Last December, a 54-year-old New Mexico woman was crossing a bridge between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso when she was chosen for random “additional screening.” The woman, whose name has not been released, had been in Mexico visiting a friend.

Even though Border Patrol agents had no reason to think the woman might have drugs on her, one officer placed his fingers in the crevice of the woman’s buttocks to search for illegal substances.

The woman was subsequently put in a line of suspects. It was then that an officer hit the ground near her feet, which caused a drug dog to run up to the woman and alert officers of “drugs.” The ACLU, who is representing the woman, claimed the officer hit the ground near the woman on purpose, in order to purposefully prompt the drug dog to run up to her. It is unclear if the dog would have done this if the officer not hit the ground near her feet.

After the dog “alerted” officers, the woman was stripped naked. Her buttocks and vagina were examined using a flashlight.

No drugs were found — but that was not sufficient for the officers.

They then took the woman to the University Medical Center of El Paso, where she was forced to take laxatives. Her bowels were cleared in front of the officers, and again, no drugs were found. Still, that was not sufficient.During the car drive to the hospital, woman allegedly had asked officers if they had a warrant — they told her they didn’t need one.

Next, according to the ACLU’s lawsuit, the woman was forced to undergo an X-ray, more rectal probing, and a pelvic CT scan.

Surprise: no drugs were found.

The lawsuit said, “After the CT scan, a Customs and Border Patrol agent presented Ms. Doe with a choice: she could either sign a medical consent form, despite the fact that she had not consented, in which case CBP would pay for the cost of the searches; or if she refused to sign the consent form, she would be billed for the cost of the searches.”

After enduring these invasive and embarrassing searches, the 54-year-old was sent a $5,000 hospital bill.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Shannon Bell Bush

    is it illegal for the agents to have done this? What about the medical center where it was done? Did these people not understand this womans rights were being violated and that they were taking part in a crime? Unless of course violation of ones rights is not a crime. If it is not then we have no discussion here. If it is illegal then all who were involved should be sued and jailed for obstructing justice.

    What I want to know is if she fought back? How many people have fought back against their assailant only to be killed and then the assailants were not charged with any wrong doing?

    • Wayne Gilmore

      Someone refused, the DR drugged him and did several colonoscopies, CTs, Xrays with out his permission, and now the Dr, the cops and sever others are looking at losing their licenses, but that after they had done it to dozen’s of others.


      your perspective is interesting . Why have you stopped commenting ?

  • Nondescript Member

    This is very clearly “Conspiracy Against Rights” with kidnapping and or aggravated sexual abuse under Title 18 United States Code Subchapter 241

    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person […] in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;…

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    I would, just once (and that’s all it would take) like to see one or more of the recent perpetrators of crimes against the Constitution charged with this crime, and in this case be thrown in jail for life!

    • ZL

      So this happened last December…….
      What has happened in the interim???

  • Mark Neisler

    $5000 dollars is outrageous! You can get a good lube job like that for under $500 in the tenderloin district.

  • pyro404

    So border patrol agents are domestic enemies and should be neutralized accordingly. I hear you loud and clear, US government, you are screaming for a civil war. I wonder if your people can hear you as loud as the rest of the world can.

    • Robert

      A civil war is defined as two or more factions fighting over the same system of governance within the same country.

      I assure you that is not what the revolution will be named, even though the Statist Pigs will try and call it something as absurd as that.

    • Teresa Roberts

      Border patrol need to be required to film their interactions with citizens and suspects (google Rialto Study). How I wish this was an isolated incident.
      However, it takes an unethical medical center & staff to comply with these searches, esp in absence of a warrant. Sadistic.

  • Yves Baggi

    Why is this story coming up twice with no new information?

    Plus the story starts with last december when infact it was
    published Nov 12.

    I’ve seen this a few times now on and it’s kinda annoying. first I see it imy fb feeds and think (or hope) there’s some update but really there’s barely anything new and the stories don’t cross reference each other so
    i’m always left to thinking if they’re the same or different?

    Or am I completely off here?

    • Teresa Roberts

      We are so sorry for your inconvenience. Perhaps you’d prefer to be strip searched and probed. The posters are trying to protect you and others. Stop whining & do a better job on your site… if you have one and think you can. Ingrates during the season of goodwill. sigh.

      • Yves Baggi

        Ok lady, thanks for …. nothing.

        i like Ben Swann and his report and finding. Why the attack? Yes it is inconvenient, not only for me but other readers too. if a news feed becomes too inconvenient, people will discard it.

        Why not take a slice of feedback to improve ever so marginally the readers and visitors experience.

        AND? who the heck are YOU? are you speaking for

  • dozr

    These victims need to sue the hospital as well as the Police Department, the town/county/state and any other organization sanctioning the police department.

  • x

    take the offending officers to bubba’s jail cell and let hiim do a full body cavity search

  • John Yowan

    An obvious violation of the 4th Amendment. It is sad to see “law enforcement” ignoring individual rights. The whole purpose of these people is to protect rights, and instead they are the biggest organized violators of these rights. To me it seems like our rights are more secure without a government than they are with a government.

  • John F. Hendry

    Thugs with badges expressing their hate having fun raping a woman and when people see this and do nothing they deserve what follows..