It’s no secret that the retired congressman from Texas has a gift for predicting the future. If you take a leisurely scroll through his Youtube videos you’ll note that just about everything Paul predicts comes to bear fruit within the next 4-8 years.

Last night Ron Paul made a promotional appearance on Jay Leno to promote his new book, which deals with America’s failing education system. Leno spoke only briefly about Paul’s latest book, and instead focused on 2016.

Leno asked Paul if Rand would be running in 2016, to which Paul replied, “We don’t really talk about it.”

However, when Paul was asked by Leno who he thought would get the Republican nomination for 2016 he replied, “Probably someone from Texas, who now lives in Kentucky.”

Many have been speculating that the Kentucky Senator will run for the president in 2016.  His recent tour stops all across the country certainly seem to insinuate so.

Ron’s only advice to Rand, “Be very cautious. You could get elected.”


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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Kevin Merck

    I just hope we make it that far.
    With Obama in office that’s not guaranteed. We really need to be moving toward impeachment.

  • Greg Peterson

    I’d caution against voting for Rand Paul. He’s not his father. This is the same guy who endorsed Mitt Romney and tried to get Abby Martin fired from RT for simply asking hard hitting questions about endorsing Mitt Romney.

    • Kevin Merck

      I would vote for Jessie Ventura before I would vote for Rand Paul.
      But, I would vote for Rand Paul over just about anyone else in the picture.

      • Nick

        I am with you on that. Rand does some good things, but he isn’t very convincing on his foreign aid stance, foreign policy, and saying he is ok with drones being used on a robber of a liquour store doesn’t give me good feelings about it. Jesse Ventura is so anti establishment I think he would veto anything that violates the constitution or is a benefit to the government in any way. He despises the two parties so much.

        • Kevin Merck

          What I love about Ventura is that he’s the real deal. No politics with this guy, he’s all heart. I don’t agree with him on a few very important issues, but we all have to compromise on issues for the greater good and I don’t think that anyone understands that better than Jessie.
          He is also the only one that might run who has the guts to face the facts about 9/11, which is a HUGE plus in my book.

      • yani

        I’m with you 100%

    • Dyun27

      Rand has probably learned from his father that if he exposes too many of his Libertarian beliefs, the Republicans will not want to endorse him. It’s my belief that Rand is simply playing their political game and saving all the good stuff once he’s elected. He’s the best and most plausible choice we’ve currently got. He’s not Ron Paul, but considering the choices we’ve got, he’s the one I’d vote for.

    • Shane

      Rand Paul is definitely not his father. But endorsing Romney was a Political strategy to get more republicans on his side in 2016. Plus, I don’t think he would have as much publicity right now if he didn’t. Sometimes compromise is needed in politics.

    • James Hale

      Ron and Rand Paul share the same ideologies but have different methods of approach. There hasn’t been a man in the White House yet who didn’t learn to out-politic his opponents. Also, for the record, he didn’t “endorse” Romney until AFTER his father dropped out of the race. The fact of the matter is that he is our best chance to get a respectable leader in the Oval Office…nobody else stands a chance in 2016. If the GOP chooses a party shill instead of Rand it’s because they’ve decided to pitch a fit rather than nominate a real leader.

    • RationalPrinciple

      I would contend that no one is their father. They are someone completely different. (Obvious words, I know.) But Rand Paul was the guy who went to Howard University to talk about Property Laws and getting Low Income African American families out of poverty. This guy is fearless. He doesn’t usually speak to friendly crowds. He wants to be challenged. He goes to the heart of the Liberal Strongholds and demands to be heard. That, my friend, is a breath of fresh air.

    • Julie Naye

      I was there at the RNC, they would not allow Dr. Paul anywhere near the building. Rand HAD to endorse Mitt to be able to speak to the us on Convention Floor. This is POLITICS, man. Not everything is fair but has a means to an end and Rand’s was to make a place for himself so he can assist the American people in getting OUT OF THIS SOCIALIST mess that WE have helped put ourselves in by continuously VOTING for representatives who DO NOT uphold our Constitution and disregarding on stupid SHIT like you just sited!!!!

      • CaptainUSA

        Thats right and if the St Charles County Caucus eventual “Winners” had not had hidden cameras March 17th 2012 and earlier there would have been no recaucus and might have even got framed. ABC said the Ron Paul crowd started it then the footage came out on youtube.

    • Elegy56

      Dude he’s playing the game, do you honestly think he pulled the lever for him? Our elections system is corrupt, he needs to do symbolic crap like that. I don’t like it either, but I understand what he’s doing.

      • CaptainUSA

        Shhhh :)

    • CaptainUSA

      Yeah..He should have told her everything about his whole master plan that takes years….Didnt she work for RT=Russia Today=State run media. I do admire the Russian President showing concern for the Chistians that are killed by the Rebels as Obama and Mitt Rmoney choo$e to call them. I like Luke R and We are change But eh I was taught our Constitution was better than Russia’s

  • Sandy Leger Dehn

    I personally like Ron Paul, he would of made a great president. And I wish they would leave Sen Cruz alone, he was working for the American people, whereas no one else is. McCain is full of cow SHI_, even looks like he is.

