Reality Check: Can The Republican Party Kick Donald Trump Out Of The Debates?

Billionaire and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump makes new headlines every day. But something he said that he wouldn’t do during the first Republican debate could reveal some major problems with the debate system.

Could the GOP ban Trump from its next debate?

The first Republican debate one week ago opened with a question specifically for Trump. Per Bret Baier:

Who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge not to run an independent campaign against that person? Raise your hand now if you won’t make that pledge tonight.

Trump was the only candidate who said that he might run as an independent if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination. Not only is that a difficult path to take, but also an expensive one. Trump is probably the only candidate running who could afford to launch an independent campaign.

Because Trump said he would not rule out running as an independent candidate, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has now said it could ban Trump from the next debate if he won’t make that pledge.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has since directly requested all Republican candidates to pledge that they will not make a third-party run, according to ABC News. Those who do not pledge might not get an invite to future Republican candidate debates, and would likely be restricted from accessing party data on Republican voters.

If Trump is polling at twice the numbers of his closest challengers and as much as five times the numbers of seven of the top 10 candidates—which he is—then how could the RNC ban him from debates? Can that really be done?

The answer is yes. The RNC, just as the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is considered a private club. They make their own rules. The DNC isn’t holding a single debate until October—something that candidates like Martin O’Malley aren’t happy about. But there’s nothing they can really do.

And that is why a senior Trump campaign official has told ABC News that it is possible that Trump may make that pledge. Though Trump has clarified that statement, saying, “It’s absolutely possible that at some point I would change that,” but, he added, such a change “is not imminent.”

If I’m the nominee, I pledge that I will not run as an independent,” he said.

What you need to know is that the RNC claims it has every right to prevent Trump or anyone else from debating because it is a private club. But—Reality Check—in actuality they are not.

In fact, American taxpayers spent $400 million administering Republican and Democratic primaries in 2012.

That is one of the major problems with the way the party conducts business. On average, only about 9 percent of the voting population vote in national primaries. But 100 percent of taxpayers are on the hook for these so-called private events.

That’s Reality Check. Let’s talk about this tonight on Twitter. Reach me @BenSwann_

  • bjeweled21 .

    They squashed Dr. Ron Paul and they will try to do the same thing with Donald. Both parties are terrified of Trump. Should he become our president their way of life is over! Which would create an economic boom for this country…the world…like has never been seen. Just the thought of that makes me cry for joy.

    • Gregory Alan of Johnson

      That’s why they are making every effort to banish him into the ‘fringe’ dep’t. Since the international bankers control the elections here, they already chosen a “run-off” between Hillary and Jeb, and I suspect they’ve chosen Hillary for the next/last CEO/President.

      • LDB101

        I honest think she’s going to wearing a ORANGE jumpsuit!!!

        • Gregory Alan of Johnson

          Just who will put her in one? She either be President or she will not be around at all. She knows way too much.

    • LDB101

      Amen but not sure they can Stump the Trump!!! They know their in deep trouble with the Donald.

    • AngerAmerican

      Ron Paul did not have the money Trump does.. and he will use it all if he has to. I am not playing the RNC game if they ban trump shit will hit the fan..

    • MsFreedomWatch

      As a RP supporter, i hated how the RNC treated him. However, people need to settle down a bit and take a good look at Trump. He has no strategy, no specific plans, and no concept of taking orders from the US Constitution. Because he is used to buying his way with money and power, I can’t imagine Trump taking advice from Congress or top Military leaders. Isn’t that what we have in the house now?

      • Becky Kuehn

        Yes he does have a plan. Just because he hasn’t laid it all out in the short time he has been running doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. Trump hires the best people to advise him in his business dealings and negotiations. What makes you think he wouldn’t do the same as President? What candidate out there has stated their strategy, total plans and exactly what they are going to do. Remember, Trump is not a lawyer or a politician. Trump doesn’t need to do this. He has plenty of money to do whatever he wants. He loves America and wants to make her great again.

