33-year-old Dana Holmes was almost three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when she was pulled over in May.

Video footage of her DUI arrest shows Holmes cooperating with police and making no visible attempt to resist arrest.

After the Chicago woman was taken to the Lasalle County jail for DUI, one female officer put her against a wall and searched her while three male officers watched. Then Holmes’s leg moved; the officers claim the leg movement was a kick at them, but Holmes denies this. “I don’t know if I lost my balance or what happened, but I wasn’t being combative at all,” Holmes insisted.

After the leg movement, the police became aggressive.

In the video footage, all four officers can be seen pulling Holmes to the ground and then stripping her completely naked. Holmes was then left alone, completely naked in the cell where she remained alone on the ground until officers eventually threw a “padded suit” at her.


Holmes said, “I was terrified. I felt helpless. I was scared and I lay there crying. I just prayed.”

The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera.

Holmes is now suing Lasalle County police for “violating her civil rights.” Holmes said, “There’s a lot of people that get DUIs, a lot of people that just make mistakes in life. That still doesn’t give them a reason to do what they did. My dignity is worth more than that, and other people’s too.”

Holmes’s attorney, Terry Ekl, said the incident is “not only a violation of her civil rights, it’s also a crime.” Ekl pointed out that in Illinois, it is illegal to be stripped in the presence of any officer not actually doing the search, and the search may only be conducted by an officer of the same sex.

But police claim Holmes had attitude and was “causing problems” while they tried to arrest her.

Even if what the police claim is true, and Holmes was indeed “causing problems,” does that justify their actions?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and BenSwann.com.Dedicated to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at www.TheLibertarianChick.com.

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  • Paulie

    Under ANY other circumstances, if a woman (or man) is FORCED to remove their clothing, or coerced by threat of violence or death to strip naked, it’s called RAPE! This insane idea that law enforcement can do this at will, by either same sex or opposite in ANY situation, via any number of agencies, is unconscionable! Add to that they can be MOLESTED in and of their genitals?!?
    Has our society TRULY become that depraved, as to accept this as normal???

    • Kevin Merck

      You’re right and most everyone agrees with you.

      What is just as “unconscionable” to me is that it took this happening to a female before you spoke out.

      Sure, you look like prince charming, gallantly speaking up for this female in uppercase letters, but I bet you wouldn’t have bothered to say a word if this were a man.

  • Kevin Merck

    Tate, only cares about this because it’s a female.

    How long are you going to put up with this discrimination Ben?

    Why let her use her position with you to promote gender inequality?

    This type of incident happens far more often to men and, Tate, couldn’t are less.

    • Mark

      You’re ridiculous.

    • Greg Gaugler

      Personally not a fan of Kristin Tate. Its a lot of “blame police first” reports libertarians love to rally behind, even if the reporting is poor and one sided. (I’m a libertarian but I still keep an open mind)

      Here for example. I’m curious why they didn’t show her trying to kick them? They cut the clip right at the point where they were pinning her down. Lot of quotes from the woman and the lawyer, showing me this is probably a biased report as well.

      BUT…BUT… even with a bias, it doesn’t make it wrong.

      I’m curious what the deputies had to say in their defense… My guess is they know they are in the wrong, so they didn’t release any statements. They clearly broke the rules of strip searching and should be punished.

      But my comment was more about criticizing Tate’s brand of journalism, and not this specific report.

      • Kevin Merck

        To me it’s not about what the cops did. Everyone knows that it was wrong. My problem is that, Tate, only cares when this happens to females. She is a sexist pig and I hope she doesn’t destroy the good thing Ben is trying to accomplish with his efforts to bring substantive reporting to the public.

        It’s also apparent that she has plenty of groupies who are quick to harass you and engage in name calling if you point this out.

        She is a tasteless joke. I’ve tried to be objective with her reporting but this story was the last straw for me. She needs to get a job with National Inquirer.

    • Dominic Bartnick

      This has nothing to do with gender. It has to deal with shitty cops being shitty and that’s it. Go to an anti-feminism blog or something.

