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Julie Borowski: That’s NOT Freedom of Speech!

Video by Julie Borowski; text by Annabelle Bamforth

In her latest video, Julie Borowski discusses freedom of speech and the different ways that Americans interpret its meaning. People sometimes perceive the subject incorrectly, says Borowski.

The government cannot punish a person for their speech, says Borowski, but many individuals assume that negative reactions to a person’s speech are equal to violating free speech. With commentary on Facebook pages being used as a prime example,  Borowski argues that “freedom of speech” does not mean that Facebook page owners are required to give every person a “platform”.


Julie Borowski: Here’s The One Question That I Want To Ask Hillary Clinton Supporters

Video by Julie Borowski, text by Annabelle Bamforth.

In her latest video, Julie Borowski asks viewers if Hillary Clinton supporters would be as excited for her campaign if she were a man. “Let’s pretend Hillary is now Harold,” Borowski says. “Would you hashtag be ready for Harold? Would you be excited about his policies and his career achievements? If you say no, you’re just supporting Hillary because of her gender… which is stupid.”

Borowski explains how she believes there are a plethora of reasons to oppose Hillary’s record and presidential campaign, and appearances and gender should not factor into one’s support or disapproval of a politician. Borowski also reminds viewers of Hillary’s “hawkish” foreign policy positions and her support for agencies that violate civil liberties including the NSA.