The story broken by Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalekof Truth Dig claims that the on-air resignation of RT_America Anchor Liz Wahl was actually coordinated with a Neo-Con Think-Tank and driven in part by Daily Beast writer James Kirchick. More on him in a minute.

According to the report by TruthDig, much of evidence that Wahl’s resignation was not a spontaneous moment in which she could no longer deal with RT’s “propaganda” can be traced back to Tweets which were sent out about a half hour before Wahl’s final newscast. Though the tweets themselves didn’t come from Wahl, but rather from a neo-conservative think-tank Foreign Policy Initiative, which was started by Bill Kristol.

The first tweet from FPI went out 19 minutes before Wahl’s resignation:

Then, 10 minutes before her resignation:

  2 min before:

Finally, at 5:26 pm, the exact moment when Liz Wahl resigned:


Clearly, someone at FPI was already aware that Liz Wahl was going to resign her anchor position at RT America live on air.

But the plot thickens. It was just over an hour after Wahl was off air that she conducted an exclusive interview with none other than 31 year-old James Kirchick. The two then tweeted out a picture together which they titled a “Freedom Selfie”.


The Truth Dig story explains Kirchick has written for neo-conservative publications such as Commentary but that isn’t half the story. James Kirchick is known for more than just being a neo-conservative.

In 2007, Kirchick was working for The New Republic magazine when he did an expose on the infamous “Ron Paul Newsletters”. In his hit piece on Congressman Ron Paul, Kirchick divulged to readers that the Texas Congressman had for 20 years written a racist, homophobic newsletter.

I became aware of Kirchick in January of 2012 when viewers asked me to take a look at the Ron Paul newsletter story.  I soon found that the claims made by Kirchick were greatly exaggerated. That out of a minimum of 200 newsletters, spanning some 20 years, there were only 9 that included words or phrases that might be considered racist. More importantly, those 9 editions did not include a by-line.


When my story first aired explaining this situation, Kirchick responded on Twitter exclaiming that I was attempting to downplay his revelations regarding the newsletters. That led to a follow up on my part. In this second “Reality Check” which aired one night later, I disclosed information Kirchick had buried in his reporting.

Furthermore, that information had not only been buried by Kirchick, but had been ignored entirely by other media who had covered the newsletter scandal. This information, however is extremely important to the story. Turns out, that among the so called “racist” newsletters, there was ONE by-line.

As I explained in January of 2012 “The author of those articles James Kirchick mentions that none of the racist newsletters have a by-line, except for one. The only problem, back in 2007 (Kirchick) did not mention the name of that writer or which edition he or she wrote.”

Turns out one edition has a by-line with the name James B. Powell.  Powell’s name appears on a 1993 Special Edition of the Ron Paul Strategy Guide. It was also written during the exact same time period in which these “racist” newsletters began to pop up.  You see, the Ron Paul Newsletter had been printed for 14 years, since 1976, before one single “racist” word popped up in 1990.  As I explained in my report, all of the editions with “racist” or “homophobic” language not only began to appear at the same time, but were first published in a span of 4 out of 5 months.  To understand the connection to James Powell, watch the follow up “Reality Check” below.

You can watch that report here:

Combine James Kirchick, who already has a record of writing hit pieces on behalf of neo-cons, with Liz Wahl’s resignation and the end result should made anyone with critical thinking skills pause. As for Kirchick’s track record when it comes to standing up against propaganda? That part of the story is almost laughable, as TruthDig points out “Kirchick worked for part of 2011 out of Prague for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a media network funded by Congress (formerly backed by the CIA) that functions like the American answer to RT in Russian-aligned Eastern European countries.”

As for Liz Wahl, if she truly believed that she was being forced to report propaganda, then she has every right to resign her position with RT as she did. On the other hand, to have worked with people like Kirchick in order to capitalize on that resignation, I will leave to the reader to decide the folly or wisdom in that.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • The Maryland Myth

    More lies in the media…sigh…

  • JohnD

    Hey Swann, WAKE UP. Ron Paul *is* a racist. Are you completely clueless???

    • BenH_76

      How is he a racist? That word is thrown around so much nowadays that nobody even really cares anyways.

      • bginna

        How is it that you are both missing the sarcasm?

        • Rook King

          What makes you so sure it’s sarcasm? The accusation is thrown around mindlessly all the time in political discussions.

