Parents, remember birthday treats? The cupcakes and cookies you indulged in to celebrate a classmate’s birthday. Well, they’re now a distant memory like Aquanet hairspray and acid-washed blue jeans for the children in one school district in Washington state.

According to the Washington Times, the Wellness Committee of Edmonds School District, outside Seattle, stated in its guide to schools that classroom birthday parties may be celebrated with non-food treats only.

Food treats can be eaten in the classroom three times per year.

Apparently, the State now has to regulate cupcake intake.

A spokesman for the school district told the media it’s not healthy for a cupcake party to be thrown for every student on their birthday, according to Fox 6.

Apparently, the district was inspired by the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program.

“We’re not just talking about one cupcake a year, we’re talking about 25 cupcakes a year,” said DJ Jakala, spokeswoman for the Edmonds School District.

Not everyone is excited for the discontinuation of birthday treats though.

“It’s not necessarily the district’s job to control that, to take away from everybody, it’s overreaching,” parent Marcus Shelton said.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign and her disciples apparently believe that sugar is the new “crack cocaine.”

Last year, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski blasted soda makers saying, ‘It’s killing our children. It’s liquid sugar and sugar is poison.”

Has the pleasure police gone too far by banning cupcakes from the classroom? Please comment below.

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  • VertexWolf

    This ban came because Michelle (Michael) Obama wanted all the cupcakes for him/herself. Greedy pig!

  • LTE2

    It’s scary these A-holes are allowed around children. 25 cupcakes a year is dangerous? I think the kids should sharpen some carrots and then lead a revolt in that state.

  • Jens_disqussion

    Maybe they should try taking out pro-inflammatory, pro-allergy agitating (as well as neurotoxic) metals in baby “healthcare” a and see what that does for child health.

  • Lily Hofstra

    25 cupcakes in a YEAR is horrible? I bet Obama’s girls get a lot of different desserts year round that equal more than 25. When will parents wake up and realize that they are paying for their kids’ educations and can decide what their kids eat?

  • Layla Godey

    What is that-two a month? Their parents are probably eating more pastries than that with their morning coffees. The school officials probably are too…and charging it to the parents as part of “operating expenses” to cater their meetings where they make these decisions for the parents.

    • Phydeux

      More like 4 per month. Unless your kids go year round without a break.

  • David Scott

    You still have your rug rats in public school because?……

    • Phydeux

      Because not everyone can afford private/parochial school?
      Because not everyone wants to home school?
      Because not everyone CAN home school?
      Because not every is snobbish against public schools like you seem to be?

      • David Scott

        Then you should expect the queen to dictate what your children learn since so many are ready to entrust small humans to strangers with dubious motives.

        • Phydeux

          Riiiiiight, because there’s NO WAY parents could get involved with the school or the school board themselves, right?

          Nah, we couldn’t have that going on, who’d be at home watching Dancing With The Stars if parents were getting all involved with their children’s education?

          • David Scott

            That’s intellectually dishonest. You know I am advocating for more involvement rather than less. A parent can get involved all they want, however due to the strings tied to federal funding of local schools the queen will have a large say in the way children are educated in public schools.

          • Phydeux

            I never implied you were advocating anything. Your comment simply presupposes that parents don’t take part in their children’s education enough to make sure public schools aren’t better than warehouses full of suspicious educators.

          • David Scott

            You never implied, but I did. Are you sure you understand the comment above? It doesn’t presuppose anything, I have first hand experience with the failure that is government education. Twelve years of school and not fit for a job without yet further education…..a failed investment for sure.

          • Phydeux

            That’s YOUR experience with public education. Mine was quite different because I invested more of myself into it. I went to a public college-prep elementary school that won the President’s Award for Excellence several years in a row, then off to a public college-prep high school you had to test into, and then off to another public high school to pursue an education focused on my future career.

            So yes, you can get an excellent public school education if you put your mind to it and try to get as much out of it as possible. And by the way, we frequently had really yummy cupcakes in class. And even a piñata party with candy!

          • Gaius

            So you admit that not everyone has a great experience in public school, but it’s “snobbish” to want to exclude yourself if the government’s one-size-fits-all school isn’t working for you?

          • Phydeux

            Its snobbish to put down all public schooling with a blanket (aka one-size-fits-all) statement about how horrible public schools are. Especially when there are some excellent public school systems out there.

            As with anything, there’s a spectrum. Some very good, some very bad, and a whole lot in between. But its up to the PARENT to supplement what the child is learning in school with what the parent feels is important to learn outside of school.

            If you feel public school history books show a slanted view, fill in the gaps.
            If you feel public schools skip over the worst parts of slavery and the Civil War, take your child to a museum on the subject.
            If you feel public schools use the wrong approach on math, teach your child another one.

