The standoff between a Nevada family and federal agents intensified Wednesday when a violent altercation occurred. As we have reported, hundreds of federal agents are rounding up cattle that have been reportedly “trespass grazing” on BLM land in Nevada. The owner of those cattle, Clive Bundy says that hundreds of his cattle are being stolen from him. Bundy’s wife says snipers are surrounding the family’s ranch and watching their every move.

Wednesday, things intensified as family members and protesters saw a BLM convoy with dump trucks and backhoes. The family became suspicious that there may be dead cattle in the dump truck or that the feds were burying cattle after killing them during capture, so they stopped the convoy. The feds became combative and began to assault the protestors, throwing a 57-year-old woman who is a Bundy family member that is recovering from cancer to the ground. When another family member came to her aid he was tazed. A pregnant woman was also attacked by a K-9 during the altercation. The protestors stood their ground and refused to be intimidated. Finally, the BLM retreated when it became clear that the protestors were not going to stand down.


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