  • Lakrov

    My vote is for Rand. I like Ted Cruz as well, but Rand Paul speaks to the Libertarian in me.

    • LibertyChick

      I think the manner in which Rand speaks makes him a bit more powerful of a contender. I see him come back with quick and effective responses and a level that is engaging. We really need some personality in a president – I think that’s what keeps folks quoting Reagan…

      • OMJ

        You’re absolutely right. Rand, like Reagan, is charming, thinks well on his feet and has a great sense of humor. It’s a deadly combination (in a good way).

  • Guest

    If Ron Paul ran again which probably won’t the United states would be of fire for freedom and liberty. I wish he would

  • david

    If Ron Paul ran again….. Which he probably will not. The wings of liberty would spread once again and the eagle would come back to the white house.

  • Scott Sourile

    While I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, such as his faith in a completely free market, I would vote for him. If not him, Gary Johnson.

    • Ernest Cox

      Your crazy lol. Gary johnson supports a completely free market as well. And free markets equal freedom.

      • LibertyChick

        I think he lacks the personality to get elected… Nice guy, but a big personality would help…

    • Julie Naye

      Gary Johnson is okay but does not have the power Rand has as a Constitutional diplomat.

    • Elegy56

      Gary Johnson doesn’t support a completely free market? Since when

  • Scott Sourile

    I really am hoping Rand Paul doesn’t run. He’s not going to have the following his dad did, but he’ll make enough waves to have me worried. But I doubt he’ll get passed the primaries anyway. Even with his odd ball views, he’s still not the cookie-cutter republican they try and force feed us.

    • Guest

      Look Every Person I know that Trusted Obama in 2007 Stand with Rand. Plus the ones that Voted for Mitt Romney now see than when us crazy Ron Paul predicted everything. Remember less than a year ago Mitt Romney was calling the $yria Al-CIAda people Rebels and Freedom fighters it took a year to prove they were killing Christians people are waking up I will only vote for a person with the last name of Paul for president in 2016 and in 2014 Missouri will complete its political enema. .

    • CaptainUSA

      Every 2008 Obama voter I know is voting for him. The only person that could beat him in 2016 is Ron Paul

      • CaptainUSA

        Forgot to mention the Flip Romney voters I know are too. And since they now know Al-CIAda is $yria kills Christians and Mitt and Obama call them Rebels or Freedom Fighters. It will be such a Landslide in 2016 if they don’t do a false flag or kill Rand before 2016.I just Pray God protects him Evil does not play by the rules

      • RationalPrinciple

        *raises hand* I am one of those you just described.

        • CaptainUSA

          Don’;t feel to bad I trusted lilBush to look out for my Best Interest as an Independent Trucker. When he tried to open the border to the Mexican companies that get fuel for a third of the Price I was happy when he failed. Then Obama did it for him. It appears Ross Perot was right in 1994.

    • Julie Naye

      So you would prefer a cookie cutter? Rand Paul has a BIGGER following than his father because he has tailored the same message of HIS father’s to fit more the main stream. The media actually accepts Rand. As far as “odd-ball” goes, they all said that about Dr. Paul way back in 2006 and now very reputable folks like Glenn Beck and alike are seeing he was right. BTW, Since when is our Constitution and FOLLOWING it, odd ball????

    • Elegy56

      You’re kidding man. I supported his dad in the last 2, but Rand still appeals to a wider range of people, most of it superficial, but nonetheless he does.

      • Terry D. Waters

        Agreed. Rand is the smarter politician of the two and comes off more ‘Presidential’ than Ron ever did. I supported Ron Paul BTW but his demeanor made him unelectable IMO.
        You can’t forget that for the majority of voters an election amounts to a popularity contest.

        • Elegy56

          I agree Terry. I love Ron, but it this superficial society, a straight talking 80 year old man has little chance of winning a Pres election. Sad, but true. My parents, both in their 60’s are straight Republican voters but they both are big fans of Rand

          • LibertyChick

            I love Ron Paul, and would take him above any others. I’m not as fond of Rand, but I think he is more aggressive in responding to attacks. Ron would just shrug. I admire his ability to let things roll off his back. But I think a bit more aggressiveness is needed in these battles. I didn’t like that Rand put his support behind Romney when his dad was still in the race. And he denies it saying he supported his dad til the end. But I also get that there’s a bit of a game that has to be played until you reach that elected position.

          • OMJ

            He DID support his Dad to the end. Don’t believe those who tell you he didn’t, and watch his entire, unedited, alleged “endorsement” of Romney carefully.

            LibertyChick this is NOT directed at you: I am sick and tired of low- information voters allegedly on our side. We’re supposed to be the more intelligent, better educated ones, yet I see thought processes here I’d expect on the HuffPo. I first voted for Ron in 1988 and have paid very close attention ever since. The difference between Rand and Ron is style, not substance.

