Major General Carey

Major General Carey
Major General Carey

In an unprecedented move, reports of the Obama administration firing a second military commander of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons system have surfaced. These officers have some of the highest clearances you can get, and have been in charge of the nation’s most sensitive nuclear arsenals.

Reuters reported on Friday, Oct 11th that Major General Michael Carey was fired from his job as Commander of the 20th Air Force. The role is responsible for three wings of intercontinental missiles, a total of 450 missiles at three different US bases. He has served for 35 years per his Air Force bio, with numerous awards.

The Air Force is reporting the firing is due to the current administrations “loss of trust” in . A Pentagon official told Reuters on Friday that the decision to fire the 2 star general was made by Lieutenant General James Kowalski. Kowalski has replaced him with Major General Jack Weinstein.

On Wednesday, October 9th, President Barack Obama himself fired the Navy head of nuclear weapons, according to ABCNews Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz. Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, the second-in-charge at US Strategic Command, was fired by the President. Official statement indicates firing was due to use of counterfeit poker chips at an Iowa casino.

Some say the firings of these two, along with two Marine Corp Generals, an Army Brigadier General, an Army 2-star General, and a Navy 1-star General are part of an effort to clean up operational failures, such as the 2007 incident of the Minot missing nukes.

According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were “lost” for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a “cross-country journey” across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana. Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles that were “lost.” The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story

The rare firings of military nuclear chiefs follows another recent incident of nukes making headlines.

As reported by CBS local Charlotte affiliate station on September 3rd, Senator Lindsay Graham told reporters in Goose Creek that if the US didn’t invade Syria, and launch a first strike war against Iran, that nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor. After the US Congress refusal to authorize war in Syria, Senator Lindsay Graham has not provided clarification for that statement made on September 3rd.

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Sonya Sandage

Sonya Sandage is a financial industry professional, and has worked for the nation's largest banks and investment wirehouses for 12 years as Private Wealth Manager. Originally from Florida, and a graduate of UF, she now resides in Washington, DC. Her goal is to get more Americans interested and engaged in their nation's governance.

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  • Kimber_TLE

    «sarcasm»I hereby nominate Kathleen Sebelius, to be frocked as a Navy Rear Admiral, and placed in command of our intercontinental nuclear missiles.

    Ms. Sebelius’ outstanding governance of the Obamacare website is indicative of her excellent management skills.

    Ms. Sebelius’ recent history of outsourcing high profile, Presidential signature $654 million projects to foreign-owned corporations demonstrates an uncanny ability to snub capable American enterprises in support of President Obama’s agenda.«/sarcasm»

    Obamacare: Forcing you to buy insurance you don’t want from a website that doesn’t work since October 2013®

  • Mike

    Check out the report done by InfoWars about a whistleblower telling them about a suspicious nukes transfer on the very same day as Lindsay Graham warned about a nuclear attack, and on the same day at least one of this generals were fired. There is a lot more to this story, mark my words.

    (Notice all the changes done high up in the military under Obama. Getting rid of the people who won’t play ball with the current administrations agenda? Who knows…)

    • anon

      Right on the money, man.

  • Kevin Merck

    Sonya, what a breath of fresh air :-)
    There’s a purge going on in the military. My guess is that the people they fired won’t follow illegal orders.
    There’s a purge going on in the rest of the military as well. People who won’t use deadly force against the American people are getting Middle Eastern duty and the traitors who say they’ll kill Americans are being kept stateside to work with foreign troops when it comes time for door to door gun confiscation.
    My guess is that we should look for a nuclear false flag on American soil sometime in the near future, a declaration of martial law, followed by door to door gun confiscation, an attack on Iran that leads to the annihilation of our forces in the Middle East, and a back door invasion of America, by the Chinese, through Mexico, up the I/35 corridor, with the full cooperation and assistance of the US government.
    Sounds crazy, but I think that’s a possible scenario.