    • daddyksinger

      Hey, JohnD, WAKE UP and take your head out of your ass

    • Rook King

      Yeah, anybody who points out the absurdity of socialist policies is a racist. When you can’t argue, just cry racism. It will help you win morons over to your side.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Right, you know Ron Paul is a racist ‘cuz you heard it on the TV. WAKE UP? You should try it.

  • dannyboy

    Now this is grade A stuff… Why would anyone like Liz Wahl work with a Neo-Con. RT is falling apart sincerely, I used to enjoy their watch dog reporting on the US but lately with this Wahl debacle and with Patty Progressive Abby Martin, who just seems woefully uninformed lately and annoying, I just don’t even watch their vids anymore. This was a great write up and compilation of old and new stories and vids, thanks for the great work Ben.

    • vacuumation

      I disagree. They’ve stepped up during this debacle and proved their worth. I love what Abby Martin is doing and have gained a newfound respect for her AND her network by the fact that she neither resigned nor was fired for reamining unapologetic about her opinion on the Crimea takeover. Free speech in full effect.

      • dannyboy

        I’m definitely not misinformed I assure you off that and I used to be an Abby Martin fan but a few of her recent segments and analysis has caused me to change my mind. She admittedly was ignorant on the details of Crimea and was even offered to be given access there by RT, which she declined. I think that was a mistake, it’s the biggest story in international news and she declines, inexcusable. Her position on Putin… big deal, I can see why it’s admirable but what’s her choice, to support him or silence? In the wake of Liz Wahl she wasn’t going to get axed bc RT would have lost a lot of credibility. RT’s job is to hammer the West, that’s their narrative and they’ll stomach her ONE outburst as long as she continues bashing the establishment , they excel at highlighting foreign stories and it’s not like I think they are awful, but I find myself there less and less.

        “On any of the other networks other than Fox,” what kind of comparison it’s that? The other establishment news networks and exclude Fox??? Fox is a perfect comparison RT trots out anti establishment propaganda AND news and so does Fox. TYT’s Cenk , Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald are all great journalists not in the DNC’s pocket. All of whom are better and brighter than Abby, her Buzzsaw appearance was particularly off-putting. Also with what’s transpiring between Russia and the US why am I going to believe Russian bought anti American propaganda if I won’t take the establishments bought and paid for propaganda? Is there any difference? You do see the conflict even if you don’t take my position in it? There’s no arguing it’s presence. With the rise of quality alternative and investigative journalism I see less and less reason to go to one with such a clear agenda.

        I’m just thankful that we have all these options arising for news that the outlets with clear agendas are competing with one’s who are clearly in search of truth.

    • krinks

      You are misinformed. Having Abby Martin on the air shows RT a great source for news and information. She states her opinion (which I don’t agree with a lot of the time) that in some cases flies in the face of the official Russian/RT opinion. Yet they let her air her views without interference. Try finding a reporter that is not in the pocket of the Democratic National Committee on any of the American networks other than Fox News. If they exist they won’t be there long. They are what they accuse RT of being.

  • daddyksinger

    Being a huge Ron Paul fan I know I am easily biased. That being said, I’m glad Mr. Swann did this to help clear my man Paul.
    Dr. Paul truly is the most passionate, most honest and most believable candidate that has run for office. A man of the people and for the people for real.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    I suspected this was a stunt from the beginning, and knowing Kirchick is involved makes it pretty obvious this was to beat the war drums against Russia.

    • casterofpeals

      yeah, i always thought iran would be the proverbial german kaiser, now it looks like russia is the kaiser… and iran is austria? interesting play.

  • Herbert Napp

    THIS is investigative journalism. NICE!

  • librtee_dot_com

    It’s such an incredibly weak resignation statement. She just blathers on about herself and stupid nonsense. If she wanted to appear credible, she should have spent the time making a logical, concise case against RT. She made a fool of herself here.

  • Lou Whow

    The Daily KOS, New Republic and others conspired with a Mr. Black, a self-described racist white supremest, to work together to smear Dr. Paul with the newsletters.

  • vacuumation

    Wow, incredible investigative reporting here Ben.

  • Scott Rickard

    False and misleading historical, educational and “news” media often causes widespread institutionalized ignorance, producing national psychological phenomena in which entire populations unwittingly bestow empathy, sympathy and allegiance to their prognosticators, many times to the point of defending and identifying with them regardless of the consequences.

