17-year-old Noe Nino de Rivera had no idea he would end up in a coma for trying break up a fight between two girls at Cedar Creek High School on November 20.

A police officer, Randy McMillan, arrived at the high school and saw de Rivera get in between the fighting girls — McMillan responded by tasering him. The officer proceeded to cuff de Rivera, even though the teen was unconscious on the floor. De Rivera was subsequently airlifted to St. David’s Medical Center where is currently in a coma as a result of the incident. He has a traumatic brain hemorrhage from being tasered.

De Rivera’s mother, Maria Acosta, is heartbroken. Her son, who dreamed of joining the marines, may face charges if he wakes up from the coma.

Acosta is suing the county and claims that McMillan had no right to taser her son, who was only trying to “diffuse the situation.” The school “delayed in calling for medical assistance even though N.N. was in an obvious emergency medical situations,” she said.

Acosta thinks McMillan should not have been allowed in the school in the first place, since he used a taser on a student last year. The officer was not disciplined for that incident.

Several witnesses said McMillan used excessive force against de Rivera.

One student who saw what happened said, “There was a crowd watching and the kid was just trying to get the officers to listen to him. When he shot the taser, there was a crowd, and others could have been hit.”

Others agreed and said that de Rivera was not being aggressive towards the officer.

The situation is currently under investigation. We will keep you up-to-date as new information surfaces.


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  • ObamaBinLyin

    I got in physical fights with people at school when I was growing up. It’s just a normal part of growing up and developing. Heck, the one guy who I fought the hardest ended up being my best friend. I’m glad nobody broke up that fight.

    • dude

      The article did mention that it was two girls that were fighting. Girl fights aren’t like dude fights. Cat fights have the girls out for blood, not honor.

      Honestly, I can easily see the dude trying to break it up because he liked one of the girls, or something.

      Funny that, in modern America, trying to STOP violence incites a violent response from the police state.

      • glockstr

        Since we are supposing here, would it not be possible since he liked one of the girls that he would have hit or struck the other girl to “stop” the fight? If so could he not be mistaken as a participant? Or maybe he was a participant and not breaking it up as reported by his family? Just a thought.

  • David_Rogers_Hunt

    Sounds like a perfect lawsuit. More money for lawyers. Yippee!!

  • glockstr

    Hmmm, fight at a school and no video? Also other reports said he was placed into a medically induced coma. Ms Tate, another article where only a few extra words would have given a complete story but instead the usual, incomplete facts and a title that is somewhat misleading.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Law enforcement in this country, have a policy in place, where in a situation of confrontation , the manner that they use is an overwhelming show of force, what does that mean? Here they tyazered a teenage , which cause a TBI (traumatic Brain Injury), and I’m sure the report said they only tazered him once, more often then not, cops tazer more then once, the overwhelming show of force, that as a standard policy, I believe is the problem, the job they preform is inertly dangerous, what I see is that job because of that fact, stressing out an person to the point of them becoming a part of a problem instead of a solution, if by the nature of a policemen’s duty, turns that person into something contrary to that job, they have no business carrying a gun, badge, or tazer, it is a job that I certainly would not want, and I think that the person carrying a firearm, a badge, and given the power over life and death as part of the public trust, should be like the guy that told Kane to snatch the pebbles from his hand….. only with site.

    • g.johnon

      its what you get when you allow your local police to whore for federal funds.

  • Rhonda Clark


    • Laerrus

      Socialist and Communist are two vastly different ideologies and systems.

      • g.johnon

        and sociofascism is the marriage between right and left.
        its all about the lobby now, we the people just pay for our own nooses.

      • Walle Walker

        Buhahahahahaha, put down the weed they are the same.

  • Jim

    “Break up the fight between the girls” most likely in reality was slamming one of the girls heads into a locker.. I love the culture of cop bashing thats being created these days. Let them do their job until you have some video of them taking your rights. Until that point its all just hearsay.

    • DE_from_NC

      “Until you have video footage of them taking your rights” ? You’re kidding, right ? How many 1000 feet do you want ? I GOT PLENTY !! You sound like you may be “part of the power tripping gang”. I guess you’re ok with bedridden 86 year old grandmothers on oxygen “getting what they deserve too” when they sit up in bed and tell 5 Gestapo agents to get out of her apartment. But then, that’s not “taking their Rights”, in your eyes, is it ? You’re a joke. I guess filling a minivan with kids in it full of holes you’re ok with that too.

    • Laerrus

      Shut up, Jim.

    • Tom Schneider

      Jim you are definitely fodder for the police state

      • glockstr

        And are you fodder for sensationalist reporting of undocumented half truths by the mass media? lol

    • coltov mocktail

      they’re coming for you next

  • Laerrus


    Police should have to pass a mandatory intelligence test, with abstract problem solving questions; instead we have meat heads with high tech weapons; specifically chosen for being UNDER a specific IQ…

    If you don’t believe me, Google search it.

