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The Mercatus Center at George Mason University released a comprehensive study, ranking the 50 states in terms of freedom.

The study states, “We score all 50 states on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. We weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims.” See exactly how they break down and determine the rankings here

How free is your state?

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • BeVoluntaryist

    We’re number last! We’re number last!

    • Jaime Yarbrough

      I FEEL YOUR PAIN – We’re only one up from you here in CA

      • BeVoluntaryist

        Actually I am California but We’re number second from last! didn’t sound good 😛

        • g.johnon

          keep electing nitwits like Feinstein and boxer and then scratch your head and wonder why.

          • BeVoluntaryist

            I don’t put slips of paper into the “Comment Box”. But I feel you; I just don’t think there is a person on a slip of paper that represents me… I represent me.

          • sfag

            i am sure that the israeli citizens, like feinstein, are not elected, they are appointed by kissinger and rockefeller when those fine bilderbergers are not drooling asleep in their wheelchairs

          • styfr

            israeli sock puppets managing this blog. nah! good down-vote son, here is a dollar.

          • g.johnon

            wow, I had no idea that Feinstein was an Israeli citizen. it would not be a huge surprise.
            those fine bildeburgers have endowed a whole new generation of creeps with their horseshit, so their drooling is of little consequence.

    • Keith

      At least you are free to vote with your feet by leaving New York. The state motto says it all. The Empire State. Contrast that with the motto for another state, Live Free or Die.

      • Jet

        Wow, if everyone had the money to just pick up and leave we would all move to Colorado.

        • g.johnon

          no thanks, way too liberal, and they got them nasty ol” broncos too.
          go hawks!

        • Keith

          CO? Did you see the report? CO is down 12 spots in the latest ranking. It has been taken over by transplants from CA (which are the worst type of tansplants freedom-wise, other than folks from NY).

      • BeVoluntaryist

        Its tempting… then again it is 80 degrees and sunny in CA and not in NH. Besides, I’d miss the desert.

  • Charles

    Number 3 in Tennessee but I find that hard to believe.

    • 3p0nymuss

      Go live in California for a year. You’ll believe.

      • Herbert Napp

        TN LEOs are way, way, way out of control. Moreso than LAPD depending on where you are.

    • Oakleyanna

      I feel free here in Tennessee! Cuz all my exes live in Texas!

  • Keith

    I love how Kristin Tate is from New Hampshire, James O’Keefe is going to speak at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum on February 21, and Ben Swann announced his Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project in New Hampshire.

    • Kristin Tate

      Live free or die :)

      • rtgtw

        apparently, people there are neither free nor dead yet. so why the mantra? why not “I tell dumb thing you.”

  • Landyrane

    We can’t even buy 6 point beer in liquor stores, or at all on a Sundays here in OK. How’s that for free?

    • Keith

      There is so much freedom in OK, the government expects people to be responsible enough to get liquor on the other 6 days a week and drive out of state to by 6 point beer 😉 Maybe OK is just so free in other areas, that makes up for the lack of freedom to buy stuff?

      • Jet

        Jesus juice on Sundays… time!

    • Draken

      Apparently better than 45 other states…

      The grading system here is odd to me. The weighted scale they use has Tax freedom higher than another category (28.6%).

      Okay well low taxes are important, but more important than Civil Liberties (0.6%), Education Policy (1.9%), Government Spending (1.9%), Government Debt (1.2%), Property Right Protection (7.6%), Health Insurance Freedom (5.4%), and Gun Control Freedom (6.6%) combined?

      Side note Alcohol Freedom is 2.8% of the weighted scale.

      Oh well interesting all the same…

    • ffrsg

      keeping the sabbath is a commandment from god. is homicide also a freedom you seek??

  • GuyManDude

    TN ahead of Montana, Idaho and Utah?? Wyoming not even in the top 10?


    • Keith

      WY has a massive spending problem. It gets a ton of money from the taxes it puts on energy and mineral companies and from the federal government. It uses that money to build a large state government, larger than most of the near-by states. So yeah, government is HUGE in WY but personal taxes are low.

  • Shohn Petty

    I’d like to see that broken down by red and blue states in 2012 November’s election. I may take the time, but it seems like it would be an interesting column.

    • Kristin Tate

      Really interesting idea.. I’ll try to do that for a future write-up.

      • Herbert Napp

        Please do

      • Shohn Petty

        And Gov party?

  • Rob

    How did CT move up 4 spots??

    • volumedealer

      The Constitutional state ain’t so constitutional.

      • Rob

        So true. I see Colorado dropped (I’m guessing from gun legislation) but surprised to see CT actually move up, considering they had some recent legislation passed, right?

  • Ki Ritter

    I’d love to see the criteria. It’s kind of like long division. Giving me “the answer” teaches me nothing, but showing your work let’s me decide for myself if I agree. Also, I am planning on leaving my current state. Such a list of criteria would be helpful for me to make the decision of where I want to go. Thanks for all of the hard work I know you had to of put into this.

    • tsbrunhilde

      Kristin Tate often omits necessary, credible and substantive sources. I think she has untapped talent as a reporter, but I’d like to see an maturity in her professionalism.

      • 405Wrecks

        Um, the sources were given. Did you read the whole article?

      • RedEyeJedi

        She is not a bad writer, but she is not a journalist at the moment.
        Too much editorializing and not enough information.

        • frggw

          op, watch for censorship of reasonable comments! the israeli sock puppet moderating this blog is all over you, inside and out.

          • RedEyeJedi

            I don’t think I’ve had anything removed from this particular site, but I will stay vigilant

      • efsgd

        look at the gallery at her homepage and you will see that she is tapped often. her professional profile markets her as both a reporter and a whore. pretty whacky combo. maybe dan rather and walter cronkite rented their bodies for sex too. or maybe it is just the depressed economy got all the alternative media women (Lauren Lister, Abby Martin) selling sex when they aren’t making enough from Ben Swann or RT.

