Although politicians are “public servants,” they often think they are above the law.

And in Colorado, they actually are above the law.

Colorado lawmakers do not have to follow traffic laws, as they are exempt from speeding and parking tickets. The legislators are issued special license plates that are “invisible” to both traffic cams and traffic tickets. Their specially-issued plates do not show up in the DMV database.

As reported by CBS Denver, “The plates issued to the 100 state lawmakers and representatives elected to serve Colorado are preventing them not only from receiving photo radar tickets but also collection notices from past due parking tickets.

The legislative plates are not entered into the Colorado DMV database, so when photo radar cameras catch these drivers speeding, they never received tickets. That’s because of a loophole that doesn’t allow the City of Denver to electronically cross-reference those plates with a home address.”

The same glitch also lets the politicians get away with parking tickets since most cities rely on the DMV database for collections.

In other words, even if an officer puts a parking ticket on a lawmaker’s car, there is no way to enforce that ticket since politician’s addresses are not present in the state DMV database.

Thanks to the invisible plates, there are currently $2,100 worth of unpaid tickets in Colorado.

Before this story broke in Colorado news, the state Department of Public Works said it was too “costly” to change the system and collect the unpaid tickets. Essentially, state bureaucrats thought it was too inconvenient to change a system that was already in their own favor.

But now that this story is getting traction, some politicians are giving the issue lip service and promising action.

State representative Chris Holbert said, “It’s absolutely unfair. We should be held accountable like any other citizen. We are elected to represent the people and there’s no reason for us to be treated differently.”

Similar abuse has also been rampant in Washington, DC (go figure). According to a 2008 report by the US Committee on Transportation:

“Municipal, state and federal government agencies are among the biggest offenders when it comes to illegal parking and non-payment of parking citations. A report released last week by the US House Committee on Transportation documented 4000 cases last year where employees in federal vehicles skipped out on paying parking tickets worth $700,000 in Washington, DC and New York City. The total does not include unpaid tickets in foreign countries and other cities throughout the fifty states where 642,000 automobiles registered to the US government are in use.”

Is it really any surprise that legislators are rarely interested in following their own laws?

Only when the media holds them responsible do politicians “step up” to fix systems where they unfairly benefit at the expense of us, the little guys.

Your thoughts on all of this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Jackal81

    Not surprised. Further proof that the political class are turning into an aristocracy.

  • VMWJ

    Are these privately-owned vehicles? Or are they the standard government vehicles that don’t have state-issued plates and belong to the office, not the individual?

  • Amy

    Politicians are our employees, they are also supposed to lead by example. My suggestion is to remove them from office since they would be fired in any other position.

  • Bagels

    A very well written piece by a very smart and talented young lady, keep up the good work

  • IThinkForMyself

    Not tickets, no Obama care, no accountability at all.

  • Jacob Weir

    The founding fathers counted their positions in the continental congress as a great privilege and an even greater responsibility. They would roll over in their graves if they new the degree to which our elected officials take advantage of our system and citizens.

    • roninmd

      You can vote them out of office. Better yet, why don’t we have a direct democracy. We have the technology to do it. But the only way it would really work is if we made it mandatory for every citizen to vote on every law that is proposed.

  • Bruce

    Its high time for a revolution in this country, politicians have over reached stepped on and taken too much from those that pay their salaries, time to take it back

    • Joseph

      A revolution without a shot fired:

      Have a million people show up at your statehouse (or similar staggering proportion for small population states) roughly at the same time, on the same day, so it’s obvious the people who are there are local. The demand: NULLIFY, NULLIFY, NULLIFY. No more federal infringement on civil and natural rights even if you have to arrest and put feds who try in the state prisons. Oh, and no more outside personal gain at public expense for you! Comply and you keep your job, whatever you’ve already managed to take from us, and our support as long as you continue to adhere to the public will. And we don’t care what party you are.

      Don’t and we’ll run you out of office, we’ll tear down everything we can get our hands on that you’ve personally profited from, we’ll make you both famous and infamous, and ensure that you’re completely unwelcome in the state and all of our neighbors. And we won’t wait for your re-election to do it. We’ll recall, impeach, whatever we have to do to ensure that you pay the price immediately for defying us.

