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Interview: National Host Mike Church Received a Flood of Threats for Promoting Peace

National talk show host Mike Church sits down with me to discuss his career giving his Sirius/XM audience with a real time transition from being a War Hawk to a non-interventionist. He recounts the personal impact of regret for his hawkish beginnings to the flood of threats received when he began promoting peace. We also discuss the value of family, his Catholicism and moving his show from satellite to internet radio.

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Exclusive: Tommy & Shelby Chong on Career, Cancer and Cannabis

Tommy and Shelby Chong join Kurt Wallace to talk about the failed war on drugs, they discuss how the fight with cancer has effected their lives. Tommy shares why Shelby is the reason for his successful career.

We talk about dancing with the stars, their greatest comedic influences and their secret to a happy 40 year marriage – raising three children.

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The Flow: The Magnificent Obsession Of Ron Paul

Ron Paul joins Kurt Wallace to discuss his new book Swords into Plowshares where he reveals intensely personal stories of himself. He discusses how war is tailored to special interests and propaganda versus the peaceful nature of people.

He reveals why he didn’t really want to be president, while working harder than his opponents.

Dr. Paul talks about practicing medicine, medical philanthropy and what it was like for him to deliver babies. He explains why the power of voluntary answers and free markets serve the benefits of society.

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Most interesting was the special moment where Ron Paul shares why he believes in doing things from the principle of anonymity: “If you do it from the heart and you’re expecting a lot of praise, then you’re sort of charging something for it.” He then references the book and movie Magnificent Obsession.

He also tells us what he’s most proud of about his son Rand Paul.

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The Flow: William Paul Young On Human Trafficking, Cry of Humanity With Novel “Eve”


William Paul Young, author of The Shack which sold 22 million copies worldwide, Cross Roads, and his soon to be released book Eve sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss his life experience as a sexual abuse survivor. Young talks about how Eve intertwines with today’s world with the issue of human trafficking. He shares on the importance of challenging the dogma of religion in the story of Adam and Eve. Young expands on what he calls the cry of humanity.

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