Toddler Dies In State Custody

A 2-year-old girl was killed after she was removed from her parents’ home and placed in child protective services.

Toddler Dies In State Custody

Little Alexandria Hill in Round Rock, Texas was taken from her biological parents who were accused of neglecting her because they are pot smokers. The couple was charged with “neglectful supervision,” but claimed to only smoke pot after they put their daughter to bed.

Child Protective Services removed Alexandria from the home of Joshua Hill and his wife last november.

The Hills got visitation time with their daughter. Almost as soon as she was taken, Joshua began to notice severe bruises and injuries on the little girl’s body. He complained to state officials, and Alexandria was given a new foster home.

Things got better after that… For a while.

One day, Joshua got a call from the hospital that he will never forget. His Alexandria was there, and she was in a coma. She died soon thereafter.

After a medical examination, it was concluded that the girl died from trauma to the head. Alexandria’s new foster mother has been charged with murder.

Alexandria’s foster mother, Sherill Small, found the girl through the MENTOR program. Small passed all of the necessary background checks and had no violent history.

Small told investigators that she was spinning Alexandria around in circles when she accidentally let go of her hands. It was then, claimed Small, that the girl brutally hit her head on the carpet.

But her story didn’t add up.

During an examination, doctors found evidence of severe brain injury. After pressing Small with more questions, the woman admitted that she got angry with Alexandria and hit her over the head down near the ground with a “lot of force” several times. The girl’s head smashed against the floor on the third time.

The bigger question in this case is if the state initially acted illicitly. It is entirely possible that state officials overstepped boundaries by forcefully taking the girl and putting her in foster care.

If Alexandria had remained with her biological parents, she likely would not have ended up dead.

Is there blood on the Texas state government’s hands? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Michael R. McPherson Pierotti

    No doubt in my mind. The CPS services workers, the CPS judge, anyone involved should all be tried for murder.

    • BobtheGrape

      Right on, Michael. The death penalty is appropriate for them.

      • Glenn Festog

        If it had been my child, the “death penalty” would have already been served……

  • Willy

    If this happened to me I would go on a murderous rampage until I was killed. No government official would be safe.

  • Muddstorm

    Tragic. Trust the gov’mt? I don’t think so.

  • MaryRC

    Williamson County, Texas, has a lot to answer for! I hope all those involved reap the whirlwind!

    • BobtheGrape

      Anyone who abuses that sacred trust should be put to death, including the politicians who set up this inadequate system!

  • Michael

    Child “Protective”: services my ass.

  • Moon Goddess

    If the state wouldn’t have removed the kid if her parents were drinking, after they put her to bed, they shouldn’t have removed her b/c of pot-smoking at the same time of day. Three cheers for Texas!

  • dspringer57

    Can we stop blaming CPS and put the blame where it belongs??? The foster mother is the one to blame for the child’s death. And I dare say, the biological parents are to blame for her having been taken by CPS.

    • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w

      Because they were using something that would never harm them or their child? Ever?

    • yamotha

      Yeah, sure let’s stop blaming CPS, people! It’s not like they forcefully ripped the child away from their parents with the threat of force and gave her to a complete stranger or anything. And don’t come at me with that ‘Oh well it wouldn’t have happened if the parents where not pot heads.’ crap either. Hey, here’s a wild and crazy idea you goose stepping commie, maybe the state doesn’t have any constitutional right or power to take someone’s kids because they were ingesting a foreign substance into their own bodies, which is the first argument pro-choice murderers throw out when you try to tell them they can’t kill their babies, but oh, try to KEEP your babies and all of a sudden your body doesn’t belong to you any more, and putting something of your own choosing into your own body is now grounds for you to have your children taken away. And citizens actually SUPPORT our government doing this?!?!?!? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!

    • Joe

      Kids belong to the collective you guys! I think dspringer57 is Melissa Harris-Perry trolling on a freedom sight.

    • yamotha

      And another thing you hypocritical cunt, how are you going to post on Facebook yesterday about Eric Holder sticking his nose into the affairs of private business, but then blame the parents for having their kids taken from them by the state then killed by some hack of a foster parent? No, no, that makes total sense. Never mind.

      • dspringer57

        Well, finally you can admit she was killed by the foster parent! She wouldn’t have been with the foster parent if it wasn’t for the fact that the parents were pot-heads and found not fit to keep their precious baby!

      • Joe

        See that’s where you are wrong. She wouldn’t have been with the foster parents if CPS wasn’t out to destroy families for no reason at all.

  • Joe

    CPS-Child Prostitution Services

  • dspringer57

    “If Alexandria had remained with her biological parents, she likely would not have ended up dead.”
    Who knows? They have a crystal ball?

    • Joe

      Go worship CPS and the gov somewhere else.

      • dspringer57

        I’m not worshipping CPS, nor the gov. Just sayin’ the foster mother is the one who killed her, not CPS.

        • dspringer57

          And had the parents not been pot-heads, they wouldn’t have lost her to the system.

          • Joe

            You might have an argument if they were methheads or crackheads.

          • dspringer57

            Yeah, Trayvon Martin was a pot-head…you see how that ended…made a really stupid decision that got him killed.

          • Joe

            Your point is?

          • dspringer57

            That was beyond your comprehension? Read my post again…put down the reefer…

          • Michael Blake

            maybe you need to smoke a bowl. and put the alcohol down!!

          • Theresa Jones

            Problem is smoking pot is ILLEGAL. And so, the parents are CRIMINALS. and that is why the child was taken.
            HAD they been responsible adults, they would have put their child first and STOPPED committed a crime just for fun!!
            Very sad the child died. Hope the foster mother gets life in prison or the death penalty. But its not Texas’ or CPS’s fault!

          • dspringer57

            Finally, someone who actually gets it!

          • Joe

            I’m just curious what people who hate freedom are doing on a pro-freedom site.

          • dspringer57

            “Freedom” doesn’t mean free from responsibility as a parent.

          • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w

            They were being responsible parents. They werent smoking in front of their kid. Ingesting a plant that causes no harm to anyone doesnt make you a neglectful parent.

          • Joe

            You have no idea if they were responsible parents or not. The smoked pot after she was asleep. Sounds responsible to me. They weren’t drunk or high while she was awake and around them.

          • dspringer57

            Yeah, you have all the facts, huh?…and you take pot-heads word for it that they “just smoked after they put her to bed”….hmmmm. You’re so gullible.

          • Theresa Jones

            How can you say they were responsible if they were willingly committing an illegal act and hindering their ability to function?
            I think weed should be legalized and monitored like alcohol…
            BUT ITS NOT LEGAL- and they did it anyways… so they are irresponsible parents and criminals!
            THE END!