      We insist on honest and fair elections—no more thousands of people registered at empty lots or poll workers (from ANY party) “correcting” ballots or what have you. And each person gets ONE vote, not two or six or ten.

      When we clean up our cities, counties, and states, THEN we tackle the feds. Because if we clean up the states, the feds are already beaten because we’ve taken away their power. Same thing then applies: Submit to the public will, or face the consequences.

      We decide after what power to give back to the feds—they need to have some for the country to function long-term. Heck, even in the short term depending on how you define “short”.

      From there, we decide the major issues by referendum in our states.

  • Walter Shipley

    Politicians are the biggest crooks we have in this FREE county!

    • roninmd

      It’s called the right to travel and it’s bad idea to change this… if your rep needs to vote on an issue in your favor but your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area. That’s why this law is in place. And it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt since the founding of this country for good reason.

      What you should really be doing is to grant the right to travel unimpeded to everyone. Control freaks need to stop taking away peoples rights and enforce the rights grant in the constitution instead.

  • jay

    i can see allot of stolen licence plates going to happen. And since you cannot track them…… um you can figure it out from there!

  • mjp215

    Easy Peasy! next time ANY Legislative plate is in parking violation…….. Boot the Car it’s on………..

  • John

    And Obama care does not apply to congress? Who is the master and who is the servant?

  • FlyingHigher

    Wow – so legislators now have status equal to foreign diplomats?

    Wonder when they will grant themselves immunity from criminal prosecution for murder?

    • roninmd

      They always had this immunity… if your rep needs to vote on an issue in your favor but your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area. That’s why this law is in place. And it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt since the founding of this country for good reason.

      What you should really be doing is to grant the right to travel unimpeded to everyone. Control freaks need to stop taking away peoples rights and enforce the rights grant in the constitution instead.

      • FlyingHigher

        Not sure what your source is for that information, but I think you are wrong. Please post any links or other info. :)

        • roninmd

          Andy Griffith… In one episode Barny, his overzealous deputy, ticketed a congressman’s vehicle because it was double parked. Andy had to school Barny on the Congressman’s immunity but the congressman was so embarrassed about it he paid the fine in order to gain favor from his constituents even though the congressman was in the right.

          • roninmd

            Needless to say, you got a lot of Barny’s on this page.

  • Ian

    I agree that members of the Government should follow it’s own rules / laws. However, if a member of a Government agency gets a parking ticket of official business, wouldn’t they pay it to another Government agency? Isn’t that a waste of time and Government resources by the right hand paying the left hand? It only makes sense to me if the ticket was paid by the specific person who got the ticket and not an agency. That way an individual was held accountable for their own actions.

    • ax123man

      They should pay it with their own money. Granted, that money came from citizens/taxes, but at least it reduces their personal income. I sure hope they aren’t allowed to expense something like that.

      • roninmd

        Why not get rid of traffic violations instead. Better yet, remove the monetary penalty for DOT code violations on everyone except corporations.

    • roninmd

      It’s called the right to travel and it’s bad idea to change this… if your rep needs to vote on an issue in your favor but your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area. That’s why this law is in place. And it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt since the founding of this country for good reason.

      What you should really be doing is to grant the right to travel unimpeded to everyone. Control freaks need to stop taking away peoples rights and enforce the rights grant in the constitution instead.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    So, if when stopped for DUI, the plate won’t show in the data base….
    Then they are driving an unlicensed vehicle – with forged plates.
    What should be the punishment for such an infraction?

    • roninmd

      Sorry your representative enjoys immunity. It’s called the right to travel and it’s bad idea to change this… if your rep needs to vote on an issue in your favor but your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area. That’s why this law is in place. And it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt since the founding of this country for good reason.

      In anyways, it’s a bad idea for your rep to abuse his immunity by driving drunk. I such cases they get voted out of office anyway.

      What you should really be doing is to grant the right to travel unimpeded to everyone. Control freaks need to stop taking away peoples rights and enforce the rights grant in the constitution instead.

      • AstroturfIndoors

        You’ve copy & pasted the same thing a few times. Are you a paid shill?

        • roninmd

          No not a shill this discussion pisses me off. You guys are so busy trying to take people rights away when you really should be upholding those rights since those rights also apply to you too. The writer of this article is making a mistake, even though she professes to be a libertarian, the concept of public safety and fairness is a progressive concept that imposes the public’s will on individual freedom. Libertarians are all about individual freedom.