  • krinks

    I knew something was amiss when Wahl resigned before this article, although it reinforced what I suspected from the beginning. RT has done many a fine story on GMO foods, the dangers of vaccines, the private Federal Reserve, and how the World Bank/the big banks bankrupts a nation, steals their assets, and starves its people. Anyone going near these stories on American MSM will be out of a job by the end of the week. It was only a matter of time before someone did a drive by hit piece on RT.

    • dannyboy

      This news is everywhere in Alt. Media though. It’s sounds like you are equating rt with MSM and then hailing them as a bastion of unbiased reporting. Plenty of people cover these issues and do a great job, so RT isn’t the only one and certainly not the best. We know, or at least should what MSM is an establishment proxy. RT is no more than that for it’s country, all the news you speak of is readily available elesewhere without the added propaganda and lack of honesty about Russia and it’s role in the world stage drama.

      • krinks

        RT is the only broadcast media that tells the whole truth about western current events. Everyone else in the west is in someone’s pocket be it a mega corp. that uses GMOs, HFCS, foreign slave labour, owned secretly by one of the owners of the private Federal Reserve, or that has Arab oil money as stockholders.

        • dannyboy

          Do you work for RT? Serious question

  • WriteInVote NOeVoting

    Ben check this out: a video of Wahl interviewing former CNN reporter Amber Lyons. Lyons exposes CNN’s war propaganda to Wahl in 2012, over a year before Wahl’s on-air fit after which Wahl said she would take a job with CNN if offered…

    • Dawn

      Wahl wants attention and money. She will promote and pretend to sympathize with any agenda that meets that goal.

  • TheAtlanticIsPropaganda

    Ben, great article, but please, do some editing. There are a few typos and extra characters and grammatical errors in this piece. I want to share it, but it lends less credence to the piece to people who are not very politically involved due to the spelling/grammar issues.

  • LoneWiseMan

    I am sincerely shocked that Zionists, Jews, and/or neocons are behind her outburst…

    Oh, wait. No I’m not. I said it was fake before when it was being discussed.

    IMF (Israel) has a problem with Ukraine and they’ll use any of their minions they can do accomplish their goals.

    • The Mad Jewess

      ‘I am sincerely shocked that Zionists, Jews,’

      WHAT are you talking about?
      I am totally against ANY aggression in Ukraine.
      Whats with you people, you act like ALL Jews are evil.
      Sick of it.

      • dannyboy

        Not all Jews just like not all Catholics or Muslims are bad people. The issues with “Jews” an the “Jewish Question”, which has been replete throughout history, is something not to be brushed aside in a dismissive disgusted tone. You need to understand the nuances, HISTORY, and subsects of “Judaism” namely the Kabalistic and Reformed Judaic factions of the Jewish contingent led by Rothschild and the Sabbatean-Frankists. The majority of Jews are secular and athiestic and just like many Americans today. Howver the land of Israel wans’t stolen by means of “seculat” logic. It was taken based on divine right. The interesting thing about being Jewish is that not only is it an ethnicity but also a religion. For example “athiestic jews” and their role in the Bolshevik revolution and the early government of the USSR, very high percentage actually. This makes two things possible, one that Jews, throughout histoy have had a clan-like mentality and also a persecuted type mentality that drvies them close together. This results in their San-hedran

        • Chaz

          It was taken based on divine right? LMAO! So where is this contract this god signed that says Israel has a right to exist? Oh don’t say the bible or Torah because well in the Torah god says the Jews don’t have a right to any land and must live like nomads. No, Not all jews are bad, BUT those in power are going to punish all the jews because the people will be angry.

          • Justsomeguy151

            You have zero clue what yr talking about.

          • Chaz

            No, think you have no clue sir, but hey you can go to the store and buy the game.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Yr comment, unlike yr profile pic, isn’t remotely funny but it IS stupid, exactly like yr profile pic, lying moron.

          • dannyboy

            Yes the Kabbalist. Jews interpreted a Torah verse using Gematria saying the Jews could return to the land minus a holocaust of 6 million Jews. You’re right that they are under actual divine decree not to return but when interpreted by sabatean-Frankish Kabbalist Rothschild rabbis they are now within their divine right bc of the slaughter of “6 million” Jews. How else do you think they got back to Israel? The number 6 mil has been in pre ww2 Jewish propaganda since Rabbi Stephen Wise, Rothschild agent, used it in 1900 and the number also appears under the entry anti semitic in the encyclopedia judicatory in 1902 or 05 ( forget which). So yes they believe they have divine decree.