    • Clarke

      There were also a slew of high ranking admirals and generals dismissed after the benghazi incident. Ben Swann did a story on in at some point. There are rarerly ever stories investigating these extremely powerful figures. Maybe its time to start. Why were these generals and admirals released after benghazi, and why these two? The two most prominent theories are that there is an internal struggle going on within our goverment with several factions vying for control. The other proposes Obama is purging those who opose him or a NWO agenda. The link between the Info Wars story is interesting as well.I believe shining light on these firings through first person interviews, not “an anonymous military official”, is necesary. Clearly something important is going on, and I believe it merits a full and impartial investigation.

      • jerseydave

        Yes, the people fired then were the ones who wanted to send help to relieve the besieged garrison. There is still not word on who gave the order to scrub all rescue attempts, which makes it rather obvious that the call was made very high up the chain of command, at the NCA level.

  • toma kay

    And who tells Obama what to do, Saudi Arabia. Who helped groom this weasel, Saudi Arabia. Where did Bin Laden come from, Saudi Arabia. Who sits quietly as the transition takes place before your eyes, Saudi Arabia. Who sat your President, Saudi Arabia. Eyes open, no fear…be safe everybody.

    • Kenneth Browning

      Bin Laden came during gods tenure as president. I mean Reagan.

  • Mister E

    And don’t forget about the reports of nuclear weapons being shipped to SC, off the books.

  • jhmdeuce

    Sounds like a smokescreen to me. Obama probably fired these guys because they questioned his fitness to be CIC.

  • Erik Swenson

    Lindsay Graham needs to be fired.


    He fired men of conscious that refused to be part of a false flag attack on America and put in his minions. Get ready, things are going to get, “hot” very soon.

    • J to the K


      • Mike Knox

        Only circumstantial at this point. Missing nukes Dyess Air Force Base 09/03/13 (unconfirmed), fear mongering from Lindsay Graham re: terrorists, nukes & Charleston harbor (confirmed) 09/03/13, Two top officers in charge of nukes relieved of duty (actual date unknown), FEMA region III large purchases of food, water, medical etc. last month (confirmed), 4.5 magnitude earthquake 650 miles off the coast of South Carolina last Tuesday evening 10/08/13. One might conclude that all these events could be related. Then again maybe not.

        • Kenneth Browning

          Like almost every conspiracy theory. Unconfirmed circumstantial evidence that wouldn’t put your average joe behind bars, yet is apparently enough evidence to scream false flag everytime some jackass shoots a couple people. Nothing bad in this country just happens, it was all planned and executed by the gubment.

  • Chris

    I served actively under the wing at Malmstrom and I still have friends actively serving in those wings. The Minot incident was a failure because of crushing policy and job stagnation, not some attempt at a false flag. Everyone one of these commanders have made the job worse. Perpetual manpower shortages, poor working conditions and lack of sleep due to extremely long work periods, often in excess of 36 for a single shift. We once had a man stay up for 24 hours preparing for an inspection, cleaning etc. Was never sent home because his shift started the next morning and they made him show up to the gym for PT. He dropped dead on the gym floor during a game of basketball, the command blamed Red Bull and told us all to cut back on the energy drinks. Those bases have been under heavy stress for over a decade, highest divorce rates, and lowest reenlistment rates in the Air Force.

    • J to the K

      Literally dropped dead?

      • Chris

        Yes, he literally dropped dead. Had a heart attack right there on the gym floor and died. Our commanders blamed red bull, seriously. No mention of the fact that everyone had been absurdly long hours for months on end. I worked an average of 120 hours a week for three of the five years that I was there-AVERAGE. Those bases carried the nickname “The black hole”.

        • tankergooser

          sock puppet. welcome.

          • Chris

            To be clear, I am not supporting Obama’s choice, I loathe him, but I also hate the trash that was in charge of Space Command.
            I’m certain this will only make things worse for those already there, Bush fired a few commanders after the Minot incident and things got worse.
            The old “The beatings will continue until moral improves” line applies here. Its a lose lose situation for everyone still there. Just glad I’m no longer there.

          • Kevin Merck

            Tell me Chris, what do you think happened on 9/11?

