Michelle Obama, her two kids, her mother, and numerous aides will enjoy a taxpayer-funded trip to China from March 19 to March 26. White House officials refuse to tell U.S. taxpayers how much they will shell out for the trip, likely due to inevitable media scrutiny.

Michelle Obama’s top aide, Tina Tchen, will be joining on the trip. She said, “We are not discussing or disclosing information regarding the details of the logistics of the trip.”

Still, the aide did not try to conceal her excitement. She said, “I think we are all, here in the First Lady’s office, quite excited about the upcoming trip… I think the First Lady is very much looking forward to it.”

The Chinese trip will undeniably be expensive. But Ben Rhodes, the White House’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, insisted that the price tag is well worth it. He said, “The most powerful message we can deliver [to Chinese people] is one of the examples of not just the First Lady’s life story but of America and our values. That alone I think speaks to things like respect for human rights that are interwoven into the DNA of the United States of America… The First Lady’s story itself sends a powerful message about the ability of someone of a disadvantaged economic background from a minority group to ascend to the position that she did in private life and now as First Lady.”

He added, “Everywhere that [Michelle] has traveled independently, she has had a tremendous reception and has been able to connect with audiences from Asia to Africa to the Americas… We have differences with China on a host of issues, so it’s a relationship that allows for both a constructive cooperation, and candor when we disagree.”

It is still unclear, however, why China was chosen for the First Lady’s most recent vacation. There are plenty of other countries that are arguably more important to travel to in the short term. At this time, only 110,000 U.S. citizens are living in China.

While in the country, the First Lady and her travel partners will visit numerous cities including Beijing.

Michelle Obama has come under fire in the past for taking expensive, tax-payer funded vacations. Major trips included her $487,000 tour of Spain and a $424,142 stay in Africa.

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  • EchoLiberty

    Interesting how TV news doesn’t speak about things like this. You’re a true journalist, Ben Swann. Thank you.

    • Robert

      Kristen Tate via Ben Swann…

  • hookumsnivy

    Last I checked, we didn’t elect her as one of our representatives. She has no business “representing” us.
    If she was really going there to “represent” us, why are the kids and HER MOTHER going on the trip on our dime?
    Sounds like a glorified vacation on our dime.

  • http://12160.info/ Hw00d

    who voted for this wookie???…why do We, The People, have to pay for this usurper’s useless, POS wife to go eat Moo Goo Gai Pan???

    • http://www.infowars.com/ Ctrl-alt-del

      Wookie and moo goo gai pan in the same comment? I just had Tradewinds Sweet Tea come out of my nose. Brilliant!

  • blight14

    We need more accurate words for the ‘F’ and ‘L’ in FLOTUS……

    • boysenberry


  • Michael Fahey

    Do you think she will speak about have her license to practice law taken away? Where do they get the right to refuse to tell us how much a friggin’ trip cost that we are paying for? What happened to “income equality”?

  • RadarCam

    “Most transparent administration ever”…

    • Mario

      There all the same… only the names are changed… everyday, it seems we’re wasting away…

  • James Hale

    As wrong as it is I really hope this plane ends up wherever Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went.

    • Robert

      So, you want Reggie Love as the new first lady?

      • James Hale

        He already performs the duties of first lady so why not?

  • Katherine

    Makes me wanna barf.

  • Seth

    What makes them think it’s okay not to disclose details about something taxpayers are funding? The nerve of this administration is astonishing.

  • LibertyChick

    I don’t recall taxpayers paying for vacations, I mean business trips, for other first ladies… They got Al Capone by auditing his taxes. I gotta hunch the first family would be doing time if audited. May be the easiest way to get the bum out of office…

    • Draken

      We have been paying for thing like this since at least Eleanor Roosevelt. Many First Ladies have taken ‘business’ trips on tax payer funds. This is nothing new.

      Also the Secret Service regularly doesn’t talk about the costs. It’s kind of their policy not to, and has been that way for quite a while.

      • Robert Zraick

        Yet for far too long a while. It is time to change it.

  • Steve

    Hey M, will you bring me back some of those good 18650 batteries that are made over there. Not the counterfeits, but the real deal. Thank you.

  • Jane Dough

    M will have lots to talk about in China like who hates America more, the Chinese or her?

  • Masonic1776

    I wonder how excited she’d be if she were paying for her vacation?Michelle, how about you have a staycation? As in, stay there. Don’t come back.

  • Shin Chan

    I love the bull crap reasons they use to try to justify this rubbish. Only a few hundred million for all that? Why, that’s a deal that every American would vote to spend their money on, right?

    I can think of just a few better ways that money could have been spent. But maybe I just don’t appreciate the “value” in showing off wealthy American vacationing skills to foreigners.

  • MS

    Let them pay for their own damn vacation, I know they can afford it. I’m sure this is more important than helping the millions here in the US eat. These people make me sick. Our government is sick and out of control.

    • Dave Johnson

      You don’t want to help Americans eat, unless you’re talking about your frothy support for Aid to Dependent Billionaires.

  • Abe

    ROTFLMAO! Harvard and Princeton? Yuppers, that’s pretty disadvantaged alright.

  • http://offnow.org/ CJS

    This is why we must support limited government.

  • Bryan Marsh

    Are they serious 400,000 dollar plus vacations?

  • Dave Johnson

    How about Laura Bush’s five trips to Africa? Oh wait, that doesn’t matter to you racist slimeballs.

  • Kathy G

    Michelle Obama is probably running from the USA and escaping her misery in the White House. She can’t stand being First Lady. She hates this country and harbors deep seeded hatred for White European Americans.

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    Doesn’t every brother in the hood take vacations like this? Are you critics saying that the Obamas are elites? I thought they said they are just like the rest of us. Now we know! What can we do about it? ARREST [ not impeach] Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro the illegal alien usurper of the Office of POTUS and now Dictator, as his tribe family in Kenya say “Our Kenyan boy who rules America…..we are soooooo proud of him being born in Mombasa Hospital, Kenya.” Michelle is complicit in ObamaCrimes, take her down now, too. All go to prison as criminals with Erick Holder, Nancy Pelosi, VP Biden, Linda Lingle, Neil Abercrombie, Sen. Schatz, et al. ARREST Obama….NOW ! I.C.E. and F.B.I. Do your job and ARREST the CRIMINALS !!! 10-yrs vacation at PRISON, then deport to Kenya; and banished from USA for Life on penalty of summary execution.

  • boysenberry

    This trip will be in the hundreds of millions.
    I hope she says “Thank you, taxpayers!”. Ha!

  • http://thecountyguard.org/ countyguard

    First “Lady” Michael… oh… did I say that out loud? Mich”elle” has simply proven that whites are NOT the only “evil” race to be corrupted by power and money. They are simply proving that power and money attracts the perverts and corrupt, and that we, the People, should hold them accountable…

  • PJ

    I thought The Obamas were going to be the leaders of a “Transparent” administration! The only thing Transparent about themis their greed.

  • PJ

    Their trip to Africa at Christmas cost each taxpayer $20. I can only imagine how much this one will cost me. I want my money back. Furthermore, I think they should be required to call me in advance eery time they vacation, to ask if they can go, since they are using my money!

  • onelordwon

    Let Ben Rhodes and all the other Congress representatives pay for it then, if it’s such a necessity. I would have thought saving lives and jobs and or decreasing the debit and or deficit would have been more important? Ah well, guess not, there’s nothing like travel to leave the others behind “The eightball”

  • onelordwon


  • qwkinuf

    No doubt the Fort Mollusk will cost the American taxpayers upwards of $1 million for this next vacation.