            And if you want your child to learn a relationship with God, go right ahead and do so.

            The problem isn’t simply what public schools teach, its that many parents fail to do their part and expect the schools to be the complete source for education.

          • Gaius

            Compulsory one-size-fits-all state run education is an unnecessary evil that could be greatly mitigated with private school “vouchers” or a similar policy. I didn’t say all public schools stink (although you can make a case for the glaring omissions in history textbooks), go re-read above. The fact that some schools are good and that the system works great for some people does not redeem the fact that many (coerced by government) are not well served, and they have little or no alternatives. All it would take is a simple opt-out to allow the non-wealthy to spend their “share” of education funding at an establishment of their choosing.

            A problem with “fix it yourself” is that you have to undo potential damage done by activist or sometimes even ignorant teachers. Is it possible, even if you know what to undo? Public school wastes quite a bit of time on nonsense “classes”, too. Most public school apologists allow zero freedom to grant even a small amount of control to parents over which school services they use (unless you’re wealthy). You’re partially correct about involvement, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

            When you find yourself forced to attack freedom, personal choice, and the well established benefits of market competition (as you’re forced to do here to defend compulsory public school attendance), you need to seriously think about what you’re actually advocating. It’s arrogant (and ignorant) to assume that government coercion is the only way to solve this problem simply because you can’t solve it yourself after thinking about it for a few minutes. I can’t think of a more snobbish and arrogant attitude one could have. Civilization’s major problem solving achievements were never via some government policy, they were via individuals cooperating and collaborating freely – being free to figure it out on their own.

            We’re already allowing a large compromise on personal freedom with granting “compulsory education to grade 12”. Is it really too much to ask to allow people to decide for themselves what type of education will serve them best in the one case (their own) which they know better than any bureaucrat or politician?

          • David Scott

            Understandable, most people fear and degrade what they don’t know.

      • Gaius

        I could have upvoted, except for that last line. Why does not putting your kids in the hands of the government (exposing them to a comic book history narrative) have to be “snobbish”? Why is asking for a voucher (or simply to be excluded from paying for public schools via taxes) such a bad thing if you’d rather have the freedom to choose your own school?

  • John Andrew Schmanek

    25 cupcakes a year? How dare you sheep wish to let your kids have a cupcake once every two weeks! The nerve of you underlings! Off with your heads!

  • Susan Williamson Kincer

    The obesity epidemic has less to do with sitting on the couch and more to do with the inability of lower income people to afford healthy foods.

  • Toonces

    I know this is not the popular opinion here… the author contradicts himself stating “Apparently, the State now has to regulate cupcake intake” while earlier stated the Wellness Committee for this specific school district was in charge of the regulation. This was NOT state government nor was it Michelle or Barack Obama taking cupcakes away from children. This was an act by a committee for a local school district whose purpose is to promote wellness in the school.

    As a parent of very social young children here’s what I know. At least twice a month there is a birthday party to go to. Sugar. Most social events are based around food… again more sugar. Add in birthdays at school… more sugar. Sugar is a promoting factor in ALL disease. I raise my kids to eat real food and do everything I can to limit the amount of crap that enters their pie holes. Not because I want to deny them of fun… but because I want them to grow up to be healthy adults with healthy eating habits who also understand pleasure can come from something other than shoving cake in your face. This is the second fattest country in the world. I applaud the school district’s choice to, first of all, have a wellness committee, and secondly for actually taking steps to make sure that school is a place a parent knows they can send their child where they will be fed healthy food.

    This is their right as a school district. The libertarian approach is this… if you don’t like it either vote for new school board members or move to a different school district where your child will be fed cupcakes at school.

  • Scrickle

    Sugar is the OLD cocaine and yes, soda is instant sugar in your blood. However, denying them just makes people want them more. How about a taco party, with lots of veggies, instead? Personally, I think 25 birthday parties a year is a waste of educational time, regardless of what they serve. I don’t remember ever celebrating every birthday in my classes. Teaching nutrition and exercise would be a better use of time. Knowing all this, I’ll still eat cupcakes…and cookies…..and brownies….and….

    • Phydeux

      Probably couldn’t get away with even the taco party today because something might be too spicy…. or contain dairy…. or gluten…. or some parent will object to the teacher preparing it in a crock pot at home rather than the food service staff doing it….. etc…

      Its no wonder teachers just give up trying to do anything nice.

      • Mike

        They should stick to teaching. I didn’t know party planning was part of the educator’s curriculum in college these days.

