On April 2nd, more than 200 students gathered after lunch at Lake Central High School in Indiana to protest the fact that a child who had recently committed suicide was not allowed a moment of silence. The student was not currently enrolled. However, the other students felt that the child should be given a moment of silence anyway.

An unidentified person shouted “One moment of silence, for my [inaudible], over the intercom, that is all was are asking for from the school.”

Principal Robin Tobias then replies “Can you sit down now? You are not in charge here. I am.”

“We should be given a chance to grieve as a school,” sophomore Natalia Kuzbiel said.

After feeling the faculty had lost control of the peaceful demonstration they called the St. John police. Several officers arrived.

Tobias is heard saying on the video,  “You are sitting here for what you think is a good cause,” then went on to say some students think that it is a joke. Tobias stated that he was disappointed in the students. That is when a student spoke up and said that he was disappointed in Tobias. Police wasted no time and dragged the student by the arms and arrested him.

A moment of silence was finally given at 1:30pm. However, the moment of silence was not a schoolwide event. It was confined to those who were protesting.

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