    • Robin

      How is that like long division? Are there different correct ways of dividing that give you different answers? I think not…

      • fasrg

        you sound high, robin. don’t light your soups.

  • tsbrunhilde

    Time for you to move up (toward Freedom), Arkansas! Fortunately, Thomas Brewer is running as a TRUE CONSERVATIVE in Arkansas’ 3rd district–and he stands AGAINST increased spending, increased taxes, and increased regulation.

  • Zachary

    Don’t know if I agree with the criteria… Since when does paying less money make you more free? When capitalism and freedom are on the same scale, we’re probably f***ed. So, yeah, maybe we are…

    Tell me in which state I’m free to build a home with my own hands on my own property out of sand, clay and straw, and I’ll show you which one is most free…

    • Shohn Petty

      There’s not a state where you own property. It’s all leased from GovCo. Try not paying property tax and you’ll see who “owns” it..

      • born2think

        OK, gotta chime in here. Many places in Alaska have zero property taxes. Our counties are called boroughs up here. Those of us who have chosen to have NO mayor, no councils, no inspectors, etc, also have no place in our hearts for property tax. And we are called the “Unorganized Boroughs.” I kind of like the label, even though the few taxing boroughs so want to annex us! So, the last hold-out just may be the last frontier! I have 25 acres with a log home and shop on it. Well, septic, even on the grid!. Annual govt taxes: Zilch.nada. nothing. It’s for sale, btw!

        • kem63

          For sale huh..How much???Where at in Alaska???

          • born2think

            don’t think I’m supposed to advertise, but to prove it so you can find it – alaskahome.zoomshare yeah, you need to put the com at the end, that’s all. 239K, 25 acres.

        • fdsg

          where are you going?

    • ancap

      Oklahoma outside of city limits. No permits, building code, zoning or inspectors. There is probably state building code but no enforcement.

    • Robin

      Follow your thoughts to their conclusion and you will see taxes are extremely important in the measurement of freedom. If they take all your income you aren’t going to build anything.

  • webeable

    The lower the taxes the better off people are, government only waste money, and make nothing. THEY ROB WEALTH. A free people are enslaved by taxes to pay for lazy people including government workers, The only government workers that are worth their mustard is enlisted military.

    • soul


    • thorsandroses

      You keep using that word enslaved. I don’t think you know what it means.

      • Robin

        Well if they took 100% of your income you’d call it slavery.. at what percentage is it not slavery?

        • etwyh3

          >0%, idiot!

      • webeable

        I make enough the government takes 1/2 and I make now where near the mark set by Odummy

    • dfsat

      enlisted military are valuable for annihilating poor, dark-skinned families. great wisdom thrown around this blog!

      • webeable

        All races are in the military some people use the military for a hand up instead of a hand out.

  • thornsandroses

    You keep using that word freedom….I don’t think you know what it means. Taxes isn’t about freedom. Freedom is about being about to marry who you want, do what ever you want in your own bedroom, smoke whatever you want in your own home, and not worry about being arrested or harassed based solely on the color of your skin.

    • soul

      Do you want to marry a dog?

      • raeegt

        the freedom of great dog buttsex!! dynecorp and cheney have pushed that.

    • Andrew Rusher

      …yes..taxes is about freedom to…taxes should be optional if you want to be part of a program you can buy into it..but you shouldn’t put a gun to peoples head with government aka socialism and force them to pay for others…and government shouldn’t be involved in marriage at all…you left winger and right wingers are all socialists who want government to be involved in everything. their should be NO TAXES which means no tax breaks for MARRIAGE which would mean you don’t need a marriage certificate to be married…you can make a contract of your own..government shouldn’t be involved at all…thats up to the individual and so should taxes!

      • doctorforbob

        Dear gawd. So, I suppose you’ll build your own road, and, when it’ snot your road, pay my toll to use my road? More still, when a dispute comes up over inheritance, I suppose that private contract will easily resolve the situation? When paternity cases and child support cases come about, attorneys will easily sort it all out?

        You, sir, are a pimply faced child that has yet to properly experience reality or thinking beyond the distance of the largest pimple on your ass.

        • isthereanybodyoutthere

          can you not just state your rebuttal w/o name calling? that might make your argument stronger.

          • BillinDetroit

            Not really. His argument presumes that the normal conduct of life requires governmental intrusion. Since that is, at best, a weak argument, the balance of his arguments based upon that premise can themselves never rise above their inherent impotence.

            The ‘road issue’ was settled by simply permitting passage over a non-maintained route and charging for passage over an improved road (such as a corduroy road) or charging a fare to use a ferry. It wasn’t until the advent of thin-wheeled self-propelled vehicles that paved roads even became desirable.

          • isthereanybodyoutthere

            now see, that wasnt so hard was it?

          • fdgsa

            names personalize human interactions. people need people.

        • kem63

          News flash! Its not your road, its the states no matter how much you pay. And income tax don’t pay for the roads. Gas tax pays for roads.
          If Karolyn buys gas Karolyn pays for the roads. If Karolyn don’t buy gas then Karolyn don’t pay for the roads, but Karolyn also don’t need too because obviously Karolyn don’t drive.

          No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid,
          No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.

          The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

          Income tax and property tax suggests that the
          government owns the lives and labor of the citizens…

        • fsag

          george washington, is that you?

      • Karolyn

        You are absolutely correct. People read the Constitution and you will know exactly what our government is allowed to do and what they are not allowed. Taxes are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The States should be over all things concerning their state and what the voters want/approve.