  • Alex Sawyer

    “We’re not just talking about one cupcake a year, we’re talking about 25 cupcakes a year”


  • Ryan Earl

    In this case, I actually agree with the no cupcake rule. I try really hard to keep excessive amounts of sweets away from my kids, yet every other day, they are coming back from the classroom with candy bags that have gum that contains aspartame which breaks down into formaldehyde inside of the body literally embalming my kids while they are still alive, and teachers are unknowingly handing this poison to children in classrooms as if it’s some kind of reward for doing well –a reward that is a double-edged sword. Candy, soda, and chewing gum should be banned as well. This is the fattest country in the world, and the last things we need are more cupcakes in classrooms.

    • Phydeux

      Ryan, if you understood chemistry you’d understand that formaldehyde “link” is an overblown myth. Its not embalming your kids, it won’t do any damage, and the same thing will happen with natural foods like orange juice and tomato juice.

      OJ and tomato juice contain traces of methanol NATURALLY. Methanol is metabolized (digested) into formaldehyde and other molecules. Then the formaldehyde is QUICKLY metabolized into formic acid, another naturally occurring compound, and then broken down further in the liver.

      All this takes place within minutes, and at levels so low that not even individual cells in the area are harmed by the presence of a bit of formaldehyde.

      Oh, and by the way, its this very breakdown process that makes aspartame consumable by humans. If it didn’t break down, THEN you’d actually be in trouble.

      Besides all this, its not like every kid is going to bring cupcakes anyway since many have their birthdays during the summer months. Maybe 6 or 8 out of a class of 25 over the course of the year will bring treats. Hardly seems worth worrying about since they’re cupcakes, not a slab of layer cake the size of a Harry Potter book.

      • Aether

        I feel your logic will fall on deaf ears with this one, dude.

        • Phydeux

          Wouldn’t be the first time. You can lead the ignorant to knowledge and can’t force them to learn. But you can sure try! 😉

      • TheBitterTruth

        Humans are the only animal thought to have a faulty or defective formaldehyde to formic acid metabolism. That’s one of the main reason animal studies have failed to link artificial sweeteners to adverse health effects. Most of the methanol in fruits, just like artificial sweeteners, is actually in the form of a methyl-group on the compounds. The big difference is that the methyl bond is often much stronger in compounds from fruits, while artificial sweetners tend to have methyl-esther bonds that get broken easily. When fruits are juiced, after a few hours many binding mechanisms (like pectin, which binds fructose) start to breakdown, and the methanol you are talking about may be from that. As a general rule of thumb I’d suggesting look at fruit juices from concentrates as sodas with a few nutrients. A good point to also being up is fruits also contain other compounds that might be able to interact and bind that methanol again.

        • Phydeux

          There’s no reason for the methanol to be bound in our metabolism since we CAN break it down through formaldehyde and ultimately formic acid. And the weaker bonds only speed up that process.

          All in all, regardless of how “faulty” our metabolism is, and I’ve never seen any evidence to back that up, we metabolize the methanol degrade too quickly for the intermediate formaldehyde to build up to any level approaching toxicity on the cellular level, much less on the organ or systemic level.

          Thus my original assertion that this whole formaldehyde “link” subject is nothing more than fear-mongering that takes advantage of ignorance and a lack of proper scientific education.

          • Ryan Earl

            “Methyl alcohol is metabolized differently in the human body compared to other animals, and is FAR more toxic in humans which is why studies have trouble nailing down the hazards related to aspartame, because most rely on animal not human studies.” –Dr. Mercola

            It seems as though we have a scientific challenge. You think that the human body breaks down formaldehyde, and I think the opposite. I diversify my research as much as possible, and a great number of sources and doctors support my response. What is your source?

      • Ryan Earl

        How about the fact that aspartame is made from Monsanto’s genetically modified E.Coli bacteria feces? I understand chemistry and biology enough to maintain six-pack abs at the age of 31 without disease, and I’m not one to roll over, and say “OK, please poison me more” like other people; I like to research things first, and from my research over the course of the last 7 years, I have come to the ultimate conclusion that aspartame is far worse for your body than plain sugar, because if you knew anything about chemistry, then you would know that formaldehyde does not break down into formic acid inside of humans –animals yes, but not humans, so I would encourage you to do a little bit of research first before you attempt to correct me. The formaldehyde metabolized from methanol remains since human peroxisomes(in the cells) cannot convert the toxic formaldehyde into harmless formic acid as you say, so yes, when you ingest aspartame, you are embalming yourself while you are alive. Enjoy your aspartame; I’ll continue to use organic brown sugar. There are plenty of PhD’s that support my answer. –Try researching Dr. Woody Monte’s work as one example. I hope you enjoyed your lesson for today.

  • franki

    Kids are still able to eat cupcakes outside of the school. There are still wars, and genocides going on .This story is silly.School is for learning to prepare for life. Most schools do a poor job of educating kids, and feed them poorly. That should be the story. Just look at how bad my grammar and sentence structure is lol.