          • Joe

            You’re right, in Muhrica it means free to have your kids taken from you for something akin to jaywalking. Then your kids can be put in a torturous cesspool of degenerates by your loving gubberment.

          • Joe

            Or maybe the gov. should just stay out of it? There’s a novel idea.

          • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w

            So because the state chooses to be willfully ignorant and ignore research and facts and keep it illegal for no reason, they were justified?

          • LANEZ

            this woman had no violent or criminal past. she was vetted. and passed… the ones you should be mad at are the ones that broke the law and lost their daughter to begin with.

          • Michael Blake

            your a moron!! get a education before you spew dumb shit!! pot is safer then alcohol!! no one has died or had a overdose from it.

          • Theresa Jones

            They were justified in upholding the law… until weed is legalized, you cant do it.
            When it becomes legal, then its fine. I still dont think you should smoke around kids… but you shouldnt have your kids taken for it.
            The problem is the fact that EVEN though its against the law, the parents CHOSE to do it anyways… and thus had to face the consequences.
            And the foster mother is the person responsible for the childs death- SHE should be gravely punished.

          • Michael Blake

            you keep telling yourself that dumb ass!!

          • Joe

            So is jay walking. Anyone who jaywalks should have their kids taken and murdered.

          • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w

            Trayvon Martin was a Lean-Head…big difference.

        • Joe

          CPS took her for no reason and gave her to a murderer. If that isn’t an accomplice, then idk what is. CPS has always been a way to have the gov raise children to be abused, given drugs for no reason, to wind up in jail later in life to give the state free labor.

          • dspringer57

            parents were pot-heads.

          • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w


          • Guest


          • Joe


          • Joe

            So? They weren’t hurting anyone else or taking someone’s private property. Lots of parents get shit hammered drunk every night and you don’t see CPS taking their kids with no case.

          • dspringer57

            We’re not talking about other parents…we’re talking about THESE parents.

          • Joe

            Yeah, so they did something that is frowned upon by society that has no reason to be against the law. You do realize that the average american commits 3 felonies a day without knowing it.

          • dspringer57

            We’re NOT TALKING about average americans…can you focus on the conversation at hand?!

          • dspringer57

            Or are you 3 sheets to the wind?

          • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w

            Im still waiting for a reply

          • dspringer57

            I haven’t heard a question.

          • disqus_DaMq04Ii3w

            “parents were pot-heads.”


          • dspringer57

            Can you speak in complete sentences, please?

          • Joe

            Lol sounds like she’s the one that’s high. (You) can’t even understand a simple statement.

          • Joe

            Says the person who just said something about Trayvon. Funny seeing people that are incapable of using logic try to argue.

          • Michael Blake

            your a idiot!!

          • LANEZ

            it’s against the law!!!! WHAT PART OF THAT CAN YOU NOT COMPREHEND???? the parents have her blood on their hands too. once you become parents, you stop partying, whether it be pot or alcohol. When you become parents, BE PARENTS… you want to party, don’t have kids.

          • Joe

            That’s not true at all. One of my wife’s parents is a pothead and the other a drunk. Guess which one caused more emotional trauma to her growing up…it wasn’t the pothead.

          • Michael Blake

            so what better then alcohol!!!

  • BobtheGrape

    My cousin, Beverly, had over 20 foster children along with four of her own. Her foster kids still come back to visit and none of them were ever maltreated. They all call her mom.
    Apparently there is blood on the Texas state government’s hands. They either didn’t need to take the child from her parents or they didn’t do an extensive background check on Sherill Small.
    CPS in several states has had similar occurences so yes we need to put the blame where it lay.
    Some of the CPS depts. in some states provide these children to pedophiles. A State of GA politician was doing an investigation into some of the wrong doings in GA CPS and she died suddenly before she could complete her work.

  • 420thegrow

    It is the loss of FREEDOM that is to blame!! Are you saying that you support the state intrusion of family because of a personal view that something is wrong TO YOU?!?! What if I felt the way you cooked and served your dinner was inappropriately safe because your children were capable of grabbing a sharp utensil and possible causing serious injury to themselves while you were turned away at the sink ….. should your kids be taken from you, (of course we noticed because we have cameras watching you to make sure you are a proper parent) and should we blame your parental skills for creating that dangerous situation, or should we let you risk certain things for the freedom to live?? You tell me

  • 420thegrow

    The institutionalization and unionization of these “well-intended” programs are what causes the economic and social dependency upon them, so when a certain area has a loss of revenue (presumably because the area in question has high standards of family values) and funding is based upon necessity, the institutionally correct thing to do would be to increase the enforcement of “guidelines” or “laws” in order to increase the demand for money in order to maintain the program employment and efficacy…so, in turn, you have a police force actively engaged in priorities aimed towards breaking up so-called bad families, and if they aren’t bad enough, they will be watched ever more vigilantly until the institution can prove its necessity down the road to Hell, of course, PAVED with good intentions.

  • NotBenSwann

    I’m so in love with Kristin Tate. Fo real.

  • Nate

    Yes. Yes, there is blood on the state’s hands.

  • bamagirl

    regardless of who did what, her real father noticed bruises and injury’s and reported them, and no one looked into the case, shame on Texas and the foster mother (if that’s what you want to call the woman) !

    • AC921

      They did move her to a second foster home where she was killed by.

  • Frank_O

    1. The State has become too big & too powerful. A child should remain with their parents until proven otherwise in a court of law & with a court judgement.
    2. I agree with Nate below in that the State was negligent in following up on bruises & injuries when the child was under care of the CPS.

  • Lanez

    The whole problem started with the parents breaking the law. There is enough blame for everybody to have a piece of it. If they had obeyed the law, she would have never been in foster care.

    • Darkzen

      Take you law and shove it your ass….

    • AC921

      But having your child taken for smoking bud? Thats the stupidest shit i have ever heard of. I hope they legalize bud and criminalize alcohol. since one is natural and the other is made up and ROTTEN!!!

    • Darkzen

      Lanez.. I just made a law that stupid comments are not allow here. I am sure you will abide to it and eraze yours… I mean it is a law now… I said so.

    • Michael Blake

      bullshit pot is safer safer then alcohol.

    • luke

      This is not an educated statement. Read a book.

    • joanne

      your disgusting

  • Dennis Bond

    my nephew was put in foster home when he was younger. He should not have been in the system to begin with as he father had not idea how to deal with him. He was and still is a good kid, man. One of his foster parents was a child molester. They knew it and put him there anyway.

