RUSSIA, October 15, 2014 – On Saturday, Edward Snowden gave an exclusive interview to the New Yorker from an undisclosed location in Russia. In his interview, Snowden repeated his request to the U.S. government to return and stand trial for his alleged crimes.

Snowden, the former NSA employee who famously leaked sealed documents detailing the government’s massive and illegal surveillance program, claims he has been repeatedly denied the right to a fair trial by U.S. government officials.

In June of last year, Snowden was charged with “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and with “willful communication of classified intelligence information to an unauthorized person” in violation of the Patriot Act.

In his interview, Snowden stated, “If I’m allowed to make my case before a jury. I would love to do so.”

Snowden continued to defend his decision to expose the infringement of all Americans’ rights by their government stating, “It was about getting the information back to people so they could decide if they cared about it. I could not have been more wrong in thinking that people wouldn’t care.”

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