Since the bullying began at South Fayette High School, Christian Stanfield says he has lost 15 pounds and is now on anxiety medication due to stress.

10 days after was the first media in the nation to report the case of Christian Stanfield, the 15 year old Pennsylvania sophomore who was convicted of disorderly conduct for recording bullies, we have now learned of a new twist in the case.

As we were first to report, Stanfield used his school approved iPad to record a 7 minute incident where bullies mocked and used incredibly vulgar language to berate him during a special education math class. Stanfield says this kind of bullying has gone on throughout the entire school year and made the recording to prove to his mother that the bullying was truly happening. CThe 15 year-old presented that audio recording to his mother Shea Love who made a transcript of the audio. The next morning, Love called the Dean of Students at South Fayette High School and explained what had happened to Christian.

Instead of the bullies being prosecuted, a local police Lieutenant told Love that her son could face charges of wiretapping which is a felony crime. Christian was not charged with wiretapping after all but on Wednesday, March 19, District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet stated that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was charging Christian Stanfield with disorderly conduct. Stanfield never entered a plea, but McGraw-Desmet found him guilty and ordered that he pay a fine.

Stanfield’s mother told exclusively, “Christian chose the most responsible route possible for a student who felt he had no power and no voice in order to change the negative environment that he was forced to be in every day. If we are ever going to change the culture of violence in our schools, we need to look at Christian’s actions not criminally, but rather as a profound cultural step in the right direction for kids who don’t feel they are being heard.”

Stanfield had announced that he and his attorney would file an appeal to that ruling but his fight may already be coming to an end. Today, has been told by Stanfield’s attorney that the District Attorney will allow the appeal to go forward but will no longer pursue this case. Stanfield’s attorney says that information is just coming in and he needs time to study exactly what this means for Christian.

Since our stories on this issue first broke, the response has been huge. The high school’s principal has deleted his twitter profile, at a recent school board meeting parents turned out to defend Christian, and now national and international media are finally covering the story including Fox News, RT America, and the Daily Mail UK.

Shea Love, Christian’s mother sent this message to today:

“Ben Swann and Priscilla Jones!!! This is mom of Christian True Stanfield. Without you covering this story and capturing the heart of a nation, we would not have been victorious!
God bless you both!
God bless the nation that has supported us!
This is just step one.
I will always hold a place for you both near and dear to my heart!
Thank you so much!
You have change ours lives forever!!!!”

The reporter who broke the story for, Priscilla Jones tells Ben Swann she is “proud to be a part of a news organization that is working to tell these kinds of stories and where Humanity is truly greater than Politics.”

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  • Violence Against Men is OK


    Now please help other boys who are being discriminated against by the feminist dominated school system.

    It’s the right thing to do!

    • Salade Légume

      If they were truly feminists they would be busting some balls.

      • Paul

        I suspect it would clear up the confusion if you found out who the parents of the punks are.

        • Salade Légume

          Most likely the parents are also bullies as well, unfortunately. Talking to them will fall of deaf ears.

    • RuNuts

      Hear, hear!

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      how sure are we that its feminst that are dominating the school and not some Spartan style of “Idon’tgiveacrudaboutweakpeople” attitude?
      the patterns I see in bullying is popular vers unpopular. people with disabilities are targeted. a disability might involve odd behaivors that can’t be controled, anxiety, torettes, over reactions, the kind of things where an other kid might easily justify picking on this kid. it doesn’t matter their gender. I see it in teachers even in special ed where if they are annoyed by a kid that appears to be helpless and needy they may allow other kids to pick on him to teach them a lesson. I’ve heard adults say how they hate a certain kid… but hateing a kid is like watching someone paint and at brushstroke one say “I hate that painting.” kids are works in progress, we don’t know what art will come from them.
      I see this happen in both genders. In ancient Sparta boys (and girls) were taught to fight and endure pain to produce more soliders for the empire. I wonder if sometimes schools allow bullies to condition kids to boot camp like conditions. when you are nearing 18 the militaries swoop down and try to recruit you.
      In boot camp they can belittle you but can build you up which is a welcome change from high school. And its a very alluring prospect, bullied then joined the army and often gets saluted by random strangers walking to the store. Its a game change.
      I just realized, I asked who benifits from school bullying I wonder if its our military. and that is the most anti-femist control group in our country aside from the teaparty.

