woman beat by police

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An unsettling dashcam video from August 10 shows a possible police brutality. The footage was recorded during a “routine” DUI traffic stop.

The video, initially released by the Tallahassee Democrat, shows Christina West, 44, having her head slammed against a police car. She is then taken to the ground with force. The incident took place after West crashed her car into a house on Kilkenny Drive in Florida.

The footage is “very disturbing,” said State Attorney Willie Meggs. In fact, he said it was “one of the most disturbing videos” he has ever laid eyes on.

“I am extremely upset. This is a very disturbing situation to me, and I’m dealing with it,” said Meggs.

West’s face sustained serious injuries as a result of the arrest. She was treated for “a broken orbital bone, along with a swollen eye, bloody nose and cuts to her arms and legs.”

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woman beat by police

West appears to resist arrest in parts of the video. But the nature of her interaction with the police in that specific moment is not entirely clear from the footage.

The bigger question is whether these kinds of injuries should have resulted from any kind of resistance she may have given to arrest. In the video, there are at least two police near her and possibly as many as four on the scene. With two to four police officers on the scene, why is it that they could not have found a way to put her in the cruiser without damaging her face?

Police are currently conducting an “internal investigation” to determine the extent of fault of the various parties involved.

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  • SharpndPensel

    That was hard to watch. Disgusting.

  • Scott Sourile

    She did appear to resist arrest, but considering her size, and like mentioned above, the number of police around and involved, I’m certain they could have pinned her to the ground. And the “slam” seemed a bit extreme. As a fellow law enforcer, I know how it is when trying to deescalate a situation, and if she was about 50 plus pounds heavier, maybe fighting the police a bit more physically, I could have seen that warrented a bit. In that situation, if she wasn’t going to cooperate, I’d have just held her down, restrained her arm tighter and let her know the more she cooperates, the less force will be used. But its easy to second guess in this situation. I’ve had incidents where they seemed they were about to be compliant, and suddenly go nuts and they make a jerk movement suddenly and now I need to react quickly. Yes, the injuries are bad, but remember, you’re not the one out there dealing with people. There is no such thing as “routine” stops. You make a decision so that you come home after shift. Do I personally think he used more force than he should? Maybe. But that’s again second guessing in a situation I wasn’t in.

    • Largebill

      Any review of someone else’s actions after the fact is second guessing to some extent. All we can go on here is the video. The actual investigators will get statements from everyone involved as well as past history of the officers involved will have to weigh the validity of all the competing elements of evidence.

    • Tim Tonole

      Somehow I think they could have done that without the facial injuries. Maybe if it was two female cops I could understand it. Two full grown men – a 130 pound max woman …

      If they can’t handle that they don’t deserve to “come home after a shift”

      • ashleigh

        “they don’t deserve to come home after a shift”….

        what the hell is wrong with you? anyone deserves the right to life, even a cop that could have acted in the moment too excessively and slammed someone on the ground too hard. not defending what they did or saying it’s right, but your statement is ridiculous and you should be called out for it.

        i hope your employer doesn’t think you don’t deserve to “come home after your shift” if you happen to ever become incompetent at what you do.

        • Sun

          Then they need a different job if they are tooooooo afraid to do the job they are hired for. Protect and serve. I think she should have been arrested because she was drinking but, the force and attitude they used was unacceptable.

          • ashleigh

            you know what else is unacceptable??? CRASHING YOUR CAR INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE BECAUSE YOU’RE DRUNK & DRIVING.

          • Hodor Hodor Hodor

            Yes, it is. So why don’t we savage every person we think deserves it? Care to share your list of crimes that warrant a beating of this magnitude?

          • ashleigh

            first of all, I don’t believe in “savaging every person who deserves it”, so you can cut that bull crap out. the ONLY reason people are upset about this is because of the picture attached to this story. the lady CRASHED HER CAR INTO A HOUSE BECAUSE SHE WAS DRUNK. who’s to say those injuries were caused by the crash and not the police. remove the image of her injured face from your mind and then watch this video again. without the image of someone’s face completely messed up, the force used doesn’t even look exaggerated and unnecessary when it comes to someone that is resisting arrest and kicking up their feet at the cops.

          • Hodor Hodor Hodor

            In the end, it is still police brutality. Yes, she should be held accountable, but BY A JURY OF HER PEERS, not some overzealous officer. If you think this should be the MO for police officers, please move to the Middle East or Russia.

          • ashleigh

            in no way, in any of my comments, have i stated that I’m defending or backing up what the police did. what i am stating is that if you take away the disgusting image of the woman’s messed up face and watch the video, it doesn’t seem so “brutal” and “violent”. it’s called manipulation of the mind… to get the biggest, initial negative reaction you can as a journalist. the woman arrested crashed her car before she was detained and arrested. just stop and think about that for one second… her injuries could have easily come from that, just as easily as they could have been the effects of the police forcing her to the car or her flinging to the ground. we truly don’t know as the reader and viewer. we’re only swayed by the initial reaction of the title of the article, the huge image of her face, and then the viewing of the video. it’s already set up as a terrible, brutal act in our minds before we’ve even read the last sentence.

          • RandyC0609

            I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you doubled down on your Adderol today and are looking to blow off the steam by taking extreme positions and take the edge off by getting confrontational in a forum

          • ashleigh

            I’m gonna guess you don’t know me one bit and have never read anything else I’ve commented on or know what angle I’m coming from. I’m also going to guess that you don’t like people challenging other people to simply question things and look at ALL sides of the stories, good, bad, ugly, extreme, biased, etc. I’m also going to guess that you have to resort to utterly ridiculous, mean-spirited hateful comments on message boards to make you feel adequate in your ego. Keep it intact, buddy. Can’t have you feeling weaker than anyone else in here.

          • Max

            Uh, yes it does look unnecessary. It’s textbook brutality.

            There is no need for that kind of aggression with the scene secure. If she was resisting, then bring more officers over and help secure her with dignity. If 3-4 men can’t do that to a single female, then they aren’t fit to be police officers responsible for protecting the public.

            Quit making excuses for brutality. This woman should have been arrested, but not slammed to the concrete.

          • MoxieT

            Did any of you catch what he said right before he slammed her to the ground? If you listen to the audio he says “don’t effing touch me” before throwing her on the concrete and smashing his knee into her head. Not very professional if you ask me.

          • MoxieT

            Thats weird my comment disappeared after I pointed out the fact that this man cussed the woman before slamming her to the ground. Pretty obvious that he was agitated and took it out on the agitator which was the woman.Its in the audio, plain as day. This guy was extremely unprofessional. He should not be wearing that uniform or representing the taxpayers who pay his salary.

          • MoxieT

            Oops!! Nevermind, its still there!

          • Tim Tonole

            Excellent post Hodor.

          • Hodor Hodor Hodor

            Thank ye sir

          • Max

            I’m not disagreeing with you. That is why she’s ARRESTED. The level of force is what’s debatable here…not the fact that she committed a crime.

          • Tim Tonole

            Wow we can agree – she deserves to go to jail. She deserves a DUI, a civil lawsuit for damages, to lose her license, higher insurance when she gets it back, prison time. She doesn’t deserve for two men to slam her head into the pavement.

