benswann-americaThe Truth In Media project, as we have expected, is already making waves.  More and more media around the country are getting wind of what we are attempting to do.  Shaking the current media model to it’s core and establishing journalism by the people and for the people.  Here is an article about the project that was just published by The New American:

“As alternative media continue to gain market share from the increasingly discredited establishment press, journalist Ben Swann (shown), who rose to national prominence with his “Reality Check” segment on Cincinnati Fox affiliate WXIX, is working on a new journalism project known as the “Liberty Is Rising Truth in Media” project. The plan, he told The New American, is to restore the Fourth Estate’s historical role in America as a watchdog of, rather than a lapdog for, those in power.

Recent polls show the establishment media’s credibility is at historic lows. Last year, for example, a Gallup survey found that a record 60 percent of Americans…”

Read more at The New American: Click Here

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