    • Rework Oh Ryan

      Taxes are the loss of freedom in deciding how you want to spend your money.

    • BillinDetroit

      I believe that the principle uttered by the colonists that “The ability to tax is the ability to destroy” still applies. Look at the draconian taxes (as much as 400%) that have been proposed for sales of ammunition. They are clearly intended to make purchases of ammunition prohibitively expensive … a $30 box of 20 .308 cartridges would cost $150 under this scheme … making even a small purchase a budget breaker for “Joe Average”. No matter how many rifles he might have, if he can’t afford to fire them he has, for all practical purposes, been stripped of any value inherent in a right to “keep and bear” arms. An empty gun is an expensive club … which suits those forwarding tyranny just fine.

    • fsvz

      having sex with animals, butts, or anything else, is okay? poop smells and blatting is freedom.

  • KissesandNoise

    I’m not sure I get this. How could Georgia be more free than Colorado, a state with open carry laws and legalized marijuana? Who determines the weight of the scores?

    • kem63

      Didn’t Colorado’s gun laws last year drastically change

      • BillinDetroit

        Yep … two recalls and a resignation later I still have not heard that the laws themselves were rescinded. Getting rid of (some) of the people responsible for a bad law is good. Getting rid of the bad law is even better. Making it impossible for a similar law to be passed in the future is the “holy grail”.

    • fsg

      in denver, the police beat people to a pulp with no repercussion – that must be it. oh, and the new world airport – with hillary clinton in the ground nearby, it will give any data-bender the willies. hey, it is almost groundhogs day!

  • common sense

    The anwser to 1984 is1776… Its time we the people stand up to all this lawless ness and take a stand against tyranny. A POTUS that makes laws and rules as he goes is not a friend of the constitution nor are the life long elected officials that rule by the bribes they receive not laws they are suppose to stand for need to go…We are losing everything this Great Country was found upon…Wake up America before its too late….Remember on thing liberals are EVIL in every way shape and form…

    • esotericeric

      you do realize the george w bush signed the patriot act right? one of the top tyrannical laws ever passed by congress? you do realize proportional to inflation reagan added nearly as much debt as obama? you do realize youre caught in the right left paradigm? its time for neither party or a new party. The constitution is very clear and both parties are violating it. Libertarian constitutionalists control the future; the old system of red and blue, where both candidates are essentially the same will be a thing of the past soon enough. WE NEED REAL CHANGE AND NEITHER ESTABLIShMENT PARTY WILL PROVIDE IT! WAKE UP

      • common sense

        I know what Georgy boy did believe me. I don’t like either party as they are almost one in the same. Republicans are bad too but liberals are evil…We do need someone like Paul or a good third party. I am very Awake. I tell everyone that will listen and those that don’t also.

        • Guest

          Lol. Paul is not 3rd party. He’s a Republican, idiot.

    • mrfeelgood

      “Remember on thing liberals are EVIL in every way shape and form…”

      Even the ones with a “R” after their name.

  • Name

    ND may have moved into the #1 spot, but with the smoking and abortion laws that have been recently passed and the talk of no alcohol on Sundays on the table, I don’t see it staying there.

    • ajr

      Disagree. Giving people freedom from being killed is the most basic of freedoms. Its right there in The Declaration of independence. THE RIGHT TO LIFE.

      • miker

        How about the freedom of being killed with a gun, or pollution, or unlicensed doctors?

        • fra

          it’s all free there man! let’s go!! you can kill babies, abortionists, you name it. freeeeeeddoooom!

    • Doug

      North Dakota is #1 because the three people that live there all work for the government, and are too frozen to regulate anybody.

      • Jean

        For your information North Dakota is the fastest growing state in the country. And they don’t work for the government, they work in the oil fields.

  • Mike Stachewicz

    How in the hell did TN make the top 5?

    • webpilot

      I was thinking the same thing! Random road stops with forced blood samples. Well, I guess that just goes to show how far we’ve fallen.

  • nynature

    NY on the bottom, well now, no big surprise there!!

    • Jesse Farmer

      Considering the source, it’s not.

  • Jeff Murray

    wow, personal freedom is category…. i don’t know who made this list. Here’s a News Flash – NH isn’t Free in that category. It’s a Police State. I lived there 26 years. Nashua cops even went after the Mayor because she cut their budget.

    “Nashua mayor says police targeted her, husband in criminal investigation; Telegraph awaits police records” 10/30/13

    Here’s another News Flash the COINTELPRO program the federal government was convicted of in 1975 by Church Committee Oversight Hearings never ended and state local authorities have been federalized. They run this on Hundreds of thousands of Americans with no probable cause and no due process under cover story of course – “National Security. National Security Letters are self issued… filed in DC… no habeas corpus, non probable cause needed.

    You need to do some more research.
    The MK Ultra program also never ended… “Project Soul Catcher” 2010 Dr. Robert Duncan- Harvard PhD – former CIA Inventor Scientist of electromagnetic pulse technologies being used now – synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring. Ted Gunderson former FBI, Mark Phillips former CIA from the original MK Ultra porgram both agree. Duncan’s latest book 1/1/14 ” How to Tame a Demon:

    • hells_unicorn

      From what I understand, Nashua is overrun with petty tyrants from Massachusetts who haven’t figured out that their backward way of governing destroys society. Much of the rest of the state isn’t as affected by it because the rest of the state has better representation in congress. Speaking for my state, I’m surprised that Pennsylvania scored as well as it did given that we’ve had a massive influx of state sobriety checkpoints cropping up since Corbett took over, though he has done some good on the economic front in rolling back Fast Eddie Randell’s anti-farming, pro-urban policy.

      • Rachel Anderson

        Yep, Nashua is pretty much Massachusetts north…and the rest of southern NH is turning into that as well.