            Being a cop is a tough job. It takes a special person to do it. I’m not that person – I might slam her like this. These cops aren’t either. They committed a crime.

          • Tim Tonole

            Sun don’t respond to her. The video is clear – the cop becomes enraged when she cusses him. Cops have a tough job dealing with idiots. It’s no license for them to be one.

          • ashleigh

            yeah sun, listen to everything ^^^ this guy says. he’s the boss.

        • Tim Tonole

          If you don’t understand hyperbole and a play on a bullshit excuse you might ought to look at that. It’s a bullshit excuse – he slammed her because she cussed him. He could have easily killed her. That excuse doesn’t fly baby.

          • ashleigh

            oh right, I forgot you were there and know every detail about the entire situation. also, I didn’t know that slamming people is now a leading cause of deaths.

          • Tim Tonole

            I’d point out how irrational you are but it’s not necessary you are doing a good enough job by yourself.

          • ashleigh

            irrational is jumping to conclusions without knowing full details of BOTH parties involved. that’s irrational. she crashed her car into a house. ever stop and think about the fact that the injuries to her face could have been caused on impact? that’s the main point people need to stop and think about. remove the image in your mind of her injuries. now watch the video again. looks like a woman resisting arrest and then getting detained and flung onto the ground through shear body weight force. she’s kicking her legs back up at the cops as she’s face down on the car. then goes to the ground. nothing about those actions would scream to me — BLACK EYE AND COMPLETELY SWOLLEN FACE. maybe it did happen from her “detaining”. maybe it happened on impact from the crash. just saying… step back and ask more questions, rather than jump to the worst possible conclusion about the police involved.

        • RandyC0609

          Ashleigh, we get it! You love police and don’t want to hear anything to the contrary. I wonder what your opinion would be if that was your mom or a loved one. If you think that little drunk lady posed a real threat to those hulking, kevlar’d up cops, you are are a special type. What every happened to Andy Griffith style Mayberry police work? Btw, it’s not too late to write a big fat check for the Policeman’s Ball Fund. Have you gotten your dress picked out yet?

      • Scott Sourile

        Again, you couldn’t see the whole picture. We are all playing the arm chair quarterback here. And you clearly haven’t tried to arrest a drunk person. They are unpredictable. Size, strength who they are does play a factor in the situation awareness, I know from experience. However, she makes a sudden movement, you don’t know what she’s about to do. Instinct and training kicks in. You don’t wait to see what a subject is about to do. You react before maybe she pulls out a hidden knife or something. Sure she could have handled her, but SHE chose to resist, SHE chose to get behind the wheel of the car drunk, SHE is responsible for what happened more than these officers. She should have complied in the first place.

        • Tim Tonole

          Scott seek out another profession if you and the four other cops on the scene can’t handle a 130 pound drunk female without bouncing her head off the pavement. This was done out of anger – it is obvious to anyone who watches it. They had control of her arms, head and hips. They had complete control – period. She had the audacity to grab one of these cops that were leaning against her hand and cuss him. She definitely couldn’t move that hand. Unless she was going to pull a knife with her 3rd arm it wasn’t happening.

          My hats off to people who do this job. I couldn’t do this job because I would probably do the same thing out of anger. But then again I didn’t chose that profession. And I have handled male and female drunks before in other capacities.

  • Slipmatwax

    They should be charged and by the video evidence found guilty and jailed. They have absolutely no authority to do this, they have no reason to do this and should pay heavily – but they won’t. Cops think they are above the law and have likely been empowered to think they are above the law

  • Fruben

    Hey guys CHILL OUT!! Do you not see their special clothing? with official shiny bits of metal? Yeah thats what I thought.

  • Aaron

    This is the kind of crime that makes people lose all respect for police officers. Absolutely disgusting. The worst part is when things like this happen, an internal investigation is done and the officer is put on leave for a month or two. They all should be charged and put in jail. Police officers are supposed to protect, serve, and lead by example and should be held to a higher standard. Not fear monger, intimidate, and beat citizens.

    Police departments need to heavily screen the people they put in uniform.

  • Tim Tonole

    She had the audacity to cuss him! The cops will find this righteous

  • Brian D.

    Make these fools take an ADEQUATE FORCE class, and also the dangers of HARD ASPHALT.

    They’re lucky they didn’t kill her…

  • Brandon Curtin

    “The incident took place after West crashed her car into a house on Kilkenny Drive in Florida.”

    I would like to hear the opinion of the house owner on this incident.

  • Sun

    Way to much force was used. If cops are afraid they need a different job.

  • ashleigh

    if anyone watches close enough, while she is face down on the car, she kicks her legs up and starts to wiggle around and resist. i’m not saying she deserves to have her face messed up, but too be honest, I don’t see the cops acting with exaggerated excessive force…? am i the only one? i mean, she’s pulled over for a DUI, begins to resist arrest, they hold her down to cuff her, she starts kicking and resisting and is flung to the ground (which I might add looks as if it’s partially her fault, since she’s pushing her body weight around and kicking her legs up and back). i mean, i’m just saying……. put yourself in both parties shoes. yeah, it sucks to get arrested, it sucks to get flung to the ground, it sucks when you’re a cop and you have crazy ass drunk people you have to detain, it sucks when everyone thinks you’re a monster because you’re arresting people, it sucks that people think it’s OKAY TO DRIVE INTOXICATED. it also SUCKS as a society to IMMEDIATELY think the worst of everyone when we don’t even know the full story. ALSO, IF SHE GOT ARRESTED AFTER SHE CRASHED HER CAR, HOW IN THE HELL DOES EVERYONE JUMP TO THE CONCLUSION THAT THE POLICE ARRESTING HER CAUSED THE INJURIES??!! SHE CRASHED HER CAR INTO A HOUSE WHICH WOULD CAUSE THE INJURIES SHOWN!!!!!!!!! I mean, come on everyone… what are we really questioning here? are we constantly on a which hunt to always find the monster in police, in leadership, in everyone that isn’t waving a freedom flag in the front lawn and screaming for privacy and personal liberties?

    • Stating The Obvious

      You said what I was thinking. How do we know all the injuries were from the arrest and not from when she crashed her car? We don’t. And I did not see the “excessive force” either.

    • justpassinby

      You’ve never been pinned under someone who is trying to kill you. (imagine that what is going through your mind while you are being violently thrown to the concrete)… It’s an animal trait, even a HUMAN one to fight for your life. You have to tell yourself to stop because your brain is screaming survive! I don’t expect everyone to get this because we as a society believe we are “Civilized”. I find the actions of these few officers to be proof otherwise.

      • ashleigh

        trying to kill her?????????? oh my gosh, this is getting ridiculous.

        • jumper297

          What would you call it dimwit? She was so messed up she probably didn’t know who was slamming her around and climbing on top of her. If, as a trained police officer, you can’t handle one small drunk woman… go find something else to do.

          • ashleigh

            oh, we’re pulling out nicknames??? … how nice.

            next time you get pulled over smashed drunk and have wrecked your car into another person’s home, be sure to just ask the cops to play patty cake with you, give you a bear hug, and pick you up like a baby and rock you to sleep.

          • Max

            Stop beating straw men. No one was saying to let her go or to not secure her, but to do it in a way respectful of her rights as an individual. You know, those rights you possess that are inalienable, regardless of charges brought against you?

