What should have been a beautiful, relaxing trip, turned into a dark nightmare for many tourists in America’s national parks during the last week.

Thanks to the partial government shutdown, some people were locked inside Yellowstone National Park.

Pat Vaillancourt was one of those people. She came into Yellowstone with a bus tour group, which “included senior citizen visitors from Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States.” They were on a nine day tour of national parks when the government shut down on October 1.

When the tour bus arrived at the Old Faithful Inn, located near the middle of the massive park, the group was locked inside by armed guards, who rudely told the tourists they could not leave. The inn was barricaded.

Vaillancourt said, “They looked like Hulk Hogans, armed. They told us you can’t go outside. Some of the Asians who were on the tour said, ‘Oh my God, are we under arrest?’ They felt like they were criminals.”

Vaillancourt and her tour group finally left the park after two days. She said the bus was not allowed to make any bathroom stops for over 2.5 hours as it left the park. When the group stopped at a private dude ranch for a planned bathroom stop, they were told to leave. According to Vaillancourt, the dude ranch said that they would be shut down if they allowed the bus to come in for a rest stop.

Vaillancourt and the others on her bus were not the only people to get this rough treatment. According to the Eagle Tribune, nearly 1,000 people were in a national park when the federal government shut down.

Understandably, Vaillancourt was disturbed by her experience in Yellowstone. What seems to have upset her the most, though, was how harsh the armed park employees were.

She concluded, “We’ve become a country of fear, guns and control. It was like they brought out the armed forces. Nobody was saying, ‘We’re sorry.'”

Clearly, the Obama administration is frustrated that the House Republicans refuse to fully fund Obamacare. It is not hard to surmise that the administration could be taking out that frustration on the American public, and aiming to make a political point by inciting fear with unnecessary shutdowns to inflict maximum public pain.

Vaillancourt’s disturbing story does not sound like a vacation in “the land of the free.”

What has become of America?

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and BenSwann.com.Dedicated to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at www.TheLibertarianChick.com.

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  • hopeless

    Does anyone else notice some creepy parallels between the US government
    now and the Estates-General of 1789 in France (the beginning of the
    French Revolution)? It’s all there: a corrupt government financially
    crippled due to years of costly war, an enraged and yet divided
    public who may ultimately see eye to eye now that their true enemy is becoming clearer, but now, rather than
    Enlightenment, it’s because of the access to information brought about
    by the Internet.

    The people in charge are scared, that’s why they push the limits of their power: they

    how quickly the people are waking up. Increased militarization of
    police is likely a small part of what’s coming in the near future.

    I imagine military technology laboratories
    (which are of course still operating because of the “national security”
    stipulation) are stepping up their research on super weapons like nano
    drones and the like that would enable them to suppress any uprising.


    I don’t have much confidence in America’s current ability to revolt
    anyway. The NSA stuff is enough to demotivate anyone. In France it was
    bourgeoisie (upper middle class) that sparked things, though I don’t see many upper middle
    people these days ready to go against their government. People are still way too comfortable. Problem is, if
    we don’t act now, they’ll only push it that much further, and then it
    may be pointless.

    • Julie Naye

      When the awake outnumber the sleeping, our sitting monarchy’s heads are gonna roll and it won’t be long.

  • Kevin Merck


    A few senior citizens are held hostage at Yellowstone Park – LOL!

    Meanwhile, millions of men are warehoused in prisons for profit, a modern day slave trade, comprised mostly of non-violent offenders on frivolous drug charges.

    You would think an article of interest would be why females make up less than 2% of this slave trade and most of them are **black** (A black woman is 8x more likely to face prison time than a white female for the same crime and same record) but no, oh no, the “Truth in Media Project” has bigger fish to fry, in that of a few temporarily detained, senior citizens, probably enjoying the best time of their lives.

    People will understand why they’ve locked so many men when they declare martial law and start going door to door for gun confiscation. These men aren’t locked up because they’re criminals. They’re locked up to get them out of the way when the physical takeover begins in earnest.

    The people who need to be in prison are running the government and teaching in our schools.