    Last I knew cps had not guidelines as to what is and is not child abuse or neglect. It goes by each workers opinion. What is abuse to one is not abuse to another.
    Had they not taken the girl she would not be dead. Simple enough. Had they done a complete background check they would not have used that monster as a foster mom.

  • Baja Artists

    State was negligent and should pay. Unfortunately no matter how much they pay, will never take the pain away.

  • justin

    If we are getting the whole story they should have NEVER taken her away from her parents. The United States is very quickly becoming a SAD excuse for a free country.

  • jimkress
  • justin

    The CPS agent responsible for taking the child away should be charged with accessory to murder.

  • calico_kitty

    Absolutely unconscionable, this CPS bunch. Parents’ only “crime” was getting high after putting the child to bed…no worse, in my humble opinion, than having a beer or a glass of wine, as many do, and they certainly do not beat their children to death. This government is getting completely out of control. May God bless this poor family with His comfort.

  • RTS

    the child protection agencies have alot of problems, from taking children for the wrong reasons, to approving families they never should, and making it impossible for those who should get their child back, but easy for those who should not, in TN for example they never even sought other family members for my granddaughter when her mother was hospitalized for 5 days….and could not find someone to take her 11/2 year old since most of her family support lived out of state.
    it was a horrendous battle to get her out of state custody, partly because once she was in it, they started finding all these reasons she could not go back to her mother, one of which was her boyfriend tested positive for THC, TN is a state I was told where grandparents have no rights….
    overall this agency is another example of big brother destroying the family unit….don’t get me wrong…some workers are very dedicated but the system is severely broken.
    Another very, very sad situation for our future leaders

  • Luke

    Well If I want to be pissed off by the state then I guess Ben Swann’s website is the place to be. Lew Rockwell can get me fired up too.

  • pete

    child protective services has way too muck power and needs to be abolished! you are at there mercy . too much big goverment

  • Tony Binca


  • Kristie Marie Price Addington

    Disgusting and the state is GUILTY

  • Manuel Lagares

    They kidnap this girl from her family and killed her! Because the state doesn’t like pot smokers!? How can we be free people, but the “State” decides what’s best for us? How disgusting!

  • Luke

    Wow. This is an extremely sad story. I have a nephew and I could not imagine losing him, and especially in this horrific manor. There is NO question that the blood is on the government of Texas’ hands.

    It’s very obvious that the cps is just another business. They saw an opportunity to make some money at the expense of this family. And now the rest is history. RIP Alexandria Hill.

  • Byjer24

    Government employees trying to justify their jobs. Nothing better to do than to take a little girl from her pot smoking parents? C’mon, seriously? I would make people pay if this happened to me…and I don’t mean through the courts.

  • Karina

    I am lost for words.. My partner & I smoked pot only & not around the kids of course! & they are healthy smart kids & the eldest ( not a smoker) with 2 of his own kids. All 3 children went right through school, One being in full time work supporting his family the other in college doing a bachelor or science & the last in college doing an advance diploma in professional game development. All 3 children are non smokers of any kind! & I gave up many years ago. Texas you should be ashamed!! Really just pot when their is Junkies out there with kids!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Jonathan Marsolf

    Doing drugs is a good enough reasion to take a chiled away, but the state needs to give the chiled to responsible step parents. If the chiled is servility injured or ends up dead like this chiled, then yes, the state is responsible.

    • bobjonestwo

      It is conservatively estimated that 100 million Americans smoke pot, should the children of all of these 100 million Americans be taken away? By the way child is spelled child and severely is spelled severely.

    • Mihai Alex

      Yes, doing drugs is a good enough reason, except cannabis IS NOT a drug. Alcohol is a much worse drug which is responsible for a truckload of domestic abuse cases. How many times have you heard of a man smokin a doobie then beatin his wife?

      • dspringer57

        I’ve heard of a 17 yr old smoking a doobie and then beating a neighborhood watchman.!

        • ax123man

          Do you understand the difference between correlation and causation? I heard of a guy who ate a snickers bar and killed a guy too.

          • dspringer57

            Do you??? I replied to Mihai Alex’s comment about pot-smoking and violence…pot makes you do stupid things, including neglecting or beating a child, wife, etc, etc…Sure made TM stupid…made the parents of the dead child stupid, too. And I doubt they just “smoked after they put her to bed”. People lie.

          • ax123man

            Once again, you have shown your ignorance in understanding correlation vs causation. Pot does not make people do stupid things. In fact, studies (you know what a study is, right?) show that alcohol is FAR MORE likely to do that. Are you a prohibitionist also? Do you want to remove my children? I drink alcohol. Tell me how do you know that the pot causes “stupid” behavior? You do understand that just because someone smokes it, then does something stupid, says NOTHING about causation. It only shows correlation. I think you need to look these terms up and study them for awhile. Then, after your done with the, check out the studies on the science. Start with Carl Hart.

          • dspringer57

            I know what they mean. Unless you know, on an individual basis, the psychological history and behavior of a person, and how pot-smoking effects that individual, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Study, shmudy…once again, shows how gullible you are.

          • ax123man

            Marijuana was used safely in this country for two centuries until ignorant busybodies decided they were smarter than everyone else. Legislation started in 1906, with the trend continuing until recently. At each point where legal restrictions were brought, experts in the medical field tried to stop it.

            Gullible? Jesus, you’re the one who’s still brainwashed by “reefer madness”! I’m the one whose looked at the scientific evidence in addition to witnessing empirical evidence myself.

            You feel so strongly about this, then hop over to and debate me on it.

          • dspringer57

            Well, you can’t debate the FACT that it’s illegal in the state where this tragedy occurred…and doing illegal things makes one a criminal in the eyes of the law. The parents had to have known that. They have the blood of their own baby on their hands because of their mistake. CPS was only doing it’s job. CPS ran all the proper background checks in this case. The foster mom is the one that murdered this precious baby. I believe in holding the right people accountable. How’s that for causation and correlation?

          • dspringer57

            On second thought, maybe it wasn’t “murder”, but manslaughter…we’ll see how it all shakes out after all the FACTS are in.

          • ax123man

            See my other post regarding positivism. Only fools blindly accept the rules, regulations and laws that are in place.

          • dspringer57

            You’re calling for the operation of one’s mind, and nobody can say how one accepts anything, blindly or otherwise. Choosing to be on one side of something or another involves a thought process…usually…some are just wrong.

          • ax123man

            Using ambiguous, ethereal language won’t get you out of this. A ten year old can easily see the difference between common sense/natural law as compared to the nightmare we live in today.

          • dspringer57

            LOL..I’m not “in” anything that I’m trying to get out of…it’s just your position, to me, is ridiculous.