          • Observer

            It appears the reason why you defend the police actions here is because this woman “had it coming to her”. Granted, she was driving DUI but that is NO excuse to slam this woman’s face up against the police cruiser then slam her down onto the ground, forcing her head/face down onto the ground, kneeling on her left hand, twisting her arms until fully handcuffed (pain compliance) simply to subdue this small, inebriated woman. As far as your claim that she *might* have sustained these injuries in the car accident I think it is clear to anyone watching this video that her facial injuries were received when she was body slammed onto the pavement. Watch the 19 second mark a few times at full screen and you can easily see not only the force she was thrown down but also that the right side of her face hit the ground where the orbital eye socket was broken. She also was not resisting arrest while on the ground and even though it appears she wasn’t cooperating with the officers while they were attempting to handcuff her while she was still standing that does not excuse the heavy hand these police officers dealt out.

            DUI, absolutely no excuse! Injuries received from these two officers, absolutely no excuse!

          • ashleigh

            “it appears…”

            nope, in no way do I believe anyone has anything “coming to them”.

            I’ve watched the video over and over and over and over and over.

            I’m not “defending” the police actions, either. I’m simply challenging people to question this skeptical attempt at journalism of “police brutality”. not everything is as it seems… and that doesn’t always work in the favor of the ones that are quick to question for the sake of calling others out and exposing them.

          • oberver

            Your comments above indicate that you feel she did deserve this treatment by the police.

            You can second guess all you want and accuse others of doing so but based on the information presented in this video these officers used excessive force to subdue this intoxicated small woman. After looking at the video her injuries to her face are consistent with her being slammed onto the pavement.

            You can champion these police officers all you want by exposing what you think is a more reasonable or logical explanation of how she received her injuries but again, based on the video it is clear these police used excessive force to subdue and arrest this woman.

            In my book excessive police force is police brutality.

            Feel free to give my comments another “down” vote.

          • glockstr

            Your post is obviously made out of ignorance. You apparently have never had a drunk woman kick you and try to grab your testicles, but hey don let facts get in the way we’re bashing cops here.

          • Tim Tonole

            That is a pretty macho screen name, much like these cops

    • Green

      She didn’t hit any one and it’s not like she had a gun or anything that would cause them to have to beat the hell out of her like that.

    • Greg Gaugler

      I’m really unsure what to believe but I’m glad somebody is speaking on behalf of the other side of the story.

      Woman was driving drunk, and resisted arrest.

      In order to control her, Police officers needed to force her to the ground to make the arrest. That is ok. The problem is they did it with too much force. Was it intentional that her face slammed into the ground? We can’t determine that for sure. It looks like it could have been an accident. The police officers could have misjudged her weight, how much force she was using to resist, and when she went down she went down way too hard. We see the police in the beginning of the video using a lot of strength to hold her, but still not enough to make the arrest, so I could kind of see why this incident would occur… and how it could be brutality, or it could be accidental.

      Its not like some police brutality videos… where they slam a person down and then beat the shit out of them. This person went down too hard in a single instance, and I don’t think we know if this is police brutality or an accident.

      But I really do not like Kristin Tate’s articles. I find them to be sensationalist, so I’m more skeptical.

      • ashleigh

        good to see someone else come out with some rationalization and not jumping all over conclusions! also, thank you for pointing out specifics. also agree with you on Kristen Tate’s style. not a huge fan so far.

    • thomas

      its called PAIN… HELLO you think that you would sit still when your eye bone is broken there is a knee on your head? your an idiot

    • Ruths_Husband_Ben

      Yeah, two full size cops and one small woman, I see why they needed to brutalize her. I mean, “whatever they gotta do to go home at night”, right?

      • glockstr

        So any response to Ashleigh’s pointing out the obvious, that this lady was involved in an auto accident?

        • ashleigh

          barely. everyone just seems to think it’s okay to act like i’m a complete imbecile for even bringing it up.

          • SRV

            ashleigh, if she was injured like that when they got there, they would have, and should have, called the paramedics immediately. And I’m sure one would take care not to slam her face down onto the car and pavement if you knew she was already seriously injured.

          • Tim Tonole

            There might be a reason for that

    • glockstr

      Good points Ashleigh. Also in the full video you can hear the officer telling his sergeant that she was trying to grab his testicles. Looks like another artfully edited video coupled with yellow journalism strikes again.

  • Indigo

    This will not stop until the individual police officer is sued rather than the tax payer.

  • johnnyfyg

    Now imagine that she was YOUR little girl, your wife, girlfriend or your mother……

    • Paul Braxton Hicks

      …thank you… …it’s all good till it’s you or someone you love.


    • glockstr

      My wife, mother and none of my girlfriends have tried to grab a cops testicles while being arrested.

  • Kelvin Harvey

    this is BULLSHIT , GIves Protect and serve a whole new meaning !!

    Revolution is on its way , Cops are not GODs they had no right to do this or even treat this woman in this manner no matter what she did .. They should all 4 be fired and charged with assault with intent on doing bodily harm. Cowards!!!!!

  • pig hater

    Pigs are like that, a defenseless women, ok let beat the hell out of her.

  • Ruths_Husband_Ben

    What kind of animal does this? We are rapidly devolving into a police state.

    • Kaybelvedere

      Yes we are. And it seems to be getting worse as time goes on… These ego maniacs don’t have any boundaries.

      • Jess Ryan

        that is because they are Niggers! The term is for anyone that acts this way

  • Ronald Peterson

    Like it says ” A routine traffic stop ” get use to it people. this is the way it’s going to be.

    • Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez

      But it also said they were called because she drove into someone’s house?

  • chris

    do we know that she didn’t sustain these injuries from wrecking her car into a house?

    • Mike Stachewicz

      It’s obvious that she was physically fine before they started manhandling her, and with the speed and force that her face smacked the pavement plus the road rash all down her cheek, I’d say it’s pretty clear how it happened.

    • ashleigh

      exactly what I’ve been trying to say for the last hour!

  • Paul Braxton Hicks

    …there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior… …the POlice are not your friends and will hurt you if you make it out alive.

    …welcome, to the POlice States of America… …where you are NOTHING.

    Peace… …if we can find it.

  • macki

    I watched it before I ever saw the photo of her face and thought it was over the top the way they handled her very unprofessional plus the fact that they had all ready had her in the back seat of cruiser before this went down . they had no real reason to take her out of car they could have done the paper work in the station not out on the road .What ever happened to Serve & Protect?

    • Jess Ryan

      Both of these cops are Niggers and probably are abusive at home

  • Fedup

    The horrible bitch shouldn’t have been driving drunk. She resisted and got what she deserved. I’m SO glad all that got hurt was her face and pride and we didn’t have to read about her drunk ass killing some innocent people.

  • BornOnFire

    Bad Cop! No Doughnut! “Don’t f#&kin touch me!” Really? You probably shouldn’t have said that. It makes you guilty of retribution against a 110# woman who was handcuffed and drunk…you messed up…have fun defending those actions in a court of law…oh, and enjoy unemployment! You earned it! One more thing, thanks for the attorney fees and potential damages that us taxpayers will have to pay because of your sensitive ego….perhaps we can work out a payment plan for you?