    • Dawn

      I don’t think that’s true. Conservatives have absolutely had it with the RINO’s. Between their support for Obama’s threats on Syria and now wimping out and supporting Obamacare, they have totally disenfranchised their constituents. The GOP has no prayer of winning a presidential election if they prop up another RINO like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. They have to put up Paul or Cruz, any other choice is suicide.

      • Dawn

        And if they go ahead and commit suicide, good! Let ’em die!

        Then we can start from scratch and elect real conservatives.

  • Arkad

    If Rand decides to run as an Independent or Libertarian he’ll get my vote. Republican, no thanks.

    • RationalPrinciple

      That really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If he can transform the more powerful party as more and more establishment republicans leave, then what’s in a name?

      • Julie Naye

        Third party CANNOT win in this country and Arkad’s comment makes no sense. It is the Man not the Party and to NOT vote the Party is Just as Asinine as TO vote the Party.

        • Hope101

          Pre-election Polls
          “In a three-way match-up nationally, in early June 1992, Perot led with 39%, Bush was second with 31%, while Bill Clinton trailed with 25%, according to Gallup.”

          • Stryker

            and perot screwed up the whole election for Bush. 3rd party candidates are ONLY there for one reason, to topple the balance, and it always goes in favor for Democrats. The best thing to do is to turn the republican party back to what it is suppose to be, the constitution will tell you.

          • LibertyChick

            Yes, it’s been my theory that he was there to throw the election to Clinton. Once Clinton was elected, I never heard from or about Perot again. Mission accomplished.

      • Laura Wren

        That’s likes like saying you should join the mafia to make them stop being the mafia. I agree with Arkad, the republicans killed their party in 2012, they just don’t know they’re dead yet.

        • LibertyChick

          Once upon a time there was a party called the “Whigs”. It went away and no one has missed it. I’d like to see the Republican party replaced by the “Constitution” party, where people who believe in and support the constitution run, and they run on being aligned with the Constitution, and through that they educate Americans on the fabric and importance of the Constitution, and how everything that isn’t working in our society is because it isn’t aligned with the Constitution. Then maybe people will wake up. I’ve also found that most Democrats are so anti-Republican (even though they are mostly alike these days) that they would never come over to the party. But I do hear Democrats talk about the Constitution, and so I think there would be a great opportunity to pull them into the new party… There was a group this last election “Democrats for Ron Paul” as well as many other groups for Ron Paul. His message and the common sense of it all crosses party lines. New name, new opportunities.

    • Lex

      Disagreed. I think it’ll be a smart move running as Republican.

  • disqus_2fNrGtAdpA

    If Jack Hunter, Austin Petersen, Doug Wead, and the rest of the incubus/succubus LINO’s/RINO’s and WINO’s come with him… and are STILL on his payroll, count me OUT!

  • Julie Naye

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that we also have an election coming in 2014. A lesson to us all should be the one Senator Cruz stood on for twenty hours and nineteen minutes.
    We as a nation, have consistently chosen career politicians who are no more concerned with who they represent than the sacred charter they swear an oath to protect, uphold and govern by.

    We choose our “employees”, not by their character or desire to serve as our Founders instructed. No, we choose these servants by how well can lie and how long they have been lying. God forbid we elect someone with no experience and I am not suggesting we elect a housewife to the White House, but why is it so difficult for that housewife to elected to HR seat?
    The other problem is, we don’t investigate the voting records of our local candidates well, if at all. If they haven’t screwed up horribly or within the past six months, we just re-elect and figure that’s better than taking a chance on an unknown. We have a congressman who has been riding on the pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment line for years. He is known as the “Most Conservative” in Congress, yet he voted YES on NDAA 2012 and YES on CISPA and just voted to spend 3.5 billion over the next 5 years on an East Coast Missile Site The Pentagon said they didn’t need. Lamborn will get re-elected!!!

    This is the tragedy! Please do your homework on your candidates! Send Constitutionally minded reps to undo what has been done by our negligence. And do not elect the lesser of…
    We can do better.

    • Terry D. Waters

      We would do good to elect an honest housewife to the White House before another dishonest Community Organizer.

      • Julie Naye

        True but that would never happen :)

        • DCase

          Julie Naye for POTUS!

      • LibertyChick

        As long as the house wife isn’t “Hilary”…

    • CaptainUSA

      I agree State Politics is what matters till after 2014. Our money shouldn’t be used to help Christian killing “freedom fighter$” in $yria but Until people turn off the TV quit spending money watching Sports, Racing and Buycott everything but food and Made in the USA products all that the Bible Ross Perot and Alex Jones have said will happen.

    • Ricky Ross

      Your homework should start with where and who Ted Cruz’s wife works for! Second, stop and think for a minute what happened while Cruz was grandstanding…it was a distraction to provide cover for John Kerry signing the UN Small Arms Treaty. Notice, everyone is talking about the GOP “new hero” Ted Cruz and NO one is talking about the small arms treaty…all by design!