  • Pat

    The video has a skip in it which occurs just before the officers took the suspect to the ground after the search against the wall. Is this editing by the reporter or editing by the police video technician? The article mentions a “leg movement” that was interpreted as a kick by police officers. This “skip” in the video obfuscates that move. Obviously, that doesn’t excuse what they officers did in stripping this suspect. However, it raises a doubt in my mind about the truthfulness of the reporter.

    • foreverchanged

      You are a shill…Go back to the police force and tell them we don’t like criminal behavior from the police. Do you think if her leg moved when being pressed into the wall that maybe it was when the female dyke cop put her fingers and hands into the woman’s vagina? But remember folks there is no justification for what the cops did even if the victim’s leg moved… This isn’t and Israel jail.

  • kgmongan

    That’s a bloody disgrace. I wonder if the officers concerned would say if their spouses were forced to the ground, stripped and groped by a group of men. Losing their jobs isn’t enough … they should face prison sentences.

  • kgmongan

    That’s a bloody disgrace. I wonder what the officers concerned would say if their spouses were forced to the ground, stripped and groped by a group of men. Losing their jobs isn’t enough … they should face prison sentences.

    • foreverchanged

      Remember the female “dyke” cop was the first to sexually assault the woman by searching her body cavities by inserting her fingers and hands into the woman. Then the male copes with the help of the female continued the rape as they did the same after they stripped her naked. Lose their jobs isn’t good enough and yes long prison sentences is what should happen,

  • Sarah

    My two cents – if it is illegal…it is illegal. This is like a kid having punched somebody on the playground and points the finger and says, he started it. :p This is sad.

  • יצחק בּוזוף

    Oh, she had “an attitude?” So that’s what you do to deal with an “attitude?” You strip, humiliate and sexually assault them?

    Good to know. Oink oink.

  • Kevin Merck

    This needs to happen to females a lot more often, maybe then they’ll care when it happens to men.

    Maybe we’ll see the futility of war, when millions of females are slaughtered on the battlefield. Maybe then feminist pigs will begin to understand that it’s men who have historically been discriminated against.

    Don’t worry, Kristen is undaunted by my words, or the words of any man. Her job is secure, not because of the content of her work or her character, her job is secure no matter what she does, because she is a female. She is one of the protected class of white females who are largely responsible for the downfall of America.

    • kiki_badaboom

      You Kevin are a sick, sick little man. Seek out therapy.

      • Kevin Merck

        Go take a bath, I can smell you from here.

    • delahaya

      We get it, you don’t like Tate. She’s just covering the stories, not waging a jihad against men. Save your fire for those that are.

    • dspringer57

      what the hell is wrong with you?!?!

    • Freedom seeker

      What a misogynist! “white females are largely responsible for the downfall of America?” John Boehner is a white male. I’d say he is responsible for a lot of the problems we are now facing. Kevin, you are nothing.

  • shanaynay

    probably the only way these guys get to touch a pretty female. Disgusting low intellect bastards.

  • LadyAngora

    it doesn’t matter if she tried to kick them or not. that is not an excuse to strip search her. i’m glad she’s suing, but since it involves officers, the worst they’ll get is a slap on the wrist compared to if a non-officer did the same thing.

  • kiki_badaboom

    Dont worry fellow citizens, I foresee immediate paid suspensions, promotions and free Dunkin Donuts for life for these bastards. This is the new definition of protecting and serving the shit out of you.

  • Kevin Merck

    Like the old bomber pilot said, “You know you’re over the target when you start catching all the flack”.

    This is what happens to females who ignore this treatment when it happens to men.

    “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

    – Thomas Paine

    • norhymenoreason

      Amen. Like the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around. This woman did nothing to deserve this treatment. 3 male officers stripping her of clothing? Since when was that a police function. Good God, what are they coming to? If they do not know how to strip search for legal reasons, and that should be limited, then they cannot have it as a tool at all.

      • Kevin Merck

        This shouldn’t happen to anyone – period.