    • glockstr

      So if she was grabbing the cops testicles (you can hear him talking about it in the full video), is saying “don’t fing touch me” unreasonable?

      • BornOnFire

        @’glockstr’-Only when you slam a handcuffed woman’s face into an immovable object and then subsequently slam it on the pavement before digging your knee into her temple. It is then demed unreasonable..try again….

  • spirit of 1776

    We are better off without these thugs that call themselves “peace officers”. This country needs peace, we need to fire the police. Anyone of us could of done a better job, so why are we paying for this again? As a tax payer, I want my money back! We all have a right to protect ourselves from any criminal, even if the criminal does wear a badge. We need to start flexing our 2nd amendment right. Defend yourself and your neighbors at all cost, cause someone has to protect and serve the citizens of this once great nation. Remember, it is better to be judge by 12 than burried by 6.

    • glockstr

      So your advocating a drunk driver that just plowed into a house with her kids in the car and is being arrested and tries to fight the police resort to shooting at the police because she is being arrested?

      • Steve Moody

        That’s not what spirit is saying but apparently, you think it is an acceptable argument to make up something outrageous and pin it on someone else.

  • Ohio Five-O

    There is a much longer video and a short story along with the video. The video shows the officers interacting with the suspect for 10 minutes or more and there are no issues whatsoever. The story says the woman slipped out of her handcuffs and that is why they got her back out of the car to place them back on her. She then allegedly tried to hit one of the officers in the groin.
    I wasnt there, neither were any of you. The fact is there are bad cops and there are good cops. Another fact, as a 23 year police veteran – EVERY use of force looks bad on video- it is always ugly when one human uses force against another human. The conduct of the officers seems to be reactive to the conduct of the suspect.
    The injuries are unfortunate but a single video does not always tell the whole story.


    • Tim Tonole

      They had a 130 woman by both her arms and her neck – if they couldn’t handle this they need a new job. Besides there were 4 other cops there

  • Marie Padilla

    First off why drive drunk with 2 children in car seats in your car. If you were so worried about your children you would not have been drinking and driving. It is obvious that she was fighting everything they were doing. It is possible that they were unaware of how hard she hit based on her fight. Another very good possibility is she got those injuries from running into the house. Come one, if your stupid enough to drink and drive with two small children in the car what will you do.

    • Steve Moody

      She was resisting, but when they pushed her down on the trunk of the car, they had control over here. Slamming her face-down into the asphalt after that was police brutality.

    • Element Omega

      Was she in the wrong, if she was drunk, sure. Does that mean she should be abused, or in my opinion even charged with a crime? No. Until you ACTUALLY harm someone- such as get into an accident when your drunk, you haven’t committed physical harm against someone (intentional, or because of a drunken malfunction)- you’ve just committed STUPID.

      She should have been held until a family / friend could get her and her children safely home and left alone. Violence is not excusable for anything other than direct self-defense. Which was not the case at all here- she’s a tiny female- really?!!!

  • boo-gah-loo

    Seeing as how the name on the top of the page is Ben Swann, he should keep his eye on this reporter. I have seen repeated articles of the “sensationalist media” type from her a few times now.

  • Element Omega

    Woman resisting arrest lol… seriously? No reason for violence against women, no matter the supposed excuse. This is retarded abuse.

    • Element Omega

      To further clarify, very few women are capable of bodily harm to a man without a weapon, this type of force is extremely ridiculous!

    • Tim Tonole

      This is retarded abuse here. That much of your statement we can agree on.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Need more information. This lady could have killed someone by driving into their house. Where’s the outrage over that? Sure, these police officers are poorly trained if they need to resort to this to take down a single suspect, but we need more info on why she feels it’s okay to drive into peoples’ houses drunk.

    • Element Omega

      Could have lol… I was thinking about killing all the stupid people, but decided it wouldn’t really solve the problem, does that mean I should go to jail? You’re an idiot, until physical harm has actually HAPPENED, there is nothing to be “punished” for. Is she an idiot, sure, but so are people who think non-violence, and “potential” accidental violence through drunk driving is a crime. So when you go and drive early in the morning and your cognitive & motor skills are far more diminished than drinking, is that a crime? Should you be beat up?

      Use your brain Ryan.

      • Rework Oh Ryan

        Where did I say she should be punished
        for thinking about or potentially killing people? Use YOUR brain, which has these things called EYES attached to it. They work well for READING comments.

    • Christopher Lapping

      I understand what you are saying, but if you hurt someone it doesn’t give police the right to harm you. That’s what the justice system is for.

      • Rework Oh Ryan

        I agree with that

    • StandwithRand

      Are you an idiot? This is not Hammurabi’s code you little piggie.

      • Rework Oh Ryan

        I would call you an idiot. You appear to be illiterate since you didn’t actually READ my comment. I did NOT approve of the beating. Go back and learn to read.

        • Tim Tonole

          Actually Ryan you need to reread your post. You appear to say this treatment could be OK with a little more info about her offense.

          • Rework Oh Ryan

            “Appear to say”. That’s you saying “I assume this is what you meant”. You know what they say about assuming.

          • Tim Tonole

            I would point out what an idiot you are but you are doing just fine yourself.

            I was polite in my first reply – you sir, have problems.

          • Rework Oh Ryan

            You were snark in your reply. Not sure who considers that polite.

          • Tim Tonole

            I was just pointing out how your post read. The first reply was aggressive but he had a point – you appear to justify the behavior of the cops. It’s not justifiable.

          • Rework Oh Ryan

            Except, I DIDN’T justify the behavior

          • Tim Tonole

            I’m done anyone here can read your post unless you change it.

          • Rework Oh Ryan

            I have no intention of that. If people misunderstand what I was saying, that is their problem.

          • Tim Tonole

            I’d urge you to reconsider that. If you can’t communicate clearly it will cause you problems and yes I am being snarky.

          • Rework Oh Ryan

            I can’t cater to every failed product of our education system.

          • Tim Tonole

            Don’t cater to yourself – you are obviously a failed product.

          • Rework Oh Ryan

            Wow, you’re brilliant.

          • Tim Tonole

            Thank You Ryan

          • Duane Savage

            I think people around here deliberately try to misunderstand what people say.

          • Tim Tonole


          • Rework Oh Ryan

            My whole point is that we should be equally enraged about her driving into someone’s houses. I’m sorry you retards don’t understand English well.

          • StandwithRand

            You know you won when the person comments on ones reading ability, yet they cannot proofread their own work. I feel that you do not contain the mental fortitude to continue on this thread.

            Side Note: YOU ASSUMED SHE FELT IT OKAY TO DRIVE INTO PEOPLES HOUSES DRUNK! All of which, she A) didn’t accomplish. and B) probably did not get behind the wheel with that intention. Use your head.

          • Ben Emery

            Our legal system is to hold her accountable for her actions. We need to separate why she was pulled over or detained and what the obvious brutality that took place. What might happen in the case if brought to court is the driver might get some community service hours along with a big settlement making her DUI a very profitable offense.

  • Christopher Lapping

    I wish, if someone in my family broke the law, I could conduct an internal investigation and call it a day.

  • StandwithRand

    I love the justification for not only police brutality but just brutality in general. I am 99% sure that you wannabe guinea pigs that support this type of behavior have all driven with a little too much in your system. Hypocrites.