  • Kevin Cavanaugh

    Keep in mind that even though the license plates are technically “invisible”, the vehicles themselves are not. When someone in law enforcement stops a vehicle for speeding or if the vehicle is stopped for a violation AND that vehicle shows up as an “invisible” vehicle because it belongs to a legislator, all the policeman has to do is put a “Boot” on the vehicle until the party pays the fine. PERIOD.

    The plate number is still in the DMV database – just the personal info is missing. BUT, the plate must have some designation showing that the vehicle is registered to someone in the Colorado legislature.

    I am sure entries can be placed in local police or state department databases and when that vehicle is approached by law enforcement again for another speeding violation or some other moving violation, the officer can EITHER call a tow truck or BOOT the damn vehicle. No one, including legislators are above the law.

    So, what happens if a legislator’s vehicle is used in the commission of a crime – like a hit-and-run? Do you mean to say that a law enforcement official will not be able to locate the residence or the office location of the party in question to bring in for questioning?

    By the way, who else in Colorado has “invisible” plates? The Governor? The Attorney General? How about billionaires like Charlie Ergen, Dish Network, $10.6 billion, Philip Anschutz, financier, $10 billion, John Malone, cable television, $6 billion, James Leprino, Mozzarella cheese, $3 billion, Gary Magness, cable television, $1.6 billion, Pat Stryker, Stryker Corp. family, $1.6 billion, Thomas Bailey, Janus Capital Group, $1 billion, Stan Kroenke, owner of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth teams, $5 billion, while wife Ann Walton Kroenke, member of the Walton family, $4.5 billion.

    • roninmd

      It’s called the right to travel and it’s bad
      idea to change this… if your rep needs to vote on an issue in your favor but
      your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area. That’s why this
      law is in place. And it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt
      since the founding of this country for good reason.

      you should really be doing is to grant the right to travel unimpeded to
      everyone. Control freaks need to stop taking away peoples rights and enforce the rights grant in the constitution.

    • roninmd

      And another thing, putting a boot on the vehicle violates 4th amendment issues dealing with seizure.

  • Light Worx 78

    This country is becoming a doll play house… seriously.

  • ax123man

    This is (mildly) interesting, but only raises more questions. What if they are caught speeding or reckless driving? They try to look up the plate and it’s not in the database? I’m not sure I really can tell from this article what is going on here.

    Also, this isn’t new. Google for South Dakota governor speeding.

    • roninmd

      As long as no one is hurt and no harm was done. Then it is a non issue. The right to travel prevails. Speeding is a victimless crime. It’s crashing that you need to be concerned about.

      • AnimalVet

        You have a point there. I agree speeding violations are mostly about revenue. But, not all speeding is equal. It doesn’t mean making legislators immune to all traffic laws while we still have to pay them is the best way to handle it. If it’s never going to be ok for us to speed, then they shouldn’t be able to.

  • NotaLemming

    Thanks Benn! Great read. I live in Atlanta and it still pissed me off!

  • kirkdickinson

    The cities should tow and impound cars when tickets are owed. Then the higher up government would have to pay to get them out, and they would tell their minions to stop illegally parking or loose their job. (but the taxpayers would probably end up paying in the long run and no jerk would ever loose their job)

    • MustardTrombone

      They actually shouldn’t. Nor should politicians be immune to penalties any common citizen would have to face. The rent-seeking behavior of traffic authorities and zealous police ticketing is a problem all its own.

      • roninmd

        Well that’s something you can change by changing the law. but don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Suppose that politician that votes for the removal of all traffic fines is prevented from voting because he was stopped for speeding on the way to the voting booth.

        Just change the law to allow you park anywhere.

  • roninmd

    idea to change this… what if your rep needs to vote on an issue in your favor but
    your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area. That’s why this
    law is in place. And it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt
    since the founding of this country for good reason.

    What you should really be doing is to grant the right to travel unimpeded to everyone. Stop taking away peoples rights and grant rights to everyone.

    • JoyceEarly

      What? Opposition impedes travel? I have no idea what you are talking about. This makes no sense!

      • roninmd

        The right to travel is basic. You should know that. You should know that being stopped and searched by the police during your travel is unconstitutional.