    • Jerry Patterson

      Although you make good points, and I support what you are saying completely, when you squat on someone else’s writing, and insist that the entire subject be changed to fit your agenda, you become a troll. Seriously, write your own blog, submit your agenda to the “Truth in Media Project” and ask them to cover it. But don’t troll articles looking to change the entire course of what the article was about… it makes you look bad.
      And yes, locking a few senior citizens in place at gunpoint is a serious matter. It’s armed kidnapping on public property by our govt. How can you say it’s not important? And “Probably enjoying the best time of their lives”? That’s a little sick don’t you think? Shall we say the same about you when you’re living it up in FEMA camp?

      • g.johnon

        perfect! :-)

        • Kevin Merck

          That’s coming from someone who attacked me for being against abortion.
          Don’t let your abortion fanaticism skew your perspective on everything, if that’s possible.

          • g.johnon

            I did not attack you for being against abortion. I merely bitch slapped you around the room a little for calling people who do not believe abortion is a matter of federal jurisdiction “abortion fanatics”.
            and look, now you have called me one.

          • Kevin Merck

            You’re a fanatic alright.

          • g.johnon

            maybe you could point out exactly when and where I ever said anything even close to that?
            I had a bit of respect for you this morning and you managed to piss every trace of that away in one day.
            now go get back on your meds and leave the discussing to the grownups, k?

          • Kevin Merck

            I don’t have any respect for an abortion fanatic.
            Now you lie and say you haven’t attacked me for being against abortion?
            Whoda thunk that someone who thinks it’s okay to murder children would also be a liar?

          • g.johnon

            ok, so you have no self respect.
            you also don’t have the basic nards to admit that you could not find a single reference, made by me or anyone but yourself as to what my stance on abortion may be because nowhere in this thread have I made such a statement. in fact nowhere on this entire site.
            the only person I have seen fanatically ranting about abortion in this thread is you. your apparent blindness to this obvious fact is a good indication that you are in serious need of help.
            please go find it.

          • Kevin Merck

            You are obviously mentally ill.
            Fuk off.

      • Kevin Merck

        “insist that the entire subject be changed to fit your agenda”

        Your words not mine.

        “It’s armed kidnapping on public property by our govt. How can you say it’s not important?”

        Your words not mine.

        “Shall we say the same about you when you’re living it up in FEMA camp?”

        What makes people like you look bad is when they try to compare millions of people wrongfully in prison on frivolous drug charges or millions of political prisoners in FEMA camps with a few senior citizens being detained at Yellowstone park. That doesn’t just make you look bad, it makes you look crazy. That’s not even the same ball park, hell, that’s not even the same planet.

        Don’t lecture me on what’s an appropriate comment. People like you who preach about the first amendment are the first to want to censor people they disagree with.

    • g.johnon

      what jerry Patterson said. kevin, I gave you a down vote for trying to hijack the topic even though I agree with what you are saying.

      • Kevin Merck

        Wasn’t hijacking anything. How can one comment be called “hijacking” … ludicrous.

        • g.johnon

          the topic here is re: the ramifications of the government shutdown not pot smoking or unjust prison terms or privately owned prisons.
          these are all hot button issues for me as well. but not here.

          • Kevin Merck

            Sometimes comparisons are appropriate. It doesn’t mean you are trying to “hijack” a topic, all it means is that there are important and relevant comparisons to other topics that can be made.
            Trying to steer the discussion of any topic to your liking is not a way to gain credibility with readers.
            The topic is about unlawful detainment of people who have committed no crime. My comparisons were appropriate to the topic.

          • g.johnon

            really? instead of simply considering good advice, you’re going to just go all weasel?
            grow up son.

          • Kevin Merck

            Sure, lose the argument and resort to name calling, just like an abortion fanatic would be expected to do.

          • Matt Owens

            I have to say.. Kevin you’re right on. There is a legitmate connection between what is allegedly (though, there was a pretty convincing comment higher up this page that disputes this entire article) going on here and what has been happening on a holocaust-size scale with our prison/police-state industrial complex. I think it is a valid topic to bring up since this article discusses the illegal detention of U.S. citizens. The debate over whether it actually happened or not in this instance is irrellevant because we know it has been going on daily for decades on a massive scale. We should not accept this on any level.