          • chris

            That was a false flag. No doubt left in my mind. I want you to understand I’m not the kind of person who will immediately dismiss theories that contradict the official story, but you shouldn’t dismiss people who don’t believe that EVERYTHING is a false flag. Sometimes shit just happens.

          • Kevin Merck

            “you shouldn’t dismiss people who don’t believe that EVERYTHING is a false flag. Sometimes shit just happens.”
            I didn’t say that Chris, you did. Putting words in people’s mouths is a shady tactic that only makes you look bad.
            When elements of the government are capable of atrocities like 9/11, then everything they say and do needs to be questioned. The burden of proof is on the scumbags who like to murder innocent people to further their twisted agenda.

        • Kevin Merck

          It’s that way for a reason.

        • Robert

          That is well over 6 hours a day of sleep. Suck it up its not like you were doing manual labor kid.

          • chris

            You know this how exactly?-obviously you don’t because you are flat wrong. No its not six hours a day of sleep. Its six hours a day NOT at work, we still have families, wives, kids, and things to do and maintain at home.
            But thanks for your ignorance anyway.

          • Robert

            Sounds to me like you didn’t read the fine print before you volunteered to kill people for 3 square and the promise of an “education”.

            Thanks for being a Mule.

          • Chris

            Or I spent the first 18 years of my life being indoctrinated into a lie and it took experiences that contradicted everything the boomers taught me to realize the truth. People like you are not helping gather more liberty minded folks.

          • Robert

            People like me question everything and is why I never volunteered to kill people for 3 square and a promise.

            At least you did figure out you had been indoctrinated — so there is hope for people like you.

            In regards to “helping gather liberty minded people” — Freedom means freedom FROM government.

            If the Useful Idiots can’t figure that out, let them die with their heads buried in the sand for all I care, they will have gotten everything they deserve.

          • Chris

            I used to think that about others, unfortunately we are going to need a lot of those useful idiots if we want to tear down the abomination that is the state-without this place turning into a quagmire. I’m more than ready to go into survival mode if need be, but personally I’d rather have a voluntary society than the chaos of millions of parasites suddenly ripped from the bloodstream of government handouts. Though I believe the latter is far more likely.
            We are experiencing a groundswell, might grow a bit faster if we had fewer bitter, whiny asses such as yourself around.

            Funny how agent provocateurs emulate the behavior of the most extreme, bitter, and hateful people of any movement to discourage people sitting on the fence from joining them while simultaneously discrediting the movement in the eyes of people who may have simply been curious. All while creating a reason for the government to try to stamp it out of course. You meet at least two of those three criteria. Congratulations for being the counterproductive troll.

          • Robert

            Diplomacy has no place at a table of Liars, Murders and Pedophiles.

            Also, learn how to use the term Troll, Mule.

          • Chris

            For a guy who ‘questions everything’ you sure seem far more interested in finger pointing, straw men, accusations, and insults than critical thinking or learning. I come on here with personal experiences related to the story at hand and you don’t ask one question concerning the issue at hand but instead spend the whole time insulting me. Pardon me for not believing your ‘question everything’ bullshit.

          • Kenneth Browning

            Find the nearest bridge and jump asshole.

          • Robert

            How about you pull your head out of your ass before you suffocate and blame everyone else for it.

          • chris

            Also, thanks for the condescension. I was promoted to E-5 in in the fastest possible way, and worked those hours with a laser focus, but a lot of people are not built that way and can’t handle it. We had multiple incidents of people falling asleep at the wheel and crashing. Thankfully nobody was killed while I was there. Have you ever heard of a no-default policy? If not I suggest you research what it does to moral.

          • Robert

            I wasn’t being condescending I was stating a fact.

            In regards to your “no-default policy” inquiry, yes I am and again, suck it up.

            Not getting a break for failing to do something required by duty or law is the way it goes in the real world.

            Why should it be any different for you?