    • Shane Thomasson

      Not sure I would call the system “feminist” since self-described feminists can also be bothered by this kind of abuse and injustice. Instead consider what I posted above which I will re-post here.

      “The chief end” (of public education) wrote Benjamin Kidd (see Portrait of a
      Social Darwinist) in 1918 “was to impose on the young the ideal of

      — John Taylor Gatto (author of Dumbing Us Down).

      “In a speech he gave before businessmen prior to the first World War, Woodrow Wilson made the following statement

      “We want one class to have a liberal (at this time this meant logic and
      critical thinking) education. We want a much larger class of necessity
      to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to
      perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

  • ghendric

    So what should he have done? Bring a gun to school and shoot them dead? What in the hell is wrong with people?? We have psycho’s tellings us its a felony to record someone bullying them while its okay for the NSA to spy on everyone…

    • tionico

      how about charging the one being bullied with a felony for recording what happened, and doing NOTHING to the perps of the violence? Seems a prosecutor in any condition but comatose could dream up SOMETHING against the assaulters….. and the one being bullied and then charged, had the evidence to convict. Stupid people.

      Yeah, Mom, get that boy of yoiurs OUT of that stinking cesspool they call a school. Its an assylum being run by the deranged inmates, and the insanity is infecting everyone in it. Save YOUR kid and get him outta there. Now.

  • Fascist Slayer

    What a fascist CUNT of a nation. THANK GOD Russia banned the U.S. from adopting Russian child. THANK YOU RUSSIA!!

  • dozr

    Schools encourage bullying it’s a part of the conditioning process that allows thugs and bullies to dominate the culture into adulthood.

    • evieeffanineffable

      you are so right!

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      if thats true then why? who would benifit from people living in fear of thugs? it seems to me that we’d benifit more from security as we would work better and and longer with less stress. thus creating more money for the upper class to absorb and hide in tax free havens. Being stressed out from the threat of robberies, rapes, murders would lower the econmy. then you got all sorts of hidden costs that go allover the place who benifits from that?

      • Shane Thomasson

        Who benefits from a system that sabotages the thinking and confidence of such a large part of society? The wealthy super elites who first popularized “public school”. From the current system they can more easily exert influence over a cowed and dumbed-down populace.

        “The chief end” (of public education) wrote Benjamin Kidd (see Portrait of a Social Darwinist) in 1918 “was to impose on the young the ideal of subordination.””

        — John Taylor Gatto (author of Dumbing Us Down).

        “In a speech he gave before businessmen prior to the first World War, Woodrow Wilson made the following statement

        “We want one class to have a liberal (at this time this meant logic and critical thinking) education. We want a much larger class of necessity to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

      • dozr

        Have you been paying attention to anything? They justify spying on everyone with “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear” but its been proven time and time again that they will find anything and use it against you in the future. Whats legal today wont always be legal tomorrow. What you do today will be used against you in the future.

        • Beatrix Muircastle

          of course I pay attention but its better for their system if their slaves are convinced they are free. then we work longer and make more money rather then depend on our masters for a scrap of living.

          • dozr

            if you think that you aren’t paying attention.

          • Beatrix Muircastle

            whatever. by all means act condensening because thats extermly helpful. we could have a good meaningful conversation but you’d rather sound uppity and rude so we’re done, I obviously have nothing to learn from you.

          • dozr

            you obviously have nothing to learn from anyone, im not going to have an argument that consists of yes…. no… yes… no.. you either see it or you dont. im not your babysitter and i dont try to herd cats.

  • Shea Love

    I am so proud of you Christian!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    • Janson Smithers

      Christian is so damn lucky to have such a loving mother!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

      • Shea Love

        I am the lucky one!!!
        Thank you!!!

        • Dawn – Naturally Texan

          Sue that school, principal AND the prosecuted and judge. We need to hold them personally responsible. A GROSS miscarriage of justice and it will happen to the next kid unless we fight back. That judge and prosecutor were ready and willing to give him a criminal record for LIFE for recording an incident where he was being verbally assaulted at SCHOOL. Those people are scum!!!

          I want their names so we can all write their bosses please!!

          Bless you and your son!