        • MsFreedomWatch

          I sure hope you are correct Becky! I remember how excited everyone got about Barak Hussein Obama (not me) when he was new. Nobody cared what the guy said…they wanted him no matter what!! I do love how Trump is a “tell it like it is” guy, but after watching his first debate, i realized he likes to use adjectives (terrific, great, stupid, smart, rich) instead of logic. And as to your comment above, they ALL love America, they ALL want to make her great again, and none of them need to do this. Most of the candidates do have very detailed strategies, logical answers, and step by step plans. Hopefully Trump can stop the childish name calling and start acting Presidential. I’m still waiting for him to mention that little thing called the “US Constitution”.

  • Beedogz

    If RNC does that millions will leave the party and NEVER return

    • RandPaul4Prez

      Millions leaving the RNC? That sounds like a win win.

    • Rufus Peckham

      Yeah right, right until the next “democrat bogeyman” is whipped up, they’ll be running back to the polls to pull the R lever.

  • RandPaul4Prez

    Dump Trump 2016

  • RobertFallin

    If they DO kick Trump out of the debates, Trump should stage his own debate with present or former nominees from the third parties. Bet he gets a larger audience than the GOP candidates.

    Also, since the taxpayers subsidize debates to the benefit of the GOP, he could lead a class action suit against the GOP and whichever network carries the debates for “restraint of trade”.

    • LDB101


  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Trump is about to be marginalized for his stance. It’s beyond time to marginalize both (two-sides of the same “coin”) parties and show the international bankers who’s truly running things on this land of USA.

  • James Aud

    Trump is seeing his self as a sole Savior of America

    • MsFreedomWatch

      Yep, one who hasn’t mentioned that little thing called the “US Constitution”.

  • Jamie Potter

    Love to see the RNC lose support the way they treated Ron Paul was unforgivable.

  • HenryR

    Banning The Donald will all but destroy the GOP. So many people will leave it out of sheer disappointment that it will never regain its credibility with its rank and file voters.

  • Karolyn

    Have you watched the video yet where he’s telling how VERY much he likes the Clintons? Not good. Have you seen where he’s given thousands to the Clinton Foundation which has also illegally received money from foreigners? This is food for thought. I like allot of what Trump says but those two things alone put a thorn in my side. The Clinton’s are some of the biggest criminals ever to reside in the W.H. and Hilary should be in prison for treason.

    • LDB101

      He has seen the LIGHT unlike so many others.

    • AngerAmerican

      Here is an interview he did in 1988 with oprah compare what he said then to what he saying now.. and tell me he is now supporting clinton, I think he saw the light about her just like millions of other people have he does not like what he is hearing either.. if we have a change of heart then why cant he

    • Becky Kuehn

      Trump is a businessman. In order to succeed in business one must rub elbows with the elite that can help your business. Yes he said he liked the Clintons, but he has also said Hillary should be in prison not running for president. Look behind the scenes and you will see republicans and democrats fighting in front of us and having drinks and parties behind our backs. Trump has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the republicans. Untill all this came out recently about the Clinton Foundation, everyone thought the foundation was good. Don’t blame Trump for what the Clintons have done.

      • Karolyn

        You can try and convince me that a smart, billionaire businessman would like the Clintons and give thousands or more dollars to the Clinton Foundation and not know what kind of people that the Clintons were/are or what their foundation was about but I’m not buying it.

  • thebearded1

    BEN: It is fantastic to have you back on the main stream airwaves! Keep doing what you do, loving all of it!

  • LocalHero

    If you vote (for anybody), you may as well have “I’m a brainwashed slave” tattooed on your forehead.

  • MsFreedomWatch

    Has Trump even uttered the words “US Constitution”? Does Trump understand he will have to listen & kowtow to Congress and Military leaders? I’m not sure if a successful billionaire who is used to always getting his way with power & money will be ready to work with opposing views. Trump is brilliant at name calling and ripping others to shreds. I’m afraid on Day 1 he will march into office and proclaim: “Congress…YOU’RE FIRED”! Points to ponder…..