          • ax123man

            “Ridiculous”? That isn’t much of a rational argument. So to sum up your argument, it is “smoking reefer makes you do stupid, crazy stuff”. That’s only true in the propaganda, such as the “Reefer madness” film produced in 1936. This hysteria was created to a large extent by the Hearst family in order to outlaw hemp, thus improving their own fortunes. And you and 49% of America is still swallowing this nonsense.

          • dspringer57

            That’s my opinion….I’m not in a debate with you, although you seem to think I am. This article isn’t about pot-smoking. And your looking up a page or two of information doesn’t make you an expert on anything. “A little learning is a dangerous thing”…and so is your advocating lawlessness. We have rules for reasons, whether you understand them or not.

          • ax123man

            Your statement “I’m not in a debate with you” is absurd and is your way of backing out of it. This article is about a number of things, including pot smoking. I’m not sure why you think I’ve just now “Looked up some things”. “we have rules for reasons”: This is called positivism, as I’ve explained already, and is itself dangerous. I think the jews who lived in Germany in the 1930’s would disagree with you. Your mind is closed on this, but the trend is clear. More and more Americans agree with me, and at some point, you will be left wondering and confused.

    • ax123man

      Doing drugs is not enough of a reason to take a child. Your simply wrong about this. First of all, how to you define “drug”? Apparently, like most of the sheeple, it has been defined for you by the propaganda machine. How about this? We take he children of all parents who do drugs, by my definition: marijuana, meth, cocaine, alcohol, and all pharmaceuticals? Wait, that would be 99% of the population. Ooops. Why don’t you try to stop, think, and stop drinking the kool aide, hmmm?

    • Aleksandra

      How about prescription drugs? There are many people who take them and they might comprimise their ability to make good parenting decisions. Where does the buck stop?

  • Brian Hawkins

    So much aggression and anger in the comments makes me sad. Especially because most of it is off-topic. The root of the issue is not where or not pot is or should be illegal. That is peripheral information. As is the murder, really. The root of the problem is whether or not the government has a right to forcefully remove a child from his/her biological parents. I’m of the belief that children belong to their parents, and under no circumstance does the state have higher claim than parents. I realize there are awful parents out there, and it is a natural response for most of us to want to protect a child, but state involvement is not the answer. Cases like this one highlight why. However bad things may be, humans simply can’t know whether taking the child will be good in the long run.

  • defyapathy

    I’m beginning to fear that many Americans will never get past the myth that cannibus use is cause for hysteria, illogical action or a “gateway” drug. Have we learned nothing in the last sixty years? I don’t advocate people become “teetotalers” but alcohol is responsible for so much of man’s inhumanity to man & particularly in the treatment of children.

  • revsader

    What a horrible story. This family lost their child, because their government thought they knew how to raise their daughter better.

  • Galini

    What’s about taking Obama’s kids to foster? Their father is killing thousands and I don’t think it’s a good example of parenthood if smoking weed isn’t. And let’s be clear – all propaganda about cannabis is ONE BIG LIE. Where obviously killing isn’t bad, right?

  • Benj Clarke

    I am sure this story is important, but aren’t you supposed to be taking on the Federal Reserve? Individual tragedies are heart-breaking, but unless you are using them to rout out institutional failures, there’s no point.

    • denise0513

      This IS an ‘institutional failure.” Events like this happen all across the U.S. simply because state agencies have been handed too much power. These same state agencies push for unjust laws, such as one in Maine that does not allow family members to take in the child unless they are “foster care approved.” In other words, family must go through the process of being a foster family in order to help their own family members. When ANY agency runs roughshod over the rights of people, it is an INSTITUTIONAL FAILURE.

      • Kathy Kramer

        I’m going to play devil’s advocate on this for a minute. Suppose there is no screening process in place and the relative who takes in the children is a registered sex offender or has been arrested and convicted of assault or domestic violence? Then the state would be responsible if the child was molested while in this person’s custody (just as they are responsible in the death of this little girl.). I do understand where you’re coming from, and I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you. I’m a CASA volunteer and I see the frustration that some of these relatives feel because they’ve been taking care of these kids before, wouldn’t dream of harming them in any way, and now they have to go through a criminal background check that can take weeks? And they aren’t allowed contact with these kids until they pass? And I do feel bad for them, especially when it’s relatives who are voluntarily stepping in to help out. They want to do the right thing, but there are so many hoops to jump through, I feel frustrated for them.

        You are right. The institution needs to be fixed. I do what I can for those kids, but there are times when it’s frustrating when I’m trying to do what’s in the best interest of the kids and then the system doesn’t listen or they’re giving someone who seriously doesn’t deserve another chance Chance #10. They blew the other 9, so what makes the courts think #10 is going to be any different?

        • denise0513

          While I understand what you are saying, a few well placed visits or telephone calls would clear the relative to care for the child. However, in my case, the state took the word of one person who has NEVER liked me but never knew me. They spoke to another person who told them I was a very good mom and would put my granddaughter first, last and always as I did with my own 4 boys. I got to sit on the FAR sidelines as my granddaughter was placed in foster care where she was almost constantly sick (not sick before that) and in my opinion, neglected, for the sake of $290. per week as well as transportation reimbursement and babysitting as both foster parents worked. After 3 months, the baby got to go home but the parents were told they were never to leave her alone with me. Why? No explanation was ever given. They have no grounds in which to even make that statement, except the CPS worker did not like me as I told her I had dealt with CPS in another state and had no problem telling a judge to shut up and listen to my side of the story and the problems CPS were causing the children as well as the entire family. She felt threatened by that statement as she knew damn well, I would defend the child! She liked me enough the night she took that baby as she twisted my statements in order to put the baby in foster care for 3 months even though the child was never abused or neglected. (the witch admitted there was no abuse or neglect and even stated, but not in writing, she probably should not have removed the baby from the home.) Now, those young parents have been substantiated and they have been informed there is no appeal process and they will not get their day in court to fight the substantiation which was ALL based on the CPS worker’s twisted notes and her failure to truly investigate. (she never spoke to anyone who knew the parents) I stand by my comment that this agency has been given TOO MUCH power and the federal government assists them. The program is a major money maker for the state as the state gets reimbursed by the federal government at a rate much higher than what the state pays out. NO! This system is a FAILURE! It is a failure to parents, extended family and mostly to the children they are suppose to be protecting.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    What is the Constitutional basis of “pot” being illegal?
    Never smoked it. Never want to do so.
    But I understand that the “Federal” excuse for calling “pot” illegal, is that the “Feds” cannot tax it in any sort of consistent way.