  • Duane Savage

    You need to factor in resistance, unbalance and/or suddenly shifting weight… all could have led to the officer using more force than he had intended. It may be seen as brutality but wasn’t exactly a Rodney King moment.

    • Tim Tonole

      Rodney King really didn’t look much worse than that

      • Duane Savage

        Way to miss the point ..

        • Tim Tonole

          I guess I’m not as manly as you or these cops

          • Duane Savage

            Likely not

          • Tim Tonole

            And as he roared off in his black Trans-Am, there was no doubt just what kind of man he was

          • Duane Savage

            Obvious troll is obvious

          • Tim Tonole

            I know when I’m dealing with a REAL MAN like yourself.

          • Duane Savage

            I know when I’m dealing with an internet troll

        • Patriot from the nanny state

          Geez no seems to understand you!!!!!!!

          • Duane Savage

            I don’t really give a damn what you think. I came to this site because I like what Ben Swann has to say, not because he knows how to attract trolls.

          • Patriot from the nanny state

            The fact that you think it’s OK to have a law enforcement officer treat a defenseless WOMAN that way is DISGUSTING! I think our mutual friend Ben would agree!I think that’s the whole point that Ben covers a story like this!

          • Duane Savage

            I never said any such thing… that’s your strawman .. feel free to beat it all you want… then throw it around or stomp on it. And when you’re done you will have won or lost an argument with yourself depending on how much or little sense you made little old you.

    • Patriot from the nanny state


      • Duane Savage

        Well no one, especially female members of my family, drive intoxicated. So it’s not very likely that it would. I do hope it happens to a female member of your family, though.

        • Patriot from the nanny state

          Pencil d–k really mature! I’ll pray for you! You’re gonna need it! Have you noticed no one agrees with any of your points.Is that the way you treat females?

          • Duane Savage

            I noticed the troll troupe here walks in lockstep, letting each other think for the other. Do yourself a favor and don’t worry about me, pray instead that you grow a brain. Maybe then you can reason through the simple concept that drunks are unpredictable and cause more harm to themselves than others do because they have no control of their bodies, especially under stress. The people of Tallahassee should give that cop a raise for saving the lives she could have taken that light.

          • Patriot from the nanny state

            Give it up nobody agrees w/ you!your beating a dead horse!or is some female family member?

          • Duane Savage

            By nobody, I suppose you mean you. In that case, we agree. In case you haven’t noticed I only proffered a differing opinion than that of the bleating herd of sheeple that seem to populate this site.

            My guess is because you continue to say that I condone the beating of women, you condone it. Such are the mirrors in your mind. I would leave with “have a good life” but I seriously doubt that anything in your life is good. So I’ll leave with..”Be sure and continue to wear your white helmet.” especially when you disembark the short bus.

  • generalgoldstein

    Looks like she…faced some police brutality.
    Now the police force has to…save face.


  • HillBilly Jihad

    If this were my wife or daughter that pig would be hunted down, rendered unconscious, his body put in a freezer, then the wood chipper. He would simply disappear like Jimmy Hoffa.

    • Kevin Merck

      What if they did it to your son? I don’t know if you have a son, but would it be okay if it happened to your son?

      • HalfHoosier

        Man dude, what is your problem? This happened to a woman, the story is about a woman, therefore he is referencing women. Do you have a problem with women or what?

        • Dirk

          His problem, or at least, what I observe a lot, is that sex is used when it shouldn’t.

          “What kind of man does such a thing?” “If this were my wife or daughter”. How about, “What kind of Human, does this to another?” or “If he did this to someone close to me”
          This isn’t a problem that has to do with one sex or another, it’s a human problem.

          • Kevin Merck

            Thanks for using your head Dirk, nice to know there are some sane people reading these comments.

    • Patriot from the nanny state


  • Kevin Merck

    The video is hard to watch.

    The cops need to lose their jobs and she should get damages awarded.

    The problem here is that this is posted by a female whose only reason for posting the story is because it happened to a woman.

    She posted a story a while back about a man who was viciously attacked for coming to the aid of a woman who was being manhandled by an cop in plain cloths. Kristen didn’t seem to think that was a big deal, but she sure doesn’t like it when it happens to a female who was breaking the law.

    The man who was beaten had broken no law, and was trying to help a woman who was being manhandled by a cop.

    When women don’t care if men are beaten by police, it’s just a matter of time before women pay the price for their apathy.

  • ded2me

    Yeah. Cop is in trouble. Why? Because in the Use of force continuum, you only allowed to use a much force as needed to control the situation. THe cop obviously over reacted, now it’s probably going to cost him his job, and the dept X amount of $$ for damages to this woman.

  • Charles

    Someone better be fired, there is no excuse for this kind of excessive force.

  • Ben Emery

    What we have going on is an overworked police force that is cracking. The cracking is abuse of power, intimidation, and brutality. It doesn’t matter what the West is saying or resisting there was no justifiable reason for the police to slam her the way they did first into the cruiser and then into the ground head first. I hope they are forced to do some retraining, psychological therapy, and then eased back into their roles as patrol officers.

    • Patriot from the nanny state


  • ozone_ethos

    cops go way to far. I had a cop choke me one time because of something stupid.

  • Hope


    • Phydeux

      You really need to learn the definitions of “tyranny” and “treason” before you attempt to use them in a sentence. In this case you’ve completely misused both words and seem to have absolutely no idea what you’re screaming about in all caps.

  • Patriot from the nanny state

    hanging these to would be to good for them, somebody should get mid-evil on those motherf****rs

  • george

    There are good cops. I know a few. But these individuals badly injured a woman. What kind of man does such a thing?

    • Nathan51

      A worthless coward!

  • hipposelect

    This is a perfect illustration of the disconnect between humans and the police. Four cops on hand while this middle-aged woman is brutalized. I would bet my house that this will be swept under the rug as the Men In Blue will consider this to be “justified.” How can anybody look at this and not be completely disgusted by these thugs?

  • Opal

    and the internal investigation will come up with some new training to include turning off the dash cam,
    their version of justUS

  • dan

    do police have ,mothers,wives,daughters,sisters,grandmothers,,,,and some treat a woman as they would a man…there is no reason or excuse…these type of ‘officers’ if not taken down by ‘good officers..as in a man not a punk and woman beater…then the ‘justice system MUST remove these types from our society…jailed in general population and then they can have at it with ‘men’ inmates…imho

  • Greg Gaugler

    These comments are fox news retarded. As if being libertarian automatically makes your cause just. I’m a libertarian, that doesn’t mean everything is black and white against police officers.

    Follow Judge Nap and you’ll find much better articles and causes in need of your attention. Another shit article by Tate just bates Libertarians into. .. Fighting for whatever you guys want to hear.

    I’m not saying the cops didn’t use we excessive force… I’m saying this is not a black and white issue. See my comment earlier.

    • Phydeux

      Considering the ONLY question is whether they used excessive force, it is indeed a black and white issue. There’s no “halfway excessive”, its either excessive or its not.

      And if you understood anything about the spectrum of force rules cops are trained to abide by, you’d know that the force used far exceeds what the situation called for.

      • Greg Gaugler

        Very rarely is something Black and White with no gray. E.g. Show me what she looked like from her car crash before the police arrived.

