Truth In Media

Ben Swann, two-time Emmy Award winning journalist, comes to Concord, New Hampshire, on Friday, July 26th. This event will also live stream across the country. Swann will make a major announcement regarding the launch of his “Truth In Media” project. Swann will be joined by alternative media figure Tyrel Ventura, Carla Gericke (Free State Project President), with Skype appearances by Judge Jim Gray, radio host Josh Tolley and award winning journalist Amber Lyon.

The live event will run from 7:00-10:00 pm EST upstairs at The Draft in Concord, NH. Tickets are $15 to attend the event and free to stream.

To view the live stream, learn more about Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Project or contribute, visit

Truth In Media Launch

Reality Check: Donald Trump May Be RIGHT on Birthright Citizenship!

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  • Kurt P

    Ben – I’m donating via Paypal, but I think you should set up a wallet to accept Bitcoin donations. 1)It’s popular with lots of “liberty-minded” folks and 2)Lots of us might be more likely to donate more

    • Sam

      Hi Kurt,
      Thanks for the suggestion. As of Friday the 26th we started accepting Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin number is 1BiApUQSP5PxSqjp5T8tkVQioGJLA5gBxu

      Thank you for your support!

      • Kurt P

        …and I just sent another donation…