          • g.johnon

            matt, you actually made some decent points. but mr. merck went well beyond using comparisons or examples when he attempted to marginalize the (alleged) plight of the tourists and dismiss the article because it was not about something else.
            and you are both right to suggest that it is part of a bigger problem.
            but pretty much every thread on this site is.
            and now mr. merck has decided to fold abortion into the deal. are you going to defend that as relevant to the topic as well?

          • Kevin Merck

            Give it a rest abortion fanatic. You have no credibility here. All you are concerned about is murdering children and bashing anyone who thinks it needs to be illegal.

          • Matt Owens

            No, I’m not. Although it appears that I agree with Kevin on many things, abortion does not seem to be one of them. By saying this I am not attempting to engage in any debate on the matter. It’s a highly personal and sensitive issue and I feel as though I have other dragons to slay. Can’t get them all.

          • Kevin Merck

            Great comments, keep speaking out.

          • g.johnon

            so, even though I have never once declared a stance on abortion on this site you have labeled me as an abortion fanatic. yet you are the one who keeps incessantly ranting about abortion in a thread about government park closure.
            I may have called you out once or twice in other threads for other ludicrous statements you may have made, but I surely have not been attacking you for weeks.
            in fact please back up your horseshit and produce for us a single attack that I have made upon your suddenly poor defenseless self. and just to bolster your creds, find one that is at least two weeks old.
            and yet again, you will not rise to the challenge because you already know it’s impossible.
            and when it becomes obvious that you cannot back up your little slanders with facts, we will know who is the attacker and the fanatic.

          • g.johnon

            wow. you are seriously dismissed.

    • akatom3565

      @ Kevin Are you seriously comparing senior citizens in the wrong place at the wrong time to people who have committed crimes? This kind of comparison will make your argument look stupid on its face value. I live near the park and they were not having the times of their lives. Get facts not fiction to try and further your cause, otherwise you come off as unbelievable. Look at the FBI crime stats and find a forum that fits your pet project!

      • Kevin Merck

        “Kevin Are you seriously comparing senior citizens in the wrong place at the wrong time to people who have committed crimes”

        Smoking pot is not a crime.

        “This kind of comparison will make your argument look stupid on its face value.”

        That’s what your argument does to you. People who smoke pot have committed no crime.

        “Look at the FBI crime stats and find a forum that fits your pet project!”

        Take your own advice.

        • akatom3565

          So your reply is to parrot what I said, that adds to much credibility to what you are trying to say. Show me one person in prison for smoking pot dumbass? Where is smoking pot a felony! As a former police officer I am very familiar with FBI stats and information for people in prison. So once again you make the case for how letting drug use will improve our country.

          • Kevin Merck

            One joint in some states is a felony and it has been that way for decades.

            ***Ben Swann*** should be a lot more concerned with vicious, **hate-speech** and personal attacks from nutcases like you than legitimate comments that are relevant to the topic at hand.

            A quote from the following posted interview.

            “More than 250,000 have been sent to prison convicted for marijuana felonies and yet marijuana use is going up.”


          • akatom3565

            Nice way to prove my point! ok for you to hate and talk smack about me

          • Kevin Merck

            You were a cop?

            No wonder we’re in trouble. Good thing you’re not one anymore.

            Any cop who didn’t know that marijuana is a felony in some states isn’t all there.

          • Matt Owens

            *Drug use happens daily on a massive scale that U.S. legal policies have no bearing on.
            *In this country, drug profits, and the violence they bring with them, roll in daily on a massive scale ONLY because of U.S. legal policies.
            *Millions of addicts don’t seek medical treatment for addiction because they are hidden in the dark, because having an addiction problem has been criminalized. (drug addiction that is; porn, T.V., fastfood addictions etc. are deemed accetable by law)
            *The high price of drugs (because they’re illegal) and the stigma of already being a criminal staining the user (for having the disease of addiction) combines to generate huge artificial spikes in crime (burglary, theft) to feed their addiction.
            *Prisons house millions of non-violent drug offenders at the public expense; our tax dollars support this by the billions. Our tax dollars are spent to lock these people up instead of treating addictions. IF this money is going to be spent it may as well be spent on something that has the chance of saving money in the future. Prisons are one of America’s most lucrative indsutries; the companies that build and run them are some of the biggest lobbyists/advocates for the War on Drugs (TM).