      Also, as much as I am pro life, pro traditional marriage/anti gay agenda, pro 2nd Amendment, let’s face it, what politician has ever really done a thing about those issues for the good? Those topics are merely “feel good” talking points for the politicians to “capture” your attention…they never do anything about those issues! As we all bicker about our opinions on those matters that never proceed for the good, our country is being destroyed around us with war, bad economy, immorality, tyranny, etc…yet, most people are content with “their guy” so long as he says the “words” about the 2nd, pro-life, anti-gay, etc, that we like to hear.

      Lastly, I am surprised that anyone believes that elections and the system in general, still function as designed in this country…truly unbelievable!

  • crappinrocks

    I don’t like Rand as much as I did Ron, but he is still better than pretty much anyone else likely to run. He endorsed Romney and in my book he might as well have endorsed Obama.

    • Terry D. Waters

      But Romney is an American.

      • Julie Naye

        Romney endorsed the same programs as Obama and his campaign was funded by Goldman Sachs…the same as Obama to the SAME extent. Had he been elected, we would have been in only slightly less trouble. Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare to a T. Romney is BIG Gov’t and stands for some gun control and restricting our Constitutional rights. He is no friend to “WE The People”.

        • CaptainUSA

          If he had been elected many more would be saying arming Al-CIAda in Syria even though they kill Christians was a good policy. Ron Pauls Foreign Policy would keep less people from Hating US.

        • Zionistout

          Yes and Goldman Sachs is Jewish bank on Wall Street.

      • Ricky Ross

        You can call him an “American” if you want to, but anyone that endorses and implements policies that go directly against the American way of life and help destroy the very fabric of this country, well, I have other words for him!

      • Zionistout

        Nope. Romney is scum. Just like Obama. They are all just Jew puppets.

      • Dana Brown

        So was Bush, and he’s no better than Barry.

    • terrorist96

      In my view, it was only a political move to endorse Romney cuz if he hadn’t, the Republican party would have kicked him to the sidelines. Rand is trying to not make the same mistakes as Ron did, which was be openly against the Republican Party. Rand is trying to win from the inside.

      • Dana Brown

        Quite likely you’re correct.
        Voting for either party seems like it would be showing approval for the status quo. There appears to be only negligible differences between the two. Corruption runs too deeply.

        A three or four party system with a broader range of candidates seems to be in order although it would be difficult to arrange in the current environment.

  • CaptainUSA

    If Ben Swann had the money of Jay Leno he would help fix our Country instead of making jokes and trying to be cool. I unplugged my tv in 2011 it is just so “Programmed”

  • Kevin Merck

    I’m not sure I would vote for Rand Paul after learning about this story.
    Maybe we all need a “Reality Check” before we decide to vote for Rand Paul.

    • Ricky Ross

      You can’t come on here telling truth! These people will have none of that! (watch how many thumbs down you get for showing the truth about “their guy”)

      • Kevin Merck

        That seems to be the case more and more on this website.
        I don’t know if you checked out the interview of Abby Martin, (second YT link listed above) but it’s an excellent interview conducted by John B. Wells on coast to coast am. That’s the first I heard of what happened to her and was shocked that Rand Paul did what he did.
        She is really a great person! What a patriot. She’s just a young woman but really has her act together. I was very impressed with her point of view on everything they talked about.
        I’ll tell you right now, I would vote for her in a heartbeat over Rand Paul. Simply amazing young woman.

        • pickaname

          Abby Martin is a tool. Buried in her comments are always a little bit of propaganda. She wants us to believe that 9-11 was caused by Muslim terrorists. Sure. Listen to her very carefully before you start calling her a patriot. To me, she is a traitor.

          • Kevin Merck

            “She wants us to believe that 9-11 was caused by Muslim terrorists”

            That’s not what she was saying in the interview.
            People need to listen to that interview, not anonymous stooges like you in cyberspace.

        • Ricky Ross

          Yes, I saw the original video shortly after Rand Paul pulled that stunt. Honestly, I like Abby Martin, but as for voting for her or anyone else just because they appeal to me in a certain way, will not happen. I will not vote for people who say “sweet” words for my ears, yet are unqualified to judge a 4-H sheep contest, let alone be President of the United States. For that matter, I have not, nor will I participate in the made for TV reality show theater of voting ever again.

          The system is broken and to keep pretending that our votes matter or that voting will make a difference, is about as sound reasoning as to believe that marching, protesting, calling, writing, rallying, signing petitions, etc ever did or ever will make a difference!

          The best thing that could ever happen to this country as far as voting is concerned, is if no one showed up to vote at all!

          • Kevin Merck

            “Yes, I saw the original video shortly after Rand Paul pulled that stunt.”

            No, I was asking if you listened to the interview Friday night on coast with John B. It was a good interview and I was impressed with Abby.

            “people who say “sweet” words for my ears, yet are unqualified to judge a 4-H sheep contest”

            You’re talking about George Bush, right?

            I think Abby Martin would make a much better President than that mindless coward. She has more guts in her little finger than that idiot has in his whole being, and she has more brains that his entire lineage.

            “The best thing that could ever happen to this country as far as voting is concerned, is if no one showed up to vote at all!”

            That makes no sense to me. People will show up, but it’ll be all the wrong people, and that’s what’s happening right now, all the wrong people are showing up to vote. We need to get the right people in there to vote so we can take the country back.