    • Mark Hayward

      Obama has replaced fired and shunned anyone who disagrees with him. In order for a person to be really successful they have to hire other people to help them. Trump is good at hiring Winners.. Liberals and Democrats and Progressives hired and appointed by Obama are Losers.. The problem is not just with Obama it’s with all of the useless idiots that Obama has working on is Team of Corrupt Socialists Criminals ..

      • MsFreedomWatch

        I agree with you on Obama. I’m afraid Trump would do the same. Trump is conditioned in always getting his way, and if not, he fires them or belittles them like a third grader. I’m not sure if a mega billionaire who is used to “buying” politicians would be able to compromise and take opposition when needed. We’ve had a Dictator in the office for almost 8 years. We certainly don’t need another.

        • Becky Kuehn

          Trump has already enlisted Jeff Sessions to help formulate his immigration plans. He has stated straight out that he would hire the best people to do the job, the best advisors. Trump wants to bring America back and make her strong again. He’s the one that can do it. He told about the “buying politicians” to wake people up because this is Politics 101 in America. That is currently how it’s done. Trump doesn’t need to do this. He has plenty of money to do whatever he wants. He loves America and her people and wants to bring back the American dream. No one else can do that at this point, not with the way politicians are beholding to their big donors. It’s refreshing he is not politically correct. He’s being attacked by liberals, democrats, libertarians, independent and republicans alike and he still won’t back down. That’s commendable.

          • Karolyn

            And when have candidates not said everything that they think we want to hear and what will make us cast a vote for them. They get in office and do not do as they said but do as they please. They have to be able to work with Congress unless we have another POTUS that just picks up his pen and signs yet another executive order.

        • Mark Hayward

          I don’t think as a Business Man you can Bully Politicians. I think Trump stated that he has to be nice to Politicians and Give Campaign Donations ..

    • Steve

      “Congress… You’re Fired” You say that like it’s a bad thing. 🙂

      • MsFreedomWatch

        Yeah, i agree with you there : ) However we certainly don’t need another Dictator with a pen and a phone.

    • Karolyn

      Trump is also an actor and a good one from what I hear. But you are right about the Constitution and has even one candidate mentioned the TPP and the TTIP that will truly finish America off and remove our sovereignty as a country? Does anyone talk about stopping the NWO or Agenda 21? Another good place to read “truth” about what is going on is Lew Rockwell and G. Edward Griffin. Very interesting article on Trump and his running for President. Sorry, but I can’t see one person running that will truly follow their oath to office and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Dems and Repubs are just opposite sides of the same coin. We needed and need a Ron Paul if it’s not too late to turn around all the disasters that, not just Obama, another puppet for the elite, banksters, Wall Street, but many decades of Presidents before him. They all have bowed to the dollar, their greed and power.

      • MsFreedomWatch

        Ron Paul…..the greatest President we never had. Not enough “awake” people Karolyn. I read Rockwell and Judge Nap often. Love those guys but sadly, the majority of Americans want free “stuff” rather than free”dom”. Ron Paul was 30 years before his time. Rand isn’t perfect, but he is the only one on the stage discussing civil asset forfeiture, NSA spying, TPP, limited gov’t, NDAA, etc. (And that’s exactly why he will continue to be marginalized.) As long as Trump speaks nonsense with conviction, the sheeple will follow him to the finish line.

        • Karolyn

          You are so right and the sheeple followed the promises of the person we have masquerading as a POTUS now and has done so much damage to our country. And you are correct on the ones wanting the freebies but someday there will not be enough money from the working people to give them all their freebies. Too bad people didn’t listen to Ron Paul and see what the Repbs were doing to him and that they couldn’t listen to the vast knowledge he has. No other candidate comes close to him in following the Constitution and fighting for our freedom and liberty. I hae not heard Rand speak about the TPP but the people deserve to know about this treaty being pushed through behind closed doors and secretly. Yes, love the Judge and he would make an excellent President. Look up G. Edward Griffin. He wrote and produced a cd about the beginning of the Federal Reserve and has some great articles also.

  • They censored Gary, and Ron in the last cycle, so yes they can and will make no mistake about it

    Aug 11, 2015 Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign Ad

    The first official commercial for The 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Campaign. Vote for Donald Trump, a billionaire you can trust.