    • unsheepled

      tax would be minimal, if any.They make more money trafficking drugs themselves and creating slave labor in the prison system for the D.A. they catch using their product. A very lucrative way to make money.
      Look how well it worked for alcohol , the mafia got filthy rich,government just copied that with pot.They will NEVER loose that method of making money

    • defyapathy

      Well said – the billions of tax dollars spent on the “war on marijuana” alone has been entirely ineffective. The prohibitive laws on cannibus have served only to fund the agencies & line the pockets of those in control enforcement, including the fed gov with their “zero tolerance” policy so they can seize property for very minor infractions.

      I suspect when the pharma corps come out with a synthetic version that is disseminated through the med community as prescription, it will become legalized in that fashion to generate big profits. Americans have been programmed to believe if they just had the right pill, all their problems would magically disappear.

      For hundreds of years male plants were used to make hemp ropes – could we not now grow crops for making paper instead of deforesting?

      there is a tipping point of 50+ states decriminalizing personal quantities & and the right to grow for personal use, this lunacy will persist

  • Darren

    The state overstepped their boundaries.

    • unsheepled

      again and again

  • sherrin smitty

    this is very sad , my heart and prayer are for this family, and this case worker ,who
    need nothing to help this little girl .ROTTEN IN HELL

  • Kevin Merck

    This isn’t about pot, (if they couldn’t use pot for a reason they would invent something else) this is about an out of control system that exploits, rapes and murders our children on a regular basis for profit.
    If you don’t think this issue is a top priority in our lives, you are a very sick individual who deserves whatever tyranny comes your way.

  • ax123man

    The root cause of this problem is a lack of accountability. Those who are partially responsible for this will not be held accountable. The only valid reason for removing a child from a home is definitive proof that the child is in imminent danger. Where is the proof of this? What judge signed off on this? What laws allow this to happen? Who passed the legislation that provides financial incentives to kidnap children? Which employees of CPS were involved and who will bring criminal and civil suites against them? The answer is “no one” because everyone involved in this is on the same team: “team statism”. Go team.

    • Kathy Kramer

      Actually, by law, if a parent or parents are arrested for anything (child abuse or nothing even close to that), and there is no one else to take care of the kids, then the police have to call CPS to find emergency placement for the kids because they can’t be left alone. I’m not defending what happened here in this case at all, but by law, you can’t leave little kids home alone without some type of adult supervision.

      • ax123man

        Where to begin… So, your a positivist? That is, if the law says so…? In 1930’s Nazi Germany, by law, neighbors had to turn in jewish neighbors. The U.S. census bureau, by law, is barred from revealing information that can be linked to specific individuals. That didn’t stop them from doing it in 1942, when they rounded up Japanese americans in concentration camps. In 2007, a helicopter attack in Baghdad killed innocent civilians and in 2011, the teenage American son of Anwar al-Awlaki was killed by a drone strike apparently because it was unfortunate enough to be born to his father, someone who’s right to free speech was taken away when he was killed by a drone the same year. Who is being tried for murder?

        I believe there is a moral law that presides above our ever-changing, often ridiculous, civil and criminal law. If you don’t, then you are party to the above (and many other) atrocities. Don’t believe me? Google “rummel democide”.

        In the case above, the parents didn’t do anything wrong. This is really obvious to anyone except positivists, the self-righteous, and the brain-washed. Which are you?

      • Dawn

        We shouldn’t be putting people in jail for silly things like smoking pot.
        AND, more importantly, the article says they’d been ‘accused’, not convicted. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? CPS shouldn’t be involved until parents have actually been sentenced and put in jail. They may not have even received jail time.

  • Mom442

    One question that comes to mind is: Did a so-called friend tell government authorities about them, or was this, possibly, a result of some NSA-type surveillance?

    • Mom442
    • Dawn

      Even better question is whether a simple accusation by a ‘friend’ is enough evidence to prove this couple was neglectful. I think there should be a lot more proof of actual harm to the child before taking them away from parents.

      • Mom442

        The “Patriot Act”–and all subsequent “terrorist” legislation that followed– has changed all that. Citizens in general, and parents, in particular, seem to have no rights today. We used to be “innocent until proven guilty.” Today, in many cases, we are not even allowed to prove our innocence. Marijuana, though, has been a separate case for decades. Drug laws have allowed states to confiscate hundreds of millions of dollars worth of private property from citizens–often merely by producing a tiny bit of the plant that police supposedly found on private property. So, we basically lost our rights to our private property a long time ago. Now, it seems the government views our children as nothing more than property as well.

  • Vaveeja

    Collateral damage of the war on drugs. If I were parents I would move away from Texas. The state is so anti-drug they don’t care who gets harmed in their zealous fulfillment of antiquated laws

  • unsheepled

    Id have to go hunting , perhaps? OMG what a horror for that poor baby and her parents

  • jac

    This is a tragic story, indeed, with liability falling possibly on the Texas Mentor Program and CPS, in addition to the foster mom, but it reads too much like a one-sided story designed to agitate. In order to make any kind of a judgement we need to know what CPS and the Texas Mentor say about this incident, i.e., what were CPS’s reasons for taking away custody from the biological parents? Was it for something other than pot smoking? What processes did Texas Mentor follow in assigning a foster home in this case? What went wrong that a murderer got custody of the child. All parties should have been sourced for this story to make any journalistic sense. And if they refused to comment, tell us and why.

  • InfidelNumberOne

    And what does state rep Larry Gonzalez have to say. This a tragic end to a problem with “CPS” of epic proportions. “CPS” is anything but.

  • eillem123

    I do not believe in the foster home system. I do agree with Newt Gingrich that orphanages should be re-established to care for children whose parents don’t, AND especially for children born out-of-wedlock whose parents cannot take care of them financially. THAT would solve the welfare state problem: no more money for illegitimate children’s irresponsible parents. It would give some incentive for these parents to become productive participants in society so they could get their children back,

  • Dawn

    Children should never, ever, be removed from parents custody unless there is proof they are being physically harmed. Parents committing crimes (such as smoking pot) is not evidence of abuse or neglect!
    CPS’s overreach and corruption is astounding.

  • Rob

    Wow. My heart goes out to that couple. That is so messed up!!!!

  • Shirley

    The state should be charged with her Murder as well!!

  • Abbi Orenstein

    every time a child dies in foster custody the state is at fault. they took the child, they put her there, they kept her there. they committed murder, either depraved indifference or negligent homicide. now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go cry.

  • tonya

    Yes there is blood on the states hands.