          • Ricky Ross

            I was not only talking about George Bush, but all of them…the whole lot! Reagan, Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, Obama and most all of the 535 PARASITES in D.C. and the State houses across this country!

            What I meant by my comment on Abby was that she is very articulate and I agree, she is brave. But to assume that she would make a good POTUS because of those things, is a bit naive, I think. There are numerous things that one would need to hear about a potential POTUS…such as their economic policy, foreign policy, etc…Just because someone speaks well and appeals to me, does not mean that they would make a good POTUS.

            As for my voting comment, I was being facetious. It was a hypothetical statement in that if no one showed up to vote, what would the ruling elite do then?

            And to think that voting still works or matters at all, is delusional thinking. It has proven that the Diebold voting machines can be easily hacked and with big corporate $$$ involved in our government and the fact that politicians can be legally bribed via Lobbyist, we the people do not stand a chance.

            As we all debate these issues and continually talk about who is the better of the two evils, our country continues to go down the toilet and an every tyrannical police state/prison planet control grid is being installed…and that is what we should be talking about!

            Lastly, do not think that if Abby were to get SELECTED or anyone that meant well for the people, they would be met with opposition at every turn in D.C. and accomplish nothing…or, if they were to start to be effective, and started to make real change, they would meet the same fate as JFK.

          • Kevin Merck

            “she is very articulate and I agree, she is brave. But to assume that she would make a good POTUS because of those things, is a bit naive, I think.”

            I wasn’t assuming anything. All I said was that I would vote for her before I would vote for Rand Paul based on what he did to her.

            It’s naïve of you to think that she wouldn’t make a good President. She’s articulate, intelligent, honest, well informed and courageous. That’s more qualifications for President than anyone we’ve had in office over the last 50 years.

          • Ricky Ross

            “She’s articulate, intelligent, honest, well informed and courageous”…

            As much can be said about most of the POTUS (and other politicians) when they were running! It was after they took office that the truth was learned!

            Listen, I don’t want to get in to a pissing match with you over this, but the fact is, a Baboon could NOT have gotten this country in to a worse mess had he been POTUS over the past 40 years…straight! It’s just every single time someone…anyone gets up on their soapbox/spot light and speaks well, everyone starts jumping on the bandwagon of that is who would make a good POTUS or that is who they would vote for, etc…

            That same shallow thinking is exactly why the clowns that have fooled everyone before they get in to office, get in to office! Much more REAL vetting needs to be done for mature support of any potential candidate.

            With that said, this conversation is a complete waste of our time as she is not running for POTUS and even if she did, voting/the system does not work anyways!

          • Zionistout

            Americans need to suffer more before things change. The more people that suffer the more ripe the situation will be for regime change. It’s sad, but more people have to bleed out.

          • Tucker

            Despite the fact that Abby Martin is very easy on the eyes, and despite the fact that she often seems to tackle the important issues that the mainstream media deliberately refuses to cover – and despite the fact that she often seems to come down on the pro-freedom, anti-tyranny, and moderately traditional conservative side of the fence on many of these issues – I’m not entirely sure that Abby Martin can really be counted as a true friend to pro-liberty, anti-tyranny, anti-interventionist, traditional values conservatives.

            I sense a very strong aroma of feminism wafting off of Abby Martin. She plays the kind of ‘self-righteous’ crusader-news-reporterette role that I remember being very popular in the radical 1960s.

            Also, listening to her voice – I often find myself thinking that she needs to blow her nose, because she always sounds as though she has clogged sinuses. She also talks way too fast, and as a result – she tends to slur and mangle her words, and then she’ll stop, and force herself to repeat what she’s just stumbled over.

            Slow Down, Abby. Calm down, and don’t try to break land speed records for delivering your rants.

        • Chad3434

          And she is simply in your face. It is obvious that she is no fan of Rand Paul and that is her right but it is also his right to ignore her. She has the right to ask and he has the right to ignore her. End of story. You can ask a question but you can not demand a question be answered are just keep pounding a person. It was obvious he did not want to answer her so why did she just not back off. Personally I do not like pushy reporters.

    • Zionistout

      I am well aware of those incidents. It is one of the reasons I do not like Rand. Did your see where he went to Israel and to the wailing wall? Over in Israel rubbing elbows with the Jews. Totally disgusting. He also took 5,000 from AIPAC. Little Randberg Paulstein has been busy being a good mensch.

      • Tucker

        I remember seeing a video clip of that nauseating, disgusting, treasonous, smirking little Israel-First, neo-con cockroach Bill Kristol on the web, right after the November 2012 election that gave this anti-White, racist, Marxist, Communist another four years to finish converting America to a Communist controlled nation – and, with his trademark smirk on his ugly face, Kristol smugly announced that ‘Rand Paul’ was going to be the future for the new GOP, following the loss by their RINO Romney stooge.

        I knew right then that what Kristol and his fellow tribe buddies were doing was issuing a declaration that the fix was in, and they were grooming the next Israeli-stooge politician that they are planning on foisting upon America in 2016.