  • fuhkafyabij

    Teachers should be able to decide what is and is not allowed in their classroom.

    • Bill Hatcher

      I disagree with you as more and more crazy teachers are having sex with students and other unlawful things!!

      • Gaius

        Completely unrelated. And I’m sure you’ve reviewed exactly zero statistics showing an increase in the frequency of these occurrences. It could easily “seem” to happen more frequently (just like “shootings”) simply because the population is greater and mass media jumps on EVERY single case. It doesn’t take a math major to figure out that “the problem is getting worse” is a non sequitur when considering all factors.

        • Bill Hatcher

          You fool…It’s called Morality and since more people are glued to cell phones and computers instead of socially interacting as they used to 100 years ago, they have become aloof, Desentitized, and unsocial just as you are!!

          • Gaius

            You sound like a grumpy old man afraid that that world around him is changing too fast. “Dag nabbit, what we need to do is have the gubment ban all these fancy techno-gadgets and what not! I’ll be damned if I let some kids ignore the righteousness of my arbitrary morality! In my day, we did things different, and everyone got along just fine! Except for the colored folk… and those damn Irish!” Yeah – real good morality back then. Kids learned nothing and the adults were as closed minded, racist, and disconnected from the rest of the world as they could keep themselves.

            Get with the times. It’s not that bad, and technology is not the problem. No, I’m not in my 20’s, so don’t go there.

      • skigirld

        Oh yeah that really has A LOT to do with this discussion! Speaking of crazy….

    • Gaius

      If parents were free to choose their teachers and schools, that would be fine. But public school (if you can’t afford anything else) is compulsory (at gunpoint) thanks to the government and you have no freedom to control anything that happens to your kids once they’re in there. The real problem is that the government controls the dominates the whole damn thing.

  • Gaius

    Sugar is poison? These people are completely bonkers.

    • Bill Hatcher

      Yes it is actually!!

      • Gaius

        What do you think about Dihydrogen monoxide? Should we ban that too?

        -is also known as hydric acid, and is the major component of acid rain.
        -contributes to the Greenhouse Effect.
        -may cause severe burns.
        -contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape.
        -accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals.
        -may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes.
        -has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.

        • Bill Hatcher

          You are totally out of context as that has nothing to do with what we {choose} to ingest w/o knowing the long term effects on our bodies. Lot’s of people are ignorant and think as long as something is sold to the public in a grocery store, that it’s ok to eat!!

          • Gaius

            Oh but dihydrogen monoxide is ingested by people everywhere, every day. And the government just completely ignores it! Aren’t you concerned about this too? Like sugar, too much of it will kill you. Wouldn’t you agree that it should also be banned?

  • Bill Hatcher

    With all the dire health effects associated with refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), many wonder what, if anything, is actually safe to use to sweeten your foods and beverages.

    Sweetener lesson 101: Avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague. While the mechanisms of harm may differ, they’re all harmful in one way or another. This includes aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal), sucralose (Splenda), saccharin(Sweet’N Low), acesulfame potassium, neotame, and others.

    Seems to me it is a Lose/Lose situation unless you use honey as a sweetener!!

    • Toonces

      Jack LaLanne said, “if it tastes sweet, spit it out.” The guy was on to something.

    • Gaius

      If you go through life trying to avoid every little thing that MIGHT have a slightly bad side effect, you might live longer (maybe), but you’re going to have a miserable time.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Home School!!

  • Heather

    Actually, no, I don’t remember celebrating classmates birthday’s with cupcakes at school, because we didn’t do that.

    With 25+ kids per class, that’s a lot of wasted class time. I think food is far too much a part of school today. I also have a child with life threatening food allergies, so with the rapidly increasing incidence of that condition, plus the obesity thing, I think getting rid of the cupcakes are a good idea.

    I don’t know that I agree with banning it from a district level, I certainly don’t agree with banning the celebrations from a state wide or federal level, but I’m perfectly fine with a teacher or school deciding that it’s not a good use of their time.

    • SkigirlD

      You’re an idiot!

  • Mike

    So apparently freedom of the government teacher to do what they want with their classroom trumps the parent of the child’s freedom to decide what and when they want their child to eat? LIBERTY!

  • Anothereno

    I thought school was about getting an education? O wait h’obama doesn’t want smart people in the US *cough* common corpse. I think banning cupcakes is a assault to peoples freedoms however parents should be more concerned with the other foods the government cram down their children’s throats that have far more adverse effects than cupcakes like Genetically engineered soy/corn linked to sterility, or vegetables soaked with pesticides like glyphosate that cause or worsen all sorts of problems like kidney disease, obesity, MS and many more.

    So fk the cupcakes, pie is better anyways and if you want to fight for something fight to ban Genetically Modified Organisms from all tables in America!