    • RuNuts

      Your son’s story broke my heart when I read it. I am so glad he is finally getting his voice.

    • Gregory Alan of Johnson

      Please, if at all possible, Home School that young Man! A written public repentance needs to be done by the following: The bullies themselves, the entire admin of the school, the police dep’t from the Commissioner down to the Officer involved, the “judge” and her “court”. Complete restitution for all expenses and punitive damages. All involved against Christian need to be fired and spend time in prison. Christian’s due process, even of the 14th amendment, was completely violated.
      Thank you for making this publicly known.

  • Megan Cellucci

    I hope this story ends well. Everyone has some kind of recording device on their “smart” phones these days. You should pretty much always assume you are being recorded whenever you’re in public. wiretapping charges?! Give me a break.

  • Venomn

    i cant believe everyone tried to prosecute the victim instead of concentrating on and punishing the bullies,this is sickening

    • Janson Smithers

      You got that right!!!!!

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      here here, what I think happened is the school didn’t want to be sued so they tried to bully the family into silence by trumping up these crazy charges. pass the blame and force the family to back down. it looks like however they picked on the wrong family.

  • sheeple

    We know Christian’s name. How about the bullies names? How come they never publish the perps names?

    • Renard Fiossa

      Because the United States tends to protect even the lowest of scum, that’s why

      • King Aurthur

        Or maybe because they are still kids?

        • Renard Fiossa

          Didn’t know young age excused being a piece of shit

          • King Aurthur

            Juveniles are handled differently from adults. Do just a tiny bit of research and you’ll see why they have sealed records and no public trials. The “lowest of scum” as you put it, however, are generally tried as adults.

            Don’t confuse what I’m saying though. I know some people out there (like yourself) are dumb enough to think that just because I don’t believe their names should be published means I’m excusing their actions. I do think the bullies should be punished. But that doesn’t mean we need to run off and lynch a bunch of high school sophomores. These kids do seem like a bunch of “pieces of shit”, and they should have been disciplined as such by the school. You should direct your self-righteous indignation at the school and administrators who failed to take action rather than at a bunch of kids. Unfortunately in our society though, we have all but stripped away the authority of school administrators and teachers levy any sort of disciplinary action, but that’s a whole different issue….

        • evieeffanineffable

          they published the name of the kid who was bullied, and HE’s still a kid!
          so “king arthur” why NOT publish the names of the bullies?

          • King Aurthur

            Well clearly the kid and his mom are not only ok with it being published, but happy to get their story out. Should the bullies be punished? Yes, but what good would it do to reveal their names? You gonna go hunt them down for a little vigilante justice? Maybe look up their Facebook account and start harassing and berating them?

          • Renard Fiossa

            You’d be bloody amazed how much information can be found on a person through public records.
            Ever apply for credit and it asks questions like ‘Have you ever been associated with the following addresses?’ or ‘What month was [family member] born?’
            It’s not too hard to dig up one’s physical address with a few leads 😛

          • Beatrix Muircastle

            I honestly would not be surprised if that was the intent. I saw the “reveiw judge mcgraw” page. it was awful cyberbullying at its most disgusting. I honestly hope their names never get found because I can only imagine the fury and rage unleashed.

  • Bill Atwood

    What is the teachers name? Was there one in the classroom? How could he/she permit this to happen?

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      she was teaching at the time, she was going over math with him and the spoiled kids wanted more attention. since they don’t or can’t get punished for it they disrespected Christian and the teacher by bullying him.

  • L Kaz

    Mom…would you consider teaching Christian at home? He needs to recover and you are clearly a safe person who would provide a safe and healthy environment for him.
    Being penalized for defending oneself is wrong. Does not seem like the bullies will be reprimanded and Christian has to face being around them…again. Too much for a 15 year old…too much.

    A mom who has been there.

    • Gregory Alan of Johnson

      Exactly!! Completely agreed!

    • Crash7

      If she did that, this story would have ended there-plus, nowadays, parents work full time to support their families. Too many just stay silent, thus enabling the injustice and unnecessary suffering to continue and intensify.
      This story isn’t just about Christian’s suffering, it’s calling out the insanity of litigious society. Policies and procedures are great for standardizing practices, but they shouldn’t blind us from identifying and responding to real problems.
      Kudos to them both for speaking up in the face of fear – accepting defeat and staying quiet inspires nothing.