          • Chaz

            However the 6 million jews dieing was a lie to begin with. There was teh problem believing in the Rothschild’s. The Torah also states only god can bring the jews together. If humans brings them together there will be consequences to the humans.

          • dannyboy

            Chaz I understand the 6 mil is a lie THAT IS EXACTLY my point, take a step back and look at the big picture. Also I would recommend exactly how ISrael came about. From it’s history and the World Zionist Organizations of the late 1800’s and early 1900′, the Publishing by Zionist Samuel Untemeyer through the Rothhschild controlled Oxford University Press (the first Pub. of anything religious, and American). This resulted in swaying Protestantism to viewing Israel returning to the land as a sign that the end-times were near and part of God’s will, which isn’t the case at all, not until he returns. The Scofield Reference Bible’s influence in the early 1900’s has laid the groundwork for Pre MIll dispensational Christianity and is why you see the strngth of the Evangelical Christian Right.

            The reason the number HAS to be 6 million (which you’re correct is an ABSOLUTE lie proven in court by David Irving) is because of the Gematria used in the cipher intepreting a verse in the Torah Kabbalistically (which means using mysticism implying a HIIDDEN meaning in the text, while you I and the Karite Jews understand they are banned by dvine decree by YHWH from returning EVER until there is a new heaven and earth at the culmination of thea ge). However the Scofield Bible brainwashed Southern Baptists largely, Judeo Masnory is the Octupus that controls all the appropriate angles and powers, and MSM, Hollywood, and them usic Industry are all controlled by Judeo Masonry as well.

            This links will explain to you what so few know about the conspiracy and how well it’s thought out and how ruthless it was and just how early the 6 million drumbeat was banged. I suggest highly you read it, it was eye opening, and fact check it and you will see it’s the truth.


            So in order to get back to Israel the verse nterpreted KABBALISTICALLY not via Orthodoxy by Sabbatean Rabbi’s read a verse that was missing.

            Jewish author, Benjamen Blech, confirmed this reality in his book “The Secrets of Hebrew Words” (J Aronson Inc., 1991, p. 241), stating,
            “The Hebrew word for ‘ye shall return’(TaShuVU), seems to have been spelled incorrectly. Grammatically it requires another (vav). It ought to read (TaShUVU). Why is it lacking the letter (vav) which stands for six?. [TaShuVU] without the vav is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their national homeland. TaShuVU in numbers adds up to 708: tav=400, shin=300, vei=2, vey=6. When we write the year, we ignore the millennia. In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708. That was the year predicted by the incomplete word (TaShuVu), you shall return. We did return, lacking 6 – an all important 6 million of our people who perished in the holocaust. Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of TaShuVU gives us firm hope that the words of the prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well.”
            Jewish author, Benjamen Blech, confirmed this reality in his book “The Secrets of Hebrew Words” (J Aronson Inc., 1991, p. 241), stating,
            It is also well know that there were several attempts and a few whistle blowers, one i just tried to find on my Amazon wish list who worked for a Jewish Organization trying to get Jews out during WW2 and said the he brokered a deal to get Jews free for a trade of some food and fuel, 10,000 Jews in on deal!!!! And he was turned down by the Zionist organziation bc they needed Jews to perish for their political drive to secure the land of Israel and because they only wanted Nationalist Fundamentalist Jews who would move to Israel upon being rescued. In short if you weren’t a Zionist you got left behind. There have been several whistle blowers to this, one who wrote a or a couple books but of course who you never hear about bc of the Zionist controlled media. I’ll try to findt he book, but I watched a doc on it recently and put the book on my Amazon wishlist, unfortunatley there are 500 on there, so hard to find.
            Authors who talk about this Eustace mullins (New World Order), Douglas Reed (Contorversy of Zion), Ezra Pound, Edmund Burke, David Irving, Lyndon Larouche and all these people have been persecuted for it.

    • Zarathustra

      Oh look another nazi/putin sympathizer.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Yr kidding yrself if you think Israel is in control of anything. The same Banksters/Rothschilds that own the US/England own Israel. Israel’s govt is hopelessly corrupt, just like the US and England.

      • LoneWiseMan

        You do realize that the Rothschilds are Jewish and Zionists, right?

        I’d hope that little tidbit didn’t slip your mind.