  • 1ndonlymama

    Happens too much! My daughter ALMOST died in foster care. Thank God and my instincts, I still have my little girl!!! After 11 months in the hospital and 15 surgeries, my baby survived a severe blow to the back that she suffered in foster care the 4 months she was there. In an effort to not be sued, they immediately gave me my daughter and a formal apology. She was taken from me because I ARGUED with my mother…yes, argued! It’s apparently endangering the welfare of a child to raise your voice and possibly swear in the same house as a child. My daughter was in an upstairs bedroom sleeping and she was only 4 months old. Even if I did swear, it’s not like my 4 month old is going to repeat it, IF she could actually hear it! They saw that she was wearing a hip brace. They saw that her face was slightly different from most children but that she was also very young and still very very cute. Her brace and her face told them she might be disabled. Disabled babies rake in a lot of federal funds for the county. That’s why they wanted my baby. It’s a big business. I am lucky. I got my little girl back and she is still alive. Another few hours and she wouldn’t be. It was me throwing one of my “hissy fits” that annoyed the foster care worker enough to force the foster mother to take my baby to the doctor. I didn’t know they were going until the receptionist at my daughter’s pediatrician’s office text me and told me. I lived around the corner and came literally running. Within 5 minutes of her being in with the pediatrician, she was being rushed to the hospital. They thought it was an asthma attack because the foster mother kept saying it was and that she’s a CNA so she would know. Turned out my baby had a pneumonia caused by a fistula that grew from a cyst on her pancreas. A fistula is a fleshy tube. It connected my daughter’s pancreas to her lungs and started pumping digestive enzymes into her lungs. A pancreatic pleural fistula is what it’s called and it is extraordinarily rare. It’s cause…. years and years of drinking followed by pancreatitis or a severe blow to the back. Now, my daughter also had some kidney damage….where do you hit someone when you yell out “Kidney shot!”? Oh that’s right, the back. I’m happy to report that she has been home and hospital visit free for nearly 3 years now and she is a very happy, healthy 4 1/2 year old who is very adamant on who her mommy is. If you tell her different, even just joking, she will flip on you. Keep in mind, this all happened between the ages of 4 months and 20 months. She knows…tell me how she knows!! I think CPS should have to petition the same way a father would against a mother! You want my baby? First prove to a judge that I am unfit! They never could and I always did all that was asked of me working overnight just so that I could run around for CPS during the day. I never left the county and was completely vindicated when I believed my baby was being abused. It sickens me that she was hurt and I DO take the blame. It was me who argued with her mother, it was me who smoked weed on her birthday (away from my child completely, not even in the same town) and it was me who had to fight to get her back. Not every parent is as lucky as I am to have one hell of a voice. Not every parent KNOWS their rights. Not every parent believes they are truly a good parent. I knew I’m a good mom, I knew I didn’t deserve to lose her, so I fought tooth and nail. Truth be told, if she didn’t get hurt she would have stayed longer and would have ended up dead. I don’t believe they would have given her back to me because after 2 weeks of her being in foster care, they had set up 3 meetings with possible adoptive parents. It was all about money because there was no reason to suggest I wouldn’t get her back.

    • 1ndonlymama

      to add to that, I later found out that the foster mother who was trying to get my daughter to call her mommy and telling the world she adopted her, is a convicted FELON who lost her CNA license because she stole over 30 grand over a period of nine months from an elderly home care patient. She also had 5 adopted children, 4 of which were adopted through foster care and they were ALL disabled in some way. She was and is collecting disabled children for the money. She was also giving my infant very high doses of fluoride in an area that already had fluoridated water. Too much fluoride causes hypothyroidism…guess what my baby takes synthroid for every day of her life! She has been on the same dose since she was 7 months old and at birth and two months old she had a perfect thyroid. She is almost 5, her dose should have tripled. Which tells us it is not congenital hypothyroidism, it’s acquired. She was poisoned. Hard to prove when your child has a rare genetic condition though.

    • China

      Hope you sued. Always do if there’s negligence.

  • Max Appian

    Sure, take a child away because their parents smoke pot after hours…. but leave other children in homes with alcoholics. That makes total sense. The state of Texas is to blame, as of course, is the incredibly inept foster mother.

  • keng0529

    The Police State is at fault. The Blood is on there hands.

  • hears_the_rest_of_the_story

    I know a woman that was fighting to get her child back after the state took her…she went through all the hoops that the courts put her through and still wouldn’t give her back her child…she spoke to another lawyer about the guardian at lightem who was responsible for her and what he was having her do, the lawyer told her they make big money off these kids to keep them in foster care…talk about crock of shit

  • dsvets

    As a human this is appalling. I was a foster child and I’m now a foster mom. There are many who get into foster care for the wrong reasons and it is a shame. I have had children moved from my home to keep them closer to their biological mom before school started. Unfortunately it was to a bad foster home. Thankfully there are more of us in foster care for the children than for the money. All the children who come through our home is etched into our hearts and we wish them all the love in the world. I don’t know about the other foster parents but we (my husband and I) do our best not to let anything happen to our children whether they are ours biologically or not. We love them all. If I can be 1/100th the foster mom that my foster mom was, I will have obtained my goal. It was because of her example that I am the woman I am today.

    • Kevin Merck

      That’s a great comment, almost sounds like a Dear Abby letter. The problem is that even if Alex Hill had been sent to a good home, let’s say your home, she still should not have been kidnapped by CPS and placed in your care. If that had happened, you would have been an accomplice in that crime, and in my opinion a criminal after the fact, and a major part of the problem.
      You sound like a good person and I hope you are. I’m sure there is a need for people like you if the child was taken from the parents for good cause. The problem is that so many kids now are abducted by CPS which has evolved into a criminal racket.
      Alex Hill was given to a foster mother who murdered her and her husband is a convicted drug dealer. That my friend is not entirely the fault of the foster parents who murdered her. It’s mainly the fault of the criminal enterprise we call the CPS.
      The best thing that people like you can do, if you really care about these kids, is refuse to deal with the system until the system is fixed.
      My guess is that you won’t do that because you need the money this criminal racket pays you to harbor these children.

  • Faireem

    The sad thing is the state can remove a child on anonymous accusations of abuse, neglect, emotional abuse. They don’t need proof. When my daughter split with her husband, on a visit, her middle child who is autistic stayed with his mother for a couple of days, when he came back he was wild, the woman called DSS and filed a report of abuse, when they came to the home, the child who was NOT his normal self, said his mother punched him in the face. They took all three of my grands. No proof, just a manipulated child and a bitter old woman, caught up in a nasty divorce. It has taken 3 years to get 2 of them back, and the third was molested in the boys home. It was supposed to be a therapeutic home to help them. Sure it was. Turn out the Foster Mom wants to adopt him. Wow.

    • faireem

      A visit with their father, boy I didn’t type that well, sorry.