        • AnimalVet

          The congressman should leave a little earlier if he thinks he’s going to be impeded.

        • JoyceEarly

          Repeating what doesn’t make sense like seeing it twice will make it coherent. Give an example of what you are talking about.

  • roninmd
  • john

    Making one man exempt is a step back to slavery.

    • roninmd

      Donald Sullivan says the Constitution gives us the right to travel the
      public highways, and he shouldn’t be charged or regulated for simply
      exercising his right.

      You might be surprised to hear a judge ruled in his favor.

      Sullivan said, “I can govern myself. And America is about self-government.”

      a person proves he’s responsible, leave him alone, he can govern
      himself, he doesn’t need to be bothered by the government,” said

  • roninmd

    are supposed to be mouthy. What if your rep needs to vote on an issue
    in your favor but your opposition impedes his travel to the voting area.
    You are not going to care if he is double parked. That’s why this law
    is in place and it’s not a new law, politicians have been exempt since
    the founding of this country for good reason.

    DHS may be in violation when they did a crotch check on Rep. Ron Paul
    during his travel to DC. What would you think would happen if there was
    a vote in congress to abolish the DHS and they stopped him at the
    airport and made him miss his flight. See what I’m getting at?

    Besides, if your Representative abuses this immunity, you can always vote his/her ass out of office.

    you should really be doing is to uphold the right to travel unimpeded
    to everyone. Control freaks need to stop taking away peoples rights and
    enforce and uphold the rights mentioned in the constitution instead.

    • AstroturfIndoors

      Ok, shill.

      • roninmd

        I’m no shill. What you need to know is that you have this immunity too. It’s called the right to travel. Aka.. Freedom of Movement. What we need to do is get everyone in on this.

        If the constitution is the law of the land.. then all other laws and code.. including Dept. of Transportation code is subservient.

        We need people to enforce the constitution. That’s all there is to it.

  • Just Sayin
  • TorchnPitchforks

    Now you know why the want to disarm us!

  • Dwightmannn

    Tyrannical public servants.
    Time to change our underwear folks, and trash them, as they are worn out.

  • Dwightmannn

    Elected idiots should write bills of law, and then they should submit them to the people, via the internet, so that , “We The People” can vote and ratify any bill that is up for a vote. This eliminates lobbyists, money, and powermongers from influencing any vote in the capital.
    I call it a complete conflict of interest. . .
    We need to remove the tyrants. .

    • roninmd

      Remember to make laws that don’t shoot yourselves in the leg.

  • defyapathy

    This sounds like much ado about nothing – unless they are exempted for offences like DUI or hit & run.

    • roninmd

      No they aren’t exempt from that… but the right to travel unimpeded is a right that should be upheld for everyone.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    our forefathers would be shooting by now

  • Milky

    No speeding cameras in jersey

  • gregaj7

    FYI: White letters on a black background hurts my eyes and is even more painful when adjusting back to the usual black letters on white background. Thanks for your attention to this.

  • guest

    Please do something about the blog background and/or print. It is very hard to read. Thank you.

  • DS

    Kristin, I think a more important aspect of this situation is that the lawmakers will not be track-able in the new systems being implemented to constantly track and photograph vehicles. They will be able to retain their privacy/secrecy within a system that is design to track everyone else.

    • roninmd

      Yes that is so wrong. We should all have plates like that.

  • roninmd

    If you are truly libertarian, you know well enough that the safety of the public is used as an excuse for the government to get in your business and make you pay. Libertarians do not like big government…one of the arms of government that forces you to follow their codes is the Department of Transportation. DOT creates code and regulations that enrich insurance companies like the way Obama care takes money from patients and doctors and gives it to the insurance industry. Take the seat belt laws. Who gains? Insurance saves a lot on medical bills. The fact that seat belts saves American lives is a collateral bonus. The fact that the police stop and pull you over for not wearing a seat belt is a violation of the right to travel and may also include 4th amendment violations pertaining to search and seizure. Know the constitution. You have immunity too! Make government pay for violating your rights.

    • John de la Boston

      The Federal Government is not you government. The United States is two things: 1. a description of the states in union, and 2. a federal corporation more precisely understood as a corporate agent for the states regarding international matters. Interstate commerce, for example, is an international matter between the states.

