According to Ron Paul, the only way that Obamacare will go away is if it self-destructs.

Appearing on Fox News’ Stuart Varney on Thursday, the former Republican presidential candidate said that the healthcare bill will “eventually end because it’s such a disaster.”

Varney asked if “the end of activist government” is coming due to the fact that millions have lost insurance due to Obamacare.

Paul responded, “I wish. No, there’s a lot of diehards out there. There’ll be excuses made and politicians will spend it a certain way. But it’ll eventually end because it’s such a disaster. This a sign that the delivery of healthcare will even be worse than signing up for the healthcare.”

Paul said that even if Obamacare eventually self-destructs, its cost will be “huge.” He said, “It’s going to be a tax, and the quality of care and what people are going to get — everybody’s tells me, ‘They’re canceling me, they’re charging me more, I’m getting less,’ and they’re furious. It’s going to be the biggest political issue in this year’s campaign.”

He concluded, “The only way it’s going to disappear quickly is if it totally self-destructs, which is conceivable… One day it’s going to be so bad, people are just going to opt out on their own.”

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • VL123

    That’s my plan. Don’t sign up. If enough people don’t sign up, it’ll die.

    • Jared

      It wont though. Like all other government programs we will borrow and print money to keep it.

  • john

    My insurance went up roughly $250 a month, obamacare is double that, all for less coverage than I previously had. I opted out. I hope this self destructs. What a horrible system!!

    • smacca

      And let’s not forget he said everyone on average would save a couple grand a year and you could keep your doctor. Nothing than a money funneling scheme.

      • Jerry Harlan

        And before all of that he said this isn’t a tax

        • Richard

          And he said he was going to bring change and end the wars.

  • CaptainUSA

    After this I will never buy health insurance..,.ever. I will find Doc’s that like cash. The Companies that doubled their stocks will never get a dime from me.

  • Sparky McFarland

    ” ….politicians will spend it a certain way.” should be “…politicians will SPIN it a certain way.” Just saying.

    • Christopher Tutt

      He did say spin. ; )

      • Sparky McFarland

        She did write ‘spend’. :/

  • smacca

    He’s usually right, so lets really hope he is this time.

  • Linda Sills

    I pray Ron Paul is right on this one. It is an evil law, and totally unconstitutional. I do not care what the dumb asses in “black robes” say. What we the people say is what matters. The rotten politicians et al, need to be stopped..because they have turned tyrannical.

    • Karolyn

      Yes, it is an unconstitutional and illegal law but, again, look for the single payer system that will go directly to the government when it fails and I don’t doubt that it will at some point. It was not designed to work!

  • Glenn Coggeshell

    Wow this is very very important, but sorry I have only 3 min to talk about this because I need to get to my story about how a cute kitty cat got up in a tree and can’t get down.

  • Zionistout

    We already have socialized Medicine and all Obama had to do was lift the restriction son medicare and Medicaid and allow those people who can’t afford healthcare to use those programs. There was no need for the rest of Obamacare. Of course some other measures would have to be taken like increasing wages some how, most likely through the minimum wage. Ending Jewish Bolshevik Globalism and the world trade/free trade it has caused. Enforcing trade tariffs and bringing jobs back to the US. There needs to be multiple solutions to this problem. One of them is ending immigration both legal and illegal. Cutting foreign aid to countries like Israhell and any other country. What I don’t get is Americans sit over here and complain about some poor person getting welfare while Jews in israhell get huge McMansions built for them off of foreign aid. Americans with their ignorance fueled rage and it is all misdirected. The US could cut military spending and foreign aid and do what I said above and we would fine. We could afford emergency national healthcare until the economy recovers and we could lessen the taxes on the working class. Canada doesn’t tax anyone who makes an income that falls into their poverty bracket. Yet the US taxes people who make minimum wage while the rich hide their money in off shore tax shelter all the while excepting tax incentives, bailouts and subsidies. But the American people are to cowardly and lazy to take their country back from the Jewish Bolshevik Globalist. Some even think they will vote themselves into a better situation…still. LOL Hitler said the Germans had to fight and struggle. Americans will have to do the same. Voting will get you no where except more slavery under Jews.

    • James Gonzalez

      socialism yes!

  • Antodav

    The problem is, the government will not let Obamacare destruct on its own. They will just keep on bailing it out, pouring billions of dollars into a black hole to save political face, inextricably locked into blind dogmatic allegiance to socialist ideological principles no matter how thoroughly discredited they become.