  • Capt Jack

    America needs Libertarians and LESS Government

  • poptoy1949

    Way too much of this going on in way to many states.

  • Kevin Merck

    Child abuse and neglect was never a huge problem until the government stepped in to fix it. It’s the same with any bureaucracy, they create more of a problem than really existed so that they can pose as the solution and the savior. The more problems they create, the more people they can hire, the more people they hire, the more problems they can create.
    It’s a vicious circle that anyone who understands how bureaucracies work understand all too well.
    This is not a problem with the system, the system is the problem.


    It is never good when the government – made up of imperfect and unrighteous people – decides to play God and rearrange people’s lives and families, unless they have PROOF POSITIVE that children or spouses are in grave danger. How can a natural child of good parents be in grave danger if they smoke a little marijuana? Marijuana is LEGAL in some places now! Maybe the government should seize all children of all parents who smoke cigarettes or drink any alcohol next! We have TOO BIG of a government that gives itself TOO MUCH power and causes TOO MANY problems!

    • canucksam

      Tucaz – In which case (smoking pot and drinking) Obama would lose custody of his daughters. But then we know he wouldn’t be touched.

  • Meghan

    I love that there are no quotes or any evidence at all that this reporter talked to anyone from the DFPS or the government, and seems to be based almost entirely on conversations with the biological parents. I can understand their pain, it’s an awful story, but the rhetorical question at the end is entirely leading and from what i can tell, based on no facts. It says the state conducted background tests on the foster parent, and we do not have the whole story on why the child was removed (pot smoking in and of itself would not get this child removed from an otherwise functioning house). I’ve been a CASA volunteer in Travis County since I moved here, and from what I’ve seen the state does not frequently “overstep boundaries.” the kids we work with absolutely needed to be removed from their homes. And many of them are able to return to their homes once the parents meet the court’s requirements.

    • MuscleBiker

      The state has no business remove a kid from his/her parents except in egregious cases of neglect or safety. Fact is, only one in a hundred of the actions by CPS meet that criterion. The other 99% are a violation of constitutional rights and traumatizing both parents and kids. CPS should be abolished. Just one more case of government interference in our lives, trying to micromanage every activity.

    • billy woods

      So! Meghan! Your Part Of The Problem. There is no Defense for this case or for Child Protective Services. Any reasonable human being would take one look at Sherrill Small (The
      Murderer) and say “No F ING Way Are You Having Children In Your Home”. Nope! CPS said OKIE DOKIE Everything Is Fine. Welcome To ” The Peoples Republic of Austin” LIBERAL HELL!!!!!!!

    • Becky Forsyth

      Sorry, Meghan! You’re comment neglected to uphold coherency guidelines and therefore is rejected by The State. Expecting others to automatically overlook the lack of clarity pertaining to your comment of “…since I moved here” is unacceptable. Please delete your comment voluntarily and The State will only seek counseling and not seek the full penalty permissible by law for your egregious activity. Have a nice day!

    • Joe Spennato

      oh look another government parasite, how refreshing, it’s a female as well. I bet you are a single mother to boot and probably slut around as much as possible

    • Rs

      The agency is not going to be allowed to make any public statements.

  • Ian Biron

    Gee, what the hell do you think? The state has blood on it’s hand every time it takes a perfectly healthy child away from their parents and the child dies in CPS custody. Pot kills? no….ill-concieved government policies kill.

  • Anony Mousee

    I’ve witnessed CPS cases violating all 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights.

    1. Parents told they couldn’t discuss the case with their child (violating the 1st amendment)

    2. Parents told that they could not have firearms despite never showing any interest in having any (violating the 2nd amendment)

    3. Compelled to serve agents in their home, agents armed with the power to remove their children (violating the 3rd amendment)

    4. One child was seized without warning (violating the 4th amendment)

    5. Parents told that if they fought for their oldest child’s return the younger child would likely be taken as well (violating the 5th amendment)

    6. Family was not informed of the nature of the charge (violating the 6th amendment; only after dropping the case in their defense were they told that the prosecutor was going to claim emotional abuse because their child had been spanked in a state where corpral punishment is expressly permitted by law)

    7. In addition to the 5th amendment right above, the family was told that their going to court would result in their rebellious teenager being pitted against the family in court destroying any chance of future reconciliation (violating 7th amendment)

    8. Being forced to sleep at the foot of a jail cell toilet in an overcrowded cell was not cruel and unusual in comparison to being denied ever a holiday or birthday together again. (violating the 8th amendment)

    9. The God-given right to raise your own children was violated. (violating 9th amendment)

    10. CAPTA incentives to drive up CPS caseloads usurp state powers without constitutional authority (violating the 10th amendment)

  • Amber Chatham Creekmore

    Hell yea they have blood on their hands as all CPS agencies do!!! I use to work for them and I have NEVER seen such BS in my Life!! This makes me sick! I could go on And on but nothing I have to say is kind so I will refrain.

  • DHM

    Pot smoking has never led to violent behaviour…funny how the system works.

  • Guest

    And yet my nephew has:
    – been forced to live with a Registered Sex Offender, and then reported sexual abuse to a teacher,
    -run away from home in the middle of the night wearing only a T-shirt and undies at the age of 5 (old enough to tie his own shoes if he had time)
    – and was promptly returned home to the abuser by the police- with my parents at the station PLEADING to take him home with them instead!
    Maybe my brother should have told CPS the Mom was smoking weed.

    • thinkingmachine

      Do whatever you need to do to get the child OUT of that awful house. Take the child with you to the news media and tell the story there. Hire a lawyer and keep the child with you demanding a court date. What they are doing to the boy is child endangerment amongst everything else. What you can do is child protection. Don’t let the so-called law convince you that you are powerless. The law is SUPPOSED to convict the guilty and protect the innocent. When it doesn’t, we MUST make our voices heard!

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Biological parents are inherently evil, and incredibly dangerous. Any excuse should be utilized to take children away from them, so the children can be handed over to the Child Pedophile Services. To aid in their global citizen UN indocrination, the children should be vaccinated repeatedly and placed on a salad bar of psychotropic drugs, and a steady diet of fluoride and GMO.

    • Anony Mousee

      The psychotropic drugs are a real problem. Dr. Paul introduced legislation to allow parents to prohibit their children from being drugged but the bill lacked support in congress. The only other politician who really stood up for families against CPS was Senator Nancy Schaefer, and you can google to see what happened to her. Ben: How about a story on how she exposed CPS corruption before being shot in the back in a “suicide”?

