Putting aside the two political agendas of Hamas and Israel, the tragedy of Palestine’s plight is encapsulated in the deaths and injuries of hundreds of innocent children in Gaza.

So far, according to a human rights organization, Israel has killed more children than Hamas fighters. The Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, a Gaza-based human rights organization which works with the UN, has verified the deaths of 132 children between July 7 and July 21 via its field workers. See graphic here.

For their part, according to our sources in Gaza (our sources are not Israeli apologists), Hamas continues to place fighters and weapons in civilian homes and schools, which is in part responsible for the deaths of so many children. More on that below.

One of the most recognizable pictures of tragedy in Israel’s military operation is the picture of the five boys running from an Israeli attack – they were killed while playing soccer on the beach.

palestinian boys running were killed

The four boys from the one extended family – Zacaria, Aahed Bakr Jr, Mohammed and Ismail – were killed by a rocket strike while they played on the beach. An Israeli military spokesman admitted later that they made a mistake and “should have been able to tell that four boys it killed on a Gaza beach last week were not Hamas operatives.”


Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry mocked the accuracy of Israel’s weapons strikes saying,  “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation.”

The U.S. media will show coverage of buildings in Gaza explode from Israel’s highly advanced weapon systems – a scene that Americans see in Hollywood action movies – but the media rarely shows the horrifying reality on the ground and the impact of Israeli bombs.

A Palestinian baby and his mother killed under the rubble of their house destroyed.
A Palestinian baby and his mother killed under the rubble of their house destroyed. Photo credit Twitter.

Journalist Jon Snow recounts the scene in Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, where doctors struggle to treat adults and children wounded by Israeli attacks. He pleads with the West to not allow this conflict to go on.


The video below is a list of killed Palestinian youths under 18 – it was rejected by Israel’s media regulator for being too “political”. Reportedly, Hamas places fighters and weapons in civilian homes, schools, hospitals, etc. According to our sources on the ground, Hamas places innocent people including children directly in the line of fire hoping that either Israel won’t fire or if it does, the deaths can be used to garner international sympathy.

RT’s Abby Martin challenged me on providing actual evidence of Hamas using Palestinians as human shields. We have noticed in the U.S. media that this claim is made over and over without providing evidence. We are currently working on a larger piece about this.

One of the reasons why I write for Benswann.com is I believe humanity is greater than politics. Both sides must find a peaceful resolution. I am pro-Humanity and I pray this war will end soon. #ChildrenofGaza

boy after bomb explosion

no legs

little palestinian girl

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  • Michael

    I wish religion did not exist sometimes. Or the USA perhaps…

    • Justin Green

      eliminated religions would have a much bigger impact on the world and the universe for that matter.

      • http://principlecondition.blogspot.com/ Steven

        In addition to being a motivator for war and genocide, Religion has always been a ballast for culture, art, philosophy, and charity throughout the world. Religion doesn’t inherently make people hateful any more than weapons make people violent; it just makes it easier for the hateful to find a reason to hate. If it wasn’t religion, people would default to politics or race, like we always do.

        • Justin Green

          Not if we replace it with reason ,science, philosophy, and understanding. And teaching UPB.

          • http://principlecondition.blogspot.com/ Steven


        • Michael

          Steven I’d agree with you if you were simply referring to paganistic religions… but you’ve grouped in popular monotheistic religions which are a pure invention from religions that came before them… and the mainstream, monotheistic religions are doing much more damage than they’re repairing right now.

          • http://principlecondition.blogspot.com/ Steven

            You’re certainly entitled to that opinion. I’m inclined to believe that people are responsible for their own actions, and whatever excuse they latch onto is just that: an excuse.

    • jimlope

      Religion does not inherently breed hate, jealousy and fear does. Religion is an easy target for those who seek a reason to hate. Some people simply can’t think more about bettering their own existence than they do about tearing down others. It’s very sad, and while that mindset continues, the Palestinians will not know peace.

      • Justin Green

        Religions introduce absolute rights. As in, “my religions is right and your’s is wrong!” That is the beginning.

    • reenietta

      Be careful what you wish for.

    • Val C.

      You really don’t want the USA to go away while there are groups like Hamas and religions whose faiths include the extermination of non-believers. Really – the USA doesn’t do everything right and neither does Israel – but you REALLY don’t want to be defenseless against the alternatives.

      • Michael

        “extermination” of nonbelievers? With what? They don’t have planes or anything that can even come close to the U.S. and won’t for at least a hundred years. I’m not going to be defenseless if the “world police” don’t exist anymore.

        • rebekah26

          Are you of the belief that if America wasn’t the world police there wouldn’t be a country that was? That is naive my friend.