          • Matt Owens

            So.. the question is this: Would you rather live in a world where people are allowed to decide what they do with their own body and life, a world where people may do things we don’t approve of but we acknowledge it is there right to do what they will with their lives so long as it doesn’t affect ours? Drugs would be viewed the same way as alcohol (a highly destructive drug); look how much easier it is for alcoholics to seek treatment, not having the social stigma of being a “criminal.”


            Would you rather live in the world we have now? With millions locked up in prisons at your expense, with your life ACTUALLY being affected because of the dangers of an increasingly tyrannical government trying to dictate everything you can do with your body, gang violence that is supported by the artificial profit margins of the drug trade, etc. All the while addiciton and drug use continues by the millions.

            Seems pretty clear to me.

          • Kevin Merck

            I agree that we need to live in a world were we do what we want with *our own bodies”.
            However, unborn children have their own bodies and are entitled to the same protections that you and I are entitled to. I only bring that up because it’s a relevant issue when we talk about “our own bodies”.

    • Walter Shipley

      Are you a democrap?

      • Kevin Merck

        Are you a Republitard?
        I don’t fall for the “two-party-false-paradigm”, cupcake, and I thought that’s what Ben Swann was trying to do away with.

        • Walter Shipley

          Yes, I’m a republitard, honey pot.

          • Kevin Merck

            That’s all good.

            I like the “Democrap” I really do, only it should be “Femocrap” because most of them are female abortion fanatics and people on welfare.

            If you take away the welfare vote, femocraps would never win another election, but that would leave us at the mercy of Republitards who are easily manipulated with patriotic notions that are manifestations of unadulterated insanity.

            A true Patriot knows that both sides of the aisles of Congress are littered with reprehensible trash. A true patriot knows that the “Patriot Act and NDAA” are acts of treason.

            Tell me Walter, are you a treasonous rat who thinks the Constitution is no longer needed and we need to do away with it to keep you safe?

          • Walter Shipley

            I might be a rat, but I support the Constitution. Call me all the names you want, names don’t hurt me.

          • Kevin Merck

            You see Walter, that’s exactly the kind of answer I would expect from a femocrap.
            I asked if you were a treasonous rat, I didn’t call you one.
            If you support the Constitution with more than lip service, then you are obviously not a treasonous rat.
            Tell me Mr. Constitution, what do you see in my avatar?

          • Walter Shipley

            You want someone to argue with. I won’t. You won.

  • avelvetcrush


  • Pat Poe

    That was Illegal detainment I smell a civil suit.

  • Brian

    The last paragraph of this article should have been one of the first paragraphs.

  • Chuck Cirino

    Where is the video? Where are the pictures. Nobody shot any?


      honestly Japanese tourists and no pictures totally unbelievable

  • Squanto

    I live in Old Faithful and that never happened. Sorry people. We have 4 or 5 Rangers here and they’re not “Hulk” sized. They’re nice people. The head Ranger here would never let that happen. I’ve come in and out of the park numerous times over the past 9 days, and not once have I seen any person guarding anything. There’s so much of this story that’s B.S. — It doesn’t take 2.5 hours to get out of the park, maybe 30 minutes to an hour depending on which way you go. There are vault toilets ALL OVER this park, so if they didn’t stop to pee, that’s the bus drivers fault. I can’t say anything for the dude ranch, but I also don’t know where that would be but must be pretty far outside the park boundaries for me to have not heard about it. We are all just bored furloughed employees here with nothing to do. We’re not ranting and raving about the shutdown, running around with guns and being mean to tourists. The tourists were given until 4PM to leave the park 5 days ago, and they all left. There wasn’t a tour bus at Old Faithful during this time frame in this article. How do I know that? I was there. There wasn’t a car in sight in Old Faithful except employees. There were cooks outside the Old Faithful Inn, and the bar inside was still open at that time. Nobody was standing outside. I know you want to believe the world is a horrible place, but it’s not here. Nobody here is getting paid to work, do you really think the Rangers care enough to do that? I think you need to check your sources because somebody is telling a big lie and making us and you look bad.