          • Chris

            You are missing the point. A no default policy is where failures or errors are not treated as failures or errors, punished accordingly, and provided with additional training. It is where failures and errors are treated as CRIME. Where when service members make a mistake they are treated as criminals. This has a profound effect on morale, and it changes the dynamic between leadership and the troops from one of mentorship and respect to an us vs them mentality.

          • Robert

            I am not missing the point because you don’t have one.

            You work for the most CORRUPT governing body on the face of the earth, what did you expect, milk and cookies for not doing as you were told?

          • chris

            You really enjoy straw-men don’t you?

      • Chris
        A little parody of the stupidity we deal with.

    • jerseydave

      Well put. Nuclear forces have been sort of ignored since the end of the Cold War by far too many. For those serving in them, they could use some attention and oversight in a positive manner. Mass firings aren’t the be all end all. There is a reality to be addressed in their post Cold War force structure, motivation, leadership and spirit there. My condolences for the loss of your man, and my thanks for your service to your nation on “The Long Watch” of nuclear duty.

      • Chris

        Thank you, nice to see that not everyone is an opinionated troll. The man that died was not a part of my unit, he was a maintainer and I was security. I can’t attest to what kind of physical condition he was in, only that he died in the gym during a game of basketball and that our commanders made no mention of the absurd hours people were working. Its one thing to work one 24, 36, or 55+ hour shift, its another thing entirely to do this day after day after day. People start getting sloppy, making mistakes, losing situational awareness, failures start piling up.

    • Kevin Merck

      “Crushing policy and job stagnation” may account for the miserable conditions you said were a problem, but it doesn’t explain what happened to the nukes.

      The system is set up that way for a reason.

      When a nuclear false flag happens, people like you will be telling us that the government is incapable of doing it, because they’re incompetent and could never coordinate such an attack, which would take dozens of people to pull off, and someone would have said something.

      10 upvotes tells me there are a lot of people who need to stop listening to folks like you. The truth is you have no idea what was going on with those nukes and poor conditions on the base does not begin to explain what happened there.

      • Chris

        I can’t go into details for what should be obvious reasons. OPSEC still applies even after you leave. I can’t sit here and give you the details without risking prison, but yes I know what happened, and I attribute it to being people being constantly overworked.

        • Kevin Merck

          Isn’t that convenient.
          Maybe you need to keep your mouth shut about it entirely if that’s the case.

          • Chris

            Heres what I can tell you. If those men were fired over a false flag incident, it wouldn’t be for their refusal to participate. It would have been for their failure to pull it off with any level of competence. The person who caught the incident was low-ranking, and fairly inexperienced who was patrolling around the flightline in Barksdale. Arguably the person who should have been easiest to manipulate or bully into silence. Generals and other high ranking officials have no direct contact with any of these weapon systems outside of dog and pony shows, no, these firings are from incompetence and corruption (on both ends)..

  • LibertyChick

    Really? Obama fires some Generals in 2013 for a concern about something that happened 6 years ago? He’s in his 4th year – if he was truly upset about that it would have happened in his first year of office. What a nincompoop!

    • Mike Knox

      No they fired (or suicided) those folks back 2008.

  • hotgrandma

    Well now, we wouldn’t have to worry about terrorists bringing nuclear weapons into our country if they SECURED OUR BORDERS!

    • xexorz

      You really think you can secure a border? Go search youtube Ron Paul Imagine.

  • gooser

    sonya sandage is in her underwear? good criterium.

  • gooser

    replacing a cow with a jew. i already feel safer. i mean, look how the jewish government, media, and banks have helped us heretofore. i wonder why our innuit contingent hasn’t competed with our 1.7% jewish one for these ultimate offices.

    • Kick

      Leave troll, your psy-op won’t work here.

      • LocalHero

        Uh, he’s right.

  • jwclark

    Why no mention of Infowars breaking this story??? That story broke, I think, the day before the first firing of these two generals. JWC

    • Kick

      Story leak was the one who broke the story. Infowars picked up on it, so did Michael savage.

      • jwclark

        Thank you. JWC

    • Mike

      Exactly, that was my first thought too.