    • Laerrus
    • Walle Walker

      So in that case you see a boy fighting with two girls. One may be his sister, girlfriend you don’t know. All you know is 3 people are fighting and have refused your order to break it up. What do you do Ms High IQ? 1. Fu*k em let em fight. If one gets hurt you get sued by the parents for not protecting their child. 2. Reach in and just pull em apart. That officer grabbed my baby’s titty he pulled the other girls arm out of socket, she was hit while the officer had her arms and the other girl was free. 3. Taze, pepper spray the boy and then grab both girls by the ears and hair and sling their azz apart? I was a SRO for 6 years and I always went with choice 3. The other two are actual cases that other SRO’s in my county got accused of. So Please please please tell us poor stupid cops what to do with “kids” who are now as big as adults with kid brains?

      • Tom Murphy

        if by all accounts the kid wasn’t being aggressive, than there should be no reason to taze him. Your job is to secure the scene, bring people to the precient to get charged (as needed), and possibly transport prisoners to jail. It is NOT to act as judge/jury/executioner.

        If that kid was said to have been aggressive, I can see the PO wanting to protect himself. That apparently was not the case though.

        • Walle Walker

          was trying to break up the fight? By ya think yelling at them or more than likely putting his hands on them. Also I have 20 years exp, and a degree in criminal justice telling me what my job is and to subdue a suspect is in there.

    • coltov mocktail

      the officer had a history of tasing students. video shows the victim stepping backward before he was tazed. All accounts state that he was trying to stop a fight. It certainly looks like the cop is a fraud and a quack and should be removed.

    • Jayson

      They do have to pass an IQ test. But for most departments passing means you have an IQ of LESS than 100. If you go OVER 100 you are disqualified.

  • Walle Walker

    I call BULL on this unless it is just a crappy edit job and the kid hit his head on the sidewalk or something. A TAZER will not cause an injury like that. Also where were the teachers and staff? The officer had no way of knowing if the boy was in the fight or not. Too many questions still not answered by the story.

    • glockstr

      I agree that this story has too many unanswered questions. I found another report that noted the coma was medically induced and that the swelling was from his face hitting the ground. I can find this stuff with just a few seconds on google, why can’t Kristin Tate?

      • coltov mocktail

        if you”d actually have read what you purport to know, you’d understand that he suffered a “severe brain hemorrhage” the severity of which required him to be put in a medically induced coma. so what’s your excuse?

    • Teri Hucker

      The boy was tazered in the face. Surely there are more appropriate places to tazer to prevent injury. If someone has a heart condition they can kill him just by tazering. They are a lethal weapon.

      • Walle Walker

        It hurt when I was tazed but all it did was knock me down and stung a little. I have fired a tazer at someone in a fight. The 1st probe hits where the laser light is the 2nd drops off on an angle. They are not point of aim point of impact weapons. Also I am sure the kid was not bobbing and weaving in the middle of a fight so the cop just aimed at his face. As far as the heart condition bug was good enough to throw down with the girls….shame on him.

        • coltov mocktail

          you are the problem

          • Walle Walker

            Nice response to facts you liberal wuss.

    • Garnette

      The boy did fall and hit his head on the pavement,. My suggestion is to retrain officers in their proper on hard pavement..

      Step 1 ) Tas officer then beat his head against pavement until ears leak CSF Check for spontaneous breathing and if present go to Step 2.

      Step 2) Repeat Step 1.

    • Jayson

      You do not fire a gun into a crowd. The same for a tazer. The officer acted irresponsibly.

      • Walle Walker

        If he was trying to break up the fight it would look like he was in the center of it. That is not “Into the crowd” that is at one of the 3 involved in the fight. Take out the biggest threat 1st, the boy then handle the two girls. How is that irresponsible?

  • Hupuable .

    Yep, just another blatant case of institutional misandry, specifically police automatically assuming the male person in an intergender conflict to be the aggressor.

  • scanspeak

    Lesson for the boys. Never ever get involved with any physical altercation involving women.

  • Whothehell Cares

    So Obama and his Feminists overlords embark on a campaign for men and boys to ‘man up’ when violence threatens a woman or girl. Two girls threaten each others safety with violence and the boy ‘mans up’ and is now in hospital for his efforts and faces possible charges ?

    • coltov mocktail

      man-up means beat up your brother for a woman’s convenience. do not inconvenience women in any way or you may be tazed.

  • Sarah Stuart

    Girls fight. Boy tries to break it up. Boy is blamed and tased.

    And people still say there’s no need for a men’s rights movement?

    • wiier9l

      This ugly stupid pedophile cuu uunt Sarah loves to molest young boys. She works for NAMBLA and helps MRAs molest children.

  • Szebran

    Feminism at its finest.

  • wiier9l

    keep man-hating cu unts in check: MANHOOD1 0 1. C O M

  • wiier9l
  • superwolfkin

    and people laugh at Fruitvale Station like that was the 90s and we’re past that now.