Bowe Bergdahl exchange

90 Administration Officials Knew of Bergdahl Deal, But No One in Congress

Between 80 and 90 members of the Obama Administration were aware of the trade of five Taliban leaders for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl even though Congress was not informed. CNN reports that members of both parties are angry about the decision to not inform Congress of the decision.

The White House has been claiming that the reason for the lack of information to Congress until after the swap was out of a response to fear that a leak could endanger Bergdahl’s life.

That claim is now being called into question with revelations that as many as 80 to 90 administration officials knew.

California Republican Buck McKeon, told CNN he wants to get an exact number of those who knew and their names.

“My question to them was, if you don’t know who knew, then how could you – if a leak had happened and the sergeant had been killed – how could you go back and find out who leaked?” McKeon said.

On the Democratic side, Congressman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, tells CNN that he too is angry that so any administration staffers were aware of this trade and yet Congress was left in the dark.

“It didn’t sit very well with those of us who were listening at the briefing.”
says Rep. Schiff.

Meanwhile, Fox News Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano claims that the Obama Administration broke the law by removing those 5 detainees from Gitmo. Napolitano claims the statute prohibits use of taxpayer dollars or federal funds to pay for removal of anyone from Gitmo if Congress hasn’t been given 30 days notice. In other words, President Barack Obama unlawfully spent money.

By releasing these detainees “into the theater of war,” Napolitano said Obama has also provided material assistance to a terrorist organization, which is illegal.

“You’re accusing the president of the United States of aiding and abetting the enemy?” Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith asked.

“Yes, yes it’s pretty clear […] no exception for the president’s behavior,”
Napolitano said.