    • Kenneth Browning

      Infowars? People still follow that sack of shit Bill Hicks? I mean Alex Jones.

      • jwclark

        Kenneth: Alex Jones is not perfect; but as an alternative do you recommend that people nourish themselves on what has just come out of your mouth?
        What risks have you taken sir for speaking what you know to be true, and what have you done to educate the masses who have been dumbed down in and by the American schools you also attended? JWC

  • jwclark

    So, were these guys fired because they were patsies, or because they were goodguys who think independently, or because they did something bad? The last of these seems very unlikely because those who do bad things in government are never punished–unless they are privates. So, are they patsies, or are they men who would not go along with the nefarious programs sponsored by the politicos in Washington? JWC

  • Zionistout

    Notice the new guys name is Weinstein. More likely to nuke Americans to get us involved in more wars for Israel and the Jews.

    • BobtheGrape

      I believe you’re right, Z.

    • LibertyAboveAll

      Wait, so Obama is a Muslim who hires Jews to nuke his people in Iran and Syria, while simultaneously arming the jihadist Al-Quaeda Syrian rebels to fight the tyrannical government there? Hmmmmm…

  • Zionistout
  • Notsoshinyknight

    Are these the officers who are refusing to fire on American Citizens?

    • Alfa Wlf

      I wouldn’t be betting on that

      • Notsoshinyknight

        Well I remember stories coming out about how the Obama administration is “culling the herd” of military officers, so to speak. They would question the officers if they would fire on USA citizens and if they refused then they failed the litmus test and they found a way to fire them. I hope this is not the case with these gentleman seeing as how they pretty much controlled our nuclear arsenal.

  • Robert

    Our military is made up of Government Mules.

    The only thing that kept us safe from a Tyrannical Governing Body was the fact we used to have The Peoples Soldiers who wouldn’t kill fellow Americans and understood the oath they took to the people.

    Those Peoples Soldiers have been replaced with Government Mules with no loyalty to the people or our Constitution and defend the UN’s Constitution and will kill us on command.

    Our military is also made up of Statist Slaves who volunteered to kill other people for 3 square and the promise of an “education”.

    Wake up people, Uncle Scam’s Agenda to destroy freedom has finally come full circle.

    • Kenneth Browning

      You mean those “people’s soldiers” who shot and killed protesters before?

      • Robert

        I mean the ones who actually died for freedom and not Uncle Scam’s Warmongering “heroes”, tool.

    • Anon

      Dont be so quick to judge us. Many of us know and understand the oath we took.

      • Robert

        Quick to judge?

  • Ivanhoe

    Kowalski, Weinstein. Weinstein, Kowalski……..
    Hmmmmm, sounds like some good ol’boy politicski.

  • poof

    New rule: Bogus poker chips, bad for military. Tax payer money for ho’s, ok for CIA.That is all.

  • greatshades

    What do you think of this report?

    A shocking new Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) reportcirculating in the Kremlin today states that President Barack Obama, while in a rage, ousted four of the United States top ranking military officers after they refused to detonate a nuclear device “in/near” Charleston, South Carolina this past week and, instead, exploded it off the Atlantic Coast.

    • Mike Knox

      Can’t read Russian, so who knows?

    • Chris Rogers

      Sorcha Faal is a known hoaxer. Anything from EUTimes or WhatDoesItMean is fake..

      • Redheaded Stepchild

        Not fake, per se, but put together with an agenda.

        Faal always uses actual news reports and written history (and links to those reports and articles), and then comes to an outrageous conclusion that scares the spit out of everyone.

        HOWEVER…It never hurts to read [her] stuff — not for the conclusions (which are rarely accurate and most often implausible), but for the supporting articles. Faal does a good job of putting out links at “What Does It Mean.” They’ll bring ya up to speed on a number of current and trending issues. Just don’t get sucked into believing Faal’s conclusions.

  • Jammie Bradford

    CAPITAL BULL SHIT!!!!! 35 plus combined years of loyalty to their Country .. and Fired over Poker Chips… Can you say Martial Law is taking place! ?