      If one comprehends that the American Republics in this union are independent sovereign states, that is, countries with individual nationalities that have entered into the Union for their mutual benefit, similar to the states of the European Union, then one can begin to see that ones true country and nationality is not the United States, but the republic in which s/he was born: one of the fifty states in the union. One could be a Texan, Iowan, or Connectican, for example. For people who were borne in one of the union states they have the choice of remaining under the direct corporate jurisdiction of the United States, or correcting the presumption of their nationality in law and returning to the nationality of the state in which they were born, and its de jure jurisdiction.

      With this in mind, the United States is not, and never was, a country for two reasons: 1. it is merely an international corporate agent for the states, and 2. it never had a population until the 14th Amendment disenfranchised all state nationals and Article 4 States Citizens, by redefining their nationality through operation of law. Only US citizens who reside in a state can vote.

      To further comprehend the importance of this, consider that one cannot serve two masters. The land was granted to the original states by European kings long before the United States came along. This, and all other land granted to states of the union after its formation (Article 4, Section 3), continues to be the sovereign jurisdiction of the states themselves, and is foreign to the United States as a matter of international law. If the states have sole jurisdiction over their land, where is the sole jurisdiction of the United States? It is within the District of Columbia and other possessions of the United States, such as Guam, Porto Rico, US Virgin Islands, & etc.. Therefore state nationals are actually, and jurisdictionally, non-resident aliens of the US.

      Additionally, The Constitution only has force and meaning within the boundaries of the states of the union. DC is not a state, and I believe will never become one. The Constitution does not apply there. So if one is a US citizen, then one is a subject of this federal corporation which exists outside of the union.

      All of this is a long winded way of saying that only US (14th Amendment) statutory citizens fall under the direct jurisdiction of the federal government. They are granted Civil Liberties and Civil Rights by it, and are bound to its statutory Roman Civil Law. That which a man can give, he can take away. State nationals on the other hand have Natural Rights granted to them by their Creator, which are protected for them by their state constitutions, and they operate within the jurisdiction of the Common Law of their respective state. This is where one can claim the right to travel.

      For a more complete explanation of all this read The Red Amendment:

  • Christopher Crissey

    I dont know that I say condone vandalism or destruction of these plates but it could happen.

  • Milo Garage

    We’ll once they figure a way to ticket your car speeding off it’s GPS or your phone then they’ll have something

  • John Fisher

    Just one more example of ruling class. At every turn there is one of these, written out of Obombercare ? insider trading for the congressmen only.

  • Brandon Pinkston

    I would like to see when the law was passed and who voted how on it. Publish that Kristin. These people need to be called out individually and held accountable.

  • Matt Hay

    Missouri has the same type of thing, but it is a special application LEOs and former LEOs can make, which essentially erases their registration information in the DMV database. It is not limited to just the LEO, but also, all members of the LEOs family as well. Here is the form to do so in Mo:$file/Vol%203%20DOR%20Peace%20Officer%20Information%20Restriction%20Request.pdf

    The irony of course being that only law enforcement is supposed to have access to the database (with the exception of the corporate access they give to scamera firms) so the only folks they are restricting it from are the same folks who have access to everyone else’s data. One set of laws for them, another for us.

  • Mike Lameyer

    When you travel pull the battery!

  • jcwconsult

    This is a common “Do as I say, not as I do” perk for politicians. It is rotten, but common. Draconian traffic laws are passed that give most tickets to safe drivers, but the politicians are exempt from the money-grab scams. James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association

  • Roger Parsons

    This is only for parking tickets and camera speeding tickets. If a politician is pulled over for speeding then they can be issued the speeding ticket, because they have to show a drivers license.
    Then there is this right to travel issue talked about here. The roads and highways belong to the government agencies, you do not have a right to drive on them, you have legal permission to drive on them. If you want to drive at any speed you want then build your own private road and go for it. Speeding to the number one cause of traffic accidents, so that’s why we have speed limits.

    • AndJusticeForAll

      For a moment it sounds as though you are defending them. It’s not the tickets that really tick me off in this story; it’s the very idea that politicians feel they are somehow above the laws they pass. The roads and highways were built with tax payer money so technically speaking; no they belong to us the American people. The government didn’t break their back building the highways and roads across this country. People did. This country belongs to the people not the government. The government serves as a public servant not public master. Oh and don’t forget all those nice politicians who just so happen to owe quite a decent bit of money to the IRS but say that they aren’t the problem we are.