        • MK

          Of course it shouldn’t happen to anyone period! Everyone knows police brutality is wrong! No where in this article does it say otherwise. If a man was given this treatment, thrown into a cell naked they would report that in two seconds. Where is your information coming from that men are ignored in the first place? I see articles and videos on that all the time. In this case they not only assaulted her, but they sexually assaulted her. Stripping off her clothes like that was a sexual assault. It is pretty rare you hear of man being sexually assaulted. Physically assaulted and shot or tasered to death, yes. It is up to those individuals to sue, and press charges against their attackers and draw attention to their plight. Your projected gender issues onto this article are obvious for everyone to see. No one thinks its ok for men to brutalized by police. It may be more common as men are statistically and scientifically the more aggressive and stronger sex. Of course there are exceptions, but statistically few. Police may be more fearful of a taking on a male than a female and that may trigger more brutality and going to extremes… that does not mean anyone condones it, or thinks it is ok.

          • Kevin Merck

            She only writes about female victims you moron, pay attention.

  • Tan

    We want to hear the end state of the police officers. Injustices accounts occurs everyday but I want to hear what is being done about it. Are those police officers held accountable for? Did the victim get any form of payments for unncessary violence? What changes have been made to disallow such behavior within the police force?

  • bobafeet

    this video breakdown is pretty good

  • bobafeet
  • Nate B

    Oh. Don’t just make these men and women lose their jobs. They deserve to be RUINED. This is unbelievable.

    So sorry for this woman and so hopeful that harshness accompanies justice here.

  • Dominic Bartnick

    Hoping these cops never have a job in “criminal justice” again. Bastards deserve jail time.

  • Ravenwolf

    all three officer’s should be fired so something like this will never happen again it makes you wonder how many times this has happened before they put in those cameras where put in

  • Kevin Merck

    This happens every-single-day to men in this country, but it takes it happening to a female before any of you mindless cowards speak out.

    Shame on all of you cowards.

    If this female deserves one-thin-dime for this, then there are thousands upon thousands of men who deserve to be paid a lot more, because the treatment of men in this situation is always a lot more brutal.

    • Luke_Cage1225

      ANYONE who has the s@#t violated out of their rights should sue the individual criminals that committed the crimes. Yr the first I’ve ever heard bitching about gender bias when the discussion should be rogue police.

    • SeekWisdomToday

      [Troll set up here to divide and change the subject detected]

      • MK


    • JoshuaCJCohen

      Your point is this isn’t a story because it happens to other people (men) more. Your moral compass isn’t broken, it doesn’t exist.

  • Matt Owens

    The officers should be fired and never be allowed employment in any kind of position of authority again. Also, can I write articles for you Ben Swann? I actually proofread my writing before I submit it. I am not usually one for calling out people for minor errors in their writing, but when it becomes a recurring theme for certain “writers” on a website that I find great value in then I start to worry. Don’t let people dismiss your hard work and good journalism merely because of the laziness of your employees.

    • Kevin Merck

      You’re the wrong gender. What’s wrong with you? Are you a woman hater?
      It’s not about her lack of talent, it’s about her blatant sexism.
      She’ll end up destroying this whole operation.

      • Luke_Cage1225

        Shut up, YOu are the sexist. By yr whining, you make it sound as if that if these were female officers committing this crime that she would be OK w/ that.

      • MK

        Please specifically point out the sexism in this article! The only sexist person in this page appears to be you.

        • Kevin Merck

          It’s not the article, it’s the fact that she only rights about female victims. If you had been around for a while you would know that.

    • SeekWisdomToday

      The public servant that wears a uniform and get paid by the citizens, should go to jail like any other person. Because he is a public servant with uniform and holds again it doesn’t make them above the law. If I did what they did to any person, I would be in jail. Right?

  • Linda

    “But police claim Holmes was had attitude” Kristin, please, please proof your writing before you publish.

    • Kevin Merck

      The agenda she’s promoting is more important than a few typos.
      She doesn’t care.

      • Luke_Cage1225

        If by “agenda”, you mean tell the truth about the way badged thugs and criminals were in CLEAR violation of their oaths, then YES, she has an “agenda”.

    • J

      And that isn’t what was written anyway unless it has been changed since you thought it was important enough to beg her to proof… copied and pasted – “But police claim Holmes had attitude and was “causing problems” while they tried to arrest her.”

  • Kevin Merck

    Hundreds of men are *shot dead* by police every year in the United States.

    The only female I was able to find who had been shot by police was this woman in 2008. I’m sure there are others, but it’s very hard to find them.