    • Kenneth Browning

      Oh yes. Definitely screams martial law!

    • Chuck Nugent

      “Ex-CIA Agent Claims Military Thwarted Obama False Flag Nuke/EMP Attack this Fall”

      • Chuck Nugent

        this headline i posted… look it up, it will shock you to the very core of your soul.

  • LocalHero

    Anybody should be able to see through this “poker chip” crock but there is no doubt that something is going on here that we aren’t being told.

    • Chuck Nugent

      “Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster” reported back in JUNE OF 2013 and “Ex-CIA Agent Claims Military Thwarted Obama False Flag Nuke/EMP Attack this Fall” that is what they are covering up… in other words, YOU ARE RIGHT!

  • truthseeker

    There was a 4.5 magnitude “quake” in the ocean off the coast of Charleston, SC on 10-8. Reports are coming in that it was a unified refusal to explode a nuke in FEMA area 3, as part of a staged false flag created by the Obama administration, that numerous officers refused to carry out.

    • Jilli Brown

      Good lord…oh never mind, you’re too far around the bend “truthseeker.”

  • Kenneth Browning

    I’m curious why all the people on here are so terrified the gubment going to get them haven’t packed their shit and left?

    • Mike Knox

      because you can’t out run the globalists (hence the name)

    • TheRealEvilGenius

      The government can bring it, we’re prepared for all contingencies, including nuclear. This regime has no idea…

  • Tim

    Although I don’t always like them as a “sole source” of a story, Infowars is currently standing by and doubling down on their claim that nukes were moved from Dyess Air Force Base to South Carolina. Also, when this story leaked, one of those Generals were fired ON THE SAME DAY and it was revealed that the government didn’t want to release the story at the moment of the firing.

    South Carolina is where Lindsay Graham is a politician and he made the statement he believed that a nuclear attack could hit South Carolina ON THE SAME DAY as the nukes were being transported there. That’s a mighty suspicious coincidence. Especially considering that at that very moment the American people rebuffed Obama’s and Republican neocon’s efforts to start a war with Syria.

    Infowars is not budging on there assertion of this story and claims to have a concrete source on their report.

  • The Colonel

    Swann claims that they were fired over an incident that happened six years ago when he knows Alex Jones broke the story of the missing nukes from the base in Texas, the same day one of these generals was fired. Get a backbone, Swann.

    • jbo5112

      The article was written by Sonya Sandage, not by Ben Swann himself. Unfortunately, Swann’s other reporters are not as good as him, but I’m hoping he is taking opportunities to mentor them.

  • Gumby

    Wow – Interesting. He fires this guy over “alcohol use” but refuses to fire Hillary over Benghazi, and refuses to fire those involved with the IRS scandal. If this doesn’t make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, then I wonder if you have a pulse. Yikes.

  • Leaping Raven

    Dictators do this as a standard to make sure that when they make their move that there are no military generals that will oppose them. I would not be surprised if someone looked into the generals’ records to find them politically opposed to the current government. Is something coming . . . a cue?

    • Jilli Brown

      Raven, why not ask the winged monkeys in your closet – I’m sure they’ll give you “a cue.”

      • Leaping Raven

        What does this mean? If you do some additional reading as I have, you will find that all the military officials being laid off ARE on the other side of the political fence. I find this “Offensive!” Perhaps you should consider reading instead of just commenting, if your comment was negative. If it is not negative, then please expound.

  • Wastrel Way

    Jeez. Obama is doing his job as Commander-in-Chief, unlike Bush who let officers of the day make policy decisions, and here are people saying he’s getting rid of generals to become dictator? What a bunch of small minds. These generals had become complacent and stale in their jobs (to say the least), they were getting old and unable to keep up. And you lamebrains think it’s all about you and your paranoid theories.

    • Frank Jaeger

      After six years the big mind guy has an epiphany? go’s on a firing spree!
      Sure makes perfect sense, just doing his job, OK.