      • Roger Parsons

        Mr Anonymous, I’m not defending them I’m just stating that they can still receive speeding tickets the way they should by an officer handing it to them, it should be this way for everyone, get rid of those cameras. Don’t try to say that just because the roads are built with tax payer money you should be able to drive anyway you want, that would just be stupid, go get drunk and drive 100 mph, traffic laws are designed to insure the safety of the public. Use a little common sense that is what’s missing from most politicians and citizens these days.

        • AndJusticeForAll

          Don’t put words in my mouth because I never once stated anything even similar in nature. I believe in traffic laws to a degree and my comment if you actually read it states that they should be subject to the same thing. As someone who’s gotten quite a few speeding tickets I know the importance of traffic laws. While yes they generate revenue they also keep things in check. Politicians should be no exception. And please quote me from where I said because it’s tax payer money we should be able to do whatever the hell we want. If your going to talk about common sense have the common courtesy to use it first.

          • Roger Parsons

            Okay Mr Anonymous, I’m saying the only speeding ticket they are getting out of are the camera ones and I think we need to do away with those cameras, There aren’t any other traffic laws the politicians are exempt from besides parking and the traffic cam tickets. And I didn’t quote you saying anything I just implied you think you should be able to drive any way you want and that is what your post implies. If you want to post something come right out and say what you want to say don’t imply anything, that leads to confusion about what your meaning is. Furthermore if your not embarrassed by your post why don’t you use your name?

          • AndJusticeForAll


            I do believe your the only one that took it that I was implying anything of the nature. And I never said I was embarrassed. I just feel like connecting this thing to facebook. But if it really bothers you so bad then your free to continue this conversation on facebook.

          • roninmd

            Yeah there are ways around the cameras. Basically you face your accuser in court. They don’t show up. It’s a camera afterall.

          • Not Bob

            BS, they are exempted from almost all law by professional courtesy just like cops are almost immune to any kind of legal consequences for their actions. You and the other tax feeders feel you are above the law and better than the rest of the population. You are supporting a corrupt and diseased system and are as corrupt as that system in my view.

        • Not Bob

          OH please, you are the one lying now, any ticket received by a law maker can be nullified by having their assistant call the issuing police department and request professional courtesy – you know that is the truth. The same is true for crimes committed by an officer, the rest of the department will cover their tracks and never hold them accountable for their crimes because they feel they are above the law!

    • Corey

      Pretty sure TAX dollars paid for those roads and highways….. unless you are saying the government pulled that money , that they didn’t earn, out of their butt’s! Either way, elected officials are NOT above the law that the rest of us have to follow. Unless of course we are now a Communist country?….. O wait…… never mind.

      • Penny Pincher

        Taxes are levied to pay the interest on the national debt which is created when the Fedgov borrows money at interest from the Federal Reserve, which indeed does pull it out of their butts, as they have a license to print money based on nothing. (no more gold standard since 1971). That is called fiat currency, and dollars say Federal Reserve Note right on them, a Note being a document of debt. The Federal Reserve is a conglomeration of 12 private banks formed in 1913 in response to the Bank Panic of 1907. But the bankers CAUSED the Bank Panic of 1907 themselves, by trying to financially ruin a trust called the Knickerbocker Trust which was getting big enough to be a threat to their business. It caused a rash of bank runs as people lost confidence in the liquidity of the banks.

        Funny how we had another banking crisis almost exactly 100 years later. It is the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve now too.

    • glockstr

      “Then there is this right to travel issue talked about here. The roads and highways belong to the government agencies, you do not have a right to drive on them, you have legal permission to drive on them. ”

      Actually we paid for the roads and highways so we do have the right to travel them. The problem with a lot of this “legal permission” and licensing crap is the same reason we are in the position of having to ask permission to enjoy most of our inalienable rights.

    • me

      “Speeding to the number one cause of traffic accidents “.
      1) That is neither English, nor a proper sentence. Do some basic research and try again.
      2) Your premise is completely wrong (see 1) above).

      3) “so that’s why we have speed limits.” Utter rubbish. Do you really, really think that speed limits are posted only in response to and after “traffic accidents” (for that is what you suggest)? If so I despair both for you, and for society as a whole.
      11)j the number one cause of traffic accidents,

    • MJB

      Dear Roger Parsons… you could not be more wrong!

