Come see Ben Swann speaking live at 2 events this weekend and next.

Saturday, September 13, 2014 Ben will be the keynote speaker at the Illinois Libertarian Party State Convention in Boling Brook, IL, just outside of Chicago. You can still sign up for the event by clicking here.

Saturday, September 20, 2014 Ben will be speaking at the NorCal Liberty Summit in Sacramento, CA. You can register for this event by clicking on this link.

At both events Ben will discuss how media is failing to cover important issues such as militarization of police, the origins of ISIS and the continued war on drugs. Ben will also share how collectivism is at the heart of both political parties and how together we can continue to see liberty rise in America and around the world.

  • BurningBright

    It stinks that the Illinois event doesn’t allow you to purchase tickets to just hear one speaker the way the NorCal event does. I’d much rather pay $25 to hear Ben speak than $70 for access to an entire weekend’s worth of events that I won’t have the time to attend.

    • WShounce197

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