        • x

          Greg let’s suppose while she is drunk she killed someone which would be horrendous in and of itself and let’s further suppose she was so out of her mind she resisted arrest.

          Would what you see still justify that action? Would that rationalize the use of force? Those officers outweighed her 3 to 1 and could’ve handled the situation better. Plus another 3 or 4 of them potentially watching on…

          Yes there are bigger causes to champion and Tate’s journalism may be in question, but none of that matters here. This is excessive use of force. Even if this lady is a moron, it doesn’t give an officer the right to do that to a man or woman.

          I do not know which is more disgusting what I saw, or you defending this behavior. And please don’t tell me I should reread your post because I “don’t understand” what you meant. I get it.

    • Stephan Booth

      hey greg if it was an “accident” then he would never have forearmed her before he took her to the ground and then put his knee into her neck…. that is way to much force…. it takes one cop to take this person down….. I cant believe you claim yourself as a libertarian and then stick up for the cops…….

      • glockstr

        Right because being a libertarian means you hate cops.

  • x

    Right Greg because Tate is a subpar journalist we should ignore the video and the article. What exactly is your point. Your political affiliation is irrelevant as is the fact that there are better causes to champion. This is wrong period. Even if the woman went “too far” you can’t justify what you have seen, sorry.

  • john

    Police investigating police brutality… anyone other than me find this wrong?

    • Salpicon788

      they will clear themselves.

  • john

    Police investigating police brutality… anyone other than me find this wrong?

  • Kevin Merck

    When it was a man viciously attacked for trying to help a woman who was being manhandled by a cop in plain cloths, Kristen thought that it may have been a “misunderstanding”, but when it’s a woman attacked when she was caught drunk driving, it’s a clear case of police brutality.

    What’s wrong with that picture?

    When women don’t care about unnecessary violence against men, it’s only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost.

  • Grego Kennedy

    I smile when cops get killed because I know they will no longer be harming people.

  • Grego Kennedy

    I knew this incident was in the state of Florida before I clicked onto the page. This happens on a daily basis in Florida regardless of whether or not you did anything against the law. The problem is that damages for police brutality cases are capped at $20,000 by the legislature. A plaintiff must go to Federal Court to recover which is difficult for a variety of reasons.

    • Éxplicit Guild

      SO sad :[

  • Leonard Hofheins

    This is another of many examples of the State’s monopoly on violence and it’s getting more prevalent and occurring more often when people who dress up in costumes with shiny badges prey on the rest of us with a total immunity to the consequences of their thuggery. “Internal investigation”…what a crock.

    • Rod Martin, Jr.

      Foxes investigating the chicken coop break-in. FDA investigating the pharmaceutical fiasco. EPA approving the ground zero air after 9/11. Lies and conflicts of interest.

    • Éxplicit Guild

      So true

    • C

      “Monopoly on violence” are you saying other people/groups should get a chance to hurt someone?

  • Annon

    Her face will heal, the cops, besides using language, were acting appropriate to the situation. They did not punch, kick, or otherwise use a force unnecessary to restrain a suspect who was resisting arrest.

    Secondly this video is so far out of context, I want to see the whole stop. We have no idea the way she was acting before this footage was cut, so there for we have no basis for the actions in this video.

    I am sick of people claiming police brutality, wrongful arrest, etc. When these people are in fact the ones that start and instigate the actions of the police. Example If a park is closed, and asked to leave by a officer, LEAVE! Don’t stand there and argue, then complain when your arrested.

    People need to claim personal responsibility NOT police abuse of power. Do I think it exists, YES. However, abuse of power and privilege exists everywhere; School teachers, pastors, police, government officials, and normal citizens.

    Stand up, but stand up for the right reasons

    • PatriotOne

      Annon you are an ignorant retard…

      F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982) (There is no constitutional right to be
      protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen.
      It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents against
      such predators but it does not violate the due process clause of the
      Fourteenth Amendment, or, we suppose, any other provision of the
      Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties; it
      tells the state to let the people alone; it does not require the
      federal government or the state to provide services, even so
      elementary a service as maintaining law and order.); (No duty to
      protect) = Rule 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss;Cf. Reciprocial

    • Michael Langley

      Most orbital injuries require surgery. Yes, it will heal. But how much will the county be paying for the lawsuit, and how much will the doctor and hospital have to shell put for the free care, if she was uninsured?

  • Macc Mosley

    Im sure they didnt have to slam her to the ground 3 cops against 1 skinny woman gimme a break they could have picked her up and put her in the car

  • Barbara Schold Kiser

    Nothing from IA will happen. It never does , hell these LEOs on steroids get away with no knock murders of innocent people

    • Brutus Lincoln Paine

      They’ll probably get promoted to a desk job to get them off the street after the powers that be thwart due process and liability. So, they get a big fat raise for being exceptional criminals. It happens around here. It probably happens lots of places.

  • Guest

    Smashing somebody from this distance onto the rock-hard road surface, without acting in self-defense, constitutes the crime of attempted manslaughter.

  • Holz

    Smashing somebody who is cuffed behind the back, with the unprotected head from this distance onto the rock-hard road surface,
    without acting in self-defense, constitutes the crime of attempted
    manslaughter. At least for civilians without connections.

  • needlenight

    I am amazed that you all (The American people) are still allowing these things to happen. Why are you not uniting and demanding that these things get stopped? Or fight back? Soon these officers will be so militarized, that it will be too late for you.

    • Kamrin

      Because the idiots here are distracted with the fake reality the tv creates and the false left right dynamic.

  • revsader

    This is assault. I have little issues with police using justifiable and matching force to subdue unruly people, but this was one woman. The man who did it needs to lose his job, and the several standing around watching it happen without reprimanding him need to be suspended.

  • Charles

    I would put every officer in jail who stood around and did nothing while this was happening.

  • Kevin Merck

    How many of you have watched the TV show “Cops”.

    That show has been on for years so it must have quite a following. It has been showing cops wrestling men to the ground, using excessive force, year after year, on national television, while you ninnies who love the show, munch on popcorn and drink soda until you’re obese.

    Didn’t you ever feel like there was something wrong about the way they were treating people who haven’t been convicted of any crime? Oh, but it was all men who were being abused by the police, so that was okay.

    This is going to start happening much more often to women and it’s mostly their own fault.

    • Scott Sourile

      I agree this was her fault, but I don’t get what you are trying to say about it happening more and more to women.

  • Cee

    Where is the outrage that this woman chose to drive intoxicated, and crashed her car INTO A HOME, where she could have killed a child? The moral of the story is cops are assholes, but so are civilians. Not the worst video I have ever seen.

    • guntotinsquaw

      Here’s your outrage, I am standing with you. She should have been whooped and whooped good.

      • PatriotOne

        it is NOT the duty of the POLICE to protect, neither is it the duty of the POLICE to punish EVER. you two, Cee and gunt…, are no better than the outlaws in the Middle East that will behead a person for any reason or no reason thereby denying Due Process. you two are no better than the shyster lawyers and judges that daily convict innocent people for non-crimes (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV8gRA-JYeg ). I’m glad that I am not your child that is facing a beating for accidently throwing a baseball through a window, the window having much more value than the life of your child. you two tough guys that have never ever driven after drinking?