    • Keith

      NH is the least police state in the nation. Only state without adult seat belt laws. 1 of only 3 states without motorcycle helmet laws. Freest knife laws in the nation. Only state without widespread use of automatic license plate scanners. Only state that doesn’t mandate auto insurance. 1 of only 2 states with areas without income, sales or property taxes. 1 of 2 states that doesn’t tax liquor. 1 of 2 states that doesn’t tax cigars. Ticketable red light and speed cameras are both banned. NH is NOT REAL ID compliment. 2 of the 3 communities in the entire nation that have been in the news for trying to resist Federal Homeland Security BEARCATs are in NH. I could go on and on…

      • Jeff Murray

        so free the State of NH exclusively runs Liquor business where you can buy it on the Interstate. Or you’re free to buy fireworks just make sure to consult your lawyer before lighting them off.

        “Some fireworks are legal in New Hampshire, but the state allows towns to restrict their use.”

        NH has always been known as a law and order state, which translates into police state today.

        “Welcome to NH, Now go Home.”

    • fsg

      any better place to which to flee? indebted.

      • Jeff Murray

        North Dakota or Iceland they arrested the Rothschild private central bankers and their economy came back.

  • Broc Glover

    How in the world is New Hampshire in the top 5? Last time I checked, all students enrolled in the public schooling system had to be vaccinated. No exceptions. My wife and I refuse to vaccinate our 3 children, looks like when we leave Maine, we won’t be headed to New Hampshire.

    • Rachel Anderson

      Not true…We live in NH and my son goes to public school and is not vaccinated. You can sign a form for “religious” exemption.

      • Andy Chira

        Oh good, way to abuse that system. Just vaccinate your kids you freaking weirdos. People like you are the reason why diseases like pertussis haven’t been eradicated like small pox and polio were.

        • Dave Weaver

          Exactly! Small Pox and polio were eradicated and some people chose not to take the vaccine….

          • Draken

            Polio is close to being eradicated, but it is not gone yet. That is why they still vaccinate for polio, to make sure it doesn’t come back. That is really why they vaccinate for the majority of diseases now a days, to prevent them from coming back/spreading uncontrolled.

            The more who don’t vaccinate, the greater the risk of what should be preventable diseases spreading to the entire


          • Grace

            There is no such thing as eradication of a disease. Viruses adapt. They may stay dormant for a very long time but eventually they come back. However, you won’t hear that from a doctor or the government. The risks of taking vaccines are greater than the risk of getting the disease. If people choose NOT to vaccinate their kids it doesn’t make them weirdos, Andy Chira. But your statement just goes to show what a sheeple YOU are! It’s people like you who make it easy for governments to take over it’s people. Nazi Germany is a great example. So do a little research on the history of freedoms before you start calling other people names.

          • Robin

            Except of course for small pox… which hasn’t been seen since 1949 in the US and 1977 in the world.

          • fsdg

            where would Homo sapiens be without witch hunters, at this point in history? still got em. feeding off the decent middle class. proud to be a neanderthal. i love the cdc because it gives shiny stickers. i have trisomy 21. wait, no i dont.

          • Draken

            Yes I’m a sheep, because after speaking to Doctors,
            nurses, EMT’s, scientists, researchers, educators, after reading peer reviewed articles, glancing over the data, reading hundreds of news articles on the subject and coming to a conclusion for myself, apparently I’m a sheep.

          • Jesse Farmer

            ^^^ bs

          • fdgads

            you are a felicitously paid retard. get it? govt wrings money out of the middle class to go to itself, which is the pharmaceutical corporation, the cdc is its front goup. you are a peon. grow out of yourself, even if you are a sock puppet. peer reviewed? emt? my god do i shudder at the power of the names you wield. can you also believe that i went to an ivy league school, have read an exhaustive quantity of peer-reviewed scientific articles – AND understand bilderberg? get some iodine, and maybe that will reverse your fluoridation toxemia and notch you up the necessary iq points getting you over the hump of carefree retard!

          • Draken

            Stop the petty name calling and actually give me something to learn from. You say that I’m ignorant, that I don’t know the truth, that I am a “sock puppet.” Okay then fine – teach me. Give me resources to learn from.

            Stop being a troll and actually contribute something.

          • fsag

            he’s just a sock puppet, and your two down votes so far come from the two sock puppets.

          • Rachel Anderson

            That’s right, quote the government, who is influenced by big pharma. Consider sources who have nothing to gain but getting the truth out.

          • cvfsafgs

            who would guess so many govt (nazi cdc) sock puppets would plague this site’s comment section, because ben swann doesn’t come across to me as being someone who attracts retards.

          • gfsa

            sock puppet, welcome, i drink your nectar down deepply. now i am a docile bilderberg goy at your disposal.

          • fgsgwq


        • Holly Harrison

          Big Pharma loves you! Derp.

        • Rachel Anderson

          I’m sure you’d feel differently if it were your child that ended up in the ER going into shock and having their lymph nodes enlarged within 2 days of having the only two doses of vaccs I’ve had him have. I was originally doing a delayed schedule, but after those two separate incidences, I am not going to risk my chlid’s life again. He was incoherent, as white as a sheet, hysterically inconsolable screaming, crying, sweating like crazy, clammy, etc…not something you should voluntary subject your 3 or 4 year old to. So go judge someone else you libtard.

          • Draken

            I’m sorry that your son had such an adverse reaction. There is no amount of words that can be used to express the pain that you felt. I’m not a parent, where I do hope to have children of my own someday I don’t have any yet.

            I will not deny that vaccines can and do harm a small percentage of the population. Your son is apparently evidence of that. But the benefits to society outweigh the costs to individuals. Yes if my future son or daughter have an adverse reaction, I may very well live to regret these words. I know that, and I will not deny that risk.

