When Patrick Seifert learned the number of American veterans that commit suicide daily, he knew he had to do something.

The numbers are staggering: “Twenty-two American veterans will kill themselves today. They did it yesterday, and they’re going to do it tomorrow, and they’re going to keep doing it,” explained Seifert.

So Seifert established Twenty22Many, an organization that advocates medical marijuana and holistic therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD.

Beginning July 24, PTSD sufferers in Washington will be able to receive medical marijuana. On July 22, Seifert and company will be hosting a march to raise awareness of medical marijuana for the treatment of PTSD.

“We’re not claiming to heal anything, but it helps for us, it helps for our veterans. We know the other way is not working,” said Seifert of this alternative to pharmaceuticals.

And that accomplishment in Washington is something to celebrate, he said. Not all states recognize PTSD as a marijuana-treatable condition.

“Colorado just voted it down. They have a lot of work cut out for them. I feel sorry for the veterans in Colorado,” he added.

Events on July 22, 2015 will include a march from noon to 1 p.m. from the Capitol in Olympia, Washington to a nearby park. In the park, veterans will be giving testimony about how medical marijuana has helped them.

From there, the event includes a free screening of “Star Leaf,” a locally made feature film, a free barbecue dinner and a series of talks from marijuana advocates and professionals at the Urban Onion Ballroom located across from Sylvester Park at 116 Legion Way in Olympia.

For more information on the event, contact Twenty22Many’s Patrick Seifert at (360) 545-7849 or at Click here to listen to Truth in Media’s Joshua Cook’s full interview with Seifert.

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