively attack Syria are the same politicians who used our foreign aid to pay for the Pakistani and North Korean nuclear weapons. Muslim nations receive five times more US foreign aid than Israel, and North Korea still gets our support for its hereditary dictator. The US has helped every dictator in the world since 1945, including Castro, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin. We also funded the Taliban both through direct foreign aid and via the Pakistani spy service… in fact, the GAO reports that the Taliban still receives at least $500 million a year in payoffs from US contractors in Afghanistan. If our foreign policy is supposed to get rid of dictators, maybe we should take them off our welfare rolls first.

From 1971-2001, USAID says that US foreign aid to Syria was $539 million. In recent years, US money has been funneled to the Assad regime through the UN. In June, the UN announced plans to spend 5.2 billion in aid to Syria in 2013, much of which would go through the regime. And there is always the inscrutable Federal Reserve, which since 1980 has “monetized” (i.e. paid off) billions of dollars worth of foreign bonds held by US banks, making accurate foreign aid totals impossible to obtain (probably even the US state department doesn’t know the amount). While much less than aid to Egypt or Pakistan, our taxes still gave the Syrian dictator dynasty enough support that they could afford to suppress their own nation’s economy to control dissent.

Militarily, the US has been allied with the Assads for decades. In 1991 Hafez al-Assad sent 14,500 soldiers and support personnel to attack Saddam Hussein in Desert Storm. In 2001 the Syrian secret police joined with US intelligence agencies in the War on Terror.

So the US has been supporting the vicious dictatorship for decades. Now, however, we are also supporting an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist insurgency. So now we are paying for both sides of the war (as the GAO says that we have done in Afghanistan).

What if, instead of paying for both sides of various wars, we just kept all our money at home and left it in the US economy? Our military spending on offensive forces is nearly as much as all the other nations’ combined. What if we used some of that money for Swiss-style civil defense to protect our own children in the event of terrorist or WMD attack?

A United States that wasn’t involved in Middle Eastern, African, and Central Asian wars would be a more secure United States. Not only would we have fewer enemies, but we wouldn’t be bankrupt and vulnerable when there is an unavoidable conflict. Right now our debt is bigger than our GNP… we can’t even afford to pay for the last few wars we fought, let alone start new ones.

Thomas Jefferson warned against getting entangled in the wars of other nations. “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” But then Thomas Jefferson was a President, not an Emperor.

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  • Jock Doubleday

    September 1, 2013

    What A Real U.S. President Would Be Doing
    by Jock Doubleday

    1. Sending hemp seeds and saplings and fungi to Japan, as well as workers to help plant them, to remediate the soil and detoxify the entire landscape.

    2. Meeting with heads of state around the world to mitigate the Fukushima crisis worldwide in oceans, rivers, air, and soil.

    3. Dismantling immediately all nuclear power plants in the U.S. and meeting with heads of state around the world to agree to dismantle and contain all nuclear power plants worldwide.

    4. Providing aid to refugees from civil wars incited and funded by the CIA at the behest of the House of Rothschild.

    5. Dismantling the CIA.

    6. Dismantling any and all relationships with the Rothschild banking dynasty/family/lineage/industry.

    7. Returning to sound money – that is, ditching Rothschild debt-based currency brought into existence by fraud in 1913.

    8. Supporting by word and deed cost-conscious and enviro-conscious solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, and other “alternative” (fundamental) forms of energy.

    9. Not golfing.

    10. Not talking about terrorists – unless it’s in the context of dismantling the greatest menace to humanity in human history: the Rothschild-controlled U.S. military, uber-terrorist.

    • Randomhawkeye

      Don’t forget about abolishing the IRS, restoring states rights in full, ditching the department of defense, aiding in exposing war hawks like McCain as what he really is, nullifying NDAA and the patriot act effective immediately, releasing all non violent convicted marijuana offenders from the overly crowded jails with a clean record, shutting down Guantanamo Bay, allowing Bush, Cheney, Obama, and Biden to be investigated by the UN for war crimes, withdrawing from overseas

      • farmerswifesabrina

        I agree with you, except the part about the UN. As far as I’m concerned, the UN has no jurisdiction in this sovereign country, or over any of our citizens. We should withdraw from the UN immediately, stop all funding, and tell them they can pay rent if they want to use the building in NYC.

    • settheline

      I don’t want the president to be able to do any of those things. The president is supposed to be a simple executor of law. Get it, “EXECUTIVE” branch. That law needs to be passed by the representatives of the people, and reviewed by the judicial branch to ensure it doesn’t violate individual inalienable rights, or the Constitution. The president isn’t supposed to be a dynamic leader.

  • jimsumian

    Everything is going as the puppet masters desire. The more crises, the faster their agenda moves along. They must have a country that is bankrupt and vulnerable, depressed and demoralized so that the one world government(big money)can step into their (imagined) role as savior of the world.

  • Brian Parsons

    I like the article, but I’m not sure what the purpose of the ‘US gives 5x the aid to Muslim nations as Israel was?’. Israel is single nation, and a very small one at that. There are many times more muslim nations that receive foreign aid, because there are many times more muslim nations. I think you could have made your point without this line.

  • jac

    “The US has helped every dictator in the world since 1945…”

    Actually, according to Dr. Antony Sutton’s well documented academic writings while a fellow at the Hoover Institute, it goes back even further than that… at least from the Bolshevik leaders, to Hitler, to Stalin and on up.

    • Twisk

      Yes, and there are even books about that: “Wall street and the Rise of Hitler” and “Wall Street and the Bolshevik revolution”, both by Antony C. Sutton. No conspiracy theory, just sound history.

  • Kevin Merck

    “Thomas Jefferson warned against getting entangled in the wars of other nations. “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” But then Thomas Jefferson was a President, not an Emperor.”

    Thomas Jefferson, and the rest of the Founding Fathers, are now considered terrorists by the regime in Washington. Please try to get that through your head.

    It seems that the person who wrote this article is completely ignorant of the fact that we are no longer a Republic that lives by the Constitution and the rule of law. With the signing into law of the Patriot Act and NDAA we are nothing more than a ‘Banana Republic’ with a strong man dictator.

    Let’s stop kidding ourselves.

    The Founding Fathers would be leading a revolution against this criminal regime in Washington.

  • lizziev

    ” Muslim nations receive five times more US foreign aid than Israel, and North Korea still gets our support for its hereditary dictator”

    I’d like to see the source data for that claim.

    I think all foreign aid is wrong, for Israel and every other nation. How can they justify taking money out of the pockets of all Americans and spreading it like manna from heaven throughout the world? That is not the proper function of government who, in theory, taxes us for the cost of providing services to US, not the rest of the world. It has lead to a catastrophic foreign policy mess.

  • Twisk

    “What if, instead of paying for both sides of various wars, we just kept all our money at home and left it in the US economy?”
    Indeed, it would be a relief for the rest of the world.

    Please, Americans, do something about your government.

    • Larry Allen

      We are trying to Twisk. We honestly are.

      • Ignacious Strange

        Not as long as we keep electing Democrats or Republicans. If option A doesn’t cut it and option B screws it up, why on earth would we go back to option A and when they screw up again, go again back to option B? That is the definition of insane and politically as a nation we are continuing to engage in mass insanity. There are 24 more letters in the alphabet, how about we give option C and option D a try?

        • Larry Allen

          I couldn’t agree more.

  • supersajin

    “We have met the enemy, and they are us”

    Walt Kelly “Pogo” protesting the Vietnam War