            In our global economy where people and diseases travel around the world every single day, we need to protect the population as a whole from harm. We need to protect society as a whole from harm. We need to vaccinate.

            I know the odds I know the risks, I’ve talked to Doctors,
            nurses, EMT’s, scientists, researchers, educators. I’ve read peer reviewed articles, glanced over the raw data, read hundreds of news articles on the subject and came to a conclusion for myself, vaccines are worth the risk.

          • fgsba

            witch hunter, welcome. say, how the hll did you come upon this website??

        • Melissa Skinner

          polio has not been eradicated you dumb ass… actually 60% more kids caught polio from vaccine than without it in the early 90’s. reason… they found the dead version from our childhood to be ineffective so they made a live version which for many years caused polio in children…. in late 90’s they had to go back to the dead version… which now they say is very effective… LMAO get educated before you speak down to others!!!!

        • gsdb

          welcome, moron. are you writing from nazi germany? in how many witch hunt posses are you presently?

        • notchattelgoy

          Do you actually know anything about vaccines that you’ve not been told by mainstream? I want you to have the right to have your kids given ALLLLL the mercury they can legally get. How many vacs between birth and 6yrs of age is it up to now? RUN don’t walk to get YOUR kids vaccinated.

      • Hugh G. Rection

        Last time both my wife and I checked, religious exemption was not an option.

    • Keith

      I doubt there was ever a rule that in order to attend gov. schools in NH you have to be vaccinated. That certainly isn’t true right now. If a parent wants to, though yes, a child is unable to refuse a vaccination that a parent demands.

      • Hugh G. Rection

        A parent should never demand a vaccination upon their child. A parent should be educated with the risks of vaccinating.

  • DerpDerpDerp

    Don’t tell Obama. Don’t need him shifting the eye of Sauron on #1.

  • Leah_From_NH

    New Hampshire is beautiful! I’ve been here 25 years, and I love it. We are literally the most represented people on earth. You have easy access to the government here. As Speaker O’Brien phrased it when he spoke at our panel on jury nullification at PorcFest last year, “New Hampshire is particularly susceptible to individual effort.” Move to New Hampshire as part of The Free State Project and help us make NH even more awesome!

    • harrycobalt

      new hampshire is only free because the way the legislature is made up there is a very large representation from the majority of the state which is conservative.the southern part (nashua,derry,salem)is getting overrun by people escaping from massachusetts who are too stupid to change the way they vote trying to create the same problems for nh

      • CTConservatives47

        That’s right. The Massachusetts escapees are so stupid that they vote the same way they did in the state from which they escaped.

        • Keith

          According to all of the data I’ve seen, many of the MA folks tend to vote for high property taxes because they like that but when it comes to the statewide issues of no income tax and no sales tax, the vast majority of them make sure to vote for folks that are against both a state income tax and a state sales tax. That makes even the MA transplants better than the average Republican voter in most states.

      • Keith

        A lot of it has to do with the people here. Less than 40% of the adults living in NH were born in NH. For a couple hundred years, people have been leaving more statist states and moving to NH to be freer. It’s worked. NH has developed a culture of freedom that isn’t seem anywhere else in the Eastern states.

  • kem63

    I really don’t see how they come up with Oregon at #28 with -16.
    We have gun rights. Oregon is the ONLY state that has no restrictions on abortions. Our cops are great, of course every state has a few bad. We don’t have a problem with freedom of speech. Oregon decided to start recognizing same-sex marriages. We can vote non party. We have no sales tax. We can
    get beer/wine any time, hard alcohol we can’t get on Sundays, but we really never could duo to the liquor stores was always closed on Saturday & Sundays where I live. smoking is banned in public buildings and 10 ft outside. other then that I think Oregon has a lot of freedom. I’m moving back to Idaho if Oregon ever turns out like California or new York

    • Dan

      Most of what you call FREEDOM seems to be the decay of our
      society. NO restrictions on abortions and same sex, “Marriage” are
      perfect examples.

      • Rikian319

        No… Just no.

    • Tabitha Bliss

      Here is their individual breakdown of your state with the explanation of it’s score.

    • LauraForLiberty

      So being able to kill a baby all of the way up to birth is what you call freedom?

    • fsdfarg

      murder is legal there? and no one goes to jail there for shooting “abortionists”? cool.

  • Matthew Blake Anderson

    Can’t believe my state (Wisconsin) is so bad. I’m ashamed.

    • Jesse Farmer

      Don’t worry. This is just an idiot test. It doesn’t mean anything.

      • vfggsas

        do you know of one that does? pro gun, anti abortion, pro homeschool, low-cost govt, no land tax

        • Jesse Farmer

          If you are choosing where to live based on these things, then I would suggest you get some perspective on life. There’s more to it than these little, pet issues.

          You can have an abortion in any state. You can have a gun in any state. You can home school in any state. There are taxes in every state.

          Maybe start a family, and base where you live on who you love. Not on how many pennies you can pinch or something even less relevant to life, like how many abortion clinics, per capita, there are.

  • Pete Braun

    If you live in Idaho or Montana, unless you’re on the side of ranchers, hunters and trappers, you have no freedom in those states.

    • Ctrl-alt-del

      That’s because, unfortunately, all the rich liberals are moving to places like Montana and Idaho and infecting the states with their BS. A perfect example is Texas. All the liberals are done screwing up California so now they’re moving to Texas to continue the process. Very sad.

      • WhoCares

        Well it’s one of the only functioning economies left, so yes – naturally. Would you expect any different from morally bankrupt thieves?

      • Pete Braun

        More like those states are stuck in the Dark Ages and being slowly brought into the present. Conservatives states like those are keeping this country from moving forward.