      • mike graham

        He needed the first term to embed his people in all the right places.Now after stealing the election through lies,voter fraud and falsified job numbers he`s making his move to destroy America as we know it.He has fired over 200 generals and admirals without retirement in our military! That is a purge of our military not someone concerned about fake poker chips.

    • Janne Thiebaud

      Sadly, you and yours will pay dearly for your ignorance and blind allegiance to the forth coming Dictator. Hope that goes well for you lol

    • B

      It’s because they would not fire on American Civilians. That was why he
      fired these high profile generals. Along with the attempt to disarm Americans. POTUS currently is the biggest terrorist we know.

    • Peaches

      “Obama is doing his job as Commander-in-Chief, unlike Bush who let officers make policy decisions,”
      Aren’t those officers the experts? Isn’t that why they have those positions? How would Obama know if they had become “stale or complacent” in their positions? Sure, if they didn’t do what Obama asked them to then he can say they were “stale and complacent” because they chose to do the right thing instead of follow unlawful orders. Anyone can dismiss them as old even though they weren’t really that old for generals.

      But that is what you do, you know? When things don’t go your way as a dictator you get rid of the things in your way, otherwise you’re not a dictator.

    • wadnick

      WTF does obama, or ANY of the radical no nothings he has around him know about military operations…. NONE OF THEM HAVE SERVED IN THE MILITARY….. They second guess military professionals that have served for decades… and idiots like you agree with this… This PURGE is right in line with his massive arming up of the DHS…. YOU ARE A TOOL.

  • Chuck Nugent

    This man that obama fired, along with two others, SAVED THE LIVES OF 300 million people because OBAMA wanted to nuke the USA!!! LOOK UP–“Ex-CIA Agent Claims Military Thwarted Obama False Flag Nuke/EMP Attack this Fall” AND ALSO, “Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster” reported back in JUNE OF 2013…. prepare to be SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • barry soetoro

    Obama is a CULTIST. He’s a kook.

    couple years ago, DW ULSTERMAN posted a column (see link at bottom) explaining how a Democrat campaign operative attended the
    Democratic National Convention in 2008.

    The Democrat operative (possibly
    Kam Kuwata, who was later murdered) wandered backstage at the
    Convention and heard bizarre ‘CHANTING’ coming from a room, before
    security spotted him and roughly expelled him from the backstage area.

    The campaign was NOT HAPPY that Kuwata/whoever was wandering backstage seeing/hearing this stuff.

    A couple minutes later, Obama emerged looking glassy-eyed like he was
    on drugs, and took to the stage, and delivered his Convention speech.

    Well, I filed that story away in the back of my brain, and pretty much forgot about it for 2 years.

    Until this week.

    When I noticed Corsi (and everybody else) speculating that Obama looks
    like the founder of the Subud (islamic) Cult from Indonesia.

    The founder is Mohammed Subud. Obama’s mother AND Loretta Fuddy were apparently members/associated with the cult.

    The Cult’s USA HQ is Chicago. The Cult has some outpost/establishment
    in Hawaii. The Cult originated in the 1920’s in Indonesia when its
    founder (Mohammed Subud) started it. Do those 3 places ring any bells?

    By the way? This photo is a split-screen of Obama (RIGHT), and Subud (LEFT).

    Mohammed Subud looks like the identical twin of Obama, down to the
    exact nose, ears, lips, hairline, facial crease around the mouth. He
    looks like Obama’s REAL father.

    So I did a search for ‘Subud Cult,’ and started reading about it.

    Apparently, the Subud Cult members ‘channel demonic spirits’ while

    Sounds like the bizarre ‘Chanting’ described in that story 2 years ago.

    Obama (aka Soetoro; aka Soebarkah) is a KOOK.

    He is a moslem cultist, bent on destroying the USA.

    ALSO, Obama just ‘replaced’ another 34 NUCLEAR LAUNCH OFFICERS last week.

    Thus, we have a MOSLEM CULTIST purging our military, with particular emphasis on REPLACING OUR NUCLEAR LAUNCH OFFICERS.

    Here’s that column from 2 years ago:

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