Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon and Judge Gray Join Truth In Media Event


Here’s another big announcement about next Friday’s Truth in Media Live Event.

Today, I am very excited to announce that Judge Jim Gray and Amber Lyon will be a part of our event with important messages about why Truth in Media is so necessary.

Remember, you can watch the live stream of the Truth In Media Live Event here:

Jim Gray
Judge James (Jim) P. Gray is a nationally known and respected author and speaker who has long advocated reform of the nation’s drug laws. A highly regarded jurist, Judge Gray served on California’s Orange County Superior Court from 1989 to 2010. His hundreds of media appearances have included Fox News, ABC, C-SPAN and radio stations across the country. He is the author of three books.


Amber Lyon
Investigative journalist and photographer. She is known for her work reporting human rights abuses against pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain, and police brutality against protesters in the United States.  She described her investigation of how the US ally Bahrain was committing human rights abuses, but said that CNN and the US government pressured her to suppress the news. She said that Bahrain paid CNN for positive news coverage. Lyon said that Kazakhstan and Georgia also paid for positive coverage by CNN.