  • Jennifer Constantine

    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” – Golda Meir

    • mises87

      Golda Meir AKA Zionist Twat.

      • stephen

        Its Hamas that is hiding weapons in churches, hospitals and schools.

        • gringo_1

          Just because a rocket might be hidden somewhere doesn’t give anyone the right to murder every man woman or child in close proximity ..the key words being being ” might be hidden”…

          • http://principlecondition.blogspot.com/ Steven

            At the same time, it is universally understood that hiding weapons in schools, hospitals, and religious buildings removes their status as “protected structures.” As soon as you start treating protected structures as mililtary outposts, they become valid military targets.
            This is something that happens often, particularly by insurgent groups, precisely *because* it turns protected structures into military targets. If it’s not destroyed, the weapons are safe for later use. If it is destroyed, then you can use the civilian casualties as a source of propaganda.
            The reality is, if HAMAS weren’t hiding weapons inside schools, mosques, and hospitals, the Israeli’s wouldn’t be able to strike those areas with impunity.

      • stephen
      • jimlope

        Hateful and childish speech. Use your brain, if you did perhaps there would be peace.

      • stephen

        a statement that was made by, not by the Israeli ambassador, not by the spokesman of the IDF but by the UN Secretary General yesterday. And I want to read you what he said yesterday. Not last year, yesterday. He said this:

        “The secretary general is alarmed to hear that rockets were placed in an UNRRA school in Gaza and that subsequently these have gone missing. He expresses his outrage and regret at the placing of weapons in a UN-administered school. By doing so — now listen, Erin, exactly what he says, — By doing so, those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets and endangering the lives of innocent children, UN employees working in such facilities, and anyone using the UN schools as shelter.

        This is yesterday.

        Do you not think that it’s relevant to report on CNN that the secretary general of the United Nations yesterday warned against the use of UN schools and shelter for rocket missile depots of Hamas?

        Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/ken-shepherd/2014/07/24/israeli-ambassador-slams-cnns-bias-omission-during-live-interview-erin#ixzz38iTeMBsI

        • gringo_1

          So what about the four children playing on the beach ? They were bombed by the Israeli navy just for fun ? no hamas rockets there? the American news channels are giving a much different narrative than the rest of the world and judging by the comments on this page you have all fallen for it hook line and sinker. its amazing how the news channels can say how many Hamas fireworks have been fired off but not how many isreali precision missiles have been fired ? the death toll speaks for its self …if only the American people knew the disgusting living conditions that the Israeli’s force upon the Palestinian people they would certainly change their minds about this blow back from Palestine..iIm also sure the 3 billion dollars that American tax payers give to Israeli every year would be of much better use at home rather than be sent overseas to subsidise genocide.

  • Zionistout

    The Jews will pay for their crimes against the Palestinians and against the whites in Europe and America.

    • Justin Green

      How about first we worry about making our own government morally responsible to the people before we start shouting about other countries. Huh?

      • Joseph Slabaugh

        How about we eliminate governments altogether. They are outdated.

        • Justin Green

          true, but we need to start somewhere first. As a transition.

          • Joseph Slabaugh

            They will fight that tooth and nail.

          • Justin Green

            Then let us hope we have more teeth and nails.

          • Joseph Slabaugh

            LOL @ the mental picture. But ya, the Statists love to fight for power and control. We just have to fight harder.

    • jimlope

      Your hate runs far deeper than opposition to Israel’s acts of self-defense. I fear there is no hope for peace with those like you, who choose to hate an entire religion for simply existing.

  • The J Shep

    The fact of the matter is Israel isn’t going anywhere. No amount of rockets, bombers and war will dislodge them. The Palestinians will never achieve their goal of wiping the Israelis off the earth. They have two choices – 1) Adapt & learn to live in peace with their neighbor 2) Continue an endless cycle of suffering. All the propaganda, spin, and anti-Zionist hate in the world will not and does not change that fact.

  • Brenda

    Its a shame that people care so little about life, and and more about money. You can say that they are fighting for a god. But I know there is no god out there that would want their people to do this to a child. Men are evil, and no matter how many times we try to stop it, Evil is Evil. I pray that my God, the father of Jesus Christ, protects those children, and bring them into heaven quickly to ease their pain. I pray that God kills the men responsible for these attacks on innocent lives and condemns them to hell. I pray for the world, because we are about to see this come to America. I pray that God eliminates every single Murder out there that uses his name to justify the murders of all life. Its a sad sad day, when we have to surrender to the will of our Government who abuses their power to murder & injure people. I have nothing left in me Lord, please come and end the suffering of your people, for hell has truly broke out on Earth. Its time to take your people Lord, and leave the Murders behind. Lord God I am ready to go.. I cant bare to watch this world tare itself apart over greed, hate, lust, money, land, oil, commodities. Death is not worth it, when I know that you gave us this life to love… God bless all the people who are hurt or dying because of our Evil Governments who cant stop killing.

