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Last Friday at 2:00 AM in downtown Nashville, TN 3 men were arrested by police during an incident. It all began when Matthew Paige of the Blackfoot Gypsies left the Broadway bar Layla’s after playing a show. Paige accidentally bumped his amp into Metro officer Jeffrey C. Cason’s police cruiser. Officer Cason had just tried to issue Paige’s girlfriend a citation for double parking near the designated space for musicians to load their equipment on Broadway. The space was being illegally occupied by a taxi.

Paige Being Arrested
Paige Being Arrested

As officer Cason was issuing the citation he claims that Paige then struck his cruiser twice with his amp. Multiple eyewitnesses deny this actually happened. Paige says that he bumped his amp into the police cruiser as he was hauling his stuff to his girlfriend’s vehicle. The officer then accused him of vandalism and asked for his identification. Paige asked why the officer needed his ID. “Shit started getting crazy after that,” says Paige.

Two fellow musicians began to film and take pictures of the event. One musician, Galen Mitchell, was shoved to the ground by another officer. He was arrested for disorderly conduct. After catching this on film, Jefferey Marcom, the second musician, yelled, “this is going on the news!” The police immediately went after Marcom and his camera. They shove him to the ground and arrest him. You can clearly see in the video that Marcom has committed no crime and poses not threat to the officers. Yet, police booked him into jail for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. After unjustly arresting Marcom, they searched him and found drugs. They then charged him for possession. In an affidavit officer Cason says, “we had to physically push Marcom back for our safety.” However, it is clear in the video that the police are the aggressors, not Marcom. You can also hear a woman in the background saying “he’s not resisting”.


Paige set up a Facebook page for Marcom titled, “Free Jefferey Marcom“. The page reads, “Help us raise bail money for Jeffrey Marcom. He is a man that was wrongfully incarcerated for video taping an instance of police brutality.” A benefit show was held last night to help with the costs as well. According to the Facebook page they have raised $1,869 between the show and their online fundraising efforts. According to the local news station, the police involved are under review.

Paige tells us that nothing much has happened since the incident and they are just awaiting their court dates. He adds that they hope to get the word out about the incident.

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Michael Lotfi

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Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • ZeroMustGo

    “After an indecent”? Uh, your spellchecker needs spellchecking.

    • RaymondKHessell

      So instead of commenting on the ridiculousness that police arrested people for filming them you choose to point out a spelling error? Go drink a gallon of bleach.

      • Aaron

        Hello, Raymond. My name is Aaron and I’m here to introduce you to the Internet. I’ve been assigned to guide you, since you’re obviously new here.

        • RaymondKHessell

          So, because I think it is ridiculous to ignore the insanity of police arresting people for simply video taping makes me new to the internet? Aaron, why don’t you troll somewhere else. Douchebag.

          • Aaron

            Haha. Dude, chill, it was a joke. On the Internet, the first thing anyone does is criticize spelling. It’s like the go-to response. Forget how salient your point was, you used “teh” instead of “the.”

            Breathe, man.

          • RaymondKHessell

            Aaron, when did I use “teh” instead of “the”? Please, crack an egg of knowledge on me, wise internet guru. Is this what you do with your free time? If so, take a quick stroll into your kitchen, grab a bottle of bleach, and give it a chug. The world would be a much better place.

          • Aaron

            I’m honestly having trouble here, Raymond. One one hand, I believe you missed my point and that I never meant that YOU said “teh”, that it was an example of how people on the Internet will ignore good points because of spelling. On the other hand, I think you know exactly what I was saying, but you’ve decided to be intentionally belligerent.

          • RaymondKHessell

            Yes, I am being intentionally belligerent because you chose to act like a typical internet coward. Get a life and stop taking away from the importance of the originally posted article. Do you not care about the police arresting whoever they want just because they feel like it, or would you rather spend your time acting like a pseudo-intellectual coward who trolls the internet due to a lack of anything better to do?

          • Aaron

            I’ve spent way more time explaining myself to some faceless Internet person that I should have already, but here goes my last attempt: Funny or not, I made a joke. You flipped out over it. I wasn’t trolling and, had you let it go, would have been the end of it. I never claimed to be intellectual (pseudo or otherwise)… it was part of the joke. Seriously: calm down.

            As for “internet cowardice”, which one of us suggested the other kill their self? Hint: it wasn’t me. I would have just let it die at your last comment, but the mental image of you all smug because you put a “troll” in their place was too much to bear. Regardless, I’m done here. Have a nice life.