        That’s the reason why these evil aliens send the American politicians who are in their pocket over to Israel and force them to be photographed, kissing that filthy wailing wall and wearing one of those stupid looking little beanies on their heads while doing so.

        These rats are arrogant beyond all normal comprehension, and this is one of their ritualistic ceremonies where they like to make their political puppets engage in humiliating acts that are designed to show the world that they’ve been emasculated, castrated, and that they are willing to demonstrate their sickening subservience to their Israeli ‘masters’.

        Remember the scene in the original Godfather movie, where Marlon Brando’s character, Don Corleone was accepting guests on his daughter’s wedding day and granting favors to the guests who were invited? There was one guest who asked the Godfather for a favor, and Corleone pointed out that this fellow had not once bothered to pay the Godfather a friendly visit in the past, as a means of showing his ‘respect’ and now, here he was, asking for a favor?

        Well, this guy then apologized for his past behavior and then proceeded to humiliate to himself by planting a kiss on the back of the Godfather’s hand. This is a very good analogy to describe this vomit inducing subservience by Rand Paul and every other sleazy politician in Washington, D.C. – whenever they fly over to Israel and are photographed licking that filthy wailing wall.

        It is the old ‘on your knees, knave’ routine – and it is enough to make a healthy man puke, when we see our so-called ‘leaders’ engaging in it.

        • Zionistout

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes the truth is that wall is part of an old Roman fortification. It has no religious significance at all.

    • Ted Dura

      Rand Paul is not his fathers son !!

  • Ricky Ross

    Unbelievable that so many people still believe in the corrupt system of elections in America. Furthermore, it is stunning that anyone believes that someone can get elected and make a difference and work for the people’s best interest! The system is broken and no one will ever be SELECTED that will do the work of the people…not happening!

    …and as for Ron & Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or anyone else you “teamers” who still believe that one party is going to do something by putting “your guy” up front…

    WAKE UP!

    “We always give the public their hero’s, we give the hero’s to every faction and the people, once they hear this person say all the right things, we give releases to them because he or she speaks for me, that’s how we rationalize it and we sit back and re-guide it again, we say go here and go do that and they do it, we give our power to the authorized hero’s.”

    – Albert Pike, From his book Morals & Dogma, 1871

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    The only way for Rand to be allowed in is for him to do what his Father would not, and that is to essentially sell his soul to the Devil.

    • Zionistout

      Pretty much. He has to sell his soul to a hook nosed fat lipped devil. In that case you wouldn’t want Rand Paul anway. Americans have to get over it. The Jews need to be expelled from powerful positions in our country. Elections won’t save us now. Only action and struggle will. Just like Hitler said. We have to struggle and fight just like the Germans did.

      • Ted Dura

        how right you are—we are OVER JEWED, in all facits of our life-

    • Chad3434

      I think you are on the wrong track. First he has to get in and to do that he has to some what dance to the tune of the Republican Party. Once in I think you will see a very different Rand Paul. Lets see who else did that. Oh I think it was Obama and it worked. Did it not?

      • Gregory Alan of Johnson

        Who controls Obama? Computer vote-fraud “elected” Obama.
        More bad news: Unless something drastic happens, Hillary will be the next/last CEO/President.

  • Zionistout

    I don’t like Rand. Several reasons, 1 he pretty much ignored that one young male reporter, I can’t remember his name but the females name was Abby Martin. I believe she was with him. I saw the videos of it. Totally disgusting. He also hangs around with people like that guy Jack that worked with the last Ron Paul campaign. Can’t remember his full name but they guy absolutely hates “conspiracy theories”. Totally a neocon establishment Jew way to behave. Also the biggest reason for me is that Rand has been over to Israel. His father would never go over there and legitimize the Jews and their lies. Rand went over and did that disgusting little ceremony at wailing wall. Only establishment neocons and leftist democrats who seek to blessings and money of the Jews do that. That is not someone we need as president. We don’t need another Jew puppet. We have had enough of them. Also Rand likes to hang around with the neocons waaay too much. He even talks like one, especially when it comes to talking about the economy. His father would never talk down to people like that. His father just said he would make cuts to government spending and he would do his best to fix the economy. Rand has a bit of a neocon tone. Again I don’t like it. You don’t see his dad talking him up much at all. You don’t see Ron Paul going out for Rand and I believe Dr.Paul doesn’t care much for Rand’s believes and stances on issues. His father keeps his distance from Rand which is odd because Ron Paul is a nepotist. He always favors relatives and I don’t see it as a bad thing concerning his nepotist tendencies. Thought it has hurt him with certain campaign staff *cough* Benton *cough cough*. Also if Rand does get the nomination then you wouldn’t want to vote for him anyway. It means he is controlled and has sold out. No one gets the nomination unless they sell themselves like prostitutes to certain groups (AIPAC). He will just be another neocon Jew puppet. See when Ron Paul did the last election the plan was to “steal” the election from the other puppets by using the system they set up. Instead the puppets Santorum and Gingrich dropped out just in time. It was a total setup. The elections for the two party one party candidates are all just a show for the masses. No I probably won’t be voting for Randberg Paulstein.