        • confused

          It’s not their duty to Protect?? Their moto is “to serve and protect.”

          • WTSHTF1984

            Ha! Yeah, “serve and protect” themselves, and the Orwellian state-system they work for. Very few cops left out there who abide by their oath to uphold the Constitution. Nowadays, most cops are little more than gutless thugs with badges, who don’t deserve the public’s trust. Sadly, incidents like this–and much worse–are now everyday events.

          • Michael Langley

            The thing about “protection” thing was a supreme court decision, if my memory serves me correctly! I don’t approve of injuries like this in protecting me! She was no longer a moving violation, under police custody, so her ability to cause more damage was no longer present. If she had killed someone, it is still for a court of law to decide, and not vigilantes or cops. The country decided long ago that it did not like vigilante behavior. If no cops are around, I still think citizens have the right to protect each other against drunk drivers by detaining them, in such situations.

          • Salpicon788

            it should be “to collect revenue and beat people”

          • raythemixer

            FALSE… You will not see that on a police car. There is no police motto that says protect and serve. There have been two cases, one in front of SCOTUS and one with the DC Court of Appeals.. THE POLICE ARE UNDER NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO PROTECT YOU… You should do some research before you sound off on shit you do not know

  • guntotinsquaw

    I don’t feel a whole bunch of sympathy. Had that been my house she drunkenly crashed into..the photo would be her in a hospital bed and me in jail. She should have had her A$$ whipped, she could have killed someone. Not one drop of sympathy.

    • GearheadZ Mechanical

      screw you tough guy…she would beat your ass you pussy

    • Kathleen Mcbride

      what a big man you are. 4 big cops abusing a woman and you’re ok with it? You disgust me. Maybe if it happens to your wife, or daughter, you’ll have a different response. What a jerk you are, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • federico

    Good thing the police are doing an ‘internal investigation’ – that is usually how it is done down here in the (land down under) that way you are sure to find out what actually happened. Yep ‘Taurus excretas’ ad nauseum.

  • pff136

    Well, isn’t this interesting? I have a close friend that had this same thing happen in Tennessee Sept. 13. My friend had worked 16 hours that day and was exhausted. Worked a full-time job then went to help out with a karaoke show till 3 a.m. He admittedly said he had about 7 beers over an eight hour period in the 2nd eight hours. After the karaoke closed, he went to a well-known 24-hour restaurant, parked, and literally fell asleep at the wheel in the parking lot; said he was tired but didn’t mean to. He had only been there about 10-15 minutes when he was yanked from his car and slammed face down into the ground, gashing his eye and shoulder and leaving scrapes on his face. His injuries weren’t quite as bad as this lady’s thank God. He didn’t even know who had done it till picked up from jail and reading the report. The police said they tried to “revive” him or wake him up and he didn’t respond. They then wrote on the report that he woke up and reached for a bat in the back seat so the police yanked him from the car and did what they did. I know this person and he is the least violent person I know. He said his 8-yr-old daughter had left her t-ball bat in the back seat and if he was reaching for anything, it was probably his seatbelt; he didn’t remember. What is happening to our police officers? All he had to do was pull him out and make him put his hands on the car. Why do they feel it is necessary to be violent and hurt people? I understand they deal with a lot but to me, anyone who finds it necessary to take someone they assume is fall out drunk and plant their faces hard on the ground is nothing but a coward. They could’ve waken him up and asked him questions; they didn’t even do that. People have gotten so tired that they fall asleep at the wheel. Why assume that he was drunk first of all? And I don’t believe for a second that my friend reached for a bat. It was a knee jerk reaction and what they did was wrong. From what I’ve learned since the incident, this particular officer has a habit of abusing people in any situation.

    • Nathan51

      What these pigs need is to have a citizen armed with a baseball bat beat the crap out of them in a dark alley. No witnesses no proof.

      • Michael Langley

        Have we not learned violence begets more violence! Yours is a terrible idea!

        • Nathan51

          And what would you do; serve them milk, cookies and give them a big hug? Tell them no no no you shouldn’t do that because it’s not nice? Having spent way too many years dealing with this, pukes like these goons never learn anything unless it hits them between the eyes. Loss of a job means nothing to a sadistic animal like these pigs. They will just go to another district and pickup where they left off. Why do you think they want the job? Basically they are cowards and get off on beating the crap out of someone that can’t fight back. Like the school yard bully, until they are on the receiving end they will learn nothing. Sorry but I have absolutely no sympathy or pity for a sadistic pig like this that gets a dose of his own. I will save that pity, sympathy and compassion for his victims.

          • Michael Langley

            Really, hugs, milk and cookies?! That sounds insane! LOL! I would use this example and other examples to get it stopped through a court of law. Beating the crap out of someone would only make the beater feel better and accomplish nothing. In the end, a person deciding to do this could end up shot dead in a cornfield where “nobody saw nothing”! Remember the song? “I fought the law and the law (law enforcement individuals) won!” Good luck with that approach. It sounds like something a simpleton would do!

          • Nathan51

            Shot dead in a corn field? I believe we had that happen to a sadistic State Cop about 30 or 40 years ago. I have never heard anything about them finding who took him out so score one for taking out the trash. From what I heard he was another cop that liked harassing and beating people up. I wonder how much “better” the sadist cop felt after that? One things for certain, after his “attitude adjustment” he will never abuse anyone else.

          • Michael Langley

            A cop killer, shortly after he was released from prison(after a very too short sentence)(shot a police chief after robbing a grocery store), was found dead in a cornfield with no evidence found. It quickly, like instantly, became a cold case. Please understand, I believe this is a country of laws and law enforcement has turned into a group that thinks it is above the law. They also have turned into an armed force like the Army and are no longer “peace officers”! Their motto is no longer to serve and protect(ever look closely at the transformer police car in the first movie? It was a dig at the police force. The entire movie was a dig on the authoritarian lettered agencies, secret or not, in this country.) I have been harassed, yet I never thought as killing as the answer. I understand your hatred. I just don’t agree with the methods. We need to take back our free country. I just think violence is the last thing to do when we are now under rule of a militarized police state. I have enjoyed this conversation, to say the least!

      • Salpicon788

        we have to deal with the bureaucrats who tell them it’s ok to commit these crimes, and the judicial who protects them and finds them not guilty.

  • cazbit

    hanging out with volunteer firemen when I was young, growing up in my grandfather’s machine shop, working on farms, I’ve seen a lot of trauma in my day. I’m a horror movie fan, and have watched Hellraiser while eating spaghetti for dinner. This turned my stomach, I really felt sick. I have never had that happen in my life. I’ve seen things that upset me, but I’ve never EVER felt nausea from it, until today.

    • Michael Langley

      Having treated trauma as a general surgeon, this injury does not nauseate me, although some medical things do. It sure does elevate my anger to a new level. I know drunks can be hard to handle, but along with everything else, their strength and agility is somewhat subdued by the alcohol, as well. I worry that we are allowing too much of this to be done, by the police force that are protecting others against drunk drivers by getting her off of the road. I think it looks like someone lost their temper. It looks very unprofessional.

  • Salpicon788

    they do this to innocent people everyday and they get promoted to the top with bonuses, we pay for this treatment, your tax dollars at work, what disgusting sadistic cowards, that small woman was no threat to them.

