On Friday, Joshua Cook of BenSwann.com asked US Senate candidate Lee Bright a few questions via Google Hangout about the UN Small Arms Treaty and the UN. In the interview, Bright discussed recent attacks on the Second and Fourth Amendments, the UN and primary opponent Lindsey Graham.

Regarding the recent NSA and DOJ revelations, he echoed an opinion whose popularity transcends party lines when he said “the Fourth Amendment is absolutely under assault right now,” going on to say “we’re definitely not being granted our due process rights. We’re not criminals, so they have no right to that information.”

He emphasized the need for Americans to protect their gun rights, not limiting his discussion to simple self defense issues. “The Second Amendment defends all the rest … our founders intended those rights to protect us from a tyrannical government,” he said, adding that though Republican willingness to “acquiesce to the demands of the Democrats on gun rights is very disturbing,” he would act as an uncompromisingly pro-Second Amendment Senator.

The biggest gun control battle being waged at the moment, though, isn’t a traditional legislative battle at all. It’s a UN Small Arms Treaty supported by Barack Obama, Samantha Power and John Kerry alike, the three people with the strongest ability to subordinate US interests to the international organization. When asked about the treaty, Bright said he would filibuster any such treaty, and supported the idea of a US exit from the UN in general. “I think we can communicate with other nations if need be, and if we’re going to have a global organization, I’d like it to be somewhere else, because I don’t want it trying to micromanage the US or trying to take away our rights.”

Bright also said that he had tried to give Lindsey Graham the benefit of a doubt, but that he had ignored the will of the people, had not been the conservative voice South Carolina wants and needs, and that his actions in Egypt had been the last straw.
Lee Bright is one of Graham’s three conservative challengers in the South Carolina primary. The senator hasn’t been up for re-election since 2008, so this will be his first campaign since the rise of the Tea Party.


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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and reporter for Truth In Media. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at joshua@truthinmedia.com. Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • Ross V Scalise

    As much as the informed voters are angered about Graham, I unfortunately think Graham has a good shot at reelection. We have the uninformed voters to thank for that. They won’t do any research or pay any attention. They’ll merely show up and pull the lever for the name they recognize, regardless of what they did during their past term.

    • Patrick Piklapp

      I have to agree with you, to the shame of our forefathers. It is too bad the only way to get the average American off their duffs is to set fire to their chairs.

      • RonWillison

        That is the first time I have head that Statement. Good stuff. May I use it? Thx.

        • Patrick Piklapp

          Yes, you can use it so long as you don’t literally set a chair on fire with someone sitting in it.

          • RonWillison

            I promise. lmao.

  • vanyam

    I think that Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Peter King, John Boehner, etc have some type of deal going with the Obama regime, and I think it has to do with Israel. Perhaps Obama has threatened to pull the plug on US military defense for Israel if these Middle East obsessed maniacs oppose him on other issues.

    Graham and Peter King especially have the same type of obsession with Israel as guys like John Hagee. It’s very dangerous for our country to have religious maniacs in Washington with this kind of power. Every bit as dangerous as the mullahs in the Mideast. I’m not knocking the religion, I’m questioning the obsession with prophecies.

    • jenny

      For one thing, there is a treaty with Israel and Egypt. Breaking that treaty is treasonous. The other thing is the House holds the purse strings. Obama has nothing to do with what money goes where without the House’s consent.

      • vanyam

        I must have missed something… when exactly did Obama start paying attention to the rules? He don’t need no stinkin’ rules… he finds ways to do whatever he wants.

        Treason? There should be a whole prison block filled with convicted traitors just since January.. Treason? That’s funny.

  • poptoy1949

    I would vote for this guy in a heart beat.

  • Michael B.

    Even if America leaves the UN, there’s no reason to kick them out, just sell the space to the highest bidder. The UN is welcome to make a bid if they like.

    • RonWillison

      The land the UN sits on was donated by the Rockefellers. The Rothkafellers and pals at the CFR oversee its operations. You really don’t think that bunch is going to let their most powerful tool get out of eyesight do you?

  • edwr

    Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed and so is John McCain, why in the world would they be doing what they are doing>? Backing the rebels, being paid off with money.? no way ain’t buying that. These guys (or their families) are being threatened. The only other explanation is they have already converted to Islam! One thing for certain they are NOT on our side anymore.

    • RonWillison

      I for one wish blackmail was their problem. That would be easier to stomach than what the reality that drives and motivates them really is.

  • Pat Poe

    I just took a read at the UN treaty. Upon its empowerment day, or what ever they call it, the wording tries to by pas congress ratification, and ignore the Supreme court ruling that the Constitution supersedes any treaty. It also commands for the creation of a international Public Firearm registry. It also has a way for the government to stop all sales of any firearm. They just have to claim it will be used to damage property or human life. I am paraphrasing hear. It was so broadly written giving all defining power to a UN counsel. The countries that signed must follow the constrains of the treaty, and to the treaty withdraw takes 90 days. It can be changed at anytime before it becomes an active document up to the final hour with out the need of being resigned. That is what I took from it, and it is a scary thought that UN and foreign troops can be brought in to enforce the treaty. All laws must be changed to meat the treaties standards as defined by the UN committee with in one year of it becoming valid.