    • Lebanese Libertarian

      100% agree. He’s nothing like his dad. I hate Zionists, so no way Rand.

      • Chad3434

        Would you rather have Hillary? I hope not. But your thinking will get you just that.

  • Logan

    How about we re-elect a new president in 2014 after we get Obama impeached?

    • BillinDetroit

      Wouldn’t that leave Joe “Boom Boom” Biden at the helm?

      • Logan

        His whole administration is criminal. Let’s say bye to all of them…

    • BillinDetroit

      Logan, we can’t elect a new president in 2014.

      But we CAN tip the balance of power away from the Democrats (and away from the U.N. Arms treaty and away from confirming liberal judiciary appointments) in 2014.

      Interestingly enough, the Dems changed the rules of debate in the Senate, saying that the minority party can no longer filibuster. Apparently they intend to be the majority for a VERY long time.

      2014 may be the best, and possibly final, chance to upend their scheme.

  • Jules

    You are absolutely right Zionistout. Every word you said is the absolute truth.

  • Jules

    Abby Martin is a journalist and everyone in the media is controlled. If Abby Martin were to come out on the set and say what she really knows as the truth she would be torn apart by her handlers, her journalistic licence taken away and many other things. She is a very beautiful and intelligent lady but is not made to be a president in any way. The young man who interviewed Rand Paul appears on Alex Jones Show every so often and I am racking my brain trying to remember his name.

  • Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas

    We have no Rule of Law. Therefore, there can be no valid elections. At present, we probably have a POTUS that was not “duly” elected. The previous was not duly elected. Ask Dr. Edwin Vieira how do you impeach a POTUS not duly elected.

    I hope Dr. Paul Sr. was only being kind to the ignorance of Leno et al. I Hope Dr. Paul Jr. is as astute a statesman as his father. If not, then America does not need him.

    The system is broken. One cannot get valid results from a broken system. As Dave Mustaine has composed in music, “The System Has Failed.” Let it crash and burn to completeness. Then, and only then we can consider — next steps. Including our election process.

  • Marty Lamb

    UNSUBBED due to forced addverts. C-YA BEN…….. ENJOY THE MONEY.

    • Robert Reeder

      Adblock. Use it. It works.

    • casterofpeals

      adds are a perfectly legit way to make money, and we all know how much ben swann needs it!

      ben is an honorable man, and we will enjoy the fruits of the money more than he will enjoy the money itself!

    • thatguyyoulove

      Yeah, how DARE he try and actually make a few bucks to pay for all the work he has done, or to pay for the servers and infrastructure. (sarcasm)

  • Mike

    Zionistout: I find these anti-jew rants rather pointless. It’s the system itself, the glorification of greed on Wall Street, and the corruption and lobbying in Washington that’s the problem here. Greed is a common flaw in humans – no matter the skin colour, or the religious or ethnical background. That’s why we need a proper regulated market in the US, not having a few tax exempt insiders running amok. (Sometimes I think people join in here (and at InfoWars etc.) to derail a proper discussion on purpose.)
    As far as Rand Paul, he has realized if he is to become president, he has to play by certain rules. Abby Martin is a talented (and oh so hot) reporter, but she can also be very intense and rather one-sided. I could very well see how she might have rubbed Rand the wrong way with her behaviour. Unfortunately the days of having truly idealistic individuals as the President of the USA is over. The system has been deliberately broken to avoid that. Instead we get strawmen for the big banks and corporations like Clinton, Bush and Obama. Rand Paul would either way be a massive improvement, and a huge step in the right direction.

    • Zionistout

      Too bad Wall Street is fool of Jews. Too bad the Jews stopped Ron Paul from winning. Too bad the Jews control both parties.

    • Chad3434

      You my good friend are spot on. The apple does not fall far from the tree. If Rand could get in I think a lot of people are going to be surprised to see that he thinks and acts a lot like his dad which to me is a good thing.


      It is and always has been the moneychangers that are the problem. They are the private owners of the imf, world bank and all central banks around the world including the fed res. They are those “that call themselves jews but are fake. Sons of their father the devil…ZIONISTS

  • Tyranny

    I think Rand first has some explaining to do to Luke of WRC and Abby Martin and others as well.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    Remember the back room meeting with Rand and Romney? I was told by a very good source that Rand made a deal with Mitt for brains Romney. Audit the fed and you’ll get my endorsement. I don’t so much look at what he says, but what he does. Take a look at his voting record is all I can say to the Rand naysayers. I don’t agree with everything, but then again, I didn’t agree with Ron on everything.


      Ron Paul exploits the republican party for liberty.
      Rand Paul exploits liberty for the republican party.

      • PatrickHenry1789

        I haven’t seen that myself, but perhaps I’ve missed something. Could you enlighten me please?

        • CAN’T STAND RAND


          Ron, regardless of situation, will ALWAYS make it clear that he LOATHES the two party MONOPOLY and that both parties are almost identical, but is a slave to that situation.