  • gop

    Gestapo, we thought americans were tough, they just like jews in germany 1933

  • Silencer505

    Throw down a lawsuit and hold these officers accountable. I know it’s not an easy job and I know that these officers put their lives on the line everyday and lay witness to some very disturbing situations during their service but the one thing that I am getting concerned about is their abuse of power.What was this girl? Maybe 5’3″ at 120lbs? Yes she was driving drunk and yes she did major damage that could have resulted in death of those living in the home and that in itself is a serious ordeal but she did not need to be tossed down that hard. Officers are here to keep the peace. They are to detain criminals and roll them through the system.

    Tough issue though because I’ve seen the revolving door system that we have. Our city is in the top five for worst DUI offenses in the Nation. Officers arrest these people, throw them to a judge only to have them released the next day with a warning. In some cases there are people that are STILL driving around our streets with multiple DUI offenses and eventually they end up killing themselves or other people. So it is frustrating, I get that. But throwing down this girl that hard was not necessary.

  • Scott Zane

    I would like to point out that we also need more personal responsibility. It pisses me off that this woman ended up in her condition but she made the decision to get behind the wheel drunk. As, much as I am disgusted by our over-reaching ” law enforcement officers” if this woman had made the responsible choice not to drive intoxicated, she would be at work or home right now.

  • Christopher Ayala Menchaca

    I’d like to see that scum bag do that to someone bigger than him, no need to do that, the people should call for his immediate termination.
    In fact all police officers that witness such an act taking place or shall I say CRIME should be held accountable and charged with accessory. Folks we need to hold them accountable for there actions and it all starts with the chief.

  • Christopher Ayala Menchaca

    Maybe it’s time to start traveling in groups of eight or more for some of folks, whats the answer?

  • Johnny Goldwater

    The fact that they’ll do this while being aware of a dashcam running really says a lot about their judgment. I’d can all of them with no pay and tell the Police Unions to pound sand.

    The problem is that their oversight is other cops, so they’ll attempt to squash this incident, but it’s going to be tough. Her face is not going to look the same for a long time, even after it heals. If I were her, I’d sue everyone involved who wasn’t adequately disciplined, which will be a long list.

  • Dee Dee Martin

    There is nothing in this video that suggests this type of force should have been inflicted on this woman. Yes, she was clearly disorderly, but at no point did I see her become physically combative. It is clear that TWO men could have handled her more gently and gotten her into the vehicle without further force. Statistics show that a large percentage of police officers are domestic abusers at home. I have personally seen this with a few of my girlfriends who were married to policemen at one time. The officers in this video seem to have hatred toward women. Do I think she was wrong, disorderly, verbally abusive and deserved to be handled with some force? Yes, but this was excessive and absolutely not necessary. Should she go to jail and get the maximum charges for a DUI? Yes, but these officers should be held accountable for their excessive abuse and responsible to pay for her medical expenses, ect. Also, I think that a female officer should be called in and present during the arrest of a female perp. Our country is becoming a police state and our rights, freedoms/liberties are being stripped away.

  • forsudden

    This type of treatment happens to African Americans every dam day. I’m amazed how many of you are disgusted by this incident. Yes, these cops used excessive force on this tiny woman.

    • martymarsh

      This may come as a big shock to you but it pisses a lot of us off no matter who it is. I’m 62 year old white man and stayed out of trouble my whole life and now when I see a cop after seeing things like this they make me sick. Not to mention I know first hand they are corrupt.

  • Aiken

    If you numbskulls would actually look closely, rather than letting your knee-jerk reactions guide your thinking, you would see:
    – Around 0:12 the woman has her right arm crossing in front of her own chest and is grabbing at the officer closer to the camera. By the officers’ previous comments, she had already been doing so for a while, but this is the first point at which you can see she is doing it.
    – Around 0:15, the officer tells her (rather impolitely, but unmistakeably) NOT to do that and tries to immobilize her on the trunk of the car. The results appear awkward and probably not destined to last, despite their relative sizes and headcounts, mostly due to chance positioning preventing a solid hold.
    – Around 0:16, you can see below the car’s bumper that her feet are alternately disappearing as she kicks at the officers. Hard to say for certain, but I think I see her trying to flip her legs up high enough to strike their backs with her heels. For a brief moment, you see her toe appear behind the foreground officer’s upper arm.
    – The aforementioned officer then takes her to the ground, with rather too much force considering asphalt vs. flesh is not a fair fight, but I think his goal is simply to make sure she is immobilized ASAP.
    Now, I grant this woman was almost certainly just being a belligerent drunk and few would rationally argue that she posed an immediate threat to these officers. However, if you know anything at all about cops, you know they are drilled over and over never to let a suspect lay hands on them, lest they lay hands on the cop’s gun or taser and suddenly make a gigantic change in the course of events. They are drilled to make sure they automatically subdue a suspect who is making such a move. It’s their own life at stake, the life of their partner, and potentially the lives of regular citizens, should the wrong person get their gun. It is better to err on the side of caution. It is better to chance a lawsuit than death. You can’t really blame them.
    By the way, I am someone who absolutely loves to watch people call cops on their crap, especially crooked or uneducated cops, and I thank modern electronics for the ability of just about everyone to audit and publish the work of public servants. I know cops are just people and many of them, just like many regular people, are bad guys. Don’t assume anything about me just because I can understand what I see in the video. That cop could be a good guy or a bad guy–I don’t know. I just don’t like uninformed, knee-jerk responses to ambiguous stories any more than I like cops who use the constitution as toilet paper. Figure things out, people. Don’t just react.

  • average joe

    well I guess if you have a few drinks you no longer have any rights that a common criminal has! if you have physical disabilities and limp when you walk or have been hospitalised because of pneumonia and are unable to blow into the cops little blow devise even when you told them your condition these brave cops can pretty much do anything they want including slamming you up against walls,putting handcuffs on so tight your wrists bleed, throw you into holding cells with violent offenders and you get attacked and punched in the head and the guards do nothing! even though you have never been arrested before and have a clean driving record,they went through my wallet and took the money they said I owed for my stay! when finally released had to pay $200 for towing and storage, then you have to pay $680 to get a restricted license and another $300 for your lock out devise just so you can drive to work then get a lawyer for around $2500 to start and all this before your even tried, then the lawyer tells you that no matter what if your charged with dwi that you would have abetter chance getting off with robbery that the state has a 98% conviction rate for dwi and unless your rich and can afford upwards of $20,000 forget it take any deal they give you regardless if your innocent! now I am not saying its ok to drink and drive but let this be a warning to anyone out there in our rush to punish impaired drivers at the constant howling of the maad mothers we have created a police state and a industry built on the whole dwi ordeal if you think that they are doing this to keep us all safe think again its all about money and the madd is lining its pockets too!
    so take my advise dont drive after dark if you limp or have breathing problems,and can someone tell me why all the cops went from blue uniforms to black commando style outfits and why do they all have either shaved heads or hair cuts that are so short they look like skin heads? when did policemen become paid bullies, by the way advised to pleaded guilty another $1000 fine 1 year probation-what happened to my America?

    • http://iteror.blogspot.nl/ F Gerard Lelieveld

      Your America is dead! Condolences from Holland.