    • Kevin Merck

      I have no way of knowing if what you’re saying is true but it sounds credible to me.

      Thanks for telling us that side of the story. I would like to hear from your co-workers on this issue if you could twist their arm into doing it. Any other proof of your claims would be helpful as well.

      Sorry to hear you’re out of work. A lot of that going on all over the country.

  • Hippo20

    We were in yellowstone at the time. No problems leaving. Just informed by simpathetic campground officials of the situation and made our way out of the park by the end of the day without any other interruption. Other that side roads closed nothing appeared amiss.

  • Squanto

    Also, tour buses have TOILETS on them!

    • Pat Webb

      NO, NOT ALL OF THEM…..

      • CAPS MAN


  • Patty Eaton Bailey

    This story is ridiculous. There are no gates to be locked in Yellowstone. For god’s sakes, people, think!

    • Erin

      You must not be reading the news. Parks all over have been closed, including many which operate completely from user fees. Many other facilities and monuments have been closed. The mall in DC has been closed. The National Zoo is closed. The list goes on.

      • MJ

        Yes the parks are closed to people coming IN. But why on earth would the try to keep people from going OUT? It just doesn’t make sense. Why on earth would they be kept there? Yes, it is propaganda of the worst kind.

        • JACK Jackson

          Because this administration wants to make people suffer & miserable so that they can gain support by blaming everyone else.

        • MK

          Just because it seems absurd and ridiculous does not mean it is “propaganda”. The truth is usually stranger than fiction, and many armed police and guards are not the brightest of the bunch and just follow orders. If you search high and low for resources and there are none, then you can claim it is propaganda. Others leaving comments have left links to others reporting this story, just because you dont like something does not make it propaganda!

  • Linda Moldawsky
    • Luap Seugirdor

      What do you mean by that Linda? Here is a more accurate account of the story. Just google it and you will find many references to this and other parks that have been closed. http://www.newburyportnews.com/local/x1442580373/Gestapo-tactics-meet-senior-citizens-at-Yellowstone#sthash.cfuvqzct.dpuf

      • Linda Moldawsky

        Sorry, obviously the parks are closed due to the shutdown. But to link the shutdown to the way folks may have been treated by armed guards is sort of absurd. If the guards were rude or actually mistreated the Elderly that is horrible, but chances are they would act that way when the gov’t is “open” as well. That’s what makes this propaganda, that the article links “mistreatment of the elderly” to “it’s Obama’s evil agenda.” Clearly things are going awry in this country, but it started many administrations ago with Papa Bush and probably even before that. It’s time to
        look past the puppets and try to see the puppet masters.

        • Luap Seugirdor

          I realize it is hard to imagine, but stuff like that is going on all over the States. Just look at the many stories on this site about police state or brutality. There are links right beside this post. Many citizens do not want to believe their government could do anything bad to them, and that is wrong because it is happening and happening with more frequency. I do not believe everything I read and watch, but I believe a lot of it, Especially when there are numerous stories to verify them.

          • MJ

            First off, why would anyone be told they can’t leave the park? It makes absolutely no sense. Second, if no one is being paid in the National parks, who is paying these guards to keep people there? And if by some stretch of the imagination it is true, why isn’t it being linked to the Republicans who are creating this mess by holding the budget bill hostage until the Affordable Care Act is defunded? Obama is not the one shutting down the government. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner will not allow a vote on the budget bill, which has brought about a shutdown. They are trying to spin it to blame on Obama, but even Boehner admitted that he agreed to the bill several weeks ago, but changed his mind to force “Obamacare” to be erased. Put responsibility where is originates, not try to point fingers. This “reporter’s” attempt to connect the guards to the Obama administration is clearly a leap and in no way based on factual information. People, take a civics class. If you did you would learn that it is Congress who makes and passes laws. The President can veto a bill, but since it hasn’t come out of Congress, he is unable to do anything but follow the law — which says if the budget bill is not passed, the government shuts down. Again, Congress made that law and is now breaking it. In fact, what we should be talking about is that the House action is treason and a coup and the American people are being led down a dangerous and unnecessary path.