        • Ctrl-alt-del

          Bullshit. Conservative states are the only ones keeping this country free. “Progressives” are moving this country forward, for sure! Forward into an abysmal hell!

          • Pete Braun

            The only bullshit here are what conservatives spew about “freedom”. Their mentality may have worked in colonial times. But not today.

    • gbsa

      that doesn’t make any sense to a person who got a 96% verbal SAT score.

      • Pete Braun

        Care to elaborate?

    • gbsa

      that doesn’t make any sense to a person who got a 96% verbal SAT score.

  • John Allen Shaw

    Clicked on it the website and read the synopsis. So, here’s the problem: “We weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims.”

    The methodology as to how they calculate the relative score is biased in two ways: 1) the definition of freedom is ambiguous. 2) the weights give relative value to the cost of enforcing, protecting, or imposing on a poorly defined “freedom”. By weighting the costs, this presupposes that both enforcing a law and protecting a right have both the same value in terms of weight because of their cost.

    The Fundamentals are fatally flawed in this Index.

    • notchattelgoy

      I’m not really surprised that more people didn’t catch that. Most don’t really notice how something is posed. Thank you dear Sir.

  • voter

    The USA is now a police state. There will be a massive protest in Washington, DC starting May 16, 2014.

    We are past the point of no return and must move forward with an effort to save our nation, as there is no other choice. We are asking, pleading with you, and any others that have resources, national voices, email lists, blogs, FB, Twitter, to call for a non-violent American Spring May 16, 2014 in Washington D.C. We must appeal to ten million and more American patriots to come and stay in Washington, D.C. to stop the White House and Congress from total destruction of the United States. It’s now or never. God help us.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    • vss

      i poop a lot. is it okay if i live in my longhouse there?

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Arkansans keep electing non business men to run a business like a state. Coleman would be a huge help in business and personal liberty if he gets elected

    • tsbrunhilde

      It is nice to see a Coleman supporter on here. As an Arkansas resident, I have personally met Mr. Coleman and understanding his background, Jeanne, you are exactly right.

  • MrLiberty

    I think everyone should take special note of Colorado. Despite legalizing cannabis for personal consumption (something most readers probably see as a huge step in the direction of freedom), they fell 12 points from last year and are still 19th. While better than Washington who also legalized, its is important to realize that one measure that was really about generating tax revenue, not about increasing freedom, does not truly measure the freedom orientation of a state’s government. I live in #9 Georgia. We moved up a bunch from last year but only recently legalized Sunday alcohol sales so clearly the freedom mentality is sorely lacking on many issues.

    • LauraForLiberty

      I live in Colorado and the ONLY reason marijuana was allowed to be made legal here is so the politicians could make money off of it. Now all of the thug lowlifes, the ones who like to brag about staying high 24/7, are moving to my state all because of this law, and guess who they’ll be voting for….. the party of handouts and hypocrites, and they will destroy every freedom they can. Colorado is in the toilet big time.

      • WhoCares

        Good point, what a shame. What we need is a sacrificial dump state to take all these nanny state scum. A “socialist paradise”, where all lovers of tyranny who cannot decide which way the toilet paper should roll can live… and leave the rest of us the hell alone. Their government can tell them what grit toilet paper is most eco-friendly, and the rest of us can struggle trying to figure out such complex issues ourselves.

        • asawq

          your’s is sophistry. you need more life experience. grow yourself, though it may hurt. i’m with you buddy.

          • WhoCares

            I have plenty of life experience. Enough to know that government is not a solution to all of life’s problems. It’s a shame there are so many slow learners who are easily deceived by the government apologists.

            Would it be any clearer if I told you to stop trying to help yourself to my damned property?

          • ForLiberty

            As long as they can smoke up and cash their welfare check they could care less.

      • colram

        Pot smokers are moving into Colorado and drug cartels are moving out, and that’s a bad thing? Most pot smokers hold steady, legal jobs and are very mellow when in possession of marijuana…not true of drug cartel members.

        • vcsafs

          as a matter of fact. i can second that, and i have never tried drugs. the most successful (gregarious, working, and intelligent) people i have known are pot addicts (though unfortunate).

        • ForLiberty

          So all of those gangbangers who pull drive-bys and like to brag about getting high 24/7 hold steady jobs and contribute so much to society? Because that is who is moving here now.

          • colram

            Don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a pot-smoking related drive-by or gang bang. Pot-selling related, yes. Can you provide a link to a news article or something that indicates this increase in crime?

    • Logico1

      Funny how they make money if it’s illegal and still make money if it is. True freedom is that it’s free, you don’t have to pay for it.

    • vsbgas

      long live the drunks. the freedom of violating the ten commandments goes too far to reasonable people. legalized murder too, envy, jealousy, adultery.

    • Jesse Farmer

      They fell 12 points on the magical nonsense scale! Oh my..

  • Ah Choo


  • Josiah Moss

    I have lived in Georgia and Ohio and it’s a little more strict in Ohio but It is easier to live. In Georgia the policies are counterproductive and it’s harder to make a living. You need laws to give people a better opportunity and protection. Also they need to study cities instead of states because there are different policies in Ohio’s major cities that have very different results. Example Columbus is doing way better then Cleveland economically and Cleveland is more of a police state then Columbus.

    • Logico1

      The larger government is, the more everyone else’s economy suffers.

    • vssad

      government is better – ha ha ha haaaaa! evil is better. an aphorism.

  • Jabroney

    TN #2 my dick hole.

    • gsb

      yeah, of all the police-state stories, TN is as represented as Missouri, the lion’s den for some f’d up reason.