  • Eric Morgan

    The Gov’t vs. America. There is no doubt had the girl stayed with her parents she would be alive. Marijuana use has been demonized to the extreme here in the “land of the free”. I know pot smokers and abstainers. What’s different between a good parent that smokes and one that doesn’t? Nothing. I also know total pricks who smoke and total pricks that don’t. Difference? Zilch. Texas continues to behave as a state like what our federal gov’t is heading towards. Total lack of checks and balances. I have never lost a child so I can’t speak to that kind of loss, but I will offer my feeble prayers. Peace.

  • Fed up

    The young child was not at imminent risk and therefor should have never suffered the trauma of entering foster care. Happens all the time in Illinois.

  • Bobby O’Dell

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • mamaminirex

    What is this world coming to? I am utterly horrified! I lived in Texas for 30+ years and when I left there, I left a part of me behind. I am aghast that such an incredible injustice was perpetrated by Texas authorities! What horrors did that precious little girl suffer through? Only God and her abusers know. All those responsible, either directly or indirectly, will have to face the judgement and wrath of God someday. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. The only consolation those parents have is that innocent child now rests safely in the arms of Jesus, never to feel pain again.

  • James Webster

    This is such a tragic story. It was a no win situation either way. The child shouldn’t have been in the care of parents who smoke pot, and the state foster care program is a mess. Were there no other relatives that could have taken this child in. My heart grieves for the parents–I know that they realize their choices put this child in this situation, and I’m sure they regret it. Too bad there wasn’t a provision in place for them to get their children back if they had stop smoking pot.

    • Sloppo

      Should parents who drink alcohol be allowed to raise their children?

      • ComeOnJames…Really?

        Come on.. .what century are you living in. Take kids because the parent smokes pot. Give me a freaking break… Rather than call you a moron, let’s just say your comment is moronic!!!

    • Joe Spennato

      you are the problem with America, James webster

    • Andrea

      Yes, you are the problem with America, how about when children are raped by politicians and other high rank entities and nothing happen to them, the child could have been safer in her parents home.

    • Andrea

      In the first place who knows why the child parents are smoking pot? They have their problems and where is the help of the government for people like them. Is taking a child to be abused a way to help or what? The only criminal is the foster mother, she should to death penalty, evil bitch.

  • Angry Guy

    God Make Pot.. And Then Takes Your Kids Away For Smoking It.. That Guy Might Exist.. But Hes A Prick!!!!

    • DaleinOklahoma

      God doesn’t take your kids away. The very BEAST government you worship and rely on does.

    • Andrea

      Do not blame God, blame the Satanists in the government. Why are people always blaming God for the bad things, Lucifer is around doing whatever in the American government, you have the devil already in charge, dont you see?

  • Cynthia Tebay Burleson

    They will remove children from a home if there are not enough bedrooms. CPS needs to be stopped.

  • TheWholeTruth

    My ex was a Social Worker with CPS. He told me that in order to maintain or raise the budget for CPS they had to substantiate 98% of calls coming into the office. Do you know what that means? It didn’t MATTER if it was true, or if there was real neglect or danger, they had to somehow make it STICK or they LOST funding. How do they do this? They take the kids, then tell the parents: “If you plead guilty, you’ll have your kids back in 6 months. Fight us, and you may not see them again for 6 YEARS as we drag this trough court.” Really, that’s how they do it and what they tell them.

    • eva

      This was done to me, and after I “stipulated” to workiing a case plan, my exhusband then sued me for custody in the middle of the cps case, and they fought the whole thing for him. It was unbelievable. I didnt see my daughter that I had raised, alone, for twelve years, for seven months outside of a stupid window after I stipulated to “working a case plan….so we could get along better.” she returned to me right after she was eighteen, and told me that cps told her that I never showed up to visit her, when I surely did everytime and was baited to get mad when they made up reasons why the eight hour drive to get there was a waste and I would have to come back next month. But GOD did not fail us, as we are well connected NOW! It was horrific, and all of it was totally illegal. So painful for all three of my kids to go through, all of us suffered on and on and still have permanent scars from it. It is soooo not how our country sets out to be, liberated and with unalienable rights!

  • assistme®

    A reading of the constitutions of the several states will inform the reader that not one of the states, nor the federal government, possesses the authority to deprive a family of its children… nor have they the authority to deprive any inhabitant of any of the states LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS … in any form whatsoever. That the state of Texas has deprived this family of their “property” (in the form of its progeny) is not only unconstitutional it is despicable. That any state (or the federal government) deprives its Inhabitants their “property” (in the form of their very LIFE) is… abominable… which is to say, … a cause for moral revulsion.

    • Andrea

      The United States justice makes me throw up. And they only thing that America has done over the years is criticize other countries and child abuse. Child abuse is very high in industrialized countries, it looks to me as they dont love children or old people.

    • anonymous

      True. We have rights, we’re just denied them.

    • Michael Lopez

      Wonderfully put and I support this 100% only consistent physical violence should determine if any child should be taken away in my opinion

    • Laura Yarbrough

      CA is the same way. This is a DISGUSTING state! I cannot wait to leave! When I DO work, own property, etc., I don’t want my tax dollars going into this state.

  • Wounded Survivor

    Search the net for these words: 6.4 children die at the hands of the very agencies that are supposed to protect them and only 1.5 at the hands of parents per 100000 children

  • AJ_Olding

    There is always blood on the hands of the government. This is no different.

  • Laura Yarbrough

    Yes, there is blood on their hands. they didn’t really care until there was a complaint. how could they miss the severe bruises? Why wouldn’t they just give her back to an obviously concerned parent? They didn’t care, and in most cases they don’t care. It is all about money.

  • Laura Yarbrough

    I don’t want to have to support ANY state that would do something so disgusting! But, honestly, I don’t know which state(s) doesn’t(don’t). CPS is such a hairtrigger agency.

  • guest233

    A well known research team did an extensive study on CPS and fostercare. The results were shocking. They found children removed from home were for the first time in their life, sexually abused,neglected, starved, beaten and died at the hands of fostercare.cps is an evil empire destroying the lives of children and the family.

    • Charles

      Just spit it out so everyone can see it—OK? The “mental health” movement is behind these outrages. It is the modern counterpart to the Holy Roman Catholic Inquisition and the Protestant witch hunts in England and Salem, Massachusetts. CPS is staffed by social workers, and social workers are “mental health professionals,” therefore, extraordinarily dangerous to civilization.

  • Lsmason

    We need to change the laws in this country about cruel and unusual punishment. People who kill or hurt children should be punished in the most cruel and unusual way we can think of. Maybe then some whacko who knows they aren’t really happy taking care of children, will think twice before they sign up for fostering. We need public torture let people know hurting children won’t be tolerated.