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Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project is set to unveil several exciting changes and additions. On May 4th, will become, offering new interactive features. In addition to the new website, we are excited to announce the arrival of several contributors to the Truth In Media Project.

The Truth In Media Project will be providing columns, commentary and videos from Julie Borowski. Borowski is a political commentator who has gained a large following for adding humor to libertarian viewpoints.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity will be offering analysis and insight to the Truth In Media Project through columns and videos.

Writer and podcast host Kurt Wallace will be providing in-depth interviews and discussion of issues regarding politics, business, economics and more. Wallace has been involved in new media since 2007.

Jason Stapleton’s syndicated radio show, The Jason Stapleton Program, will be broadcast on Stapleton is a former Marine and an entrepreneur, investor, and professional trader, offering unique insights on a plethora of topics including economics, politics and military strategy.

Carlos Morales, author of Legally Kidnapped: The Case against Child Protective Services, will be a contributor to Morales is a former CPS investigator who exposed corruption that he witnessed within the agency. will also be providing an interactive community, with member forums and groups, all free of charge. This new community will allow readers and supporters to create their own profiles and interact on message boards and in groups.

The Truth In Media Project will continue to examine issues including medical kidnapping, human trafficking, the drug war, police militarization, and political activism around the world.

Truth In Media Addition


As you may know, The Truth In Media Project is not controlled by corporate interests. This project speaks truth to power, and is proudly funded in part by our readers and supporters. The most recent Truth In Media episode, “The Origin of ISIS”, has reached over 1 million views and was 100% crowdfunded. To make a one-time donation, click here. To make a monthly donation, click here.

Thank you all for your support!

  • Ben Swan

    I like the new page, I enjoy seeing progressive changes to one of my favorite independent journalist.

    • Sam

      More to come!

  • kevin777

    Looks good all. Love the new page. Great to see these new writers as well.

    • Sam

      Thank you!

  • Joan Masters

    Thank you for exposing Mark Levin and his terrifying compulsion to call a con con.
    I listened to his speech at the c-pac annual convention this year and not once
    did he mention a con con. Why? Was he afraid he’d get booed off the stage?
    Levin, Mike Ferris, Hannity (who calls Levin the Great One), ALEC and so many others
    try to pass themselves off as conservatives but any one who loves his country would
    never put it in such jeopardy.
    I do want to remind your readers that years ago the members of a think-tank,
    the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, in Santa Barbara, Ca., wrote a document called The New Constitution. The Center was funded by the Ford and
    Rockefeller Foundations. Does Levin know it’s just waiting in the wings?
    God bless you, Ben.