  • Keith

    A little something about taxes in New Hampshire. NH doesn’t have general sales or use taxes (only 3 states like that), internet taxes, gambling taxes,
    luxury taxes, inventory taxes, personal property taxes, camping taxes,
    inheritance taxes, estate taxes, an income tax on wages (statewide or
    local), liquor taxes (only 2 states like that), cigar taxes (only 2 states like that) or a bottle deposit fee. More than a
    dozen communities in New Hampshire don’t even have property taxes (only 2 states like that).
    Overall, New Hampshire has 1 of the lowest tax burdens of any state and certainly the lowest in the Northeast.

    • Cam

      What communities don’t have property taxes?? Trust me, the property taxes in NH make up nicely for not having other taxes, including the lovely “view tax” if you have a nice view. Let’s just say apartment dwellers have it pretty good in NH.

      • Keith

        20 communties in NH don’t even have property taxes. Of course, there is no view tax in any state in NH, including NH. I agree about apartment dwellers. I’ve seen 4 bedrooms for $900 a month in NH in urban areas. Consider how low the taxes are in NH and how high the pay is, that’s amazing. If you want to get rich, move to NH!

    • notchattelgoy

      NH gets their money from you in PLENTY enough other ways to make up for it, trust me. And as far as “Live Free or Die”, they can kiss my American rear. It’s RARE that one gets away with asserting their rights there. That state will DESTROY you. 1st hand.

      • Keith

        NH has some of the lowest taxes in the nation. It also has below average fees. If NH will destroy you, pretty much every other state will completely destroy you and your family. Of course, no state is close to free, otherwise the Free State Project would have never been needed.

    • Tom Jerkason

      Yep, so freaking free that you’ll never actually own land there…You still have to pay your annual rent to King County (County Treasurer). America is completely a lie. No one OWNS property here in the US. If you own your land or house outright, but don’t pay your annual taxes, the SHERIFF will kick your ass out, and put your stuff on the curb, THEN SELL YOUR HOUSE to someone who will bid on it….SHEEP, until we actually OWN our real estate, you have no freedom. And for the naysayers that say thats the price of society, get a grip on life and stop making excuses. We can contract out fire and police, or hell, send me a tax bill but don’t take my house or land out from under me…wake up sheep!

      • Keith

        Again, NH is 1 of 2 states with a bunch of communities without property, income or sales taxes.

  • Kate

    NH is great except for our tyrannical governor who promises to let her personal opinions/agenda step in front of a majority vote on marijuana legalization. “Live Free or Die.” Right…

    • Rudy

      vote her out. she is only a speed bump

      • dsgrweq

        installed by bilderberg, like cuomo

    • Keith

      On the other hand, NH was the 1st state in the nation where a legislative body voted to legalize marijuana with the historic NH House vote.

  • Tammy Jane

    Sat Nam Namaste wishing for answers to how We Create a
    society that cares more for Humanity than $$$ paper dollars. Growing vs.
    printing wealth makes $$$ sense when hemp can make over 50,000 products
    enabling landfills and junkyards to be places for giving back to Mother Nature.
    <13 <13 <13

  • poof

    WOOP<WOOP<WOOP!!!! We're # 18!!! LOL

  • Anthony J Peasley

    Sorry, I can’t help but see this chart and think.. “what north dakota is the freest state to drink fracking water?”

    • chad

      I think i just saw that they had the largest increase in homeless population over the last year also..freeedoooommm

      • Keith

        How could a homeless person live in ND? Even in the fall it gets in the -40s…

        • Jesse Farmer


          Next stupid question.

          • Keith

            8 month shelters? In that case, the person isn’t even homeless. He just lives at the shelter. So how could homelessness increase in ND then? Maybe the person meant oil or related workers living in their cars/RVs because there is limited housing in that part of the state.

          • Jesse Farmer

            Homeless means you don’t have a home. A HOMELESS shelter is not a home.

            There’s a hint in the name.

          • WhoCares

            Okay, we get it.

            There are homeless people, and you nanny state apologists will stop at nothing to help them (help themselves to everyone else’s property).

            If only the rest of us could all be as selfless as you.

    • Josiah Moss

      Their economy is the largest in the country and they have their own state bank which helps a lot.

      • Rohit Krishnan
        • WhoCares

          Now, let’s talk about growth…

          • Rohit Krishnan

            just thought i’d clarify things

          • Christtna

            Wikipedia is not a reliable source

          • TomCat84

            No, but California really does have the largest economy.

          • rusty shackleford

            Since when does GDP matter? It doesn’t. Obviously, a state with more people (and especially the state with the most people) is going to have a high GDP in nominal terms.

          • Rohit Krishnan

            lol it is pretty reliable, but if you doubt it, feel free to look up the same exact same statistics on another website, government website etc… Are you trying to debate wether or not California has the largest economy?

          • WhoCares

            Wikipedia is reliable for non-controversial stuff and popular opinion (I think “minority opinion” is officially considered lesser). The problems arise when the minority is correct and the majority are a pack of Federal Reserve hyping clowns (for example).

          • plusaf

            Depends on whether or not Wikipedia supports your beliefs…

          • WhoCares

            Yes but I thought (as he later clarified) that it was pretty obvious that he was talking about growth, not sheer size. I’m pretty sure ND’s total economic activity (ignoring growth) is pretty much a blip on the radar. Of course there are factors other than economic freedom at play there, so this whole conversation is a little pointless…

        • Josiah Moss

          I corrected my statement, but if you look at debt vs. economy California is broke and North Dakota isn’t.

      • Jesse Farmer

        You think N. Dakota has the largest economy in the country? Wow, you that libertarian brain washing has destroyed you.

        • Josiah Moss

          I meant economic growth.

  • Debra

    I’m glad to see my state is in the top ten. :)

  • Joe Fraser

    NH Just passed an anti-NDAA bill through a committee and legalized marijuana through the house and is working on asset forfeiture reform and an even stronger jury nullification policy. NH has many liberty activists fighting inside and outside the legislator.

