In an exclusive interview with Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook, former Constitution Party presidential candidate and Pastor Chuck Baldwin discusses his views on the U.S. foreign policy in Syria, ISIS, the Syrian refugee crisis and gun control.

Cook asked Baldwin his thoughts on the current Syrian refugee crisis.

“We have to talk about the source of the problem,” said Baldwin. “The so-called war on terror is as phony as it can be. We have not been at war with ISIS. In fact, it is our own CIA, and Saudi Arabia intelligence, along with Turkey and the state of Israel that helped create ISIS. We are fighting a proxy war against Syria through ISIS. ISIS is nothing more than elements of al Qaeda that’s focused their attention from Iraq to Syria.”

“This idea that we are fighting ISIS and we’re trying to fight terrorism over there is just bogus,” added Baldwin.

Regarding the Syrian refugees, Baldwin said, “If they had their choice they would go back to a free Syria.”

“If America would get out of the Middle East and quit supporting ISIS and al Qaeda and al Nusra and all these other Sunni terrorist groups and let them live in peace, that’s where these people would go,” said Baldwin.

“The response from America should be first of all, that the American government owes the people of this country the fact that these people from Syria should be properly vetted. If they have any connections to the Sunni terror group they should not be allow entrance,” said Baldwin.

Cook asked Baldwin about gun control and the Christian response.

Cook asked, “Is there an obligation for Christians to obey the laws of the land no matter what?”

Baldwin said, “No Christian or citizen should ever consider disarming themselves.”

“No way, no how should we Christians or any freemen allow themselves to be disarmed. Any law that would require us to surrender our firearms is not only unconstitutional, it’s also immoral and biblical,” said Baldwin. 

Check out Pastor Baldwin’s book on the Second Amendment here.

In September 2015, Ben Swann examined the root of the refugee crisis in Europe and explored the question of US responsibility for this crisis, seen in the video below.

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