          • RaymondKHessell

            Faceless? My picture is clear as day on my profile. You are the one who is posting as a guest. Moreover, if you have a problem with my attitude or a problem with the fact that I think you are a pathetic waste of life then how about I give you my address and we see if you still have that same attitude face to face? Hint: you are still a pathetic douchebag and a coward who obviously has a tenuous grasp on humor and what it means to make a joke. Again, thanks for taking away from the point of the original post.

          • RaymondKHessell

            Hi, my name is Aaron and I could care less about police brutality, false arrests, or the degradation of our civil rights; all I care about is acting douchey and smart on the internet. Everyone! Look at me! I’m so cool!

    • BobtheGrape

      The spell checker won’t catch it, it’s spelled correctly. However spellcheckers don’t do proof-reading the correctly spelled word was used incorrectly. So their proof-reader or editor should be flogged.

  • john_hurd

    If you are going to put yourself on the radar ditch the drugs first……!

  • BobtheGrape

    Our “Police Protection,” who is going to protect us from them. Cop forces seem to hiring psychopaths, bullies and thugs anymore.



    • Darkzen

      Shut up dumbass

    • no one

      it doesn’t matter what they found. It was an illegal search and seizure, thus anything found on him would be “fruit of the poisonous tree” and must be dismissed

    • defyapathy

      You are focusing on the wrong point in this event.

      • Brad Hyatt

        That is why they include the drug charge because once you throw that out there people are programmed to think they deserve whatever they got.

    • willerz

      WHAT PART OF “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized” DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???????????

  • nvbax

    Down with dope, up with hope. That guy was trying to start riot. What a dummy. He got what he needed. Incarceration .

    • g.johnon

      ben, you need a good troll filter.

  • Darkzen

    U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Law Banning The Filming Of Police Activities

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Illinois prosecutors seeking to enforce a law
    that banned people from filming police while they are at work. The law,
    which the justices agreed went against citizens’ rights to free speech,
    carried a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

  • defyapathy

    I think many people are not aware that you have no legal requirement to present or even carry ID unless you are in the act of driving. There are cases of false arrests of people who refused to present ID upon demand, and the charges were subsequently dismissed in court. I suspect the National ID card will carry with it the legal requirement to present upon demand regardless of the circumstances. It’s another step toward the “totalitarian state”

  • Vivislafter

    comments alone are entertaining enough, LOL! people rule, cops drool! so much for protecting and serving the chit outta of us, !!

  • Robert Bobby Crowe

    I hope the cops get their ass suite off for that! It is obvious that young white office is out of control!

  • Robert Bobby Crowe

    someone would be watching over their backs if one pulled that crap on me. I pray it never happens.

  • Antonio Buehler

    Cops are cowards. That’s why the Peaceful Streets Project, Cop Watch and Cop Block are on the streets exposing their crimes and cowardice.

  • Chris Nichols

    Attacking the camera operator; seeing you are a bully with a badge on the news is not a highlight.,
    LEO’s will do anything to truly hide their operations.
    There is a reason Law Enforcement does not wear Point Of View cameras that include sound; they would be found guilty of committing the same exact crimes as the citizens they arrest or fine, so why would they allow proof to be gathered by operating a camera ?

  • jac

    There is no evidence in this video the cops did anything wrong. From the video provided the cops were arrested a man, who, it can’t be determined from this video if he bumped his amp into the cruiser or not, as they faced an extremely hostile that crowd was agitated, intoxicated and using abusive language, which is an arrestable offense, and we expect the cops to do NOTHING!
    Of all the real instances of police brutality out there, this does not appear
    to be one of them, based on the video.

  • leslymill

    do the cops have quotas to meet. Maybe that is why they are going to so much trouble over a minor (rediculious)offense

  • Terry

    Are you guys watching a different video? A guy is told to step back, he refused. He then in fact moves closer to an officer, then gets shoved away. He STILL stands his ground and is told to step back a third time and then is arrested for disorderly conduct (and rightly so). He is also charged for resisting arrest, which is hard to tell from the video, but based off his refusal to follow 3 prior requests to step away, why would I not believe he refused to be arrested by resisting?

    There is a reason cops want people away from them when making an arrest. There were plenty of people on the sidewalk with a clear view, who were not being bothered by cops, why did the cameraman insist on being 2 feet away? The cops appear to be on edge in an hostile environment, where, as it’s happened before, a maniac can go for a cops gun while he’s trying to arrest another. This guy deserves the charge of disorderly conduct.

    What is also upsetting, is that the article isn’t presented unbiased. It shows support to the camera guy who has obviously behaved poorly. However, the article takes it a step further by suggesting that he wasn’t resisting arrest because a bystander just so happened to say “he isn’t resisting” as if that means anything.

    Cops arrest a man for something we did not see, so lets refrain from judgement there. However, what the video does show is cops arresting a man whom they told at least 3 times to step away, the video also shows the man stepping what seems like 2 feet from another officers back while he is engaged. I failed to see any wrongdoing by any officer in this video.