  • Sherry

    Why is that a felony charge of wiretapping ? He was trying to protect himself. People with phone’s are videoing everything now a days. And playing for all to see, so when someone is videoing a Police officer at work or any one else that is hurting or robbing someone and is caught on a phone. Then that person should be charged with a felony? Am I missing something?

    • Gregory Alan of Johnson

      District CYA. The admin of the school knew about the bullying and did nothing.

    • Independentrd

      They are making the definitions up to suit their needs at the moment.

  • david kleber

    Someone I know very well had a teacher application in to that school district. After seeing the story on the Ben Swann site, he called them and asked to have himself removed for consideration in the job stating that he wouldn’t want to have any part of a school district that treats special needs students as they did Christian.

  • LibertarianUSA42

    the principal should be fired and so should the local judge and prosecutor..

  • Wendy Slafka

    The best medicine for these bullies is to plaster their names up everywhere for people to see who it is exactly … by bullies, I mean the principal, superintendent, school district and school board. Maybe with a dose of their own bullying medicine, they will understand what it means to have people treating you with contempt.

    • SuzyQZee

      I agree in revealing the names of the perps. I also believe that every idiot-minded bully and their equally idiot-minded friends who do harm to others and have the idiot-minded notion that recording it on a device or posting it to a site should be equally charged with wiretapping, prosecuted to the full extent of the law and jailed. If it just so happens that someone’s precious little darling won’t get to college because of a criminal record, oh well so be it. Let them flip hamburgers for the rest of their miserable idiot-minded lives.

  • Pissed Off

    That’s good news!!!

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    There is something extremely wrong in that “district” of Penn when a “judge” can sentence and fine someone without a plea or anything remotely resembling due-process, even of the 14th amendment.
    All involved against Stanfield should be fired and spend time in prison under the rumor of being pedophiles.

    • Abe

      Bet it’s because PA is a Commonwealth. Just like VA, KY, & MA.

      • Gregory Alan of Johnson

        The municipal corporations (STATE/COMMONWEALTH OF, COUNTY OF. CITY OF) are ALL interlinked and franchises of the main one in DC (UNITED STATES) that’s codified at 28 USC 3002 15 A.
        It doesn’t matter the label, just the structure.

  • gittlopctbi

    YEA!!! The power of the New Media. Thank God for it.

    • Odd Jørgensen

      Which part of the internet,computers etc did God invent? What patents does he hold? From what I have learned,a nonbelieving gay man named Alan Turing is the “father” of the computer, and same with the internet(except maybe the gay part)

      • gittlopctbi

        Well, I respect whatever you want to believe. But I don’t respect your snarky reply. For the record I not only believe, but I know that God is the author of all of mankind’s inspiration. First of all, your comment has nothing to do with the content of my post in relation to the story. Second, you are just being a smart-alek jerk.

        • Odd Jørgensen

          You are entitled to your own beliefs,but you are not entitled to your own facts,and the evidence clearly shows that there is no god but Odin.

  • oooBooo

    The anti-bullying movement doesn’t understand that bullying serves an institutional purpose which is why it is institutionally protected and why its victims are often those who are punished when they do anything to stand up to it. (apparently they now go to criminal courts, making things much worse) Until the nature of the institution of government schools is addressed all anti-bullying actions will be for naught. Just more feel-good victimhood activity. The root of the problem must be dealt with.

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      but who exactly benifits from people they never met picking on other people who can’t defend themselves easily?

      • oooBooo

        The bullies are kapos of the schools. They help enforce the primary mission of the school to create fungible people.* Those who are different or stand out are singled out by the bullies. Kids learn quickly not to be different or stand out.

        *The history of public education in USA is all too much to explain here, but John Taylor Gatto has written extensively on it.

        • Beatrix Muircastle

          that makes sense… conform or die I take it..

    • Rodney Fuller

      I have never read so much word vomit in my life. And that’s not hyperbole, It literally reads as if you puked words and tried desperately to put them in some statement that makes sense. feel good victimhood? (which victimhood isn’t even a word) What an oxymoron, and an insult to actual victims of vicious bullies. Congrats, you’ve given me my first headache of the week.

  • Berserker