      According to Thompson v. Chicago, the SCOTUS ruled/affirmed the fun mental RIGHT of the American People of Free Travel upon the public Highways and roads…

      In fact, in light of this ruling and the fact that the vehicle code in virtually every state pertains only to “commercial vehicles you are actually not required to register your personal vehicle nor are you required to apply for or possess a drivers license to “legally drive” on the public Highways! You have it completely backward…

      Another FACT is that due to the FACT that it IS your RIGHT to travel, a drivers license is not needed because the very fact you would need to apply for it converts it’s status from a Right to a privilege which the SCOTUS has ruled is NOT allowed!!!!

      • Roger Parsons

        Mr. Anonymous MJB,
        If you can drive on the roads without a registration or drivers license then why do you have one? Get caught without wither and pay the fine, no SCOTUS rule will get you out of it.

        • MJB

          Wrong again Roger… If you actually KNOW the law and are armed with the facts you can go to court and WIN… I have a very good friend (James McDonald) who has not had a license or registered his car for 50 years now… He gets pulled over on occasion, goes to court and WINS EVERY TIME! Why, he has ALL the FACTS of what the law actually says…

          Problem is that people do not take the time to KNOW their rights and the law… If they did, this country would be MUCH different and the “authorities” would stay in check… Then “We the People” would not be run over by the “public servants”…

          • Roger Parsons

            I happen to be a former traffic cop and I know the laws. Your friend is lieing to you if he says he has never registered a vehicle or had a drivers license and has won every time in court. States have the right to make traffic laws and they do so, I have read the statute laws several times and he is not going to get off. Do you register your car and have a drivers license? Why?

          • Not Bob

            Of course your a former cop, you want the illegal system to remain in place and for people to not know their rights because you have a vested interest in continuing the abuse the citizens.

            I only register my car because fighting in court is too expensive, the laws are unjust and unconstitutional but a person can only spend so much time fighting tyranny. Maybe as a form of retribution to all the peoples lives you ruined in your career you could change sides to the liberty side and defend the people from tyranny for a change ?

          • John de la Boston

            You are right. As a statutory 14th Amendment US citizen you are required to obey all the statutes that the feds write for you.

            Ahh, but as an Article 4 state national or Citizen… not so much.

    • Cathy V.

      If the roads and highways belong to the gov, and we only have “permission” to drive on them, who paid for them???

    • Not Bob

      Wow, you are just a complete and total slave to the state arent you ? Is there anything the government does that you disagree with ?

      • Roger Parsons

        Mr Anonymous, Just stay with your liberal leftest friends.

      • John de la Boston

        He is, but do you know to which state he is a slave? Or yourself even? Don’t we have a union of states? If it’s a union, then it’s NOT a single state or country is it? It’s a union of states or countries. Then how is the United States a state? Can a state contain or be be a subordinated part of another state? Not according to international law, or Black’s Law Dictionary.

        Hint: The United States is either 1. a description of the states in union, or 2. a federal corporation which exists in a territory which is NOT A STATE.

        Remember, only states can be part of the union. So US citizens are patriots of a federal corporation outside, or foreign, to the union.

        That’s an interesting predicament, isn’t it?

  • Gherkin

    Get some pictures of liscenses from these folks, and we can have replicas made. If they can go off the radar, we can too.

  • williethemayor

    america………………where your either aborted or born in debt..

  • poptoy1949

    Vote them out. They are not above the Law !

    • Cathy V.

      Good luck voting anything in or out. My vote means nothing.

      • Not Bob

        I would have to agree, voting does nothing but provide a faux feeling of control to the masses. Like Stalin said its not who votes that counts but who counts the votes!

  • roninmd

    For more information about your right to travel checkout this youtube video

  • albeit

    And what is to keep someone from making a sticker with one of these
    license numbers and covering their own license plate with it so they can
    get the same benefits?

  • anonymouse

    I saw a product somewhere on the internet, a spray you can spray on your license plate and it will obscure the number. No number; no ticket!

  • poptoy1949

    I don’t know of another way kind sir……

  • bobfairlane

    It’s an “invisible” plate? Tow that bitch! hahhahaha