          • JACK Jackson

            Put the Kool Aid down…& take some history, economics & Govt classes…then again reality, may be too harsh for you. Obama hasn’t passed a budget in 5 years, even when the House & Senate were controlled by his party! Pointing fingers? EVERY single negative thing from this administration gets blamed on Republicans or Bush. Obama IS the one who chose to implement Obama Care over delaying it & funding the Govt. The House has passed several bills to fund most of govt. It is their job to pass spending bills on a case by case need. Broad budget bills is what has got us into this Govt overspending/ massive debt mess in the first place. In fact, just yesterday the House said they would pass funding if only Obama would give us citizens the same exemptions he gave himself, his friends & big business’. Is that not fair? He countered by stating he would NOT negotiate! If you don’t believe armed govt employees can be overly aggressive, try youtubing “police brutality” one day. Hate to burst your utopian bubble…

          • Luap Seugirdor

            I found another story about this. They were not told they couldn’t leave the park. They asked to stay because they had two days left on their reservations. As for the rangers, they stayed outside not allowing them to go exploring or something. To the elderly ladies, the rangers probably looked big and menacing. Their Hulk Hogan comment was also in the other story. I never said anything about Obama or the House. I understand that it is the Republicans that are responsible for the shut down due to the Obamacare fiasco.

          • Tom223

            Obama is needlessly shutting down parks to get political points in the PR game. This is clear.

          • Tom223

            Obama is the one unnecessarily shutting down parts of the government to get political gain it the WWII memorial. They are spending more money keeping people out than leaving it open. It takes far more personnel to block off an area. Also why are illegals allowed to protest in park land just next to the memorial – leaving a mess to be cleaned up based on the photographs – and the war veterans are being told not to enter. It is purely political and it is purely on BO’s shoulders.

        • Matt Owens
        • Tom223

          If the park was not closed the guards would not have been there keeping the tourists on the bus and unable to use the bathroom. I’ve been there recently and there was no such behavior demonstrated by park officials. Your assumption is incorrect and not based in any fact – pure conjecture and apparently completely uneducated conjecture.

          • William Burke

            But not, apparently, an unmedicated conjecture.

        • Jacob Walls

          I think your premise is off… these armed, rangers?, were probably psyched into acting like Assholes by way of their commanding officer. You know the old saying, “Shit rolls downhill” and these unlucky people were at the business end of this thuggish, gov-approved behavior.

    • https://www.facebook.com/nite.lite.90 Nite Lite

      Even if it were embellished a tiny bit there is no mistaking the fact that America has turned to crap. Once they get a stronger grip on free social media then they can dramatically step up the propaganda programs like the “War on Terror”.

    • Tom223

      Why? Do you have contrary data?

    • William Burke

      If anything, the truth is worse. Some tourist buses had GUNS pointed at them by park personnel. Every one of these tourists are never coming here again. More, each will tell all his friends about what happened, and those people will tell their friends.

      A death knell for the tourist industry, is what it is.

  • CF

    Kristin, you don’t need to end your posts with a question. Just end it informatively and let people do their own thinking. One doesn’t need to be prompted to think something like a high school exam question to actually have important thoughts that they will share by their own free will and choice.

    • cd

      CF. You’re a D1ckhead and a smart@ss. Fugoff

    • UncommonStats™

      Vaillancourt’s disturbing story does not sound like a vacation in “the land of the free.”

      What has become of America?

      • Bermudaguy

        American natives revenge!

  • Luap Seugirdor

    For all you disbelievers, why not do a little research? I did and found many references to this. True or not, the stories are there along with other park closures.


    If you Americans don’t stand up and put a boot up this administrations ass you deserve ever piece of police state that you get. I don’t care what you do, just get them out of office right now. The whole executive branch is completely corrupt and breaking the law constantly. Impeach then jail!

    • Bermudaguy

      You might as well talk to a wall. Americans won’t realize it until they become refugee’s in Canada and Mexico!

    • justaregulardude

      It goes much deeper than this admin. They are just following orders from higher up as well as the U.N. Follow the money and you will get the True scumbags behind it all. Were “All” doomed, all countries until these criminals are stopped!