        • Justsomeguy151

          What seems to have slipped yr own mind is that Zionist does NOT = Jew. They may claim Jewish heritage, ancestry, or whatever but they are only loyal to each other and money and power and do not worship God but Satan. The Zionists are full fledged instigators of the NWO and they know the vast deception involved in the planning of it. Jews are just Jews. Its a vast tangled web of monsters, criminals, liars and murderers but they are in no particular order: the Illuminati, the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Masons, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the District of Criminals, the Rothschilds, Warburgs and the other evil filthy rich families…. Its an exclusive club and we aren’t in it. Israel and Jews are just pawns in this, as is anyone not in their circle.

          • LoneWiseMan

            Wat? Where did I say Zionism = Jews?

            I said the Rothschilds are Zionist Jews. It’s a fact. They don’t even hide it.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Dumb? Because you posted this?
            “You do realize that the Rothschilds are Jewish and Zionists, right?”

            What is that if not equating them? You can’t be both. Jew isn’t an ethnic background. Those scum renounced any beliefs in Judaism and chose Satanism long ago. The Rothschilds control NATIONS, Israel among them because like the American People, the Israelis too are stupid. You act as if Israel is a willing accomplice in this. Guaranteed the people there are clueless. I guess by remaining stupid they are accomplices in a way, just like We the People here.

          • LoneWiseMan

            “What is that if not equating them? You can’t be both”

            How damn dumb are you?

            You can most definitely be Jewish and Zionist. The original concept or person that was a Zionist, was Jewish. It was originally and exclusively a Jewish theme. How do you not understand this simple concept?

            Rothschilds are both Jews and Zionists. They’re rabid supports of Israel.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Bullshit, dumbass and I’m done trying to explain to you. Be stupid if you like.

          • LoneWiseMan

            Good, because you’re an idiot.

            Not all jews are zionists. But a jew can be a zionist. The first zionists were jews. Rothchilds are jews AND zionists.

            If you can’t understand that, you’re just helplessly stupid.

  • Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    Who cares?
    I don’t.
    I figured it was because Obama signed an executive order saying that he could seize your assets if you disagreed with his policy on the situation in Crimea. I figured that’s why Abby Martin did what she did as well.
    Why aren’t you reporting on that executive order, Ben, just curious? Not newsworthy enough? This story which is nothing more than gossip is more important I take it.

  • JK474

    Wow, more news I can’t find anywhere else. That’s why I contributed to Truth in Media.

  • Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas

    I love red herrings to keep people’s eye off the ball. Wahl and Martin et al, if you are true to your convictions, then pay attention. The invasion of Crimea has been since 1990 BY AGREEMENT! (up to 25,000 troops)

    The day the so-called “alternative media” starts reporting these facts to the ignorant public, the day my faith will be restored in humanity. At present, there isn’t much. Just willful ignorance and plain stupidity.

    As for Kirchick, I vote for public tar and feathering … (same for all other neocons)

    And now to get our eyes back on the ball: (and all footnotes, and associative articles and their footnotes)

    So far as the Ukraine? Well, $30 BILLION goes a long way. (see 2nd link above). So far as China? That is where the real action is at present. See this:

    Again, the 2nd link goes to explain everything about China, especially since 9/7/06. Notice, not much about the Ukraine, except for the $30 BILLION to Putin. That was 2006. The Ukraine (and probably Syria and Iran) would probably not even be in the news today. It is too late to implement the “protocols.” That contract has been breached. On the other hand, courtesy of the “dark side’s” stupidity, we stand to gain a whole lot more now …


    To all the grammar Nazis present, if you really wish to help, Veterans Today is in deep need of proofreaders. True patriots need only apply. It will be a labor of love. No pay here. The Senior Managing Editor does not even draw a check from VT.

    • Stupid is as stupid does

      “Grammar Nazis” don’t do anything to help others, they are simply grammar Nazis who like to diss people.
      Going by your comment, I bet you’ve done that to people a few times yourself.

  • The Mad Jewess

    This MORON, Liz W was not being ‘monitored’, she was being advised to not use ‘fightin words’
    She is a DOLT and they are better off w/out the American Tokyo Rose

  • Kyle J Marsh

    Great story Ben – it’s always interesting to get a peek behind the curtain. Isn’t it nice though that shedding a little light on the motivations and tactics of Kirchick and his ilk is enough to expose them. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that tracked and rated the talking heads? Not quite wikipedia – something more accessible with like a report card, etc. It could rank their credibility, left/right/libertarian bias, check their claims vs. reality, etc. Somewhere people could quickly visit to understand who it is they’re getting information from… and not slanted either. There are good, honest people from all sides. It would be nice to quickly be able to find them.