  • Abe

    Obama care in a nutshell

    Dr Barbara Bellar sums up Obamacare
    lets face it, the only ones that support this mess are the ones who never read it!! It’s nothing but an invasion of privacy and an insurance scam!!

  • Kurt P

    I love you Ron…but I think you’re mistaken.
    The leviathan won’t allow O-care to self destruct. It will just get bigger and more convoluted, the more it fails.

  • Goodbye Freedom

    It’s not designed to be successful. It’s designed to be replaced with what a liberal keeps telling me is a “single-payer system”, in other words, the federal government becomes the only insurer, and everybody is required to carry a national “health” id card, just like nazis requiring everyone to carry papers. Goodbye freedom – whatever is left.

    • Karolyn

      Goodbye Freedom: this is exactly what I’ve been reading/hearing also. That Obamacare is not meant to work but, as you said, lead to the “single payer system”. I’ve heard Obama say that on a few video’s so that’s the real plan! Too bad people were to ignorant and did not elect Ron Paul for President. If anyone could have helped save us from the blood suckers in D.D., he could have!

  • 7thPillar

    I opted out of Third Party health insurance over a decade ago. This year I’ll be opting out of the USSA and moving to South America where personal liberty is still available.

    (You can follow my 13,200 mile road-trip to South America at

    Want better and cheaper health care?
    Avoid Health Insurance and negotiate it away in exchange for more cash from
    your employer. By paying for medical services in cash, you can expect a 30% –
    40% discount from physicians and hospitals. If you live near the US – Mexican
    border you can meet all of your medical and dental needs for a fraction of what
    it would cost you in the US, even with a 40% discount, and the quality of care
    is just as good if not better.

    Keep in mind that “Medical Mistakes,” including deadly reactions to prescription drugs are the number two, three or four leading cause of death in the US, depending on which statistics you use. So how will mandating third party payment improve your outcomes?

    You’re generally better off without Health Insurance. If this was not the case, it would not be such a profitable business model. Do the Math:
    $1200/month – typical cost of Health insurance for a “family” that includes both employer and employee contributions (as of ten years ago, the last time I had third party health care). $259,000.00 is what you will spend for this insurance over 18 years. If your family consumes 90% of that amount for health care over the course of 18 years, you’re buying insurance you don’t even need.

    But wait! We aren’t done with your costs – Deductibles and co-pays! You’re paying $14,400 a year for the privilege of paying most of your medical costs anyway, and at the highest price! Care providers charge more for insurance covered services
    because of all the administration involved in submitting claims and getting paid. And they may have to wait six months to get paid by Health Insurers.

    “But what about catastrophic situations?” The fact is that even with the best health care insurance available, a catastrophic illness or accident will bankrupt you, they simply do not cover all the costs. 60% of all bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical expenses. And under Obamacare your estate is required to repay the government for much of your care, leaving less or nothing for your heirs.

    So why are so many people clamoring for health care? Because they’ve been trained to believe that they need it, even though in most cases they don’t. And let’s not forget the Insurance Lobby that never misses an opportunity to make their product mandatory by law. Guess who actually wrote the Obamacare legislation…

  • LibertyChick

    I don’t get why folks say we can’t make this go away. I’d like to see Obamacare and the HMO model go away, and go back to major medical insurance and fair market competition that would decrease all medical costs 80-90%. We didn’t have a health care problem in America until we started this stupid HMO system in the mid 80’s. And employers didn’t provide health care as it was cheap enough to afford. Once the HMO’s came in, folks wanted the benefits, and most American jobs went south of the border and across the seas. We’d solve a lot of problems by just going back to what worked. And I think we’d have politicians on both sides supporting it since this new fiasco is so bad!

    • LibertyMonger

      They aren’t stupid, they know what they are doing, ObamaCare isn’t a mistake. the controllers know what would work for the people but that is not their interest.

      • colram

        LibertyChick is correct about what would work, and you’re correct that politicians (both D’s and R’s) don’t care what would work…unless it’s what works for their pocketbooks and careers.

  • Cameron

    People should shop for Dr’s just like they would anything else. A few years back I was looking to get a vasectomy. I called around to find the best deal since I pay out of pocket. I had quotes from $1400 with no discount for paying cash and found a Dr. to do it for $567 after a 30% cash discount. I have negotioted with a lab that did bloodwork from a seperate visit and settled with them for a 60% cash discount. Many Dr’s and medical services offer at least a 30% discount for paying out of pocket.