    • Keith

      You have a point. Jury nullification law is much better in New Hampshire than any other state, thanks to the help of free staters.

  • Brian Hawkins

    I would be prouder of Tennessee’s position if we weren’t also ranked high in poverty and in violent crime.

    • Jesse Farmer

      The higher the rank, the lower the living conditions. Get the scam?

      • WhoCares

        Jesse Farmer logic: The more government, taxes, laws, and centralized control over people, the higher the living conditions.


        • Jesse Farmer

          Well that is the obvious conclusion of this study. The more “freedom” the lower the living standards. It’s right there in front of you.

          It’s not complex.

          • WhoCares

            It says no such thing, and measuring liberty and living standards is extremely complex, not to mention subjective.

            You’re talking out of your ass and making shit up again. I see no correlation whatsoever based on Gallup polls (for whatever that is worth).

            Furthermore, only a complete moron would conclude that more freedom is a bad thing.

      • Brian Hawkins

        You appear to have confused correlation and causation—a common logical fallacy.

        • Jesse Farmer

          I am pointing up a correlation. The correlation between REAL poverty and “freedom” (corporate control of the region).

          I could have established causation by showing that this relative poverty has INCREASED FOLLOWING deregulation, union busting, and wage suppression (the hallmarks of both Fascism and Libertarianism). But I don’t need to. Showing the correlation is enough and all that I attempted to do.

          Nice try though. You should have paid attention beyond the first week of your community college, freshman logic class. You’d have a few more tools.

          • Brian Hawkins

            Let me go through the top 10 freest states, and look at quality of life and median income as we go down the list.

            #1 North Dakota: #16 QoL, #17 median income
            #2 South Dakota: #18, #34
            #3 Tennessee: #48, #47
            #4 New Hampshire: #1, #2
            #5 Oklahoma: #41, #36
            #6 Idaho: #20, #32
            #7 Missouri: #31, #35
            #8 Virginia: #15, #6
            #9 Georgia: #42, #37
            #10 Utah: #4, #13

            Some are near the top, some near the bottom, and most are near the middle. You notice that 4 are higher than rank 25, and 6 are above it. So much for your correlation being enough.

    • Keith

      Yeah. Those and education weren’t included. It’s got nothing to do with quality of living besides the lack of laws. Here is a quality of life ranking. TN is ranked 48th.

  • Niall

    “You are free, keep repeating, You are free! (to do as we tell you)”

  • Bonnie

    The thing is, breaking down into specific percentages the importance of freedoms is not representative of the U.S. population. I mean c’mon, that’s considered Colorado and Washington’s biggest pull factor is pot freedom. Whereas, I am sure many of us know the terms positive and negative freedoms, and the language used in the report, (“Gun Control Freedom (6.6%)”), seems there in bias. I think this story was written we, and reported justly to the specifics set, I just worry that the standards used are not universal, and promote maybe the freedoms of one group and not another.

  • Bonnie

    P.S. I lived in Oklahoma for 22 years (all my life), and recently moved to North Dakota. The political zeitgeist is about the same. The people are sweet, but in both states the education systems need more money, and the economy revolves around energy and air-force.

  • Troy_Davis

    How the hell is Florida and especially Indiana on here?! Indiana is one of the most freedomless states every conceived. Read up on it’s history from the beginning until now and anyone would see that,

  • forRP

    Most people want to know HOW their state ranks… Me I just want o know WHY my state is so rank. NJ

    • WhoCares

      Between NYC/Philly – you’re screwed.

    • John Smith

      If you live there and still have to ask….

  • Johnney Appleseed

    I currently live in #1 and have most of my life. And I can tell you why we are, because I’ve traveled around the country and I’ve seen the pitfalls of other states that try to over micro manage their respective populations but it would take a while to explain. We also are one of the only states with a money surplus and low unemployment, and there is a great work ethic up here too. We also value the family here, and it’s no coincidence that everyone I know cant stand the current administration. If you value family and freedom and hard work, come on up. If your looking for a ride on easy street don’t bother, your not welcome. A lot of people come up here looking for oil jobs, well it’s hard work so it’s sad to see people that come up thinking they can handle the work, but they find out the 12 hour shifts, 7 days on are too much, so they try to revert to crime, drugs or prostitution. (90% of our inmate population is comprised out of staters or people that have lived in the state for less than 2 years. The bitter cold also drives a lot of people away. Also MR. Obama your drones are not welcome here either.

  • dinger

    kristin tate is a hottie. Would bang.

  • sharonhansen209

    I may have to leave my husband one day to get away from the tyranny in Illinois. I no longer want to retire here.

  • Justinian

    How did Connecticut get a 4+?
    This state has a communist Obama loving governor, a similarly oriented socialist dominated democrat legislature and is one of the most oppressive gun law states in the union.
    You are free to do what the militarized state police tell you to do.

    • ftg

      People voted for lip service and lies and got the socialists they didn’t realize was the wolf in sheeps clothing. Those people live by the lies, vote by the lies and will ultimately die by the lies

  • Ki Ritter

    Update… I moved to Florida.

    Without considering the contents of this specific table. Sorry Kristin. This isn’t school. It’s not for a grade. This is the real world. We need information we can use… and that means you have to show your work and deliver the details.

  • Ohmeow

    Funny that the states with the least “freedom” are the nicest places to live. Be careful how to define freedom. Oftentimes, one person’s freedom comes at the expense of their neighbor’s.

  • onetwo


    NY sucks as much as it’s laws

    • Cory Dupont

      Are you a native?

    • Cory Dupont

      Rhode Island isn’t much better, my friend!