    This is not the type of journalism I expected on this website.

    • jac

      I agree, Terry. Too many stories on this site are not following the journalistic standards we expect from Ben Swann. I hope he makes adjustments soon, or this venture will be short-lived, or tossed in the unsavory category of unreliable alternative media. So far it seems more about agitating through incomplete stories than informing.

      • jac

        “So far it seems more about agitating through incomplete stories than informing.”

        That’s not accurate… I should have said SOME stories fall into that category. But for Swann’s site to be taken seriously enough on a level that can be effective for true liberty improvements of individuals, because his subject matter is so provocative and against the current of mainstream media, he can’t afford for ONE story to be off.

  • B.E. Driver

    From what I can tell, the man was told to step away once, then was shoved (the camera man said punched but I disagree). Then he began backing away after being told a second time and was arrested. He did not initially comply, but he then did afterwards; does that really warrant an arrest? And then, of course, there are the drugs on his person that nobody seems to remember in the article. Biased, but interesting

    • Jeremiah Cress

      His hostility and yelling showed he was still acting in an aggressive manner and they obviously viewed him as a threat. He was in possession of amphetamines which could be an explanation for his aggressive behavior. For once I am in agreement with the actions of the cops. Like a broken clock, I suppose.

  • Todd Whitehurst

    Ben I love you man but you have to stop putting up this propaganda. He wasn’t arrested for recording. He was too close to the officers while they were doing there job. If he would have recorded from the curb there would have been no problems.

    • Michael Blake

      todd your a idiot cops need to realize they work for us not the other way around.

      • Terry

        Police work for us as a community. If as an individual or small group you decide to break laws, those same police will work against you. With that said, what does your reply have to do with what Todd has said or the video in question? The video shows no wrong doing by the cops, if you disagree, please explain your position, ‘without’ the sullying our fight for liberty by blindly joining the anti police bandwagon.

        • Joshua Thacker

          Yea maybe that first girl that walked up got too close but they took care of that pretty well but the guy with the camera was well out of the way then the cop ran up and assaulted him and went back to what he was doing. Yea he was really a threat you just assaulted him for no justifiable reason. Then when he was asked to leave because he was pissed that the cop pushed him he went to leave saying he was going to the news and that’s when he got arrested. The fact that you can claim this man was doing something illegal is ridiculous.

          • Terry

            Hey, Joshua. I have never been a LEO, but I have trained in a very similar capacity for the military. When a call is made, it’s best to stick with the call.

            Between :04-06 The cop with the glasses is told to keep people back, the cop with glasses then tells the cameraman to step away. The cameraman ignores him.

            At :13 seconds the cameraman *steps even closer* after being told to step away. He is subsequently pushed and told for a second time to step back.

            At :23 the cameraman becomes irate and wants to know for what reason he was pushed. He was already told twice.

            At :31 he is told for a third time to stay back. He becomes very irate at this point WHILE still staying on site after being told to move back. Is this not disorderly conduct? He became a threat and an issue. I will explain this below. I believe around this point the two cops who made the first arrest appear to give the cameraman their attention and appear to have made the call to arrest this man. You can speculate as to why, but I believe it to be because the first guy they arrested had been handled and they moved on to this guy for acting disorderly (acting like a fool).

            At :36 he is told for a fourth time by the man in the glasses, but it appears the two arresting officers have had enough. He then FINALLY starts moving away.

            I have no sympathy for the cameraman. He was told multiple times on Camera to move away, and very likely told before the camera started rolling as it’s SOP for probably every department in the U.S. The cameraman was at one point about 2 feet from an officer with his back turned and to the right, the typical side a firearm is kept. To say this guy wasn’t close is ridiculous. Again, the cameraman had a clear view from the sidewalk like the over a dozen who were watching.

    • Mike Steele

      Hey Todd, Do you think the feds that have militarized the police are going to stand by them when it gets worse? The cops will be the first one’s targeted by their rulers. They will be on their own since they have alienated the citizenry.

      Your position is ignorant. Standing too close to the cop but arrested for disorderly and resisting? I think you might want to rethink your position,

      • Terry

        Yes, standing 2 feet away from a cop as he’s engaged in an arrest, after repeated warnings to back away is disorderly conduct. Resisting arrest is a separate charge that no one who watched the video alone can prove or disprove.

  • Vincent Smith

    Harass the cops when they are doing their job, you get arrested. They have procedures and if you violate their training and procedures you are in their way. They will remove you by force. Once you fail to comply with their demands you are guilty of whatever they chose to throw at you. Cooperate and you will not get screwed!!