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Michigan business leaders and the Republican establishment are putting money behind Brian Ellis to primary Rep. Justin Amash. They are unfairly blaming Amash for causing the Government shut down and criticizing his attempt to defund Obamacare.

On a local West Michigan radio show, Ellis said he is challenging Rep. Amash because his votes are not conservative enough, citing the Keystone Pipeline, the Paul Ryan budget, etc.

As’s Michael Lofti noted last month, Amash has a spotless record when it comes to core conservative values.

Ellis’ bizarre comment has sparked controversy in this heated race and is getting different reactions throughout the political spectrum.

“He’s the gold standard of principled constitutionalism in Congress,” Dean Clancy told The Hill. Clancy is the vice president of public policy at FreedomWorks and said, “We have heard that the K Street establishment wants to knock him off — and we intend to defend him punch-for-punch.”

The accusation of Amash’s voting record not being conservative conjured up a reaction from Amash himself who called the radio station to defend his record. Listen below.

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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and a political activist. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    EXCELLENT! Funny how things get a little sticky… when the accused CAN ACTUALLY REPLY.

    • g.johnon

      I kinda got the feeling that the radio show host was a little taken by surprise, seemed to kinda give amash the shake at the end.

  • Alsayshi

    Thanks for sharing. just donated to Justin. He is the best of the best.

  • settheline

    “I don’t like the way you’re voting” – Ellis

    Good one Ellis, best of luck with that platform in the election!

  • Justin Myrick

    He owned that phony!

  • Jeremy


  • Mister E

    Ellis is for the uninformed, Amash is not.

    That’s why Amash can define why he voted the way he did, while Ellis concentrates on the headlines and whines.

  • Jeremy Nusser

    Go Representative Amash.

  • JoJo58

    LOL Ellis is an idiot, but unfortunately, so are far too many voters. Ellis is okay with one oil pipeline company not having to comply with the rules, but all others must. My concern is that the people of Michigan will follow lockstep whatever the GOP tells them to do instead of understanding the REASON why Amash voted one way or the other. People being lazy is what got us in the trouble we’re in today.

  • Hillbilly Jihad

    Ellis is a conservative in a pigs eye. He’s another establishment politician that’s being propped up by the GOP leadership. There’s no meaningfully significant difference between Ellis and any run of the mill left leaning liberal. Don’t let this reprobate fool you.

  • Harry

    Mr Ellis is a LYING fraud.. Just another neoconservative war hawk establishment guy. Not here in good faith. The establishment needs to shut the heck up. If by some freak chance this ellis wins i will vote for the democrat instead to send a LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE. I URGE all other fiscal conservatives to do the same.

  • RogueR

    Notice how Ellis had nothing intelligent to come back with. Amash destroyed him!!!!

  • Kyle Kendall

    If in reality, the RNC backs this idiot, Justin will make mince meat of him! “Well just vote for it”…did this guy just wake up from his Rip Van Winkle slumber?! He sounds like a moron!

  • SovereignMary

    Go get em’ Justin. You have our undying support!

  • robertwilliams88

    Oh man that Brian Ellis sounds like quite the scumbag!

  • The Nev

    He shot himself in the foot after Amash gave a clear reason that it was an exemption for a single company and he replied, “well just vote for it.” He’s a rubber stamp for the money in the RNC.

    Want more NDAA, NSA spying, Patriot act, war in Syria? Vote for Ellis.

  • smacca

    Amash should someday be Pres. He is a top notch character.

  • smacca

    I already held him in high regard but after hearing this I think my respect for Justin just went up a thousand percent.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Justin sounded like a kid calling out the school bully. You want a piece of me? Let’s go!

    I liked it.

    In the broader perspective, the new liberTEA freshman are being targeted by the GOP establishment with primary opponents because Mitch McConnell is facing a strong primary challenger in Matt Bevin. Almost all of the Rand fans in Kentucky are on board with Matt. McConnell funding and encouraging primary challengers for Justin Amash et al is not tit for tat. It’s a deliberate strategy. They have nearly infinite funds from Wall Street and other crony capitalists. By funding guys like Ellis to oppose Justin, they’re forcing the grassroots to fund Justin’s primary instead of sending money to Matt Bevin to unelect McConnell.

    McConnell was able to turn off the money tap and force senator Bunning to retire, but that backfired when we elected Rand Paul in 2010 instead of McConnell’s hand picked toady. McConnell has no way to directly turn off the grassroots money tap, so he’s funding primary challengers to the liberty caucus to dilute the liberty donations and more importantly to him, keep the liberty money that funded Rand out of Kentucky in McConnell’s race.

    Prediction: Justin Amash will keep his seat in 2014 AND Matt Bevin will defeat Mitch McConnell! The establishment may have tens of millions of dollars of lobbyist money, but they’re morally bankrupt and the voters can see that for what it is. We know that McConnell and his other RINO colleagues are representing their special interests and they’re not representing us, and we’re not voting for that anymore.

    If you can spare some money for THE political cause of 2014, drop by and click the donate button. He deserves $20 for standing up and punching McConnell in the eye!

    Matt is a great candidate, and his conversion rate when speaking with small crowds is phenomenal. Better than Rand!

  • JimboSliceOG

    Ellis is the complete TOOL! What a lying douche! Obviously relying on a campaign of misinformation.

  • KenD
  • pdigaudio

    Dirty $oro$ money is behind Ellis as well as other tools of the GOP-E, Main Street Partnership and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

  • Lily Hofstra

    Politicians should have regular jobs and just go to D.C. once or twice a year to take care of business. That’s how the Congress was supposed to be run – with very limited gov’t and the majority of the people’s business being taken care of by individuals. The Federal gov’t isn’t what the framers created when they had their genius idea. The Federal gov’t is now a monstrosity – a world in and of itself that has its fingers in just about every single area of our lives. Now, our representatives by and large have to live in Congress full-time and year-round so as to dictate how we live, what we purchase, and with whom we engage and work. What a travesty of a beautiful vision and design.