    • Kyle J Marsh

      Basically an open-source rating of journalistic integrity, bias, and record of honesty v. obfuscation.

    • vacuumation

      There already are sites like that, by both neoliberals (“RightWingWatch”) and by neoconservatives (“JihadiWatch” or something like that)

  • Zarathustra

    RT is a garbage news organization, early RT did report on some low key stories that were getting missed by the MSM. Now, they take on the same stories that the MSM is covering and spend the whole day trying to sweep aside the Kremlin’s involvement. They try to attack America to make Russia look better by comparison. America has her faults and we as a nation should strive to resolve them, but seriously RT should be taking a look in the mirror before pointing fingers.

    • Chaz

      So when are you going to betray Ben Swann for posting negative news about the US? RT News is not a garbage news organization. Even Ben Swann has admitted that they are a good news network.

    • JTWilliams

      No, its RTAmerica- broadcasting to a US audience. No English-speaking North Americans would watch a network that covers…what? Russian business and politics? Since they are foreigners, they don’t deal in the nationalistic biases that US media does. Indeed, its important that voting Americans actually receive some media from the perspective of those who have an antagonistic relationship to the US government. If all we get is US government spin/public relations, all we’ll know is US govet spin and public relations!

    • Dawn

      Just because they don’t talk about Russia, doesn’t mean that what they report about America is inaccurate. As far as I can tell, the have consistently given a far more accurate perspective on American imperialism than any other televised news source. Their reporting on the events in Ukraine and Crimea are far more accurate than educational than anything I’ve read on say Drudge Report. (Of course this site and Ben swann are also consistently accurate, but there just simply is less information being given. Instead, they seem lean towards offering key insights not reported in the mainstream)

      Besides it’s not like the American MSM gives a vaguely accurate of Russian politics. They whine about supposed anti gay agendas and how Olympic athletes had to suffer toilets that are different. They do not point out any of the real rights infringements the Russians engage in. Why? Because the Americans are doing the exact same things! They’ve got nothing on Putin that can’t be said for American lawmakers.
      AND Abby Martin (who I have mixed feelings about). Came right out and said that she believed military action on the part of Russia, or any other country is wrong. Period. And then she went on to say that she lacks the in depth understanding of the situation. You have to respect an anchor who holds her values and admits her ignorance, no matter who funds the station.

    • Jacob

      I would say take the good with the bad and come to your own conclusion… About the part that RT is a garbage organization, I call BS. Their production value is fantastic and the reporting, as long as it’s not involving Russian issues, is fair and accurate

  • Svein Michaelsen

    Reality check was an excellent segment. No wonder why mainstream media is struggling, as real investigative and intelligent journalism seems to be frowned upon (it might upset the powers that be, and of course the sponsors). Ben Swann, you are a real journalist!

  • JTWilliams

    Wow… what are the odds of THAT coincidence? Liz Wahl did- for many months- follow and report on the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and the news he made in the aftermath. She seemed to legitimately support the liberty movement, I just cant imagine she would knowingly be in on some kind of PR scoop for James Kirchick.

    All in all, her resignation was just worth a few MSM interviews, and little more. I bet we’ll find out she has a new gig with the Daily Beast or the IBTimes in the next few weeks.

    ‘Freedom Selfie’? Makes me wanna puke.

  • Dawn

    I’m surprise that people are surprised by this. I quit watching RT about a yr ago because of Liz Wahl. She’s an anti-gun, Obamacare loving liberal. She did numerous reports that slanted nearly as much as msnbc in the anti gun direction.
    And I always felt her Ron Paul reporting was insincere. Now she’s teaming with a neocon. This tells me the woman is a complete psychopath. It’s unlikely she actually holds any real ideals or values. She obviously is just riding the wave of whatever will garner attention.

    This interview with Abby Martin, about what happened, is very enlightening.

    • Karate Champ

      She’s a female version of Thom Hartmann, another Obamacare loving, anti-gun, anti free market, pro-govt-control moron

  • Polar Vortex

    anorexic angry lesbian. Mother Russia has the right to take Criteria and Eastern Ukraine.