          Rand, regardless of situation, will ALWAYS SHILL for his LEFTIST republican party and insinuate that it’s strength IS THE ONLY WAY TO REVERSE TYRANNY (the tyranny that IT, ITSELF, helped to build). He SUPPORTS amnesty – FOR THE HEALTH OF HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY. He wants the youth vote – FOR THE HEALTH OF HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY. He panders to Jews – FOR THE HEALTH OF HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY. He panders to Boomers – FOR THE HEALTH OF HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY. He panders to neocons – FOR THE HEALTH OF HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY. Etc, etc. And as part of his shilling, he will do WHAT EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN DOES: endlessly repeat the “Obama did it, Obama did it, Obama did it” narrative – designed to MASK the sins of his own LEFTIST party, by highlighting the IDENTICAL sins of the other.

          Rand DOES NOT further the cause of Constitutional Liberty, HE ONLY HAMMERS NAIL AFTER NAIL into it’s coffin, BY FURTHER CEMENTING the two party monopoly into place and CO-OPTING EVERY ATTEMPT TO BREAK AWAY FROM IT (the Tea Party and Liberty Movement). But… that’s what you get with a “better” evil.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            Well Ron was a BIG earmarker, that was one of my gripes with him. I still voted for him in the primary and voted for Johnson in the general. I was looking for something a little more specific with Rand. I look at voting records and his is pretty consistent with the cause for liberty and the Constitution. Is he perfect? Nope, but none of them are. At the end of the day, they’re all still politicians and I don’t trust any of them any farther than I can spit. I do agree with you on the 2 party monopoly though.

            ”[The powerful Executive branch]…converts representation into vassalage to the leaders of parties, disciplined, not by the comparatively honourable infliction of the lash, but by the base and wicked sophism, that it is honourable to stick to a party, and treacherous to adhere to conscience.
            The disciples of this infamous doctrine are forged into tools for
            ambition and tyranny by praises and rewards, whilst honesty is
            discouraged by base epithets, as a foil to the varnish with which the
            decoys are painted, designed to deceive and enslave the multitude.” ~John Taylor of Caroline

          • Chad3434

            We will never get perfect and if we try we will wind up just like we did in 2012, split twenty ways and come up with nothing. Have we learned anything? From reading post around the internet, no we have not.

          • Chad3434

            I take it you would rather have Hillary. Good luck on that one.


    Yeah, the MS(republican)M picked up this “story” too. Funny… a nice conversation about gun control… homeschooling… and the only thing that’s plucked out and reported… is a LIGHT-HEARTED comment about his SELLOUT, AMNESTYING, DRONING, GOP-PUPPET son. The Rand-propaganda “story” was also repeated by the same MS(republican)M, like WND… WHO NORMALLY IGNORE EVERYTHING RON PAUL SAYS!

    • Ray

      Lol, you keep on vomiting out that nonsense…while the rest of us actually get something done.


        Yup. Republican propagandists will always try to position you as “doing nothing” unless it involves the LEFTIST republican party – WHILE CO-OPTING EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING THAT THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT ACTUALLY DOES ACCOMPLISH!!!!!

        My efforts are directed toward CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY, not the LEFTIST republican party or their latest Golden Boy (who is NOTHING MORE than tomorrow’s “RINO”).

  • Pete Wichert

    NEW Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition created yesterday lets get this one going again like we did the first one they censored!!! we petition the obama administration to:


    Jesse Ventura to participate in the 2016 Presidential debates and give Mr.
    Ventura Ballot Access in all Fifty States. Please grant these essential aspects
    of a successful political campaign to an Independent candidate allowing the
    same opportunity to win as it is for a Democrat or Republican candidate in a
    truly fair and equal election. Without granting ballot Access in all Fifty
    States and a Chance to Debate against the Republican and Democrat counterparts
    there is not a fair chance for any Independent to win any election. We the
    people of America are asking for Equal Treatment for Governor Ventura in the
    2016 Election and Fair and Equal Campaign rights for all candidates in 2016.
    The United States should embrace equal opportunity in political campaigns so
    the best candidate can win

  • Ray

    This one’s in the bag as far as I’m concerned…

  • Zionistout

    Only fools think they will vote themselves into a better position. We need a Putsch like the Germans had. We will have to fight to regain control of our country and lives.

  • Lebanese Libertarian

    I just hope Rand will fight the filthy Zionists.

  • Pete Wichert
  • Chad3434

    Rand backed Romney in 2012 and made quite a few Tea Party people mad, I for one. But being a delegate to the RNC in 2012 I gave what he did some serious thought. He knew he would never win the Republican nomination if he followed in his dad’s foot steps so he did what he did. It was his only choice. Most of the Tea Party has now seen the light and will vote for him. No one should ever consider Rand Paul stupid, he is anything but. Also no one should count him out because he has strong support in Iowa and New Hampshire because of Ron Paul. No other candidate has that. If he can fight against the Republican Party and win he will be the one to go against Hillary in 2016 and if he does he will beat her hands down. I know I am crazy. Just like I was crazy when I told the Republican Party in 2012 that they would get their you know what’s handed to them.