    • jscar

      Pray that kills the men. Same line of thinking as the men you pray are killed. sheesh.

  • LTE2

    No matter how bad the pictures are, Hamas must be eliminated because nothing will change until they are.

    • Spierce344

      Not matter what happens Israel should be wiped off the earth. You are ignorant stupid media brainwashed fools

  • TheBossyFiesta

    And the blame for these pictures is on the heads of Hamas.

  • Chris Jarvis
  • Fruben

    I blame the basic concept of centralized government & organized religion. Until we grow up out of these dangerous, wasteful, and intellectually retarding actives the sooner we will see less of this horrific BULLSHIT!

  • J. Nev

    Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship)

    Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

    Jewish Man Exposes Israel’s Lies

    Did you ever wonder how/why Al Qaeda never attacks Israel??

    Even The Troops Are Waking Up

  • http://FreedomOutpost.com/ Tim Brown

    It is very sad, but the media won’t show you many of these children like this: http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/07/palestinian-children-media-isnt-showing/

    • Kurt P

      So the little Palestinian scum have it coming, is what you’re saying?
      Way to perpetuate the paradigm.

  • Keith Watson

    This world is SO F-ed Up.

  • Dmm

    Wrong. At LEAST one of these pictures is from Syria. The boy with the missing legs is definitely from Syria.

    The Palestinians are masters at manipulating media, and love to pass off old photos as their own. Please be more responsible when posting so as to not perpetuate a lie.

  • LV

    Who really cares about the children what a farce, all of humanity cares about their own children first. If my enemy hid behind his children while trying to kill mine I would take out his children to get to my enemy and save my own children. Come on who really believes that these extreme Islamists care about the deaths of even the children in their own religious sect.

    • LTE2

      “Come on who really believes that these extreme Islamists care about the deaths”
      If Israel disappeared off the face of the Earth tomorrow, the end result would be to free up groups like Hamas to cause havoc elsewhere in the mid east.

  • seabisquit

    How about the children in our own country??? What are we doing about that.? This is a sad story, but look in our backyards…. this is happening here and there is NO news of it????? Where is the news stories about our own issues within? Why are we so concerned with foreign countries and not our own….???? This is hard to comprehend, from an AMERICAN , that has the same issues!!! What do we do about our own kids??? It requires so much red tape to help one of our own, but we send help to families that are not in our interest at will???? Even the Veterans that served our COUNTRY for crying out loud! Where is their sacrifice compensated????? Please, someone tell me why our own sacrificed veterans are not taken care of?????

  • ded2me

    All this BS needs to stop. Unfortunatly you have the violent extremist muslims siding with Al Queda on one end. And then you have the Israeli government who has perpetually instigated many fights with the paletiniants. For thousands of years. I have not quite put my finger on it, but it sure does seem odd that the Jews have been hated so much for some reason over the thousands of years. Take North Korea for example. Did you know they allow tourists? Yes that is right! Even as an American you too can visit sunny-happy North Korea. But if you are from Israel, it’s a NO GO. Whats going on here? There is something I am missing here? Why does more than half the world hate the Jews?

  • BeBeX

    American news media, which happens to be Pawns in Hamas Propaganda, are filling the airwaves with more lies. Israel has done Everything they can possibly do, leaf droplets, phone calls, message to the civilians in Gaza to tell them to get out, for a War is coming, but either the civilians won’t leave OR Hamas won’t let them leave.

    The civilians of Gaza are being used by Hamas as human shields, fodder for the lies, and propaganda against Israel. Unfortunately the world is believing these lies. How can a whole planet be so brain-washed?

    When the Jewish people were forced out of their beautiful homes in Gaza and the land was given to the Arabs, the Arabs destroyed the homes, because they would rather live in camel dung than live in a house previously occupied by a Jew. Such hate. The life long dream of the Arabs is to wipe ALL Jews from the planet, and take over the Jewish land.

    The Koran encourages the Arabs to lie,cheat,steal and hate.
    The Torah prohibits the Jews from all of the above, and teaches them to spread the Love of their Great Jehovah. This war is between God and His people, and satan and his followers. Even tho I am not Jewish I belong to our Almighty God. THANK YOU JESUS.

  • Guest
  • candace6

    You have zero credibility and should be ashamed for resorting to posting images that have nothing to do with Palestine.