Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) signed the “Merry Christmas Bill” last June. The bill was designed to nullify legal risks of saying “Merry Christmas” and protect Christmas iconography in public schools.

Regardless of the new state law, an elementary school in  Frisco, Texas has recently banned students from wearing green and red colors, making references to the Christian holiday, and Christmas trees from an upcoming “winter party”.

One parent forwarded the email from the school planner to Texas Rep. Pat Fallon. Rep. Fallow says the rules violate the new state law. Rep. Fallon contacted the school district and was informed that it was not a district wide policy. He was then informed by the PTA that children were allowed to say Merry Christmas.

The school district released the following statement:

“The school was unaware of this and it was not an official PTA correspondence either. There have never been any limitations on what students wear, what they bring to share with their classmates on party days … what greetings people exchange with each other.”

However, he later received a follow up email from a PTA member that stated organizers decided to keep everything in place, as originally planned, in an attempt to not offend anyone.

Regardless of the school district’s statement, “It’s my understanding that nothing has changed,” responded Rep. Fallon to Fox News investigators.

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