      • Tom223


    • dawggie

      Good start, It would be – clean out all of DC. Fresh start.

    • ochoi

      And then put whom in to replace this administration? Presumably a Republican? If you will recall, the last Republican was pretty much the identical twin to this one. Neither one respects the law or the Constitution.

      • Jacob Walls

        Jesse Ventura…. maybe not the best choice but he the only person who said he would pardon every whistleblower and allow Snowden to come back to a Hero’s welcome.

  • Bermudaguy

    I can hear Yogi telling boo boo now how it’s gonna be a long winter with all those old people with empty “picinic baskets”!

    • dawggie


  • Bermudaguy

    Kristin Tate is a libertarian? I think I’m in love.

  • jim

    America died years ago. A semi-comatose population is only now starting to smell the stink of decay. It may be years more before they realize how they assisted in the murder of the republic,

  • 3am
    • Kevin Merck

      It’s like dejavoo all over again.

  • Annoyed

    This “article” is laughable. I’m a libertarian who thinks America is doomed, but let’s not make ourselves look like fools with this kind of propaganda.

    • dawggie

      So, this did not happen?

      • disqus_MoFiAjhaVe

        it did NOT happen…none of it happened.

    • Tom223

      You’ve attempted to nullify the article by using a generality of “propaganda” without any refuting evidence. Your comments are counter productive as it helps create the impression that no truth is obtainable and all is confusion so there is no hope. A disreputable practice.

    • William Burke

      Sen. Mike Lee, in the United States Senate. But you’ll dismiss anything as “propaganda” that doesn’t fit your narrative.

      “Libertarian”, my *ss.

  • disqus_MoFiAjhaVe

    Duh!! this POS is completely fake…you have to be full blown retard not to realize it…sure Fox News will be leading with it right after Obama using his own money to keep the Muslim Museum open…

    • woody

      you have to be right, right? just like there were no camps outside German towns.. according to all the people that lived in those towns? not saying its true but you might want to open your eyes a little more.

      • disqus_MoFiAjhaVe

        I am right…this article shows the intelligence level of the Fox News Retards…feed them total brain dead BS and they lick it right up..no common sense.

  • Aaron J. Levy

    As Insane as anything else this Nation has done for the past twelve years.

  • Rebecca Erickson

    What’s with the dude ranch turning them away? If they don’t have people stopping then they are already “shut down”…cripes! Each decision gets us further in the muck….

    • Tom223

      The dude ranch was probably operating under a lease from the Feds. Obama ordered that they along with any other contractors cannot operate during the shutdown. I would give you good odds that they will still have to pay the full rate on their leases despite being closed by BO.

  • beadstallcup

    Seems many of our politicians and their hired thugs only understand one thing. We know what that is. Maybe it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine?

  • http://www.anarchocapitalism.us/ Ethan Glover

    Government = A whiny spoiled brat that must get what it wants. If not? It lashes out and harms anything it can get its hands on.

  • Gloria

    The House republicans HAS funded Obamacare and the entire gov’t, but with one change … that nobody is exempt form Obamacare. The Senate and Pres. Obama rejected that too. More versions of what the House has sent to the Senate that was rejected is in this article, plus many effects of Obamacare: http://news.yahoo.com/democrats-america-own-government-223010441.html

  • just a man

    Which finger does Obama always wipe his eye with? There you go.



  • RobertMStahl

    Karen Hudes may be our only hope to regain the wealth of this world that has been stolen by a thuggish papacy.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Individuals within the US Government must be held responsible! Not the government itself. Meaning that individuals responsible for these acts must pay the fines fees and judgements from their own wealth. I am quite sure that fines against these criminal government individuals can be properly levied against them. Vindictiveness is not a trait of the US Government but is that of private Elite egotistical sociopath individuals acting in official capacity. HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!

  • chuck cirino

    It’s been 5 days and no video, photos or additional witnesses have stepped forward. One lady’s story. Totally exaggerated. This story is NOT evidence of any wrongdoing by the rangers at Yellowstone. If anyone has any additional info please post it here. Thank you.