    “Shot by a Sheriff’s deputy who staged a murder-robbery of his wife and claimed to have killed the robber. Instead, the deputy was himself found guilty of murdering both his wife Yancey and the day laborer Cax-Puluc”


    With hundreds of men being killed by police and thousands being treated much worse than this female would’ve ever thought possible, it’s beyond the capacity of most of you people to show any compassion for anyone but a combatant female arrest for being 3x the legal limit.

    Then you wonder why this country is in the trouble it’s in.

    • SeekWisdomToday

      Why divide the issue into man vs woman? Avoid division. The problem is police brutality period. Focus on what unites.

      Read the article again, the point it is not that she was arrested.

      • Kevin Merck

        The way I see it, it’s that women who want to divide us by only focusing on what directly affects their lives.
        As you can see by many of the responses to my comments, people are brainwashed to think that this is only bad when it happens to a female.
        This should never happen to anyone and we need to pay as much attention to the male victims of this violence as we do female victims.

        • MK

          Kevin, Not sure what your anger towards women is about. Men are not sexually violated the way women are and in general women are more vulnerable than men are. Women are more commonly targeted for sexual crimes while men are not. Men dont walk down the street afraid of being raped. Men and women who are victims of police violence, all need to be stood up for. People are more shocked when the more vulnerable sex is targeted by police in the same way children would garner more attention if brutalized by police. This case should get special attention because it amounts to torture. Throwing someone, especially a woman ( who is more fearful of being sexually targeted, usually) is left naked in a cell after being stripped naked by a group of men with absolute authority over her as police. Who do you call when the police attack??? Instead of creating division among the sexes and causing more problems, just simply add some links or stories about men being killed or brutalized, with a caption saying something like ” More stories of police brutality”. If your true intention is to create more awareness of male victims. From your writing your true intention is to divide the sexes and have a forum for anger towards women, it would appear.

          • Kevin Merck

            You’re a f___king moron. I didn’t read past the first sentence.

          • JudyP

            You have some serious issues, Kevin. Get help.

          • Kevin Merck

            Go take a bath you feminist pig, you stink.

          • Jesse

            I also didn’t read passed the first sentence, hahaha.

            You’ve made a good point, and it seems that the women responding to you are doing nothing but proving it. You ask to level the playing field, and they attack your motives rather than understand what you’re trying to say. Molesting this woman was wrong, but murder – no matter who it is – is far worse.

          • Kevin Merck

            It’s this way on everything Kristen Tate posts. She has a following of feminist hate-mongers who attack you if you point out anything relevant or substantive.
            She is a tasteless joke and will destroy the whole operation if Ben doesn’t find a way to get rid of her that doesn’t bring a lawsuit.
            Getting a lawsuit against Ben is probably what motivated her to get this gig. She’s trouble, and she has a lot of help.

  • Tom223

    All 4 officers should do time in jail. They are far more criminal than the woman arrested.

  • MollyPitcher28

    Thanks to obama, the American hitler, we are living the police state.

    We can look forward to more of what happened to this woman and so much worse if the people don’t stand up to this Saul Alinsky styled despot.

    • foreverchanged

      This started with the rest of the Saul Alinsky bunch, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, General Franks, Michael Chertoff, etc….
      This started with the false flag, the attack on New York and the world trade towers. We then got the Patriot Act which is a suspension of our God given rights we got war and we have a militarized police state continued in warp speed by the man who knew too much G Bush when he said “If you don’t like me wait and see what your get.” So to me that means fixed elections and Obama who is following the plans on warp speed. Wake up America!!!!!

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    These cops are psychopathic, sex perverts. Everyone of them should be tried and imprisoned.

    • usedtobesupermom

      and put in with the main prison population- not in (expensive) protective custody-

  • Person

    At the bare minimum they should be classified as felony sex offenders and added to the list. What a disgrace.

  • Susan Donaldson

    let that be a lesson to us aye, it seems like more and more of this is going down all the time…its like they want us to know what they are doing and they want us to be afraid I’m afraid to leave my house!

  • cjkw67

    This video is disgusting. These officers are criminal.
    I watched another video today, it too was disgusting. It ended in the murder of a young mother. A woman that was lost, confused and scared. Her name was Miriam Carey.

  • Patrick McIntyre

    What was done to this young lady was very wrong. However, I don’t believe any monetary compensation should come from suing the police department. If she seeks damages then it should come from the individuals that are involved. Forcing the hard working taxpayers to pay for this is not justice.

  • Kevin Merck

    I didn’t watch the video and don’t intend to. I’m sure it’s horrendous or this poor excuse for a journalist wouldn’t have posted it.

    This female was 3x the legal limit and could have very easily killed an innocent person while she was out driving blasted out of her mind. How would all simple minded knee-jerk idiots feel then? Do you sick freaks even care if she would have killed someone?

    Furthermore, this type of treatment is perpetrated on men, every-single-day of the year, often on men who have committed no crime whatsoever.

    Most of you are little more than easily manipulated morons who think it’s okay if the government tortures people, as long as it’s not a female who may have killed innocent people with her criminal behavior.

    What happened to this female should never happen to anyone and I don’t have to see the video to know that. But, when you criminals allow this to happen to other people, (not just this drunken female) then you allow it to potentially happen to everyone else.

    • joe

      regardless if she was drunk….if you had actually WATCHED the video, you could SEE that no person deserves to be stripped naked and thrown into a cell. Nothing you say can justify what they did. How would you have liked to be in her shoes? and dont give me any of that “i dont drink” or some other excuse, this is a serious hypothetical question:

      What would you do if they had stripped you naked, beat you, and left you in a cell? I’ll bet you’d be singing a different tune.

      • Jed Taylor

        you obviously didn’t read kevins post correctly, his last paragraph quite clearly says “What happened to this female should never happen to anyone and I don’t have to see the video to know that” how can you justify your RANT against him when he clearly states this, you rant doesn’t just make no sense at all it is clearly a hyped vent of rage which makes your Hypothetical question POINTLESS, you really should learn to read correctly and not just jump on one when YOU THINK someone is having a go,but is not, please do re-read the above post. Furthermore why don’t you get yourself out on a weekend and try handling very drunk people with attitude problems, women included, they aren’t the prim,proper, delicate creatures you want them to be.

        • Kevin Merck

          Thanks Jed.
          Nice to know there are a few sane and reasonable people who read Tate’s garbage. Most of them are feminist hate-mongers and sociopaths.

  • johal family

    this sort of stuff happens all the time without any action, it seems the police are immune to judgement. the only way we as the people are going to get some justice is to improve our knowledge of the law, once this is gained we can use the correct words when talking to the state, too many times do we as humans enter into a contract without knowing.
    The police need to remember that they work for us and have a duty to PROTECT and SERVE everyone.

    • gluc88

      Yeah, they PROTECT their own interests and SERVE you with court summons. Most cops are terrible people.

    • foreverchanged

      Did you know our so called representatives and senators have written laws that make them immune from the same laws imposed on us that we get fined and go to jail for?
      It is time to do a clean sweep of Congress and local slime politicians as well which means police chiefs, and every other kind of slime that takes tax payer hard earned dollars and get rich believing they are above the law.

  • MB

    why is this “Kevin Merck” taking what should be viewed as a crime and
    turning it into his forum for ‘I hate women’?? MK had the right of it –
    its police brutality – not a male vs female issue. We need to recognize
    that we now live in a Police State and all of us are at risk – not just
    chics vs dudes. Seriously “kevin”, stop trolling.

    • Kevin Merck

      You are a typical feminist nutcase who wants to turn everything into “hating women”.

      That’s the consistent thread that binds all of the posts made by this poor excuse for a journalist together.

      The people who go around accusing others of “hate” are almost always the haters.

      Any sane and reasonable person, who reads all of my comments, cannot deny that I’m only interested in true justice and gender equality.

      • MB

        If you were truly interested in “gender equality” you wouldn’t have assumed I’m a woman and labeled me a “feminist nutcase”. I stand by what I said Troll.

        • Kevin Merck

          There are a lot of men who are “feminist nutcases”
          Seems like the people who accuse others of “trolling” are nothing but trolls.

          • JoshuaCJCohen

            Does being a huge douche come naturally to you or do you have to work at it?

  • Rob

    As someone who has been the first-hand victim of police brutality, I hope this woman sues the shit out of the police department and the individual officers involved, both in criminal and civil courts if possible, just to make the point that this kind of activity is unacceptable.

  • DB.Coupe

    It’s reporters like Kristin Tate who report these injustices that keep the need for justice alive. Media hardly covers police brutalities and its a shame. More people are being victimized in recent years and I think that trend should presented to the people because with all the viral videos it does seem to be an increasing issue. Police are losing their humanity, reality, and sense of judgement while gaining more prejudice, fear, and power thirst. I hope Kristin Tate keeps these cases alive, we need more lawyers who are willing to take on police misconduct and brutaltiy cases. I hope these articles reach the honest few of lawyers who’d be willing to take the case, or else this will remain an ongoing issue.

    It seems people are being labeled as criminals and that their connotation of criminals is becoming more synonymous with victims. Police are using laws to make examples of what citizens shouldn’t do. As citizens , lawyers, and scholars we should be able to use the same laws to make examples of what police should not be allow to do.

    • Kevin Merck

      “It’s reporters like Kristin Tate who report these injustices that keep the need for justice alive”

      That is a nonsensical statement that has no basis in reality whatsoever. When you begin your diatribe with a sentence that is categorically false the rest of what you say is not worth reading.

      We need justice whether there are any people like Tate in this world or not.

      • DB.Coupe

        I am going to reference a word that comes to mind upon reading several of your replies.


        1. a deliberately provocative online posting intended to incite an angry response.
        a person who submits a deliberately provocative posting.

        • Kevin Merck

          Is the truth provocative? Does it incite anger in you?
          Telling the truth is not trolling.
          Wrongfully accusing people of trolling – is – an act of trolling.
          Your response to my statement is the very definition of trolling.

          • DB.Coupe

            With the risk of further aggravating a troll such as your self, I still need to clarify to the audience – your response was an opinion.

  • Rudya

    Holmes need to file civil suits against the specific officers involved. Suing the dept only makes tax payers pay and has no affect on police behavior. Hit them where it hurts, in their own pockets. Then next time they will think twice.


      ever heard the saying you can’t get blood from a stone? hitting cash strapped municipalities with multimillion dollar suits does change things. she should also sue the individual officers as well though to send a message, not that she’d get anything from the individual lowlifes who would just file bankruptcy.

    • OhFeelya

      Agree. They should be held accountable for restitution, just like everyone else who commits a crime. This is criminal assault, and the fact that she was drunk only makes them all the worse for taking advantage of the situation. This truly makes me sick. Internal Affairs, get these out of control officers off of your roster, make an example of them, a big one, so perhaps other officers will get the message that it does not pay, to assault citizens, even one’s who have been drinking, and particularly women, who can’t protect themselves, and would be jailed for even trying. How much “justice” is there in that? Make it clear and simple: show them this video, and tell them that should they ever choose to brutalize a citizen, they are choosing to end their career in Law Enforcement. Period.

  • matt

    none of us were there whos to say you would not have shot these thugs who for all you know are going to kill you. let me say i hate the police. (just playing the devils advocate) but if i gotta gun on my hip. an two dudes confront me. cop or not id take no chances. better to be poor but alive than rich and dead.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Nope. I think the thugs overreacted and got off on humiliating her. I say throw their sick asses in jail.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Holmes’s attorney, Terry Ekl, said the incident is “not only a violation of her civil rights, it’s also a crime.”

    So, violating her civil rights in and of itself wouldn’t be a crime? Apparently, her attorney, Mr. Holmes, isn’t a relative of Oliver Wendel Holmes.

  • foreverchanged

    I think the woman cop who started the attack and assault was doing this sexual assault for her own deviancy and the thre or four male cops were also sexual devients and participated in this rape to have sexual gratification…
    No other answer is applicable. Fire these cops, indict them under the Rico laws for organized crime, hold them in jail until the case comes to court like any one else. Have a jury of the victims peers ,and not allow the jury to be manipulated by corrupt cops, judges, and lawyers. They the cops will go to jail for a long time. maybe for life. No pensions no special treatment no nothing.